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Defense Technica is the next evolution in hardcore tower defense strategy games. Protect the core from an onslaught of unrelenting biomechanical terrors with a powerful range of tower defense units – each with their own upgradable features and methods of attacks.
Date de parution: 24 oct 2013
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10 novembre 2013

Latest Patch Note: Update

1. We have disabled extra resource "cube collecting" feature due to some strong demands appearing in the Steam forum.

Please note that this is not a 100% final but we want to see how it goes before we definitly take it out of the system.
This means that our promotion video showing enemies dropping cubes will be wrong so in order to fix that we need to be sure of it.

2. We have slightly rebalanced the resource gained per enemy kill so the effect is that you will be able to gain 100% of resource per killing any enemy.
This means the game becomes slightly easier, but it shouldn't affect overall game play a lot.

3. There is new batch file called "optionalstart.bat" . This is intended for people who are having issues with starting the game with initial auto detection setting by the game.
After you run the batch file press 1-4 number keys as indicated to attempt to start the game. Just making things easier for people who aren't familiar using command prompt.

Note for starting game using optional command prompt or batch file :

Some Steam overlay may not work properly uf you use this batch file to start the game.
Once you are in the game go to : "HELP OPTIONS > SETTING" and change your options to the ones that works for you.
Then restart the game using proper steam client.

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Update :

31 octobre 2013

1. Defense Technica tries to autodetect some basic graphic setting for you when you start the game for the first time, but sometimes this doesn't work well for some people and the game may fail to start properly.

For users who encountered troubles while starting the game in unsuitable graphic settings, we enabled users to manually set up the graphic quality (among Low, Medium, or High) from the command window. From the command window, input one of the following commands:

DefenseTechnica.exe -GraphicQualityLow
DefenseTechnica.exe -GraphicQualityMedium
DefenseTechnica.exe -GraphicQualityHigh

Along with the "WindowMode" option, users can also use above options such as :

DefenseTechnica.exe -GraphicQualityLow -WindowMode

Once you are in the game, then you can try experimenting with in game graphics options.
*These options are only available in Windows, not Mac.

2. Few other minor bug fixes

We are going to include some readme file for all these additional command line parameters in the next patch. Also, we are gathering more feedback about extra resource gathering feature so please do keep them coming!


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Steam Big Picture

Soundtrack Bonus

Purchase on Steam and receive the official Defense Technica soundtrack digitally in the game directory upon release.

À propos du jeu

Defense Technica is the next evolution in hardcore tower defense strategy games. Protect the core from an onslaught of unrelenting biomechanical terrors with a powerful range of tower defense units – each with their own upgradable features and methods of attacks. Engage the opposition in a variety of maps and prepare to rapidly shift tactics as weather, enemy paths, and even the terrain itself physically changes upending the flow of the battlefield. Presented through sharp 3D visuals and backed by a soaring soundtrack, Defense Technica is the ultimate in strategic tower defense!

Key Features

Powerful Towers – Select from 8 different tower classes and upgrade to build a nearly impenetrable defense of over 40 different towers. Arm towers with machine guns, long-range missiles, flamethrowers, mortars, lasers, and other powerful weapons to halt the oncoming hordes in their tracks!

Dynamic Battlefields – Variable enemy pathfinding, arduous weather systems, and physical changes in terrain during battles require a shift in strategy and keep each playthrough fresh.

Gorgeous 3D Visuals – Fully 3D backgrounds and amazing lighting effects set the scene for intricately detailed towers and enemy hordes. Maps range from orbital military installations and subterranean ruins to floating islands and futuristic cities.

Formidable Opposition – Battle against nine different enemy types across three different classes each with a strength and weakness against certain tower types requiring careful thought on tower placement.

