The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind® Game of the Year Edition
The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind® Game of the Year Edition includes Morrowind plus all of the content from the Bloodmoon and Tribunal expansions. The original Mod Construction Set is not included in this package. An epic, open-ended single-player RPG, Morrowind allows you to create and play any kind of character imaginable.
User reviews:
Very Positive (157 reviews) - 94% of the 157 user reviews in the last 30 days are positive.
Overwhelmingly Positive (4,992 reviews) - 95% of the 4,992 user reviews for this game are positive.
Release Date: Apr 29, 2002

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About This Game

The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind® Game of the Year Edition includes Morrowind plus all of the content from the Bloodmoon and Tribunal expansions. The original Mod Construction Set is not included in this package.
An epic, open-ended single-player RPG, Morrowind allows you to create and play any kind of character imaginable. You can choose to follow the main storyline and find the source of the evil blight that plagues the land, or set off on your own to explore strange locations and develop your character based on their actions throughout the game. Featuring stunning 3D graphics, open-ended gameplay, and an incredible level of detail and interactivity, Morrowind offers a gameplay experience like no other.
In Tribunal, you journey to the capital city of Morrowind, called Mournhold, to meet the other two god-kings of Morrowind, Almalexia and Sotha Sil. Your journey will lead you to the Clockwork City of Sotha Sil and massive, epic-sized dungeons, where strange and deadly creatures await you, including goblins, lich lords, and the mysterious Fabricants.
Bloodmoon takes you to the frozen Island of Solstheim where you'll experience snow, blizzards, and new creatures, including frost trolls, ice minions, and wolves... just to name a few. You'll have a choice of stories to follow and have the opportunity to defend the colony, take control over how the colony is built up, and eliminate the werewolves. Or, you can decide to join the werewolves and become one of them, opening up a whole new style of gameplay.
Key features:
  • Players can take their existing Morrowind characters and save games and continue their adventures in the Morrowind GotY edition
  • Adds up to 80 hours of new gameplay and quests for current Morrowind players
  • Explore the forests, caves, and snow-covered wastelands of the island of Solstheim
  • Delve into new, epic-sized dungeons and visit the Capital City of Mournhold and the Clockwork City of Sotha Sil
  • Fight new creatures including bears and wolves, lich lords and goblins, ice minions and spriggans
  • Direct the construction of a mining colony and face the threat of savage werewolves
  • Become a werewolf and indulge your thirst for the hunt
  • New armor and weapons including Nordic Mail and Ice blades

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows ME/98/XP/2000
    • Processor: 500 MHz Intel Pentium III, Celeron, or AMD Athlon
    • Memory: 256 MB
    • Graphics: 32MB Direct3D Compatible video card with 32-bit color support and DirectX 8.1
    • DirectX®: 8.1
    • Hard Drive: 1GB free hard disk space
    • Sound: DirectX 8.1 compatible sound card
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Very Positive (157 reviews)
Overwhelmingly Positive (4,992 reviews)
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( 28.3 hrs on record )
Posted: May 30
It's kind of slow moving but its from 2002.
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Carl Sandhop
( 102.3 hrs on record )
Posted: May 29
Morrowind is so far my favourite game in the Elder Scrolls series and I have many reasons why I believe that. First of all, I need to say this off the bat, you have to give this game a chance. You will probably not enjoy this game for the first little bit especially if you've played later Elder Scrolls games like Skyrim. Skyrim acts more as a power simulator with you becoming a god like figure early on and taking out most enemies in your wake (at least that was my experience.) While in Morrowind you start out average, actually less than average. You don't even get any money, weapons, or armour, just some rags. Once you leave the office and get your assignment and go outside, npc's will mock you while calling you an Outlander, and pretty much any enemy will kick your butt. Another thing is that Morrowind compared to Skyrim has a complex character creation system that can create multiple playthroughs. What I love about Morrowind which I don't see in many games of its kind anymore is that you need to earn your place in the fantasy world. Once you do, its incredibly satisfying. This is the one of the main reasons I love the game. Other are that the game is full of rich, uniquley written lore, a great story and Villain (COUGH COUGH SKYRIM COUGH TERRIBLE VILLAIN,) and just has a special charm that I can't seem to find in other Elder Scrolls games, maybe besides Daggerfall. I recommend this game definitely, but like I said you need to give this game a chance. (One last thing is that I highly recommend you get the mods "Morrowind Overhaul" and "Tamriel Rebuilt.")
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( 6.9 hrs on record )
Posted: May 29
I don't mind outdated graphics;
I can get used to bad combat;
I don't need to be going much faster than a snail to be having fun...

