Don’t Starve is an uncompromising wilderness survival game full of science and magic. Enter a strange and unexplored world full of strange creatures, dangers, and surprises. Gather resources to craft items and structures that match your survival style.
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5. februar

Don't Starve Franchise is on sale up to 75%!

During the Steam Lunar New Year sale the Don't Starve Franchise is on sale up to 75%.

If you or your friends have been waiting to pick up Shipwrecked or Don't Starve Together; now would be the time! Check it out!

Offer ends February 12th.

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4. februar

Shipwrecked Wilbur Vs. The Volcano - Feb 4th


  • World integration implemented.
    • This feature definitely needs testing! Due to the fact that it plays with your save files I recommend not linking any worlds that you have invested a lot of time in right now!
  • Added Linux support.
  • You can now climb the volcano.
  • New playable character: Wilbur
    • You will need to generate a new world to find Wilbur.
  • Added Sealnado
  • Added Dragoons
  • New “Volcanic” crafting tab & related items.
  • Snakeskin flooring
  • Buoys
  • Iron Wind

  • Putting down flooring now prevents floods from spawning on that tile.
  • Speed increasing items now work while on boats.
  • Adjusted some strings for clarity.
  • Limpet rocks will become withered in dry season, need to be fertilized with seaweed.
  • Added timer to limit growth rate of floods, especially when returning to an area after quite some time.
  • Completely re-designed obsidian tools.
  • Cookpot ingredient changes - meat component was removed from limpets, mussels, fish morsel and fish value reduced from 1 to .5
  • Increased hunger value of California Roll.
  • Coconuts must be opened with a machete to become edible.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed typo that caused food sanity multiplier to not work.
  • Fixed hitsounds for new armour types.
  • Fixed bug where the incorrect shadow skittish would spawn on water.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed waves to sometimes spawn on ground.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some items to disappear when jumping on a boat.
  • Life giving amulet now works while on a boat.
  • Fixed a bug that caused WX78 to sometimes permanently increase his speed.
  • Fixed a bug where the camera would sometimes zoom through the floor of the world.
  • Players are now presented with a character select screen when traveling between shipwrecked worlds with the teleportato.
  • Jellyfish, Fish and Small Fish no longer disappear from meat racks on game reload.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Tigershark to sometimes get stuck in an infinite loop.

How do I integrate an old save with a Shipwrecked world?

As of this update, this is possible! But the feature needs testing, and bugs certainly DO exist within this system. For this reason I recommend not linking any worlds that you are overly attached to. It is possible that the save file will be corrupted and the world lost.
  • Find the “Seaworthy” in your shipwrecked world and use it.
  • Select the world you wish to link* to, or select generate new world.
    • Your worlds are now linked together! Yay! For now, you can revert to the previous state when selecting this world in the future.
  • To travel back to your shipwrecked world you must craft a new “Seaworthy” in the RoG/ Vanilla world. You will find it in the Magic tab.
*Linking worlds works best with RoG worlds. Vanilla worlds will link, but there will be some side effects like having the 4 RoG seasons with no way to deal with these season. This is still being worked on.

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Don't Starve: Shipwrecked Now in Early-Access!

In Don't Starve: Shipwrecked, Wilson finds himself stranded in a tropical archipelago. He must learn to survive all over again in this new environment filled with new biomes, seasons, and creatures.

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Don't Starve Together Now in Early-Access!

Don't Starve Together is a standalone multiplayer expansion of the uncompromising survival game, Don't Starve.

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Om dette spil

Don’t Starve is an uncompromising wilderness survival game full of science and magic.

You play as Wilson, an intrepid Gentleman Scientist who has been trapped by a demon and transported to a mysterious wilderness world. Wilson must learn to exploit his environment and its inhabitants if he ever hopes to escape and find his way back home.

Enter a strange and unexplored world full of strange creatures, dangers, and surprises. Gather resources to craft items and structures that match your survival style. Play your way as you unravel the mysteries of this strange land.

Key Features:

  • Uncompromising Survival & World Exploration:
      No instructions. No help. No hand holding. Start with nothing and craft, hunt, research, farm and fight to survive.
  • Dark and Whimsical Visuals:
      2D characters and odd creatures inhabiting a unique 3D world.
  • Randomly Generated New Worlds:
      Want a new map? No problem! At any time you can generate a new living and breathing world that hates you and wants you to die.


Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS:Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
    • Processor:1,7+ GHz eller bedre
    • Hukommelse:1+ GB RAM
    • Grafik:Radeon HD5450 eller bedre; 256 MB eller højere
    • DirectX®:9.0c
    • Harddisk:500 MB harddiskplads
    • Lyd:100% DirectX9.0c-kompatibelt lydkort og -drivere
    • OS:Lion (OSX 10.7.X)
    • Processor:2.0 GHz Intel
    • Memory:4 GB RAM
    • Graphics:256 MB NVidia or ATI graphics card
    • Hard Drive:512 MB Free Space
    • Additional:Not recommended for Intel GMA Graphics or Mac Minis or early-generation MacBooks
    • Processor:1.7+ GHz or better
    • Memory:1+ gigs of RAM GB RAM
    • Graphics:Radeon HD5450 or better; 256 MB or higher
    • Hard Drive:500 MB HD space
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Indsendt: 22. august 2015
Do I recommend this game? Hell yes. Every single time you start a new game file, it's an entirely random generated world where nothing is the same as the last. You can play this game for weeks and still not discover all its secrets. It's a sandbox strategy game that keeps you on your toes for anything and everything that's trying to kill you. And believe me, there's a hundred and one monsters who all want your face on a platter.


1. Always have a means to make fire. Always.
2. Pigs are your friends. Build your base near them.
3. Spiders are not.
5. Beefalo herds are awesome. Fill your pockets with their endless poo. Great fire fuel.
6. Prepare for periodic hound attacks. Make spears and tooth traps.
7. Pick flowers.
8. Not starving is the LEAST of your worries.
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Indsendt: 25. november 2015
Day 1: What are all of these buttons for?
Day 2: Attacked a bee hive and barely made it out.
Day 3: Man, this is simple.
Day 5: Man, this is complicated.
Day 7: NEED.....FOOOD.....
Day 8: Think I'm starting to lose my mind. Why is everything so dark?
Day 9: *Ate a raw mushroom - died from insanity*

This was all on a live stream. 10/10 would starve again.
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Indsendt: 3. oktober 2015
Forget Minecraft.
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Indsendt: 30. november 2015
>Is fairly good at the game by now
>Day 129
>Decides to go explore the cave system, prepared with meat effigies

>Goes into cave
>Finds rock lobsters
>Runs away screaming
>Finds nightmare light, shadow creatures start to attack
>More screaming

>Tries again
>Finds a way down to ruins
>Crying by this point
>Least favorite monsters all appear, cries more
>Gearbots and shadow creatures are all attacking, running away at this point
>Dies by broken bot thing

>Finds monkey things
>Monkey things turn into demon spawns of Lucifer, chase me away
>Runs into the dark with an empty miner's helmet
>Isn't revived

10/10 would scream/cry/die again
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Indsendt: 13. november 2015
This game is fantastic.

It combines roguelike and survival gameplay, dumping you in a strange territory to explore, forage, learn, craft and progress on your own terms. For the most part, the controls and interface are intuitive, so it's simply a matter of deciding where to go or what to do.

The game is called Don't Starve, and hunger is indeed a major theme. If you go a few days without food, you will die. That said, there are plenty of other things to kill you - a variety of animals and monsters, environmental hazards, and your own dwindling sanity. To battle this, you rely on building your own equipment, consumables and structures, ranging from weapons and armor to crock pots to unwholesome magical devices.

Don't Starve can be brutal, so you should expect to die, but just making good progress is rewarding in itself. You unlock new characters as you play, each with little touches or specialties to diversify your experience. And while there are some pretty powerful or useful items you can make, there are still a lot of ways to play, and they're all valid (which is good, because sometimes you don't have much choice.)

If you're bored or frustrated, you can change your experience by starting a new game and adding or removing features. If you're tired of fighting certain monsters, you can just turn them off. I haven't messed with this myself, as I like the feeling of surprise, and playing the game as-is, but the developers have left the doors wide open for custom play experiences. In the same way, you can make use of a wealth of user-created elements.

There are a few things I missed for awhile, like the fact that you can view a map of everywhere you've been so far, but overall the game doesn't suffer much from lack of tutorial or hand-holding. You can go read everything on a wiki if you prefer, but this is a game where I don't actually begrudge trial and error learning. Encountering strange new things and deciding what to do with them is a ton of fun, even if it sometimes gets you killed.

A warning (at least from my perspective) - this game is so immersive, I prefer to keep playing it for hours on end once I start. It's not a game I enjoy having to stop, unless I come to good stopping point like dying at the end of a long survival run. In fact, sometimes I forget to eat for a long time when I play this. So, yeah. Irony.
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