Wake is the story of an engineer trapped on a sinking ship. Navigate through the ship however you want to find your way to the surface above, but avoid the ship's corrupted security system!Key Features Run and swim to escape a sinking ship Dodge bullets, fire, electricity and LASERS - but most of all avoid drowning!
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Wake is the story of an engineer trapped on a sinking ship. Navigate through the ship however you want to find your way to the surface above, but avoid the ship's corrupted security system!

Key Features

  • Run and swim to escape a sinking ship
  • Dodge bullets, fire, electricity and LASERS - but most of all avoid drowning!
  • Randomised areas change the ship every time
  • Tense, close-quarters gameplay
  • Collect keys, torches and other items to stay alive
  • Unravel the truth behind the sinking of the ship
  • Multiple difficulty modes and end-game challenges
  • Compete against others with online scoreboards
  • Xbox 360 and standard controller support
  • Includes full MP3 and FLAC soundtrack

Requisitos de sistema

    • OS:Windows XP
    • Processor:2ghz Core 2 Duo
    • Memory:512 MB RAM
    • Graphics:DirectX 9.0c
    • DirectX®:9.0c
    • Hard Drive:200 MB HD space
    • Sound:Any
    • Other Requirements:Broadband Internet connection
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    8 de 8 pessoas (100%) acharam esta análise útil
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    Publicada: 3 de fevereiro
    Cara.. primeiro jogo que coloco negativo. Jogo e ridiculo.. da raiva ter comprado..
    Feito de qualquer jeito.. todo tosco!
    Ate os jogos de Atari sao mais dignos de serem jogados..
    nao compraria nem para lotar minha coleçao.. lixo..
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    24 de 27 pessoas (89%) acharam esta análise útil
    2.7 hrs registradas
    Publicada: 10 de novembro de 2014
    Wake pits the player alone on a sinking ship that got hit by a meteor shower. The goal is to find your way to the surface by climbing, swimming, and collecting keys and meteor fragments along the way. There's plenty of water and fire along with a few out of place security drones that shoot you on sight.

    The graphics are blurry. The game menu is slow. The platforming is frustratingly painful, although the ship sway effects are kind of nice. It's not randomized so there's very little replayability. It works for one playthrough or two, but doesn't leave any lasting impressions although I did get a nice chuckle when I became a human flame.
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    16 de 18 pessoas (89%) acharam esta análise útil
    1 pessoa achou esta análise engraçada
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    Publicada: 27 de dezembro de 2014
    Wake is an action platform game where player has to exit the ship. There are traps, puzzles, mystery and rewards dotted along its many routes to the oceans surface. Wake is the real good story of an engineer trapped on a sinking ship. This is the first game was I played from the developer (Boss Baddie) and I really like this game. And I think it's not just good! this is a great start in this genre. Thanks.
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    10 de 10 pessoas (100%) acharam esta análise útil
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    Publicada: 17 de janeiro
    I recommend this game under one stipulation. You buy it for a 1 hour experience and do not expect more than than that. Treat this game like "They Breathe". Not like an action platformer.

    The sensation of being trapped at the bottom of a sinking ship. The utter seclusion and panic you feel as all is falling apart around you. These were real emotions that I felt during my first half hour playthrough of the game. Then I went in for a second time and wasn't nearly as impressed. The following is a list of problems that hurt the experience of this game.


    1: Rising water should cause players to feel a sense of panic. Unfortunately, the water is almost no threat to you as you are given plenty of lung capacity AND you can find plentiful air bubbles. In fact, there were a few occasions where I actually waited for water to rise so a platforming section would be easier. So the main enemy of the game is a flop.

    2: I can't explain what's going on with this start screen menu. Sometimes it slows to a near hault and doesn't let you input anything, forcing you to reboot the game. (I did this three times in a row and the same thing happened). Sometimes if you let the animation in the background play for too long, the same thing will happen. I just don't get it...

    3: The start menu music is very good and conveys a sense of foreboding, but the music that plays during the game I find very repetitive and unappealing.

    4: The majority of the game seems to indicate that the devs were going for a serious experience. If this is true, then why are most of the radio transmissions trying to come off as humorous? Not to mention they keep coming up and stopping you in your tracks until you finish the message; Castlevania 2 style. This can be avoided by just not getting the radio, but with darkness covering the terrain most of the time, it's easy to pick it up by accident.