But I never thought that having to read walls of text instead of listening to NPCs could kill an otherwise great game this much for me :(
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( 0.1 hrs on record )
Posted: May 29
Morrowind... My favourite game of all time! Played over 1000 hours back in the day. Decided to buy again so I can bask in the nostalgia! Sure the graphics are dated, the combat sucks and the game is glitchy as hell! However no elder scrolls game... Hell, no game since has allowed me to roam a world so beautiful! Alien, Dark and Unique, but beautiful!
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( 104.5 hrs on record )
Posted: May 29
My review of Morrowind.


* There are tons of places to explore and visit, and they are all designed pretty well and interesting to look at.
* The plant life, architecture and fauna are sometimes bizarre, which is a nice touch compared to all the Tolkienisms you find reused over and over again in other RPGs, including later Bethesda games such as Skyrim.
* The lore is well written, and there is a lot of it.
* There are a lot of weapons, armor and other items to choose from. Because of the enchantment system, they're all pretty important.
* There are no especially juvenile or cringeworthy dialogue in this game like there are in the typical BioWare RPG. That said, there is not a lot of dialogue in this game, if you discount the lore books and wiki-like passages that all characters seem to share.
* I like all the movement modes the game gives you. You can walk, run, jump, fly, levitate, swim, etc,. Exploring is fun!


* The combat doesn't have a good tactile feel to it. Compare it to Mount&Blade, for example, or to a lesser degree the The Witcher series or even Gothic. The combat feels artificial and fake.
* It's an old game. The game's graphics aren't that great any more. On the other hand, it doesn't overuse bloom like Oblivion or sepia tone like Fallout. I'm not really impressed with the graphics in any Bethesda game, honestly. Compare this to The Witcher series which always looks pretty good, or Gothic which looked more convincing.
* The UI is bizarre. I expect to use the right mouse button for blocking, and the escape key to exit menus. Instead, you use the right mouse button to bring up the UI, and click the "cancel" button each time using the mouse to exit menus. I want to exit menus using the keyboard. This was improved in later Bethesda games.
* Potion and enchantment systems are too detailed and overkill. The potion system is pretty straight forward to understand, but there are too many effects and combinations. The game starts feeling more like a spreadsheet simulation instead of an RPG.
* The enchantment system is also hard to understand and not explained very well. I even checked the fan wiki, which spreads the information across too many pages, filling up the browser window. And the GameFAQs FAQ glosses over how the calculations are done. I will have to check if there is an official manual.
* Quests are just of the usual FedEx and Kill This type. They don't do much to further the story for the most part. Actually, there is not a whole lot to the story. The game feels like an MMORPG in many ways, except without all the other people.
* The journal is hard to use. For instance, the quest log usually fails to mention the location of the quest giver, so you have to rely on the wiki to find their locations if you forget. There are too many buttons to click to get stuff done.
* Again, I don't like the wiki-style dialogue system. Every character has a lot to say, but it's the same stuff over and over again, and little of it is important storywise.
* Building interiors feel recycled. They are used over and over again. This is mainly an issue in Balmora I guess.
* Cliffracers.
* The game crashes if it loses focus for too long when you ALT+TAB to other applications. This makes using the wiki or FAQ to look stuff up a PITA!

There is a lot that is appealing about this game, but it's full of too many flaws and I can't really recommend it to anyone.

7/10 stars
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( 7.3 hrs on record )
Posted: May 28
Elder scroll classic, one of the best in the series if you forget about the none talking npc. Nice quest, fighting feel odd but with the modding community the graphic can be quite nice and this game is easily in the top 10 game of all time in the rpg section. So grab it and prepare to be blown away by is immersion, lore, story and gameplay.
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( 54.8 hrs on record )
Posted: May 28
I might be a bit blinded by nostilgia when saying this, but honestly, this is my favorite of all 5 of the elder scroll's games, heres why.

