Sudeki, un mondo lacerato in luce, ombra e buio. Squarciato con l'inganno e il tradimento, la terra grida per una pace che solo quattro eroi uniti possono portare. Oltre le mura del castello di Illumina, vaste distese di dolci colline ricordano il paesaggio un tempo sereno, ora devastato dalle forze degli Aklorian.
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28 marzo

Sudeki Patch Released

Hi Everyone,

A patch has been released that addresses the following problems that some people were suffering from:

- Black screen upon entering main menu
- Weapon swap with Ailish on X button
- Crash whilst saving in certain locations

Thank-you for your feedback and support!

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Sudeki, un mondo lacerato in luce, ombra e buio. Squarciato con l'inganno e il tradimento, la terra grida per una pace che solo quattro eroi uniti possono portare.

Oltre le mura del castello di Illumina, vaste distese di dolci colline ricordano il paesaggio un tempo sereno, ora devastato dalle forze degli Aklorian. La regione non è un luogo sicuro da attraversare perché c'è sempre il pericolo di imboscate.

Quattro amici accorrono in aiuto della regina. Destinati a incontrare antichi dei, meraviglie primordiali e invenzioni fantastiche, ogni loro passo sarà tuttavia ostacolato da nemici e tradimenti. Dovranno sempre tenere gli occhi ben aperti e trovare indizi vitali per andare avanti nelle loro missioni. I cinque amici si fanno strada attraverso l’oscurità e la luce e presto scopriranno che queste due entità hanno molto più in comune di quanto non possano immaginare...

  • In tempo reale, osso scricchiolare combattimento con incredibili magie e combo.[/ list]
    • Controllo uno qualsiasi dei quattro campioni in qualsiasi momento, e saltare tra di loro a piacimento.[/ list]
      • Personalizzazione di ogni personaggio armature, armi e incantesimi ed evolvere nuovi attacchi potenti.[/ list]

Requisiti di sistema

    • OS: Windows XP
    • Processor: 1.8GHz
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Graphics: 128MB Pixel Shader 2.0 capable graphics card or better
    • Hard Drive: 5.6 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX Compatible
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I can highly recommend this game to any fans of classic or action RPGs. The value for the price is great even without a sale, and with a sale it should be in the library of every RPG fan.

+Graphics good for the time, and hold up decently
+Fully voiced dialogue for all conversations
+Unique characters with different traits and talents, customize as you level
+Decent story depth and length (15-20hrs likely depending on style)
+Unique and fun combination of first-person and third-person real time combat
+Switch seamlessly among party members in and out of combat
+Equipping different weapons/armor will change character model appearance
+Controls customizable and work well, keyboard/mouse or game controller
+Plenty of exploration, side quests, and treasures for those interested

-Voice acting is mediocre, sound/music is nothing memorable
-Camera can be annoying at times
-Map system is not great, easy to get turned around in dungeons
-Only 4 playable characters
-Armor changes occur with the story so if you prefer one look there is no going back
Pubblicata: 22 giugno
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It really says something about a game when 10 years on, after having already finished it, I buy it again to play. Such an enjoyable game.
Pubblicata: 29 luglio
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I say a few games are my "favorite". Those are PC games though, this one hasn't been, but now it is. This one actually IS my favorite game (of all, including consoles). I was pretty livid to learn my disk wouldn't run on the 360, it was a pretty crappy feeling to think I wouldn't be able to play this again.
The Game:

Exploration and melee combat is similar to Fable (simple, easy to master, and comfortable to use), it is somewhat linear, but you can teleport here and there, and sometimes take a fork and wander off. Combat-wise, for melee, you can do 3 button combos, using X (heavy) or A (light). XXA, AXA, XAA, XAX, XXX, and so on. Each of these combos has different speeds, animations, knockbak, damage, and status effects (some do, some don't). You can also block and roll, again much like Fable. Unlike Fable, the two melee characters (one focused on DPS, one on Tanking), they all have skills/abilities, about 5 each. I suggest watching some gameplay videos about it, easier than me trying to explain their gameplay.

Ranged combat is a FPS game, weapons recharge, they don't use ammo. The two ranged characters also have abilities as well, some of their weapons have impressive effects to make up for the lack of combos (such as piercing and heavy knockdown, etc). You can switch between the characters at any time as they are available through the story.

