受賞歴のあるタイトル “The Whispered World” 及び “Deponia” 開発者がこの素晴らしいゲームタイトル Edna & Harvey: Harvey's New Eyesをお届け。
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リリース日: 2012年10月16日


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"Imagine your very best childhood friend who is also a incredible cute blue bunny turns evil! One of the best German adventure games out there!"


「Harvey’s New Eyes」はただ単に楽しいだけではない。勇気がいるほどユニークで、芸術的なほど誇り高いゲーム。素晴らしい!
86/100 – Gamestar

90/100 – 4players

90/100 – areagames

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  • ユニークで主導で描かれた背景画とアニメーションは漫画のようだ。HDでも利用可能!
  • お馴染みのポイント&クリックのアドベンチャーは文句なしだ。拾えるものすべてを掴み、チャット、パズルを解いたりなど
  • かなり変わった登場人物と奇妙なユーモアのセンス
  • E挑戦しがいのあるクイズ、何時間ものチャットや53種類の設定による傑出したゲーム体験
  • ドイツの「German Computer Games Awards 2012年」(PCゲーム賞)により「今年の一押しゲーム」、「今年の若者対象ゲーム」、そして「German Game Developer Awards 2011年」(ドイツのゲーム開発賞)により「最高の若者対象ゲーム」、「最高のアート・デザイン」そして「最高のストーリー」としてノミネートされた
  • 受賞歴のある“The Whispered World”及び“Deponia”開発者によるタイトル


    • OS:Windows XP
    • プロセッサー:2GHz (Single Core) or 1,8GHz (Dual Core)
    • メモリー:1536 MB RAM
    • グラフィック:256 MB RAMと互換性のあるOpenGL 2.0 (Shared Memory is not recommended)
    • ハードディスク空き容量:3500 MB 以上
    • サウンド:DirectX との互換性
    • OS:Windows Vista/7/8
    • プロセッサー:2GHz (Single Core) or 1,8GHz (Dual Core)
    • メモリー:2 GB RAM
    • グラフィック:512 MB RAMと互換性のあるOpenGL 2.0 (Shared Memory is not recommended)
    • ハードディスク空き容量:3500 MB HD space
    • サウンド:DirectX との互換性
    • OS:MacOS X Lion (10.7)
    • プロセッサー:2 GHz (Dual Core) Intel
    • メモリー:2 GB RAM
    • ハードディスク空き容量:3 GB 以上
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記録時間: 19.7 時間
I'm not fan of point & click, but this game got me for real. Voice acting and hand-drawn graphics are top quality. Missions (chapters) are enjoyable and very long. You would be surprised what it takes to feed the cat in this game. And it's just an ordinary cat. Another thing that got me on the first is soundtrack. That opening song is amazing and in-game background music is enjoyable too. I won this game on a giveaway and I probably would never buy it (before). But now, I can say it's worth the money because it's so much fun. Definitely recommend.
投稿日: 6月6日
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記録時間: 12.5 時間
Edna & Harvey: Harvey's New Eyes is a mildly dark and twisted point & click adventure that feels a lot like Sam & Max style adventure games. Interestingly enough, you don't play as either Edna or Harvey, instead playing the role of the young innocent schoolgirl, Lilli. But Lilli doesn't speak too much, and most of her dialog is filled by a narrator that loves to hear himself talk. Even though his voice acting is good, he all too often comes off as being melodramatic when it usually isn't necessary. The result is a game that tries to be funny all of the time, but only succeeds some of the time. The narrator makes every effort to lighten the mood, but his delivery is often dry and humorless and the intended humor often can't compete with the game's dark themes.

The puzzles were pretty straightforward. There were only a handful of places where it wasn't obvious what the next move was. Graphical drawings are nicely done and the story is well written.

Steam achievements are broken. I finished the entire game without a single achievement unlocking.

Overall, Harvey's New Eyes is a reasonably well done point & click adventure that doesn't leave any lasting impressions.
投稿日: 7月8日
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記録時間: 10.9 時間
The first thing that I liked about this game was the particular extremely dark humor, since the opening speech, where a narrator welcomes you and invites you to take the tutorial. At least in German, it’s absolutely delicious. It made me think of giving a ghastly report on a horrific accident with the voice a dad would read a bedtime story to his 4 year-old little girl.

