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Play a classic Shoot 'Em Up... in reverse!
Veröffentlichung: 20. März 2013
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“Entwickler 24 Caret Games hat eine Rahmengeschichte für ein kreatives und geschicktes Rhythmus-Spiel geschaffen. Trotz des Wahnsinns um das Konzept, und abgesehen von all den abgedrehten "Challenge Mode"-Varianten, freischaltbaren Raumschiffen, niedlichen Levelbeschreibungen und all den anderen Eigenarten, ist Retro/Grade ein schön gestaltetes Musikspiel mit komplett eigenem Soundtrack.”
4/5 – Joystiq

“Das Spiel fühlt sich wie etwas an, das viel Liebe abbekommen hat. Es gibt kaum etwas in dem Spiel, was nicht nicht witzig zu lesen oder anzuschauen ist, und dieser Grad an Hingabe lässt es aus dem überfüllten Markt herausstechen.”
Penny Arcade

“Bis jetzt war Amplitude ohne Zweifel mein Lieblingsmusikspiel. Retro/Grade hat genau den gleichen Reiz, aber es ist dieses Zusammenspiel aus einem guten Konzept und klassischem Rhythmus-Gameplay, was es zu einer rundum zufriedenstellenderen Erfahrung macht.”
10/10 – Thunderbolt Games

Über das Spiel

Spielen Sie ein klassisches Shoot 'EM Up... UMGEKEHRT! Steuern Sie tödliche Angriffswellen und entschärfen Sie Geschosse in Retro/Grade, einem abgefahrenen Rhythmusspiel von 24 Caret Games. Schnappen Sie sich ein Gamepad oder einen Gitarren-Controller und helfen Sie Rick Rocket dabei, das Raum-Zeit-Gefüge wiederherzustellen, bevor eine Anomalie dem Universum ein neues Zeit-Loch verpasst.


  • Spielen Sie mit einem kabellosen Gamepad oder einem Gitarren-Controller und kontrollieren Sie den Fluss der Zeit mit Ihrer Retro/Rocket, um Ihre Fehler zu beheben.
  • 10 atemberaubende Welten mit einzigartigen Gegnern, epischen Bosskämpfen und coolen Effekten.
  • Eine Kampagne mit 6 Schwierigkeitsstufen, 130 verschiedenen Herrausforderungen, über 50 Minuten originaler Musik und etliche freischaltbare Schiffe und Belohnungen.


    • Betriebssystem: Windows XP SP2, Vista, Windows 7, oder Windows 8
    • Prozessor: 2.0+ GHz oder besser (Dual Core empfohlen)
    • Speicher: 2 GB RAM
    • Grafik: NVIDIA 8000 Serien
    • DirectX®: 9.0c
    • Festplatte: 300 MB frei
    • Sound: Windows kompatibel
Hilfreiche Kundenreviews
19 von 21 Personen (90%) fanden dieses Review hilfreich
1.5 Std. insgesamt
Retro/Grade is an original sidescrolling shooter as you complete your mission; in reverse.

While Retro/Grade may at first appear to be a generic sidescrolling shooter, the reverse aspect of the game leads it to be a very different kind of game indeed.

I completed the Beginner campaign, and while playing, actually found it to feel a lot more like a Rock Band/Guitar Hero game than a sidescrolling shooter. The reason for this is that you need to "take the place" of your ship before it shoots, which, in a lateral kind of way, feels like hitting notes on a Guitar Hero guitar. Which was great fun!

A fun, original concept, and a very enjoyable experience!

Verfasst: 17. Juni
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11 von 13 Personen (85%) fanden dieses Review hilfreich
22.8 Std. insgesamt
A refreshing spin on both the side scrolling shooter and the rhythm action genre, the game has a nice chilled soundtrack with a few 8-bit influences thrown in for good measure. Gameplay is fun, I caught myself smiling more than once at how clever the whole "playing the game in reverse" thing really is. I've read a few reviews on here stating the game is a bit lacking in content, which is probably the only real downside the game has. I'd say, if you like rhythm action or side scrolling shooters and see this on on sale or in a bundle, pick it up right away!
Verfasst: 22. März
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15 von 21 Personen (71%) fanden dieses Review hilfreich
3.3 Std. insgesamt
If on sale, DO NOT MISS THIS.
Immensely beautiful sprite-based indie music game with appealing shmup twist.
a k a The Polynomial, but sidescrolling instead of FPS.
Ranks with Beat Hazard and Amplitude.

