Sudeki, un monde déchiré en lumière, l'ombre et l'obscurité. Déchiré par la tromperie et la trahison, la terre crie pour une paix que seuls quatre héros Unies peuvent apporter.Au-delà des murailles protectrices du château d'Illumina s'étend une vaste campagne vallonnée, ce paysage autrefois serein a été transformé par les forces...
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Date de parution : 25 mar 2005

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À propos de ce jeu

Sudeki, un monde déchiré en lumière, l'ombre et l'obscurité. Déchiré par la tromperie et la trahison, la terre crie pour une paix que seuls quatre héros Unies peuvent apporter.

Au-delà des murailles protectrices du château d'Illumina s'étend une vaste campagne vallonnée, ce paysage autrefois serein a été transformé par les forces d'Akloria en un champ de bataille dévasté. Le simple fait de traverser cette région est dangereux : les voyageurs doivent s'attendre en permanence à tomber dans une embuscade.

Quatre amis ont uni leurs efforts afin de venir en aide à leur reine. Si leur destin doit les amener à rencontrer des dieux antiques, des merveilles primordiales et d'incroyables inventions, ennemis et trahisons les menacent également à chacun de leurs pas. Un regard acéré capable de révéler des indices cruciaux leur sera indispensable. En progressant à travers l'ombre et la lumière, ces compagnons vont découvrir que ces deux extrêmes ont bien plus en commun qu'ils ne pouvaient l'imaginer.

  • En temps réel, combat os-croquant avec les sorts et combos incroyables.[/ list]
    • Contrôle l'une des quatre champions à tout moment, et passez entre eux à volonté.[/ list]
      • Customisez des armures, des armes et des sorts de chaque personnage et d'évoluer de nouvelles attaques puissantes.[/ list]

Configuration requise

    • Système d'exploitation : Windows XP
    • Processeur : 1.8GHz
    • Mémoire vive : 512 MB de mémoire
    • Graphiques : 128MB Pixel Shader 2.0 capable graphics card or better
    • Espace disque : 5.6 GB d'espace disque disponible
    • Carte son : DirectX Compatible
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Posté le : 30 juin
It's not terrible and I can see the reasons why someone could like or even love this game, It's a British attempt to make an jRPG-style game, published a year before the Bioware's Jade Empire. Both these games threw away the infamous turn-based combat system and are basically action jRPGs. Both were published for Xbox and have some gameplay similarities, like autospawning enemies and grinding. I have to admit that Sudeki's magic system is more interesting than JEmpire's and graphics are fine for 2004, but, unfortunately, in other aspects the game is much worse. At first I was charmed, but after 10+ hours (half of the game) I got bored and annoyed.

Music - unlike JE, Sudeki has very boring and generic music with no distinguishing style. Not a single track is worth recommending and they do little to nothing for the overall atmosphere.
Voice acting - while most of the sound effects are decent, voice acting is laughably terrible.
Walking simulator - most RPGs have some annoying walking simulator elements, but this game made it something unique. I think I spend more than 15% of this game pointlessly walking from one point to another while doing "bring me X" quests or getting to a specific merchant or altar. And since most of these areas were already known and additionally I had to face randomly spawning enemies - it was exhausting.
Portals - the worst portal systems I've ever met. Sure, most non-sandbox RPGs don't even allow you to go back to previous areas after finishing a plot chapter and it's awesome, that you can do that in Sudeki, but using a portal always takes a minute of boring cutscenes and is almost pointless, since the portals are always in the middle of nowhere and are very far away from most important areas (another walking simulator element).
Battles in the 2nd half of the game take too long - most of the midgame-lategame battles are very long, don't show anything specially new and exciting and are just annoying, especially since enemies are showing up in waves what makes the AOE spells less effective. Some fighting scenes took 5-10 minutes of repeating one decently tactic. And since you mostly can't avoid the randomly spawning enemies in certain areas, most of the fighting scenes brought nothing to the game's plot.
Overall plot is boringly cliche - while a lot of jRPGs (and even American Jade Empire) can do a great job entwining generic threads and some unique ideas and Sudeki avoids some of the most obvious concepts (for example: no fake-ending, no burning the family village, main villain has no "real form"), there is literally not a single original idea in the entire game, especially since...
Boring fantasy setting - ...the entire game's world is just Another Fantasy World with no main theme beside "good vs evil". It kinda feels like an RPG Maker game made by a 18yo who decided to ignore plot by reducing it to minimum and focus only on graphics, cool mechanics or useless cutscenes or animations (like climbing on a high wall aka Pressing One Button or Portals) and walking to make the game longer. And also...
Game takes away your PCs - The plot for whatever reason mostly does not allow the player to control all his or her party members. Instead the game constantly takes away some of the Player Characters and forces us to walk solo or with two characters, especially when fighting with bosses. It even teases us showing us areas, which the characters we control can't enter, but gives us clues, that other PCs can go there. This tease means to encourage us to return to the same area 1-2-3 hours later to finally see, what was this previously unavailable secret...