The characters in the game all feel slightly diffrent and for a game of its time it still holds up well, the graphics arnt nearly as bad as they seem and honestly hold no regaurd in the game quality because it was made 10 years before skyrim.

The combat can be a chanlenge as it is all chance based on weather or not your attack will land, this is, of course, based on the level of a skill, which caps out at 100. You will run slow as hell at the start, but rather then in skyrim where you can beat the whole game in one sitting if your fast enough and know enough about the game and where to find things this game FORCES you to grind out levels and get really good gear, build a reputation, make allies, and basicly unite a whole province in order to battle a huge threat to tamriel.

Before the end of the main story your treated as a outlander, A random person who just appeared on the shoars of morrowind and should be treated as nothing more. But by the end, your treated as a god, the saviour of all the land, hero of the people, and slayer of demond's, and thus people like you more, adding yet another layer of complexity that skyrim wont offer you.

Over all this is game you just have to sit down, put some headphone's in, close the blinds and experince for yourself, no words can discribe first setting out into the land of morrowind.

Other then "wow, this looks beutiful" and "WHERE THE ♥♥♥♥ AM I GOING!"
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Captain Mosey
( 3.7 hrs on record )
Posted: May 28
Still better than Infinite Warfare
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( 4.1 hrs on record )
Posted: May 27
This is a good game
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West Swift
( 5.0 hrs on record )
Posted: May 27
Overall the best RPG I have ever played,and thats saying a lot because I have played a ton of Role Playing Games.I own each Fallout installment,1,2,tactics,3,new vegas,4.And i also have played and finished all other Elder Scroll game but this one.I thought nothing would ever beat New Vegas,but I was wrong.This classic has fought and won the number one spot on my list. 1 TES3Morrowind 2 Fallout New Vegas 3 Skyrim 4 Fallout2 5 Fallout 4!!!!!!!!!
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Ancient Ways
( 171.9 hrs on record )
Posted: May 27
I played this game so much back in the day it's ridiculous. Used to have almost every location in the game world memorized because I'd played it so much. Even Skyrim, as good as it is, lacks a few things that Morrowind has. Morrowind doesn't try to hold your hand and ask you how you're feeling. It throws you in the game world and says good luck, buddy. Pretty sure it was because of this game that Bethesda couldn't get over the "start the player as a prisoner" schtick. Someone might want to send Bethesda the news; it wasn't the prisoner thing. It was simply the fact that this was a damn good game.
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( 0.7 hrs on record )
Posted: May 27
I cant really recommend this game for any other reason than for short a nostalgia trip. I bought this game on release and i played the hell out of it, explored everything in the base game and expansions. But it had some flaws even back then and that combined with what is being offered as todays standard there is really no reason to buy this other than roaming around fo a few hours.

While writing this im getting tempted to install it just to watch the hilariously derpy walking animation, that alone is worth buying it for.

If you do play it through though, find a mod that lowers the number of cliff racers in the game, those creatures were infamously annoying even back in the day.
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The Womper
( 17.3 hrs on record )
Posted: May 27
better than that abomination "SKYRIM" HEDVAR THE DREGGEN
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( 67.1 hrs on record )
Posted: May 26
Well I cannot give it a thumbs up or down simply because an controller does not work properly on this so I can not give this a review
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( 5.5 hrs on record )
Posted: May 26
Wonderful game, amazing being able to relive my childhood like this.
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( 158.0 hrs on record )
Posted: May 26
This is not a "fun" game, per se, but it was one of the most compelling I'd ever played. I played this when I was growing up back on the black X-Box, and I downloaded it again some time back to try it out once more with mods. Bethesda did some great world building on this game. It's no wonder they revisited it for Skyrim's DLC.
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( 154.9 hrs on record )
Posted: May 26
To this date, I believe this to be the best open-world RPG of all time, and the other elder scrolls simply cannot compare, in my opinion.