Verfasst: 28. Mai
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5 von 6 Personen (83%) fanden dieses Review hilfreich
7.4 Std. insgesamt
Retro/Grade is yet another clever, genre bending indie gem - that luckily for us, but unfortunately for the developer, will be much to good for mainstream gaming site reviewers to truly recommend. But this is a game that will surprise you, at regular intervals, when it comes to the format, the writing, as well as the slowly appearing underlying concept. And it will perform this feat in such a graceful way it is not necessary to skip past or ignore any rough edges. A quality game that doesn't share much in common with either mindless shooters or stressful rhytm games.

Really, why do you not own this game already?
Verfasst: 9. Juni
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3 von 3 Personen (100%) fanden dieses Review hilfreich
19.5 Std. insgesamt
I heard about this game during Summer Sale 2014 and I am so happy that I did. It has a great, original concept and the soundtrack is wonderful.

EDIT: The game seemed very difficult at first due to its unorthodox gameplay, but I grasped the controls quickly and the first three difficulty levels (there are six in total) were a breeze. I now have to beat the last two, and now I wish I had a guitar controller :)

The challenge mode is also very satisfying. Their difficulites vary greatly as well. There are only 10 tracks in the whole game, but the challenge mode does manage to spice up the game. The challenges are not necessarily "more difficult" than their corresponding campaign levels - sometimes they are easier, sometimes they make you wonder " that even possible??".

Also, if you have FPS problems you can just try listening to the music and keep the beats without concentrating too much on the screen instead of meddling with your settings.

Oh, and completing all of the Steam Achievements is very, very difficult (practically impossible for me, but I don't know about you, dear possibly-obsessive-shooter-loving-review-reading-person. There's still hope for you.)
Verfasst: 22. Juni
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22 von 26 Personen (85%) fanden dieses Review hilfreich
1.7 Std. insgesamt
A rhythm game disguised as a side-scrolling shooter, or a side-scrolling shooter that plays like a rhythm game, Retro/Grade brings a refreshing twist to the Guitar Hero note catching gameplay that has long since worn thin for most people. As the cheeky Rick Rocket you begin the game at the end as you fire the last bullet into a formidable robot and save the galaxy from certain doom, only to plunge into a time vortex mere seconds later. Now you have to move backwards in time undoing your past deeds in order to keep the time continuum in tack (and more importantly Rick's reputation).

Lucky for you it seems Rick and the enemies he fought have a musical mind about them and have timed every shot and movement to the notes of songs, which is where you come in. For anyone who's played a Guitar Hero, Rock Band, or Dance Dance Revolution game this is going to feel right at home. Color coded bullets and obstacles come at you from the side of the screen, and you need to hit them in time with the beat and melody of the song to clear them. Where Retro/Grade differentiates itself is that while you are clearing your own notes (read: bullets) you also need to be dodging the enemies attacks as well, which range from lasers to giant robot legs to maze like bullet patterns and more. It's hard to truly understand just how it works until you've played it yourself, but it's the sort of idea that is so inherently brilliant that it makes you wonder how no one came up with it before.

Retro/Grade's soundtrack is atypical of the games it emulates,. A collection of electro tracks with a serious groove to them, full of catchy riffs and fantastic breakdowns, it's impossible not to bob your head to the beat along with Rick. And what music game is complete without flashy epilepsy inducing visuals? The presentation on the whole is top notch, and the little details like the way enemies reconstruct themselves as you fly backwards and bullets suck themselves back into the barrels they came from add a lot of character.

I do have one major problem, and that is there is both too much and too little here. There are only ten tracks to play, which while I wouldn't say any are bad, even the best songs become tiresome after you have heard it twenty times over a few hours. I also felt that the actual tracks dragged on longer than I would have liked, which is made worse by the repeating backgrounds going on behind you.

Going through story mode will likely take you under an hour to complete, but what is irritating is that you can't raise your difficulty without starting over from the first stage. There are challenge levels which unlock after you have completed the campaign, but here the repetition of the soundtrack becomes hard to ignore as there are dozens of challenges to complete all utilizing the same pool of songs. Had the existing tracks been cut short and a few more added I would have likely completed a lot more of them, but after a while I began to resent the game for making me replay what felt like the same stage again and again.

Because of the short tracklist it is a bit hard to recommend Retro/Grade at full price, but at a discount it is definitely something worth checking out. The basic ideas are very clever and I found it a lot of fun despite lacking much staying power. Although my preferred way to play was with an old guitar controller, you can certainly manage with either a controller or keyboard (albeit on lower difficulty settings), and each provides an interesting dynamic. If you were among the many who lamented the decreased innovation and change in the Guitar Hero games but never quite got sick of basic gameplay you will likely find Retro/Grade to be a very pleasant surprise.
Verfasst: 15. Dezember 2013
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