    5: I actually like that there is no pause button in the game. It helps to convey the urgency of steadily sinking to the bottom of the ocean. I would like to believe that the devs made that choice on purpose, until I discovered that the radio transmissions pause the game when they come up. *headdesk*

    6: This is more of a personal issue, but where does this game get off having so many trading cards to unlock? Not only does it take around 14 to craft a badge, but the 7 that the game gives you for purchasing it come at such a slow rate that you'd have to play the game for around 5 hours or more to get all of them. Sorry devs, but you are just way too big for your britches if you think people are going to play this game for that long.


    Like I said, buy this on sale one day or in a bundle and enjoy the experience for an hour or so. Maybe you can find enough enjoyment to play for longer, but I found myself putting the controller down after 3 playthroughs. I don't regret playing the game, but I do regret that it isn't better. This could have been something truly memorable.
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    9 de 9 pessoas (100%) acharam esta análise útil
    4.3 hrs registradas
    Publicada: 2 de março
    Wake is a nicely put together platformer where your aim is to escape a sinking boat. Although the game doesn't do a very good job at all of explaining this to you, as all you get told are the controls.

    There is no objective screen, no missions, no quest, you are quite litterally thrown in at the deepend and made to swim your way to safety. It took me a good hour or two before I worked out what had to be done, and as there is little help online for this game, it felt quite the achivement once I managed to complete the game.

    All the regular platforming type mechanics are here, it is just mainly focused on the swimming and underwater level design, I might add is done very well, which is more than can be said for most underwater levels.
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    4 de 4 pessoas (100%) acharam esta análise útil
    1 pessoa achou esta análise engraçada
    1,291.9 hrs registradas
    Publicada: 20 de abril
    A fun game for an hour or so, but barely any replayability.
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    8 de 12 pessoas (67%) acharam esta análise útil
    2.8 hrs registradas
    Publicada: 11 de janeiro
    Deserving of every negative review to date. Just an absolute terrible game. I'm trying to remap the keys because I don't like using my left to use the arrow keys to move around. It took me five minutes to figure out the "A" key was effectively "Enter" because you can't get to "config" without knowing so - I clicked every button until something took. I tried the original setup. Didn't like it. So I went back and tried to get to the keyboard remap a second time - it simply won't respond.

    The graphics are poor - can't tell what is what.
    And even when you do something right in the game, the response from the game is inconsistent.

    A complete and utter waste of time.

    I got it in a bundle effectively for free and if given the choice to get it for free and get the cards or recoupe the one hour I've played to date - I'd choose the one hour back to sit and stare at a wall and chew gum.

    AWFUL !!!

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    4 de 5 pessoas (80%) acharam esta análise útil
    2.4 hrs registradas
    Publicada: 19 de fevereiro
    After less than 5 mintues, I turned this off.

    The sound & music is horrible.
    The graphics are horrible - what's what that ridiculous blur?
    The controls are horrible.
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    16 de 29 pessoas (55%) acharam esta análise útil
    1 pessoa achou esta análise engraçada
    2.3 hrs registradas
    Publicada: 15 de dezembro de 2014
    Terrible. I had more fun writing this review than I did playing this game. Does that say enough?
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    3 de 4 pessoas (75%) acharam esta análise útil
    2.9 hrs registradas
    Publicada: 26 de abril
    It’s difficult to mess up the basics of a platformer, but this game does its best. Controls are horrible, the menu is painfully sluggish and the graphics means it’s difficult to see anything. I award you no stars.
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    6 de 6 pessoas (100%) acharam esta análise útil
    3.2 hrs registradas
    Publicada: 30 de junho de 2014
    Lançado pela dupla de desenvolvedores Boss Baddie, Wake é um adventure subaquático não-linear, onde você controla um mecânico que foi o único sobrevivente num navio que afundou, e agora você deve fazer de tudo para alcançar a proa e conseguir ajuda. Todas as decisões devem ser tomadas rapidamente - tentar abrir essa porta ou escalar por esse duto de ar? É nessa ação frenética que Wake conquista.

    A limitação dos controles e das configurações podem repelir alguns players, já que essa parte foi muito mal trabalhada, mas Wake compensa com seus gráficos pixelados e um post-processing que não poderia ter sido usado de maneira melhor, o navio geométrico e sem vida muda de cara com todo o contraste de cores. Tudo bastante agradável de se olhar.

    Além de necessária para a sobrevivência, a exploração é recompensada em forma de pontos e conquistas. A opção de enviar sua pontuação para um ranking adiciona o elemento competitivo ao mesmo tempo em que aumenta a replayabilidade.