First and foremost, if you are thinking of trying this game, remember that it is not very user-friendly for most people that haven't played a hardcore RPG like this before. You need to put in time and effort to figure things out, because it's not the instant gratification kind of deal you see in nearly all modern RPGs nowadays. You will also need to read a lot. In addition, you must also remember that this game is quite old, so if you're not comfortable with old 3D graphics, then you will need to mod it.
If you are not willing to do these things, then turn back now.

That aside, Morrowind is an incredible experience. It has one of the most developed and well thought-out worlds ever made. The lore of this game is a deep, entagling web of stories that draws you in and never lets go.

The gameplay--once you grasp it--is very intricate and fun, specially if you are a mage. To this date, I don't think there's ever been a game that lets the player truly feel like an all-mighty sorcerer better than morrowind, so if you like magic in games, then you will adore it.

The music is simply beautiful, and fits perfectly with the mood this game creates. Also, it might interest you to know that the "elder scrolls theme" that we all know and love made it's debut here.

Finally, the looks.
While the graphics may not be top of the line anymore by any stretch of the imagination, it still looks fantastic simply because of the outstanding art direction this game has, proving once again that artstyle is much more important than graphic fidelity in videogames.
From the ashen wastelands filled with blighted beasts, to the titanic, sprawling cities bustling with life, to the expansive grazelands filled with towering, giant mushrooms, this game truly leaves an impression for the eyes. No one forgets the first time they visit the city of Vivec, I assure you.

With all that said, I wholeheartedly recomend this game to anyone who is willing to put the time and effort for a truly fascinating and rewarding experience. If you are a fan of RPGs, specially open-world ones, then you owe it to yourself to play this at least once. And after you are done, you can explore the seemingly never-ending list of mods lovingly made by a community that still supports this game to this day, so you can experience something fresh every time you replay it.

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Harry Potter O B A M A 10
( 17.0 hrs on record )
Posted: May 26
this comes from a time when bethesda made actual rpg's and not minecraft combat fetch quest simulators. this game lets you kill yourself by flying across the sky at 100mph within the first 2 minutes of the game, 10/10
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Graham Peters
( 17.9 hrs on record )
Posted: May 26
This review may only apply if using windows 10.

While I am not judging the game itself here, I can't reccoment the version of the game I recieved to anyone. After purchasing the game I found that there is no wide screen resolution for the game, which I'm fine with by itself, but the game also resets all settings, including controls and resolution upon starting the game. Again alone this isn't a huge problem, although it is irritating having to go through the settings and rebind all of the controls every time I start the game. However, this also means that the game can't be run in windowed mode. This leads to the screen being stretched and the game looking much worse than it should, and means that I cannot alt tab out of the window without fear of the game crashing.

I think that these problems may only be an issue due to a recent update to windows 10. Up until recently the issues I had were fixed by the Morrowind Graphics Extender, and without it the game at least saved my settings when exiting and reopening the game. Now MGE doesn't run, and crashed on both my PC and laptop, (both running windows 10), and after removing MGE I still couldn't get the games original settings to work.

The only thing that changed on both my PC and Laptop since i last played he game is a windows 10 update, so i'm assuming the problem is something to do with that.
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The knight who say's NI
( 6.2 hrs on record )
Posted: May 26
GOD i really dont know why pepole still play morrowind its so bad game why? so i tell you why
- bad combat system.
- no fast travel.
- you cant run.
- the graphics are ok for game came out at 2002.
- it doesnt show the location of your quest.

maybe the game was good at 2002- 2008 maybe...

but for now i dont see no reason why pepole playing morrowind.
so i dont know why i bought it...
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165.0 hrs on record
Posted: May 7
Straight outta Canton,

crazy mother♥♥♥♥♥♥ named Ice Jiub

From the guild called N'wahs With Attitudes

When I'm called off, I got a steel staff

Swipe to the side, and bodies are hauled off

You too, N'wah, if you ♥♥♥♥ with me

The Ordinators gonna have to come and get me

Off yo ♥♥♥, and now I'm Silt Stridin' out

For the s'wit motherfetchers that showin out

N'wahs start to mumble, they wanna rumble

Mix em and cook em in a pot like scuttle

Goin off on a motherfetcher like that

With a cross bow that's pointed at yo ♥♥♥

So give it up smooth

Ain't no tellin when I'm down for a jack move

Here's a murder rap to keep yo dancin

With a crime record like Meder Nulen

A Daedric weapon is the tool

Don't make me act the motherfetchin fool

Me you can go toe to toe, no maybe

I'm knockin n'wahs out tha box, daily

Yo weekly, monthly and yearly

Until them dumb motherfetchers see clearly

That I'm down with the capital A.S.V.

