Never before has combat been so fast in-your-face.
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Data de lançamento: 24/jan/2013

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Developed by the Project Aces team, ACE COMBAT™ ASSAULT HORIZON intensifies the franchise, escalating combat to the next level with aircraft that are literally torn apart, spewing oil and debris across the sky. Players will engage in combat across the globe, dodging skyscrapers, and turning their enemies into fiery supersonic debris in both single player and online multiplayer. Never before has combat been so fast in-your-face.

Key Features

  • Exclusive for PC : Improved graphics (resolution up to 1900x1200p) ; online play up to 16 players and a huge bonus content pack (8 aircraft, 2 maps, 27 skins, 9 skills upgrades).
  • Dramatic realistic story line – Written by New York Times Best Seller and military author Jim DeFelice, players will experience an engaging war drama spanning real-world locations across the globe.
  • Steel carnage destruction – Incredible detail and visual reaction for every explosive attack (aircraft are shredded to pieces, enemy troops annihilated, buildings shattered, machines bleed)
  • Entirely new aircraft to pilot – Experience split-second maneuvering and positioning, pinpoint targeting, hovering attacks and other gameplay diversity through the introduction of the Attack Helicopter, Door Gunner and more
  • Revolutionary Close-range Assault system – Delivering high-speed acrobatics, dizzying one-on-one encounters, satisfying visceral low-attitude and high-flying death from above
  • ACE COMBAT™ online reinvented – Take to the skies and engage hostile forces in a variety of modes including Capital Conquest (challenge opposing teams and fight to protect or take control of famous capitals around the world)

Requisitos de sistema

    • OS:Windows XP , Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8 (32 or 64 bit versions, optimized for 64 bit and multicore processors )
    • Processor:Intel Core 2 Duo 1.8Ghz or AMD Athlon X2 2.4 Ghz
    • Memory:2 GB RAM
    • Graphics:Nvidia GeForce 8800GT and higher ; ATI radeon HD 3850 and higher
    • DirectX®:9.0c
    • Hard Drive:16 GB HD space
    • Sound:Direct Sound Compatible
    • Other Requirements:Broadband Internet connection
    • Peripherals: Mouse & keyboard, Microsoft Xbox 360® Controller for Windows® or equivalent, Logitech Rumblepad 2 USB, Logitech Dual Action. Supported Flighsticks (Thrustmaster: T.Flight Hotas X,T.16000M, T.Flight Stick X, Speedlink SL-6640 Black Widow Flightstick, Hori Flightstick EX2, Saitek Aviator for Xbox 360)
    • OS:Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8 (32 or 64 bit versions, optimized for 64 bit and multicore processors )
    • Processor:Intel Core 2 Quad 2.7Ghz or better, AMD Phenom II X4 3Ghz or better
    • Memory:4 GB
    • Graphics:Nvidia GeForce 8800GT and higher ; ATI radeon HD 3850
    • DirectX®:9.0c
    • Hard Drive:20GB
    • Sound:Direct Sound Compatible
    • Other Requirements:Broadband Internet connection
    • Peripherals: Mouse & keyboard, Microsoft Xbox 360® Controller for Windows® or equivalent, Logitech Rumblepad 2 USB, Logitech Dual Action. Supported Flighsticks (Thrustmaster: T.Flight Hotas X,T.16000M, T.Flight Stick X, Speedlink SL-6640 Black Widow Flightstick, Hori Flightstick EX2, Saitek Aviator for Xbox 360)
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Neutras (3,332 análises)
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Publicada: 30 de junho
Ace Combat? Pffft, this is Arcade Combat. Worst ever.
( 46.8 horas registradas )
Publicada: 30 de junho
The Graphics for this game is pretty ok . but i find the port over from console to pc quite badly done. controls on the keyboard are awkward to use, i find controling planes using my mouse ( e.g. Arma 3, Battlefield 3 etc) . I suggest playing this game with a controller