Configuration requise (PC)

    • OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 with latest services packs
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo (2 * 2400 Mhz) or AMD equivalent
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce 7600 GS / Radeon HD 2600 (256 MB of dedicated memory)
    • Hard Drive: 1 GB available space

Configuration requise (MAC)

    • OS: Mac OS X 10.6
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Radeon HD2600 or GeForce 8600M graphics (128 MB)
    • Hard Drive: 1 GB available space
    • OS: Mac OS X 10.6
    • Processor: Intel Quad Core
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Radeon HD5850 or similar GeForce
    • Hard Drive: 1 GB available space
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Pretty disappointed, I had high hopes for this. It's kind of like a dumbed-down Defense Grid. The controls are odd (I kept deleting my towers by accident), you can't pause the game to consider strategy, and the game has no personality. I think it was based on an iOS game. What I've head of the soundtrack is pretty good, though, and you do get that with it at least. Again, it's not BAD, it's just very simple and bland after playing games like Defenders Quest and Defense Grid. Hard to recommend :/
Posté le : 2 novembre 2013
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Defense Technica (19/50) - Just Bad
by Yiasmat

Even tho i´m a huge fan of the genre, i still can´t convince myself to recommend this game to anyone. If you are looking for a nice TD, just go for anotherone, there are so many good TD´s out there (Defense Grid for example).

Graphics (4/10):
Not really that impressive. Considering this is a PC version, it has crappy animations, the framerate is just taken over from the android version and overall it could have been much better.

Design (2/10):
As this is a TD, especially the leveldesign. It´s just.... aweful. They tried to copy what DG did right, a mix between maze and standart. I hope you already know: they failed. The first levels are actually ok, but as they get bigger comes a confusing layout. That doesn´t change with the "blockers" standing on each map (things the enemies will stop at and attack till it´s gone).
For the overall design: The enemies are nicely diversified which doesn´t count for the towers. If a tower is level 1 or 2, you will not see it.

Gameplay (7/20):
You can upgrade your towers, so thats a plus. But what else? You always have to place your towers on the exact spot it was supposed to stand in order to block the enemies path. How strategy is that. After the first level, the fun is just gone. It gets repetitiv really quick as you don´t get any new useful stuff. The real killer are the blockers tho. Having to build towers which you than have to sell later is just stupid.
You also don´t need to adjust any towers to the enemies spawing as they nearly all do the same thing.

Controls (4/5):
Works overall. Sometimes the camera pans a bit strange but thats ok. Annoying is the zoom tho. You will never use it. You don´t need to, but it´s really bad.

Innovation (2/5):
Copies DG, every tower has already been seen in other games and there are no new enemy types to speak of.
Tho you have a upgrade system of each tower and the blockers are (even tho really bad) new as well.
Posté le : 26 novembre 2013
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Decided to grab this while waiting for Defense Grid 2 and while it looks like Defense Grid it it lacks a huge amount of depth the game had, the game is playable and enjoyable enough that I played all the way through but almost everything is copied from DG.

Set pieces are copy paste including almost all art assets, the upgrade system even down to the colours and the music.

It's dissapointing that a developer with enough money to put some effort into a PC TD decided to waste it in copying another game.

Unless you have played Defense Grid to death then don't play this, if you're hardcore into TD then wait until it's cheap then grab it.

If this doesn't feel like a real review it's because it's not,anything I write about the game feels like I'm reviewing DG.
Posté le : 26 novembre 2013
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I was hoping Defense Technica was going to rival one of my top rated TD games Defense Grid: The Awakening, for playability; unfortnately it didn't, but it certainly helped me to scratch the itch I get when I see a new TD release. Tower Defense games are one of my favorite arcade/indie genres. I'm quite pleased with this one even if it doesn't offer up anything new apart from the crystals that enable you to occassionally reveal the most optimal placement of turrets or the luck based card system that offer enduring bonuses such as reduced build costs. Sadly these crystals take an age to save enough to use effectively.

If you're new to TD games, I'd give this one a miss at least until its on sale as it can be quite hard to win once you've passed the first several levels. I'd score it an average 6.5 out of 10
Posté le : 26 octobre 2013
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If you blantly had to copy Defense Grid why not the superior UI as well. The interaction is clunky at best. This thing just plays like a chore. It's quite unbelieveable how one could screw up such a simple game with that much of potential.
Posté le : 14 mars 2014
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