The beginning was like any other point-and-click game. I was this sweet shy little girl in a convent-school, doing this and that and the other… and suddenly I was staring at my screen with eyes opened like two fried eggs, jaw dropped, my mind blown, exclaiming “WTF! Did that just actually happen? WTF!” (My partner, who had been watching me play, laughed his a** off exclaiming “holy ♥♥♥♥!”). That sent me to one of the most surreal, fantastic, incredible adventure games that I’ve played. I’m glad it was a rainy Sunday, because I just couldn’t stop playing until it was over. I loved every minute of it.

Most “puzzles” are actually “collect stuff, combine/use”, but it has a couple of pretty cool mini-games. I strongly recommend this game to anyone who enjoys adventure or point-and-click games, but most of all, to anyone who’d like something out of the ordinary.
投稿日: 8月4日
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記録時間: 2.8 時間
Ignore the cute artwork - in the first act, you KILL all of your classmates!

This game is DARK! It's morbid humor and I love it! The narrator has that peachy GLaDOS-style negative-spin on everything. The voice acting is great with the dialog as funny as Monkey Island.

The art isn't amazing, but passable. I was never confused by any of the visuals. Having interactable objects 'glow' helps so you're not searching for every little pixel. Like the other reviews, the mouth motions really distract from the clean art. The animations are bad, but that's the only fault I can really find.

The puzzles aren't abstract, and the narrator gives you a lot of tips in solving problems. Some puzzles have you filling out grids, which flew over my head. Luckily, there's a skip button for them. I found myself able to figure out most of the puzzles if I really put my mind on it. I'm not the smartest person, so expert adventure gamers might find the puzzles too easy.
投稿日: 5月16日
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記録時間: 3.7 時間
I would've loved to have given this a thumb's up, but I can't and I won't...

I really like the oddity of the story, as much as I got into it (a couple hours gameplay on 1st and 2nd install before I realised the achievements were broken)...the artwork is whimsical, the music is nice. There's a kind of twistedness to it, to Lilly's character that makes it disturbingly sweet. And unlike some others who have played this, I like the puzzles and the narrator's babble.

However, as this is a review for the game bought on Steam, it fails. I scoured the internet and countless forums for help on fixing the 'broken' achievement problem, tiny bugs - I've tried everything that I found, but all to no avail. Some of the fixes, well, the game simply wouldn't let me even try them out...

Some have said disable Steam Cloud, I did.. some have said delete save games and uninstall, reinstall, I did - nothing. One poster even said turning off Subtitles and exiting/ restarting did the trick for them - must be nice for them because when I try this, the main menu freezes forcing me to hard shut the game down every time - and guess what? The **** Subtitles option is always checked (even the ONE time I managed to exit the game properly and come back in, the Subtitles were activated).

After vainly trying this, my 3rd time, I have decided to shelve it indefinitely on my Steam shelf and let it collect dust. Some may think it silly to not play a game simply because the achievements aren't working, but we all have our quirks. Not to mention, the main menu settings have some serious issues with being touched, freezing up the game in protest - this alone is severely annoying for me.

But the main reason I will not recommend E&H:HNE is because during my fruitless search for solutions, I discovered that Deadalic are not very catering to their paying public. Many places claimed the devs had stopped supporting some of their games on Steam altogether - I dunno, whatever that drama may be doesn't interest me so much. What I do know is that the achievement issue spans back more than two years. I received this game as a gift not even a month ago, and the problems are still present - despite some Spring-ish update only this year they claimed fixed this problem.

Regardless, I will not buy Deponia now because of this experience, and probably nothing else Daedalic spins out. I have Journey of a Roach due to Koboldgames being on board - as things are going all right with that game, I suspect Daedalic mainly stuck to the publishing side of things - yay...

It is an exceedingly rare thing for me to have a bad experience with a game - when it happens, I'm unforgiving...

投稿日: 10月14日
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あと関係ないけどタイトルがEdna & Harveyとなってますが、主人公はlilliという女の子です。タイトルの2人は脇役状態。
投稿日: 3月15日
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