Leveling up lets you customize the character to suit your playstyle. Are you playing the mage, but don't really care for the spells, you just want to maximize your weapon damage? You can do that. Just want spells? You can do that too.

There are only a few armors per character, and they are earned by going through the story. Weapons are trickier, some can be bought, some are actually hidden and you have to find them. Each character gets their own weapon with a status effect (I think some have multiple) with things such as debuffs and poison.

The game manages to really be challenging, some places more than others. As many times as I've beaten it, there are places where I still struggle from time to time. You have to be smart about how you play your characters, what orders you give, and what skills you use at what time. Pay attention to status effects, because they can be what saves or breaks you.

In regards to bugs/glitches, I'm pretty glad to say, I've never had a single one. I've played at least 100 hours of this game on xbox, and so far around 20 hours on Steam, never crashed, never froze, never had anything that required me to restart or reload the game. I have seen a couple reviews of people saying they experienced this, but I tend to have pretty good luck when it comes to avoiding bugs (somehow).
Pubblicata: 23 giugno
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Simple and fun action RPG.
Pubblicata: 27 maggio
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sudeki is an obscure RPG that got its start on the original Xbox. The game was largely ignored but it shouldn't have been. The game takes about 20-30 hours and can best be described as a slightly mroe open Fable. The characters are interesting if a bit cliched. The graphics are surprisingly good for the time period also. The audio is standard fare with a few standout tracks (New Brightwater). Overall it's a fun game with some unique ideas such as the two ranged chaacters using first-person mode in combat maknig them paly like they're in an FPS. (a tip: If you're using a controller, when using these characters, use a mouse to aim as it's MUCH faster).

Overall an enjoyable title and well worth it at the price point.
Pubblicata: 22 giugno
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Insta-buy for me! I own this on the original Xbox already, but as soon as I saw it was on Steam (and at such a great price!!) I couldn't say no!

It is a little dated now, considering it was originally on the first Xbox, so keep that in mind. It was one of the few decent RPGs the Xbox had.

When you open the game, it loads a config tool first. Here are all the options:
Hope this helps!

Visuals: 10/10. This game is really, really pretty. The art style is a softened down japanese rpg, not really anything new, just a really nice look. A few might find the graphics to be "kiddy", but I find the color schemes to be pretty norm as far as fantasy games go, nothing kiddy about it.

Audio: 10/10. The effort put into the voices and the overall amount of dialogue in this game is amazing. Each character has a voice (minus the standard characters who share voices), but each one will talk during interactions. The dialogue doesn't get old like some games(i.e. - Knights of the Old Republic), and the dialogue is very straight forward with obvious choices for responses. The background music I have found to be very well done. Ambient sounds and mellow instruments are the norm in the main worlds, while battles have upbeat and intense themes. The game gets you right where you should be.

Gameplay: 10/10. I'll be the first to admit that this game has a relatively high learning curve as far as the combat system. The game uses a combo system for swordsmen that uses perfect timing in order to pull off any worthwhile damage. This is a little more difficult because a single hit from the enemy while trying to perfectly time the combo will end it, and likely get you caught in the middle of 20 enemies taking cheap shots at you. For the archer and mage, they control in FPS mode, which i must say is pretty cool. It puts you into the action a lot better than just pulling back and summoning spells or launching attacks. Moving from place to place is also a breeze in this game because everything is relatively close. It seems like the boring effort of running in the middle of nothingness didn't appeal to Climax, so we have cutscenes that warp you to places, and also short distances to travel even when backtracking. As far as comparing the gameplay overall to any other RPG on XBOX, I'd say this is it as far as fun goes.

Replayability: 7/10. I'm not a huge fan of going back and playing RPGs over and over again to find all the secret items. I'd rather spend 60 hours beating a 40 hour game the first time finding everything than play through 3 more times. Sudeki has plenty of sidequests if you're looking for them, and plenty of little things to find like money and items. Regardless of whether you want 100% completion on the game, this is one of those games that I do enjoy going back and beating at least once more for the shear fun of the game.
Pubblicata: 24 febbraio
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