Not a fan of the DFM
( 63.3 horas registradas )
Publicada: 30 de junho
It is worth a buy when on sale. When I played the game it felt like I was being directed where to shoot all the time. Follow-through cinematics for downing a plane while beautiful were reptetive. However, what I most enjoyed was how you do get the vantage of fighting an air war from varying perspectives. If you like Cold War stories, this storyline is pretty average. So why the positive review? The soundtrack for the game is amazing. It really gets you in that mood of 'fighting the good fight.' Graphics based on system requirements in my opinion are amazing, and much of the locations you fight in are authentic and allows you to explore with ease. Fighting AI presents an adequate challenge, but was hoping for multiplayer... it promises one but virtually non-existent when I bought it.

To sum up: Worth a buy when on sale (below $10 USD). If you are looking for a laxed simulator that is action packed with a killer soundtrack, this might be the game for you.
( 2.0 horas registradas )
Publicada: 29 de junho
I can't find partner for pvp
( 6.9 horas registradas )
Publicada: 29 de junho
isso n é ace combat é parecido mais só quem já jogo ace combat vai ver a diferença
( 0.7 horas registradas )
Publicada: 29 de junho
This ace combat is not the old ace combat that i have played in PS, PS2...etc
And is so stupid that keeps on asking u to use the dogfighting feature which is new to the game to kill the enemy planes.
It actually kills the whole game.
( 0.5 horas registradas )
Publicada: 28 de junho
-rep it unable to find session
March Cat
( 6.6 horas registradas )
Publicada: 28 de junho
/this game in a nutshell: press x to make a "OMG WATCH THIS" maneuvre, play minigame "keep an object within a circle", woah, ka-blam, burning fighter hull flying towards you/

I hate writing negative reviews, and usually just forget about the game it didn't like, but this time it was a real disappointment(or, as they like to say in the net, a nuke-grade b**thurt)

Maybe I should have read reviews of other people before purchasing it, but you know, summer sale makes people blind. I've seen that the "red line of hate" under this game description is menacingly long, but I assumed that be the result of "virtual pilots'" attack(you know, those guys who think it's wise to compare simarcade with microsoft flight simulators).. Wish I knew how wrong I was...

You have totally NO CONTROL over your aircraft. Damn, you can't do even the most basic barrel roll here by yourself! Roll rate is limited to 90* - you can't position your plane upside down(if you don't make a vertical turn, of course, but in that case, lol, you can't position your plane normally). And dogfight mode.... Well, AI complete takes away control from you, while you play stone age-old arcade "keep an object within a circle", with high chances to hit the buildings/ground due to autopilot's ultimate stupidity.

The closest rival of this game was the HAWX(i played the first part, which was older than AC-EE). People blamed it for being too simple. Damn, there the dogfight mode counterpart had some challenge, as VR drew you optimal path to target which was often challenging to follow, there bots couldn't evade a radar guided missile with help of (wtf?!) IR flares, enemy fighters were approaching from OUTSIDE the map(while here they just randomly spawn on the battlefield, sometimes even right behind your tail), you could command you wingmen and(oh-miracle!) they would actually SHOOT DOWN something or clear your 6, flying over even a single SAM battery POSED some danger and well, stalling a plane meant "omg, I'm gonna crash, level out the plane" and not just falling down vertically... And UBISOFT considered it a failure! And what's more, they refunded the players' purchses!

I heard many good things about ACE COMBAT series, but... well, at least this game didn't fulfill even 20% of my expectations. I wanted to play some fun arcade sim for lazy aviation enthisiasts, and what I got was an aerial call of duty.(yeah, if you played CoD you will constantly having deja vu feeling... Ultranationalist takeover in russia, chopper gunner shooting everything that moves gets blown up with a nuke, "AC-130, don't shoot the church.. oh, sorry, ancient ruins!")

