SHOOTMANIA: O FPS “PRODUZIDO PELOS SEUS JOGADORES” ShootMania Storm é uma revolução nos FPS multijogador, proporcionando uma dimensão com ênfase na comunidade e na possibilidade de poderes jogar o quanto quiseres.
Data de lançamento: 10 Abr, 2013
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Update 3.1 RC6 & Shootmania Platform

25 Julho

In this update for 3.1 RC6 update, we have some changes:

- Matchmaking is having 3 major updates: Map vote, rematch and progressive amount of players. If the two first are obvious, the last is about launching a match of Battle or Siege as soon as there is 4 people on the lobby and send the new people arriving on the lobby quickly to complete the match. It's made also for custom modes that would like to host matchmaking while having a big number of member per team. The detailed changelog for the game modes scripts is available here or here.

- Ladders of Storm, Elite and Siege will have some change of speed and number of players that can be on top. If it was possible to have 100 Echelon 9 on the Monday morning, it will now be only 20. So, it means that players will lose much more LPs on Monday first, and then on each match lost since you lose an amount that is related to how much points can be won in average in a match. In consequences, you will also see 200 players in Echelon 8 instead of 10000 and etc. Keep in mind that when you lose LPs on Monday morning, you are losing no rank at all: it's just a way to normalize the number of LPs and the maximum. Otherwise, the maximum would always climb and require to change the amount of LP you win accordingly.

- Gameplay of Elite is now going to use the new one, with mainly the stamina management and walljump power as main changes. I know it can disturb the incredibly high level of skill we can see nowadays, but now that the EPL finals are done and that the ESWC is announced, I would like to take the opportunity to make the same gameplay with the others modes, such as Battle or Siege, that they are using it since the previous releases.

- The "link" plug-in. This plug ins are like the buddy or settings plug in of the system bar. The "link" plug-in is a way to quick access to the links of a title pack (home <=> manialink, news <=> maniaflash, facebook page) etc. It will be a way to also provide an easy way to share the title; and more especially now that it's in demo. We may do a "help" plug in to provide "information, tips and others" but later. Maniaplanet is designed as a 2.0 system, and this link plug-in is dedicated to it. To configure it, it's the same links than in the store of today.

- Players are not allowed anymore to add their own Bink videos to Maniaplanet. And we have added limitations to prevent this. Meanwhile, we are going to upgrade the support of WebM as a powerful replacement, including the ability to encode directly or have a better compression ratio/picture quality. We have spent just some days on this new integration and it will take us some more to bring some more feature to this support. However, we have other priorities at the moment and it can take a while. I am sorry for this happening and be sure we would have like to be otherwise.

- The importer is updated and with it, the import of fonts is activated. The documentation is also available.

- Arrow rollback. In fact, the arrow we look for is more a long range, big blow radius weapon. It has been used like a short range splash bomb. I think that these changes are more for Power Up! and that we better deliver a good splash bomb in addition to fix the arrow. Arrow would need to have more ammunition by default would we like to make "then rain of arrows effect" so we will see this later. Sorry for the ones that found the new arrow better and for the ones who lack the previous one since the changes.

- The source of Shootmania Platform are being released as a sample. The mode will also be free until the end of September, with unlimited demo time and number of maps. The goal is to welcome players that would like just to test without fighting. A mini site and video has been done to more easily share the super setup of it.

- The custom weapon will have a closer way to work as default ones: waterproof by default, shooter points, sounds, notices, +1 with RemovePlayerArmor (~ same as AddPlayerArmor) and manage a Custom volume.

- Item Editor has some fixes when launched from the map editor. And the PropertyList : fix absolute/relative location of data

- The MediaTracker options for crosshair/ghost names; keep playing on respawn, tiggers that can overlap (but trigger only one clip) and the free camera save position \o/

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Shootmania and Trackmania² Stadium confirmed for ESWC 2014

21 Julho

Good news people, TrackMania² Stadium and ShootMania Storm will be at the ESWC this year!

From the ESWC committee:

The ESWC Organizing committee is happy to confirm two PC disciplines for the ESWC 2014:
  • Trackmania² Stadium (1v1v1v1)
  • Shootmania Elite (3v3)

Trackmania is an ESWC official discipline since 2006. The upcoming 2014 edition will be its 8th World Cup. Shootmania is present since 2012, it will be its 3rd edition. The details of the preliminaries will be announced very soon.

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Jump in the most creative PC shooter!

There is a lot to customize or create: skins, taunt horns, maps, textures, replays, game modes and much more. Leave your rocketgun aside for a while and bring your ideas to the game.

Acerca do Jogo


ShootMania Storm é uma revolução nos FPS multijogador, proporcionando uma dimensão com ênfase na comunidade e na possibilidade de poderes jogar o quanto quiseres. Desenvolvido pelo estúdio de renome Nadeo, conhecido pelo TrackMania, o jogo de corridas comunitário, o ShootMania Storm dispõe de tiros rápidos e batalhas épicas nas quais apenas o teu talento poderá fazer-te distinguir dos outros. Sozinho, ou em equipa, entra na arena à tua escolha: mapas, modos e rankings, és livre de jogar como quiseres e participares na comunidade ShootMania que mais combina contigo. Ganha o respeito dos teus adversários melhorando a tua classificação no ranking, vencendo competições de eSports ou criando as tuas próprias experiências de jogo incríveis. Uma comunidade repleta de jogadores de FPS espera por ti na rede ManiaPlanet!


  • Sejam eles clássicos ou desenvolvidos exclusivamente para a ShootMania Storm, a vasta gama de mapas e modos de jogo não só presentes no próprio jogo como também criados pela comunidade irão permitir que desfrutas de novas experiências constantes.
  • Acessível a muitos, mas permitindo ao mesmo tempo que apenas os melhores se destaquem, ShootMania garante diversão do início ao fim!
  • Entra na batalha a qualquer altura neste mundo espetacular. As várias competições realizadas no ShootMania Storm proporcionam a melhor atmosfera desportiva.
  • Muitos jogadores podem enfrentar-se ao mesmo tempo! O sistema "matchmaking" permite que os jogadores se conectem facilmente a um servidor do seu nível respetivo, seja para puro prazer ou competição.
  • Com os seus editores de mapas e scripts, ferramentas de comunicação, edição e partilha para Machinima, etc., o ShootMania Storm oferece a todos a oportunidade de criarem e partilharem o seu próprio jogo.

Requisitos do Sistema

    • OS:Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8
    • Processor:1.5 Ghz
    • Memory:1 GB RAM
    • Graphics:256 Mb, Pixel Shader 2.0 / Intel HD 2000
    • DirectX®:9.0c
    • Hard Drive:2 GB HD space
    • Other Requirements:Broadband Internet connection
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Nice game
Publicada: 17 Junho
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83 de 100 pessoas (83%) acharam esta análise útil
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This game was great during it's, it's a ghost town...makes me sad. Such a refresh from present day FPS's
Publicada: 11 Abril
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A really great shooter that is/was troubled by a slow/quiet launch. Not many people seem to know about this game. Which is a great shame. It's a skill based or competitive shooter, whichever you prefer to use. The main mode is called Elite, which pitches 2 teams of 3 players against each other, each round is 3 vs 1. Very entertaining and also nerve wrecking knowing the other team members are watching you!! Helps if you know some basic French (seems random but you'll see!)

If you were or are a Quake 3 fan you should like this game too!
Publicada: 17 Março
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that ex-gf that you keep coming back too even though you know there's nothing there for you. also she's dead
Publicada: 3 Agosto
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fun game like in old days when we play ut or quake but low skill cap ....
Publicada: 7 Março
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