N'Wah you can't ♥♥♥♥ with me

So when I'm in your neighborhood, you better duck

Coz Ice Jiub is crazy as ♥♥♥♥

As I leave, believe I'm stompin

But when I come back, N'wah,

I'm comin straight out Vivec.
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31.3 hrs on record
Posted: May 1
I set my acrobatics to 10,000, and then I jumped in the air.
I go flying thousands of miles into the ocean and no matter how far I swam there was no land in sight.

11/10 Would jump again
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7.8 hrs on record
Posted: May 2
Argonian walking animation 10/10
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Posted: May 13
"Wake up. There you go... Not even last night's storm could wake you..."

The bald dark elf in front of you introduces his name as Juib. Soon, though, you are roughly taken by the arms and marched out of the hold of the ship you are in. At least this isn't the Imperial Prison, you think as they roughly take you out.

A man asks you where you come from-- your homeland. Reluctantly, you divulge the information. A short time later, you step out into the fishing village of Seyda Neen. You can head to Arrile's shop to buy equipment for a grueling journey to Balmora, or you can bust gold on a Silt Strider ride, arriving in Balmora safely though all but defenseless.

Welcome to Vvanderfell, the volcanic island in the province of Morrowind, where gargantuan mushrooms tower over the insect- like and often dangerous Kwama, who are constantly searching for the next place to hitch their nests. Cliff Racers, flying creatures who once drove the mighty Dovah, Dragons, from Morrowind, rule the skies in multitudes. The Dunmer are divided, nomadic Ashlanders constantly at odds with the various House Dunmer, who may someday fall to their constant infighting.

Welcome, wayfarer, to Morrowind. There are many ways to die here, in this harsh ashen expanse.

But so, too, are there ways to thrive. One question, essential to your path, remains:

Who will you be?

(Also, Morrowind doesn't need mods to be awesome. It already is.

Before the anti- fanboy club attacks me, I played TES in this order: Oblivion-->Skyrim-->Daggerfall-->Arena-->Morrowind.)
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45.3 hrs on record
Posted: May 2
This game is simply amazing. I would say it is the best game ever made, but that's just my opinion. It has a good mix of medieval, fantasy, and steampunk. From ancient Dwemer ruins full of bandits, gears, insane mechanisms and treasures to the royal halls, fortresses, and treasuries of Vivec, this game is breathtaking.
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105.6 hrs on record
Posted: May 13
I'm an "old" gamer, I played (almost, no online) all TES games.
1994: Arena, 1996: Daggerfall, 1998: Redguard..
2002: Morrowind... Wow, at the time 3D HW was starting to get powerful with Riva TNT2... The graphics were marvellous, this was THE RPG game I long awaited...
I don't know how many thousands of hours I played, with a friend of mine we were hooked...
Still listening to the Morrowind theme gives me shivers, and "good memories", like if I was on holidays on an exotic island...
2016 now, I started it again... I know graphics are old now, but I refused the mods, I keep it vanilla, and after a while you're just into it... Still one of the best game, if not THE best game ever...

This game is so good that despite my 237 games currently on steam, it's the first time I write a review. And maybe the last... This game worth it, every decent CRPG fan should experience this game.

I played Skirim, it was too easy, nice but easy, and Skyrim feels tiny close to MW... Also MW have a lot of different ambiences and landscape, a lot of races to interact, etc...

I dunno why people don't like combat, it's not "Mortal Kombat", it's a traditional RPG, which is based on statistics, and I love it.