I think I'm done with this review but I'll end with a quick reminder - it's not a terrible game, it's not even bad, however even though I spent 20+ hours playing it and I bought it in a bundle for like 0.40$ it is true I was enjoying myself while playing this for maybe 8-10 hours. The rest of it was either boring, repetitive or just poorly executed. I don't mind playing a game 8 hours long, but if I have to force myself to endure another 10 hours, to get this 8 hours of decent gameplay - I don't think it's worth it.

EDIT: Also, the camera in some locations is just terrible, and the game does not know what to do when an enemy pushes our PC to a wall - we can't see the enemy at all and we have to defend blindly.
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Posté le : 26 juin

Unfortunately, that's about the only good thing about it. Here are just a few of the issues I've noted with this game.

1.) The story is confusing.
2.) The combat is unfair in a number of ways.
A.) You have 4 characters. Two of them are melee fighters and control exactly the same. You have a combo meter, and can pull of combos through a series of heavy and light attacks. To successfully make a combo, you must press your next button when the next circle in the meter is lit up. Miss it, and your subsequent attacks are slow and clunky. But sometimes, the circle lights up for a very short time, or not at all. Your other two characters are ranged attackers and, again, control the same...i.e. HORRIBLY! Even though the view is of a third person perspective in normal gameplay, during which your characters movement is perfectly natural and fine, when entering combat, you are forced into a first person view, and suddenly your character turns like a damn tank!
B.) There are no invincibility frames, so if enemies gang up on one of your characters and corner you, you'll probably lose health pretty damn fast.
C.) Enemies respawn too damn often. Specifically, if enemies spawn in one portion of a particular area, and you defeat them, explore another portion of the same area, then return to the first portion, the enemies will respawn! I can understand them doing this if you went to an entirely different area and came back, but not while you're in the same damn area!
3.) Even putting my love for Doctor Who aside, the voice acting by anyone in this game not named Tom Baker is dry at best, but for the most part grating.
4.) The camera can zoom in and out and adjust horizontally, but not vertically.
5.) Your characters can not use magic abilities if you're not in combat, particularly annoying as one of your characters is a healer.
6.) Speaking of healing, there's a 4-slot Quickslot system in the game. You're supposed to be able to go into the menu, go to the item section, and highlight an item and assign it to a slot by pressing the corresponding button. The only trouble is half the time it doesn't work properly, and it's easier to just press Y (on an XBox controller) during combat to find an item you want that way.

If you're a fan of Doctor Who or of Tom Baker in general, this game might be worth looking at just to hear him in it, but other than that, I can find no redeeming features about this game.

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Posté le : 23 juin
This was one of my fave games on the X-Box. And I'm so happy to say that it's transended well on to PC.

It's pretty much the same as it was,
The graphics look a better than they were originally, also the loading times are miles better. Loading was a big pain that I had when this was on the X-Box. Do you remember when it used to have a loading title when you were in the overworld, and you were going to the Beach from the place where the Lighthouse was? Doesn't do that anymore.