Congrats if you read this far
( 10.5 horas registradas )
Publicada: 27 de junho
Fight me, ill rek u
Commander Matt
( 9.1 horas registradas )
Publicada: 27 de junho
Before you dive into the Steam reviews, please consider looking at IGN's review of it; it's short, to-the-point, and is UNBIASED.

A lot of the hate comes from changes from previous games. Helicopters, a "Dog fight mode" (close range dog fight) and a different setting are all changes I can think of off the top of my head. To die-hards of old Ace Combat, these changes are probably going to drive you nuts (*cough cough* steam reviews *cough cough*) but if you have an open mind, understand that the developers are HUMAN BEINGS and not some perfect-game-making-robots, you'll enjoy yourself.

I found the game really fun, beautiful, and rather thrilling in some parts. The dog fight mode (called DFM in the game) was really an adrenaline rush at parts. Particularly near the end, when things ramp up. The helicopter missions were very fun for me (though the gun controls were a small bit clunky). The story, while kind of cliche, is still worth paying attention to in my opinion. The graphics are beautiful (you can tell the developers put some work into properly porting it to PC :D )
Some of the missions do seem to drag on, and I feel like the developers put more focus on their new mechanics (e.g., DFM) than they should have, but hey, why hold that against them? It's pretty hard to guess the perfect way to implement a brand new mechanic on the first try.

It took me about 8 hours to beat the campaign on an easier difficulty.

All-around a good game. :)

Worth the $20 if you plan on playing multiplayer (not sure if anyone plays it, I haven't looked), maybe closer to $15 or $10 if you plan on only playing campaign. Take the Steam reviews for this game with a grain of salt; a lot of them just really don't like the changes.