Welcome to Morrowind, enjoy your trip here, you have plenty to explore, months of reading, years of fun...
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Posted: May 9
i just wanted to go to the bathroom and ended up on a ship for some reason and then i ended up becoming a lizard
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Posted: May 16
Morrowind will always remain my all time favourite video game for a number of reasons. I put hundreds of hours into it on the retail version, and even so, each playthrough I came across something I missed the first time - And I only ever managed to finish 2 or 3 factions out of the almost a dozen in the game. There is no explaining how deep the game and the story is and how much there is to explore. It made me immerse myself in the story so much and made me want to learn about the lore of the fictional universe like no other game has done to me before, and until now.

The game is far from easy, and not your casual gaming experience. I even feel compelled to say that you don't play this game for fun and relaxation, but to feel like you've achieved something. It had everything that could be asked from an rpg, but you had to work for it - it was a real challenge. Especially in the beginning you often find yourself close to rage quitting by how this game kicks your ♥♥♥ and makes you work to actually get good at something (best example: combat).

The game felt more realistic to me. There isn't much communication between NPCs like in Oblivion, and most NPCs shared the same dialogue about specific subjects, but it was still made clear how you, the player, impacted the world - that is by how the NPCs acted towards you, they would like or hate you based on your actions in the world.
The guilds are one of the things I love the most in the game, you progress in ranks over time after doing certain errands for the guild, all getting progressively more difficult. By progressing in the world and the factions you earn reputation, which each NPC will pay attention to. You also have differing reputation between the different guilds, meaning that you are hated by some if you are friends with the other, like the strife between the mages guild and house telvanni, or the temple and the imperial legion. But ultimately, you start off as a nobody and are treated as such, and if you do good deeds, you are rewarded and actually recognized for it in the end.

The quests are more fun to execute because there is no map marker to your destination. Instead, you open your journal and follow directions from there. You can even ask NPCs for hints to your current quest (ask about an item, a location or a person), and they will tell you what they know. This way, you actually work on the task and do some exploring instead of just following the marker on the compass straight to a destination, which your character logically shouldn't have any idea about because they've never been there before.
It's a widespread "myth" that Morrowind has no fast travel - that's not true. There is fast travel, only it's not as simple as clicking on a destination on your map and teleporting to it. There are other options, like going by silt strider (mounted), by boat, being teleported by the mages guild and using the spells mark and recall. This limited but more logical fast travelling allows some roleplay and imagination, and more importantly it further fuels the need to explore the world.

Morrowind is, from my point of view, the richest game of the series. By that I mean that it had a lot of expansive and varied ingame features, more than any of the other games, and a lot of the features this game had were removed in Oblivion and Skyrim (I mostly compare Morrowind to the last 2 TES games, because Morrowind is the start of the 'new era' of The Elder Scrolls, starting with the fact that it's 3D). Some of these made it to Oblivion but were removed in Skyrim, but most of these features were removed in both games. To name a few off the top of my head:
Much more Skills, Classes, Spellmaking, HUGE weapon variety (look up any Morrowind weapon by material on the uesp wiki, for example daedric, and compare that to the weapon variety of Oblivion or Skyrim), a bigger armor and clothing variety, armor and clothes mixing (e.g. robe on top of armour or 2 different independent pauldrons), more complex enchanting and alchemy, more unique mobs (especially daedra), an actually useful journal with in-depth direction giving, more abilities and spells, non-repetitive, rewarding dungeons and quests, realistic guilds with lots of quests instead of just a single questline for each guild, reputation and character recognition, better immersive races (argonians and khajiit were more beastlike, and all races had according heights and face/body features, in Oblivion and Skyrim all look very similiar and humanoid), freedom of will (no essential NPCs and no linear storyline - you could just decide to kill everyone and doom the world without any restriction, only a warning), and many other little things like easter eggs, which there was a ton of - Bethesda usually likes adding hidden secrets in their games and I can recall a lot in this game.
There were also a lot of unique items, armor and weapons. To me it seems like in the later games, the daedric artifacts are almost the only unique items there are. Of course there are some unique artifacts, but not nearly as much as in Morrowind. Unlike Oblivion, Skyrim and the Fallout games, where I had no desire to delve into the generic dungeons unless it was needed for a quest, in Morrowind I always went into similiarly generic caves and tombs the moment I discovered them, just because I knew from experience that there might be an awesome unique artifact inside, which was indeed very often the case.