If you loved the game or like it even, then this is worth the money. This is something that's a blast from the past, and if you want to be caught in it, buy the game again.

Note: It's a bit weird using the Mouse and Keyboard with it, but if you have a controller, use it.
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Mr Creamtastic
( 22.9 heures en tout )
Posté le : 21 juin
Sudeki. What words can Describe Sudeki? Fun. Nostalgic. Revolutionary. This is a game worth picking up and wringing every last bit of content out of. AND it clocks in at 20 hours. NOICE.
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Posté le : 17 juin
7/10 TJBs
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( 3.7 heures en tout )
Posté le : 6 mai
I had this on Xbox when I was younger and it was like actually awesome so yes pos review +++++ so good! Loved it
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Bucky O Hare
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Posté le : 28 avril
Sometimes people ask my why The Fast and the Furious is one of my favorite movies. I can explain it about as well as I can explain why I like this game so much.

Is it the characters? Sort of, not really.

The story? No. Definitely not.

The action? It is pretty good, but I can't say it's amazing.

The level design/setting? Uh, well, it's pretty good except for that one ♥♥♥♥ing sound puzzle because would you give me a break on that ♥♥♥♥? Who even knows sounds that well? Do I look like I have rhythm or a working understanding of tones?

Maybe, like The Fast and the Furious, I just remember this fondly from before I had to get a job and before I had disappointed everyone in my family to such a terrible degree.

Probably that last one.
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Posté le : 11 avril
This one should have been left as a faint memory of my early teens...
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( 12.6 heures en tout )
Posté le : 7 avril
great game, stunning grafics and pleanty to do.
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( 59.8 heures en tout )
Posté le : 6 avril
One of my all-time favourite RPGs from the 2000s. Great story, real-time combat is different and interesting and the game is aesthetically beautiful. 8/10
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Posté le : 17 janvier 2015
franchement je suis étonné de voir que pour un jeu de 2005 graphiquement il tient la route .

doté d'un monde enchanteur et onirique je ne peux que conseiller ce jeu en ces periodes de disette , pour la durée de vie je ne me prononce pas car je ne l'ai pas fini mais pour le prix je suis satisfait de mon achat.
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Posté le : 27 février 2014
Bon jeu, je l' adore!!

Le seul hic, problème avec la sauvegarde à shadani-mo, marque que le fichier est corrumpu et nous devons refaire le jeu à zéro. Faites pleusieurs sauvegardes! :)
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Posté le : 3 mars 2014
sudeki bug quand on sauvegarde la partie a certain endroit. le probleme sais que quand sa arrive, on perd totalement les donner sauvegarder donc le mieux est de faire 2 sauvegarde à chaque fois, comme ça sa evite de recommencer depuis le debut du jeu.

j'espere que se bug seras corriger...

Ma configuration PC:

Windows 7 64bits,
8Go de RAM
carte graphiquee 1Go amd radeon hd 5450
processeur amd Phenom(tm) IIx4 945 3.00 Ghz
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Posté le : 20 octobre 2015
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Posté le : 25 février 2014
Le jeu n'etant pas completement FRANCAIS
Il y'a 8 ans , j'ai deja joué à ce jeu et le jeu contenait tout les dialogues en FR (Sous titre + Voix)
La version STEAM ne contient pas les voix , je tiens donc à vous mettre en garde !