    Em Wake a trilha sonora se encaixa perfeitamente. O tema de perseguição é muito bem explorado pelas batidas incessantes, tornando a corrida pela sobrevivência em algo verdadeiramente excitante. Já quando as luzes se apagam, a música atinge um tom mais calmo. Foram nesses momentos que a isolação do personagem realmente me atingiu. "Ninguém está vindo lhe salvar, e se você morrer aqui, morrerá sozinho".
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    4 de 5 pessoas (80%) acharam esta análise útil
    1.1 hrs registradas
    Publicada: 3 de janeiro de 2014
    Um pessimo jogo. Simplesmente não te diz o que fazer, você entra no jogo e se tem que adivinha o objetivo... controles ruins, menu que trava, e chato
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    1 de 2 pessoas (50%) acharam esta análise útil
    2.8 hrs registradas
    Publicada: 9 de fevereiro de 2014
    Jesus Christ this game is ♥♥♥♥ing frenetic.
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    75 de 80 pessoas (94%) acharam esta análise útil
    11.1 hrs registradas
    Publicada: 7 de janeiro de 2014
    Don't play this if you are prone to rage. I don't usually get mad at games, but for this game I made an exception.

    It's a Semi-roguelike escape platformer, except the only thing that really changes is where some flames and blocks spawn.
    It does have some interesting modes and options to chose from though (like the ship sinking in LAVA).

    Now for the rage:

    The menus load very slowly.
    You can't skip some of the tutorial screens.
    You CANT PAUSE EVER unless you get the radio which then RANDOMLY keeps popping up and pausing the game while you are trying to make tricky jumps.
    You can't restart a failed run quickly (basically the fastest way is to Alt-F4 and restart the game).
    When you change screens you can sometimes get stuck going back and forth in a loop.
    While losing the power is a cool effect you cant see fire in the dark (WTF?).
    The post processing effect lags the game a lot and makes it even harder to see what's going on.
    The ship rocks side to side, which is fine, but there's also a weird jumping gravity mechanic that does weird things like make you no longer be able to air turn, or dead stop over fire/pits, so you have to be EXTREMELY careful all the time.
    You literally jump higher if you run downhill first because of the way speed influences jump height.
    I'm not sure if it was related to the gravity/jump thing but sometimes I would just completely lose control midair as the ship rocked.

    Imagine playing Mario brothers and then the lights go out while jumping and you stop in midair and fall straight down into dark fire and then you have this game.

    If the weird jumping/gravity/air turn thing was fixed, and the unresponsive turning, and the dark fire, this would actually be a much more enjoyable game.
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    27 de 32 pessoas (84%) acharam esta análise útil
    2.4 hrs registradas
    Publicada: 6 de março de 2014
    Feels like crap, resolution, graphics, lag in menu, annoying music, poor options menu, bad controls, no pause, no access to options while playing, bugs and random crashes. The only good thing about this game is Steam Trading Cards, but this is not about the game it self really.

    I bought the Lunar Pack only because it included this game and Lunnye Devitsy for 0,99€ and both games give Steam Trading Cards, so by selling them (13 in total) I get back practically all money.
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    27 de 38 pessoas (71%) acharam esta análise útil
    2.0 hrs registradas
    Publicada: 25 de novembro de 2013
    This game is kinda weird. So you're on this sinking ship and have to escape it and you're racing against the clock because the water is rapidly rising. Wow that sounds exciting.
    Except that the water isn't actually a threat, but rather your biggest help. the water extinguishes fires and turns of the ships defenses and allows you to reach platforms you wouldnt otherwise reach. So once you realize that you will see that there's almost no challenge in the game.
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    12 de 14 pessoas (86%) acharam esta análise útil
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    Publicada: 2 de fevereiro de 2014
    Irritating music that can not be switched off as there is absolutely no any volume controll for sounds and music. Game refused to work with my gamepad SVEN X-PAD (Press "jump" to start a game and no respond from any button pressed at gamepad). I bought a game and can't play in it. It's really amazing!
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    14 de 18 pessoas (78%) acharam esta análise útil
    11.7 hrs registradas
    Publicada: 1 de junho de 2014
    Wouldn't recommend it even for my enemies, the menu is laggy, the music is repetitive and annoying, and you will get frustrated really, really fast while playing, there's no "pause" button and no in-game menu, and there's just no excitement at all!
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    25 de 39 pessoas (64%) acharam esta análise útil
    1 pessoa achou esta análise engraçada
    3.9 hrs registradas
    Publicada: 27 de junho de 2014
    Wake me when the menu loads.

    - Skinny from the Fat B*stard (curator link)
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    11 de 14 pessoas (79%) acharam esta análise útil
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    Publicada: 28 de junho de 2014
    after playing this game for a while, I got curious about the public opinion on the game. I was honestly shocked when I saw the top five reviews were all negative, stating points like bad graphics, bad controls, problems with the blur, crazy difficulty, jumping mechanic issues, and even a problem with a controller. I must be honest, I didn't find this game at all like this.