These are some of the reasons why I still prefer Morrowind over its successors. When I first started playing Morrowind a few years ago, only after I played Oblivion and Skyrim, I didn't mind the outdated graphics because I was so enthralled by the more prevalent factors of the game, like the story, but coming back to it now the graphics slightly bother me. Which is not a problem, because Morrowind has had an awesome modding community for over 10 years and still even now; there are plenty of visual mods to keep the game fresh and up to date.
So if you are ready for a challenge and a one-of-a-kind roleplaying game experience with a very unique setting and an in-depth story that will completely suck you in, you have nothing to lose, even a decade later, because Morrowind will always remain a masterpiece.
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Posted: April 30
Morrowind is the first elder scrolls game I played. It was a game like zelda kind of. I loved it because; it didn't hold your hand lke in skyrim. I'm a huge Elder Scrolls fan if you can get passed the graphics and no bar on the top you can get the hang if it. When I saw it on steam I was glad because; It's hard to find a disk copy of the GotYE now days.(well for me anyways) You can get lost in this game for days and months. At first it will be confusing but you'll get the hang of it.
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Posted: May 1
Ive only been playing 2 hours but it seems like its been years, its so easy to get lost in this huge world and theres already so much to explore (like that one guys flying scrolls that kill you when you land XD) im already having so much fun. its nothing like oblivion or skyrim in fact it seems like a whole new universe, also its so much harder i dont know how many times ive gotten killed. I highly reccomend this game to anybody and im sure youll like it!

9/10 (cuz of graphics)
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Posted: May 2
The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind is my favourite game out there. The immersion and roleplay aspects of this game are unrivaled and the atmosphere of Tamriel will set the stage for an unforgettable adventure.
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Posted: May 23
It's like Skyrim, but good.
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Posted: May 9
I could truly go into detail about this game, but for now, I'll mostly just say it's a flawed gem or even a masterpiece depending on your opinion.

The game has some very archaic features such as dice rolls determining your ability to hit enemies which means you can miss even if you have a high skill with the weapon, but it's not as bad as some people make it out to be and you just have to learn to cope with it. However, this is a considerably unforgiving game overall.

You have to be careful not to go off the beaten path too much as enemies don't scale in level the way they do in this game's successors. There are also diseases which can give nasty effects to your character such as debuffs potentially lasting until the disease is cured though it can easily be done with potions that you should always have on you.

You also need to be sure you make good choices when it comes to creating your character so you can maximize your chances of survival and killing potential. It's probably best to select a predesigned class or even look online to get an idea of building your character effectively. This does NOT mean you have to follow them exactly and use cookie-cutter builds to succeed. They're just general rules of thumb which you can better understand with. This way you won't go around missing every swing and dying instantly to enemies.

Quests take more attention than they do in successors because there's no compass pointing you to your objectives meaning you must read your journal to see the directions there which aren't always 100% accurate. While this can be confusing and you may just not enjoy it, it serves to better immerse you into the experience and encourage you to explore the surrounding areas of the quests.

The last possibly negative things I'd like to mention are the various exploits and bugs. You should definitely install the fan made patches, that you can find online for free which should fix the majority of the bugs that would otherwise make it a terribly glitchy experience. As far as exploits, these can be avoided if you choose to and play the game normally, but from what I've heard, alchemy can really unbalance the game with things like flying above enemies and shooting them and buffing up to near invisibility. However, you might find this to be a fun aspect of the game.

There are many other things to learn that I didn't cover like this such as disposition and fatigue so I'd encourage anyone to look up some information to guide you a bit where a manual might have if you had a physical copy. This won't take anything from the experience (depending on where you look), unless you're the type who likes to go into a game and figure everything out the hard way, and it will probably prevent a lot of frustration for a beginner.

To talk about the good, I'm sure you could easily look online to find a cult following gushing about this game, but from my own experience, the reason I enjoy this the most in the series is it's complexity, depth, and thematically alien feeling. You can look up what makes this game comparatively deeper and complex than the others with things like each individual weapon type being a skill and how the many factions interact with you and each other, but I just want to mention the world.