Sinon ce jeu est un vrai petit bonheur , de preference à jouer sur une manette ,
il est d'un univers tres manga et une histoire pas mal. Cela reste un bon RPG avec 4 heros
Chacun ayant sa specialité et donc sa maniere de jouer.
Mage , Tech , Sauvage et Guerrier seront les classes qu'on pourra joué.
Les boss ne vous simplifieront pas la vie , et un univers entre le bien et le mal reste à vous de le decouvrir !
Ce jeu est mal connu car il est sortie en meme temps que de nombreux jeux en particulier final fantasy qui a eclipsé Sudeki.
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Posté le : 3 mars 2014
très bon jeux .Un travail bien finie.
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Posté le : 26 octobre 2014
bon jeux
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Posté le : 28 mars 2014
Quand j'ai testé ce jeu, il est écrit version francaise, mais ce jeu ne comporte que 5 minute (l'introduction) en version française vocale, le reste est tout en anglais, j'ai faite la vérification auprès de Steam pour leur dire qu'il y avait un probleme avec la version française et que la version française est englaise, et il m'ont simplement répondu de le mettre en francais..., mais il est déja en francais ????

donc il semble impossible de corrigé le problème, de ce fais, j'ai attendu la réponse de Steam avant de faire mon évaluation, donc si vous êtes français et que vous ne comprener rien à l'anglais, n'acheter pas ce jeu, je ne sais pas si il va y avoir une correction un jour, mais comme perssonne ne semble vouloir bougé, je ne peut pas recomandé ce jeu...

pour ce qui est du jeu, je l'ai trouvé d'une qualité médiocre, du genre à la nintendo, mais ceci est mon point de vue, certain semble l'aimé, chacun c'est goût..., c'est plus un jeu de console que d'ordinateur...
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Posté le : 24 février 2014
Sudeki's a “But… if…” game, which are always the hardest ones to review. The “but” comes from a handful of mitigating factors: it’s fun, but easy; interesting, but derivative; initially engaging, but soon begins to feel rushed. Every positive facet of Sudeki comes with an accompanying drawback.

The “if,” of course, is that if you like action-RPGs, there is nothing in Sudeki that will actually harsh your mellow. It’s not a bad example of its genre by any stretch of the imagination, and is often really entertaining despite its flaws, presuming that you like the genre in the first place.

Sudeki is set on a world of the same name, which warring gods have split into opposing realms of light and shadow. The game begins in the kingdom of Illumina in the Light realm, where a soldier named Tal splits his time between defending the countryside from berserk Shadow monsters, flirting with the princess Ailish, getting yelled at by his father, and being the lone survivor of any mission he’s sent on.

In the aftermath of a battle, the god Tetsu appears to Tal, and lets him know that an end is coming; the current troubles between the Light and Shadow worlds are just the beginning of a larger struggle. Tal, Ailish, a demihuman warrior named Buki, and Illumina’s head scientist Elco have been chosen by the gods to combat the forces of the Realm of Shadows, whether they like it or not.

Sudeki will frequently allow you to control at least two of your characters simultaneously. Like Knights of the Old Republic, any PC who’s not under your direct control at the moment is controlled by the CPU; unlike KOTOR, you move your active character in real-time. Tal and Buki are short-ranged melee fighters, controllable in third-person and attacking via a timing-based combo system, while during a fight, Ailish and Elco move and shoot in first person.

You can switch between the members of your current group at any time using the Black button, which is excellent for micromanaging difficult battles. Each character brings a unique mix of skills and statistics to the table; Tal is basically a meatshield, Buki is a mobile attacker, Ailish wields spells and high-damage magical staves (one of her later weapons is not so much a magical cane as a two-shot rocket launcher), and Elco provides covering fire using a variety of pistols.

The fun of Sudeki is largely in the combat. A battle’s usually a chaotic melee, full of flying projectiles, charging opponents, devastating spells, and unpleasant surprises. A lot of people have claimed that Sudeki is a button-masher, and if you want, you can hammer on attack buttons all damn day. If that’s your kick, go to it.

The reality is that Sudeki's combo system is actually designed to punish button-mashing. Tal and Buki’s melee combos depend largely on timing, forcing you to land two quick hits in preparation for a devastating finisher or a series of juggles. Anyone who’s trying to get through the game just by hammering on X or A isn’t going to do as well as a player who studies opponents, looks for an opening, and lays into them with a careful string of hits.