Sorry if some of the review doesn't make sense; I'm writing this really late at night XD
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Publicada: 16 de junho
Ace Combat: Rail Simulator
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78.9 horas registradas
Publicada: 12 de junho
DISCLAIMER: I say a lot of this having gotten the game for a mere $5, and with little former Ace Combat experience.
My rating out of ten on this game sort of fluctuates depending on my mood. I think it’s at most an overall 8/10, though there are moments it really feels pretty great. Obviously you probably are here looking through the prominent negativity of the general reviews and maybe you spotted this one of, like, three positive ones. If you, for instance, are coming back to the store page for a visit, you’re probably confused about how anyone likes this game. I don’t know. What’s wrong with me?
Well, first off, we should probably glimpse at what people are consistently saying is bad and I can, to some degree, verify. I’ll save the big one for last:
  1. Apparent US/NATO bias, and other sort of national things: Though it seems the PAK-FA is the penultimate plane in all of this, the game seems to focus on America with Russian alternatives. There are other planes- The JAS-39, EF2000, Rafale, and Mirage show up, in addition to the F-2 ( a strict attacker, whilst the AV-8B is a multirole fighter) and the fictitious CFA-44 and ASF-X. However, it seems to glorify the F-22, has two playable American bombers while neither of the Russian ones that show up are playable, and a lot of fighters from other nations that I would have liked to see (granted I don’t think a few of them, like the J-20 and ATD-X, were well known at the time) were missing, and one that I would have LOVED, the MiG-31, was present but unplayable. With that said, the US planes don’t seem all that much stronger. What I’ve also seen mentioned is that the Russian characters seem like walking stereotypes, and undeniably the story is focused on America, even when you play as non-US planes. And, yes, I know that the game is Japanese. That’s what makes it a bit weird...
  2. Story: So, I hear the story is bad. I thought it was ok. I mean, as said above, it is focused on the US, and, without spoiling too much, a Russian superweapon has been taken and is being used for purposes of terror by a Russian separatist group, so in a way it… does sort of pit the US and Russia against each other, even though everyone is actually working together to fight the guys who happen to be Russian. There was also this one part where it makes a few Russian helicopter pilots look like idiots. Of the story itself, I don’t see what was so bad. I mean, maybe mediocre, but certainly not actually painful past that. There were even a few parts that I liked- I thought the briefing scenes were nice, and the scenario does highlight the intensity of the missions very well.
  3. Unrealism in some areas: So the game, which seems to try to be realistic (at least until you notice the payloads), has some unrealistic areas. The first is something that all Ace Combat games have, I think (I remember in 04, which I played, it was like this). You have way too many missiles- near two hundred default ones and about thirty of a special type. This is cool though, just don’t think about it too hard. Then there’s the gun. Unlike my experience in 04, the gun has unlimited ammo- there’s even a part of the plane stats that tells you how much ammo you have and it just has dashes there, as if they initially wanted numbers. It does overheat, though. Speaking of the gun, it one-shots tanks. Yeah. The controls also have two modes- the default is more like Star Fox than Ace Combat, having automatic roll and pitching when you press either side key instead of manually needing to bank and then pitch- at the same time, it actually seems to do weird things to the aircraft flight model, for instance the force applied by the rudders seems to always be parallel to the ground in this. But you can turn it off. Furthermore, things don’t feel like they’re actually there in a weird way. Just look at how the planes land. The helicopters have also been panned as unrealistic. For one thing they have JC2 controls where they just translate magically instead of actually moving by pitching, yawing, and rolling. They could have plane-like control for rotation, throttle for collective, and slave the gun to whatever target you have locked- seems like a much better setup and about as easy to code in hindsight. If Aces ever goes back to helis, I think that’s how they should do it. Also, and I’m actually not sure whether or not this works in real life, the helicopters can do an aileron roll as an evasive tactic instead of flares. Holy Hell, if that actually works…
  4. The big one: The main criticism is the “Modes”. Air strike mode (ASM) is not that bad, in fact in its absence the ground attack missions actually feel a bit lacking. But the main complaint is Dogfight Mode (DFM). DFM is definitely unrealistic and, though it does do its job to keep combat close and intense, is overall a pretty bad thing for a game that seems to want to keep some realism. Basically in DFM, you start playing a Star Fox on-rails level, where the direction is picked by the target. Via fancy maneuvers you can break the guy off of the tail (or more often, give him whiplash), but otherwise… It’s Star Fox. And no, I don’t hate Star Fox. To see how screwed it is, just try entering DFM from a distance and look at how your plane moves on radar. Other times, the enemy plane decides it can move through this particular area of the terrain, forcing you into an unavoidable crash.
With all that said, I think most of it is true. I would have loved some more realism in the controls and the helicopters, and while I don’t think I could have played with KBM controls as is without DFM handholding me, I would have preferred smoother controls to it becoming a rail shooter temporarily.
The good things it offers, however, are… Good… Yeah… It has a nice variety of planes, great graphics, anime, high immersion, a few ground attack missions that you don’t normally see, a lot of variety, anime, excellent music, huge and detailed maps, anime, adrenaline, anime, anime, anime. Anime. Even the DFM does, as mentioned above, do its job and get really intense. However, as I stated, I have little experience in Ace Combat. For this reason I assume I could have gotten every good bit of this from another AC title, and Assault Horizon isn’t really bringing anything to the table…
Except maybe that multiplayer. I haven’t played it myself- I hear it’s dead. No one online, and by this point, they may have dropped online support (especially with Infinity out- that could use the resources). But from what I’ve heard it’s quite good. I imagine that facing other players would make DFM much more fun, and furthermore, you have access to more than just the fighters. Again, not entirely sure, but if it flies, I think you can play it, from choppers to fighters to bombers (maybe not the AC-130U and MH-60 gunships), and not only that, but all in the same match with AI ground units, so a nice touch of combined arms there, certainly sounds nice. Maybe someone popular could pick it up on a free weekend/sale and have everyone play it at once until it gets old. Still though, what I’ve seen called THE good point is dead. If there’s anything else to be said, it’s the only cross-platform game of the series, and the only one on PC.
But, hey, Project Aces recognizes it as a non-canon spin-off, so feel free to pretend it doesn’t exist.
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2.0 horas registradas
Publicada: 16 de junho
(DISCLAIMER: I played this on the PS3 when it came out and hated it; I decided to revisit the PC version to see if I were wrong about it. TL;DR version: I wasn't)

Hey, do you remember the days of bad NES games that were 4 stages long and still lasted half your lifetime on this Earth? That's what Assault Horizon is.