Morrowind is a very strange place compared to the other games and real life in general. The environment includes ashlands which are essentially barren shadows of past volcanic eruptions that have caused dry, dusty terrain with calderas mostly providing the only form of pass through the many impassable (without flying) mountains. There's also the 'West Gash Region' which is hard to describe, but definitely unusual. There are other places more familiar like the 'Bitter Coast' being swampland, more that I can't name that are grasslands, beach, shallow waterered areas with stones and land sticking up from it with giant thorn trees where flying wizards reside, a lake area with different plantation grounds where slaves work. Most of the biomes contain giant mushrooms which act as trees. There's even an island in the Northwest, provided in one of the expansions that come with this version where there are traditional forests, ice areas and snowy places. So Morrowind cetainly has the most various environments of the last three Elder Scrolls.

The native npcs themselves where insect armor, ride giant insects to other areas, use large reptiles to serve as mules, have a strange religion featuring many of their own gods not seen in the other games, have cities on water and shun any 'outlanders'. There are also ash dwellers who live in tribes that celebrate the banned god Nerevar who acts as a central plot - point to the story.

The story is compelling enough, but it's the presentation that makes it great. You don't know a lot of what's going on when you first get to Morrowind and you only find out through books, npcs who are reluctant to inform you, and other npcs who help further the plot along. It's a very mysterious game.

Simply put, this game demands a lot from you, but it's extremely satisfying when you succeed and win the main quest, not to mention all the side quests and definitely rewards you for being invested in the story and lore which are truly deserving of the word 'fantasy'.
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Posted: May 22
i lost my chance to grow up while playing this game but better late than never!
THIS GAME IS JUST AMAZING. YOU ARE FREE TO DO ANYTHING. GO ANYWHERE. YOU CAN FLY. really, that is the first game that didn't made me use all those roads. you can have bless of levitation and fly anywhere you want. mind-blowing!

unfortunately game crashes sometimes but it is definitely worth playing. i'm lvl 60 lusty argonian maid and i regret nothing.
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Posted: May 4
I have played this game since it came out in 2002, and it continues to be my personal favorite of The Elder Scrolls series. The story is compelling, and actually draws you into the world unlike in Skyrim, and Oblivion. Don't get me wrong that Skyrim and Oblivion don't draw you in. They do, just not on the same scale.
Advancing in a Faction requires you to be proficent in their favored skills, not just doing the quests.
There are NO limits to what you can do if you really think about it.
Have you ever wanted to make a ring or amulet that lets you Levitate forever? This game engine lets you do that, you just have to make it yourself.
Do you want to use the soul of a God to power a pair of slippers? Go for it.
Have I replayed this game over and over? Of course.
Do I recommend that you play this through before playing Skywind? Absolutely.
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Posted: May 7
If you enjoy stories and getting lost, then this game is for you. Echoing previous reviewers, this game has not aged well; but fear not! Get the Morrowind graphics and sounds overhaul (MGSO for short) along with Morrowind Rebirth, read the directions and install everything carefully, and you're good to go. The game is brilliant once completely modded with those two overhauls. But if you really want to play the original version like so many, such as myself, did when it was first released, have at it. ;)

You won't be disappointed.
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Posted: May 9
One of the greatest RPG's of all time. It may be slightly dated today (to some) but it is still hands down a Masterpiece. The atompsohere and world captures you unlike any game i have ever played. The music is amazing. The only downside people tend to have is the combat, but you have to understand it's an old game. If you have never got to play this wonderful game before I definitely recommened you do.
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Posted: May 28
Still better than Infinite Warfare
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Posted: May 27
I played this game so much back in the day it's ridiculous. Used to have almost every location in the game world memorized because I'd played it so much. Even Skyrim, as good as it is, lacks a few things that Morrowind has. Morrowind doesn't try to hold your hand and ask you how you're feeling. It throws you in the game world and says good luck, buddy. Pretty sure it was because of this game that Bethesda couldn't get over the "start the player as a prisoner" schtick. Someone might want to send Bethesda the news; it wasn't the prisoner thing. It was simply the fact that this was a damn good game.
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Posted: May 26
Wonderful game, amazing being able to relive my childhood like this.
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