    Let me address the issue I have. For this, I'm going to go into my gameplay experience, which will of course contain certain spoilers as to how the game plays out - but let's be honest, if you've read the steam description of "Navigate through the ship however you want to find your way to the surface above, but avoid the ship's corrupted security system!" there's nothing to spoil. I played the game initially on the easy setting as I wanted to get used to the game mechanics before I committed myself to the harder difficulties. I must say that I found the rising water to make the game rather hectic, which of course is as the developers must have intended. You're escaping a sinking ship, you're not going to cuddle the nearest daffodil, you have to move, and it's going to be a bit crazy. On the way there were hazards such as blazing fire, exposed electrical wires, the security system of the ship had sent out turrets attached to the walls and ceilings of certain rooms, a challenging mix. If you're hit by any one of them too much, you black out, and wake up with the rushing water at your feet. Your objective is the 3 holes in the top of the boat, that being the two big funnels, and one near the centre of the deck.

    This, I must be honest, is a fantastic scenario. It's executed well for a 2d game. My complaints? Not much. It took half an hour to clear on easy, after which I moved to Medium and found that some more hazards and such were made available to navigate around. Either that, or I was just lucky enough to not run into them on easy mode. After attempting hard, I must say, this is were it actually got difficult. Resources were scarce, puzzles were abundant and the rising water was quicker than in the other two difficulties. It was indeed a hectic experience. The difficulty is definitely within its bounds, contrary to what most other reviews seem to suggest. Furthermore I didn't have any trouble with the blur, but that's able to be turned off anyway in the settings under the label Post-Processing. My controller worked perfectly, it's a standard USB XBox 360 controller, nothing too extravagant, nothing insane or problematic. Is it an optimal gamepad for everything on steam? I think so - Borderlands 2 works fantastically with it for example.

    Jumping mechanics were also complained about in other reviews. This will take some explaining. You're on a sinking boat, bobbing and rocking as it slowly descends into the ocean. As it rocks, your movement will act accordingly. Think for a moment. You're running up a hill and jump... Not much air time, right? You fall onto the higher ground quite quickly. Now run down the hill, and jump again. Your jump lasts a lot longer. You jump further, you land later. It's common sense. So there's a big gap between you and the door... but you just can't make the jump, the platform is slightly higher than yours because of the ship's current rotation... So you wait for the ship to rock to the other side so that platform is lower, and jump again. Congratulations, jump complete. It's physics. And it's well executed in my opinion.

    One other complaint was with the graphics - do you not look at the screenshots on this page? This is what you're getting! This is a preview of what you'll be playing if you buy this game! Come on people, this is basic stuff, steam is doing you a favour here, at least look at what you're being offered! There MUST be something wrong here. I personally find these screenshots a good representation of how the game looks during play, so I completely regard this as a null and pointless complaint.

    There is one final thing I saw in the complaints though. There is no pause function. I personally view this as a 50/50 thing. Yes, it would be nice to pause the game. However, I think that being able to pause, walk away and come back later goes against the developer's intention of a hectic game where you're meant to be frantically trying to reach the surface. Think about the scenario for a moment. You wake up on the bottom of a sinking ship, the water's rising, you have to escape, you open a locked door, find an axe, break through a wooden door, then it hits you! OH MAN, GOTTA FEED MY TAMAGOTCHI PET.

    I'm going to put this simply. If you can't be committed to play this for half an hour straight, you likely won't beat this game, even on easy. It's not huge by any means, but it lasts longer than your typical game of tetris. If you're looking for a game you can beat in 5 minutes, this is not the game for you, and I highly doubt you'll find anything like that on steam. You're on a page for a game that will last about half an hour on the easiest setting for one playthrough, and if you're an achievement seeker, you got plenty more playtime ahead of you in total. This is not pong, or snake, or angry birds, it will take a while. Granted, I see the issue, sometimes something unforseen happens. A guy knocks at your door, the cat knocks over your neatly arranged collection of "The Chronicles of Narnia" books into the fish bowl, or the baby begins throwing his food around and crying because he doesn't understand the meaning of waste, and you gotta put down your controller, sort that out and come back. Yes, a pause function would indeed be handy to have, and maybe they should have a setting at least to enable / disable pausing. Although I halfheartedly want them to throw in a steam achievement labelled "I wanted to hug a daffodil" for using it.

    Do I recommend this game?
    DEFINITELY. If you're a regular gamer with some free time and enjoy this kind of thing, go for it.

    What would I rate it?
    8/10, it's a brilliant game, but not everyone has half an hour straight to play a game.
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