Coming to us from the dark ages of modern PC gaming, when PC ports were an afterthought at best and console gaming was all about machismo military jingoism. Namco thought the best way to revitilize the great Ace Combat series would be to remove it from its anti-war imaginary parallel earths and drop it straight into the real-world, in a conflict in Africa where NATO forces clash against rebels, who have managed to get a super-weapon from Russian Ultranationalists. Because if Call of Duty did it, why can't we?

Not only is the game missing its predecessors' charm, but the gameplay is absolutely the worst; not just in the series, but among many flight arcades. The flying has moved beyond ordinary figher jets and now includes attack helicopters and long-range "hey let's squash the ants with our giant american ♥♥♥♥-cannons from the sky". The vehicles have REGENERATING HEALTH (yup, that is absolutely true) and for all the developers' efforts, the flying feels woefully... boring.

There are a lot of gimmicks, especially when flying fighter jets, to make the game look 'cool', but all it does is dumb down the flight into a series of button presses and remove player agency. Levels last for far too long, with far too many objectives that are comprised of "shoot that" and... nothing else. How many times can you hear "OMG REBELS ARE COMING IN" before you just fall asleep eyesocket-first into your flight stick?

The port is alright in that it runs and, surprisingly, even supports my Logitech 3D Extreme Pro stick right out of the box. Having said that, the visual and sound options may as well not exist, considering how barren the menus are.

It's a terrible game. It's an affront to the name "Ace Combat". It's a waste of money. All of that simply because it's mind-numbingly boring. You start a mission, you try to get into it, but it soon devolves into repeating the exact same task a million times. Do tell, Namco and Team Aces or whoever is responsible for this tragedy; why did you think it would be challenging to repeat the same exact objective 15 times in a single mission? Because that's what this game is. This isn't a high-octane action arcade shooter; it's a shooting gallery with nipple-tearing controls. An excercise in patience.

Not recommended. At all. Stay away. I can't stress this enough; I have played other Ace Combat games, I know how much the PC is yearning for this type of genre and that sims aren't always enough to fill that gap, but Assault Horizon isn't the hill to die on. Not at full-price, not on a sale, do. not. buy.

0/10 would start playing my games as soon as I buy them so I can at least request refunds.
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7.0 horas registradas
Publicada: 25 de junho
This is coming from someone who has not played previous Ace Combat titles. Apparently this is the "Call of Duty" edition of the series, and it's not the best out of all the titles we have from the Ace Combat series.

But ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ I have to say I had a RIDICULOUSLY good time playing this game. The soundtrack is the shining gem in this title and really compliments the insane action, crazy dogfights and non-stop fast paced theme of this game. There is no denying that yes, the game does have it's faults and some of the gunship segments are quite slow and dreary but aside from the AC-130 mission I was *never* for a moment left bored or feeling a sense of monotany.

The game is cheesy, hammy, quirky and you can see the story from a mile away but that doesn't take away the fact that it was one hell of a ride. Do give this game a try and take it for what it is instead of comparing it to the previous iterations of the Ace Combat franchise. I loved it.

Oh and play with a controller. Yes. I dare not imagine the Mouse and Keyboard controls.
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32.2 horas registradas
Publicada: 19 de março de 2014
Superior aos dois jogos da série Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X, em gráficos e principalmente no quesito história, que no Ace Combat é muito boa!
O jogo em si é arcade, focando mais no modo dogfight. Jogabilidade talvez possa ser estranha/díficil no teclado e mouse, recomendo um bom controle de X360.