Meanwhile, Ailish and Elco’s job is to hang back from the melee and rain death upon anyone who isn’t looking. The more powerful their weapons, the more recharge time they’ll generally have between shots, which means you’ll need to dodge and weave to stay on your feet. Once again, you can just hold down the trigger and spray death at your enemies, but the low hit strength of the weapons with a high rate of fire means that you’re really spraying minor annoyance.

Out of combat, each character has a further unique ability which allows you to discover secrets and solve puzzles. Tal can push around local designated Shoving Objects, such as crates. Buki can climb up walls using her claws, Elco’s rocket pack lets him fly as long as there’s a yellow crystal handy to power it, and Ailish possesses Second Sight, allowing her to penetrate and dispel illusions.

When you level up, you can spend advancement points to raise each characters’ stats and teach them up to six skills. In villages, you can further improve a character by welding magical runes to his armor or weapons, providing power boosts, special abilities, or immunity to status attacks. (The latter’s important, since everyone and their mom in Sudeki can inflict status ailments on your party. It’s not unusual to have two or three going at once.)

This is usually the point where I ineptly segue into discussing a game’s flaws, but aside from some dodgy character design (I hope you like Buki’s ♥♥♥, because thanks to the gods of Sudeki, you’ll be staring at it for a long time), Sudeki plays just fine. The biggest problem it has is that there isn’t enough of it.

For one thing, Sudeki is dead easy. Part of this is because Elco gets his best weapon about four hours into the game. With a little work and a few levels, he’ll be popping conventional enemies like a grape with one or two shots. This comes in handy, since Elco gets one of the hardest fights in the game all to himself -- Sudeki’s bosses always seem to contrive a method to make sure you fight them one-on-one – but it also means that any group with Elco in it skates through combat.

You can also easily get all the best skills early on, since none of the spells or abilities in Sudeki come with a prerequisite. You can easily grab all the stat-boosting or protective skills first thing, then use them at the start of any fight to stack the odds in your favor.

In addition, any given boss can be defeated with the use of a simple trick, which looks more like a glitch than anything else. Every time you use a skill, your character enters an invulnerability window that lasts until the end of the move. There’s at least one boss fight where you can completely ignore all of its attacks and instantly counter, as long as you keep casting spells.

Combine that with a few runes, some decent weapons, and Ailish’s tendency to obliterate anyone who looks at her funny with Celestial Circle, and Sudeki's main characters wind up looking less like heroes and more like exterminators.

In addition to being easy, Sudeki is ridiculously short, clocking in at twenty-five hours max. For a game that was purported to be the first real epic RPG on Xbox, this is almost incomprehensible.

Playing through the endgame, one wonders if Sudeki was meant to be far longer, but was rushed to completion. Many plot threads are abandoned or tossed aside, including a major life-changing event right before the final battle. Both Tal and Ailish have major issues that simply aren’t resolved, involving his father and her mother, and Elco is the focus of a major plot twist right before the finale that, unfortunately, doesn’t wind up meaning anything.

It’s a fun game, and it’s not a bad game, but it’s over right when most RPGs are just getting started.


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Posté le : 26 octobre 2014
This is a great RPG and I highly recommend it. It has pretty decent graphics (it is an almost 10 year old game) and the gameplay is engaging and fun. You go through a quest that gets bigger and more complicated as you continue. You pick up sidequests as you go along. The combat is fun, too. It is an action RPG and as you get more playable characters and skills, things become more challenging.

Incredibly, the game reminded me a lot of Landstalker for the sega genesis. The reason is because the game world is so beautiful and well put together. Each town has a destinctive look and feel and even seems alive. Also, the pacing is just right with a progression that feels natural and is interesting.

Overall, I was suprised at how deep the game is. It has virtually everything you could want from an RPG.

One other note: the game is amazingly optimized for PC. The loadtimes which I assume existed on the console are eliminated on PC. The game worked great with keyboard and mouse, but I prefer playing with the gamepad. Also, the graphics options are easily accessible and modifiable.
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