Agora com a Live retirada, foi atualizado para SteamWorks e contém proezas Steam.
Se gosta de aviões assim como eu, recomendo!
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7.2 horas registradas
Publicada: 16 de março de 2014
O pior Ace Combat que joguei (pra refêrencia joguei os Ace Combat II e III(versão JP) pro PS1, IV, V e Zero pro PS2). Tudo nele é um passo pra trás do que os Aces antigos fizeram, jogabilidade, história, música, personagem... Eu diria que a unica coisa que esse jogo tem de bom é os gráficos, e só. Pode se dizer que transformaram o jogo em um CoD com aviões e helicópteros, muita cutscene, gráficos e efeitos estonteantes, mas pouco conteúdo. Beleza por fora, vazio por dentro.

Mesmo assim, eu não daria uma recomendação negativa, mas se você estiver esperando algo como a época de ouro do Ace Combat (os AC do PS2), você vai se desapontar imensamente (como eu), se você for jogar só pela ação cinematográfica, pode ser uma boa.

Enfim, acho que pagar o preço inteiro por este jogo não vale a pena, é melhor esperar por uma promo de 75%. Alem disso o jogo é muito curto, fechei ele em 6 ou 5 horas.

Minha nota é 2/5
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Publicada: 17 de agosto de 2014
Nunca curti mto jogos de guerra e/ou pilotar aviões, mas tb acredito q nunca tinha dado chance a quase nenhum jogo nesse estilo. E me surpreendi mto, Ace Combat Assault Horizon é um jogo excelente, uma história interessante, simples, mas boa até.
Quanto ao gameplay, isto sim ficou mto bom, combina modos de pilotagem entre helicópteros, aviões e outros mto bem, o que deixa o jogo dinâmico e gostoso de jogar!!!
Recomendo bastante o jogo e quem não curte como eu não curtia, dê uma chance, às vezes vc irá se surpreender!!

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9.6 horas registradas
Publicada: 21 de janeiro de 2014
Quando você diz que uma coisa é o "Call of Duty" de um determinado tipo você não pode esperar boa coisa. O jogo foi todo refeito em comparação com os anteriores da série focando no mercado ocidental, ou seja, deixando-o o mais ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ possível. Além de modos de "dogfight" em que o computador literalmente pilota o avião para você e coisas como vida e misses regenerativos para o avião, Assault Horizon é um tiro no próprio pé da série, que inclusive possui retrocesso em ferramentas que foram incluidas ao longa da série como controle de esquadrão. Ah, vale lembrar que eles jogaram uma história e mundo prórios desenvolvidos ao longo da série para um enredo no mundo real totalmente "AMURIKA MARINES URRA".
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Publicada: 24 de janeiro de 2014
Se você já jogou outros games da série e espera algo parecido, evite a todo custo.

Combater os pilotos inimigos em Assault Horizon é uma mistura de rail shooter com quick time events: aperte o botão certo na hora certa para perseguir o piloto rival e mantenha-se na cola até conseguir uma linha de tiro.
Repita este procedimento durante o resto do game.

Algumas fases ainda tentam mudar as coisas, com helicópteros e bombardeiros, mas não é nada que valha a pena.

Para não dizer que o game como um todo é um fiasco, voar sobre localidades reais é uma experiência divertida (voar sobre Dubai é o que há).
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Publicada: 17 de abril de 2014
Esse jogo cospe na cara de todo o legado da série, o comprei achando que teria uma experiência semelhante ou superior aos gloriosos jogos passados da franquia, mas o que obtive foi algo decepcionante. Uma jogabilidade terrível que praticamente te força a usar um recurso novo e terrível chamado "DFM" (em que você não controla o avião), um AI burro e desproporcional (fácil demais ou difícil demais, aliados estúpidos como pedras também) e um monte de cutscenes ocidentalizadas à lá Call of Duty que estragam o feeling original da série. Os gráficos são bons, é um jogo visualmente bonito, mas isso é tudo que posso dizer que há de positivo nesse jogo.

Não recomendo.
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