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Der originelle Side-Scroller und Karateklassiker vom Schöpfer des Spiels DER PRINZ VON PERSIEN, Jordan Mechner, erscheint für Steam; künstlerisch gestaltet von Jeff Matsuda (The Batman) und musikalisch gestaltet vom Grammy-Preisträger Christopher Tin (CIVILIZATION IV).
Veröffentlichung: 3 Dez. 2012
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"Delightful... The game has the unique ability to tell a story and sell characters without words... Simple, pure fun and the price is right."
8/10 – Machinima Inside Gaming

"What seems extremely simple is actually incredibly nuanced... You’ll be shocked at how much better you do on your second play-through."

"Exceptional production values... Karateka may be just the game you need to remind you what made those early arcade games so fun."
8/10 – Game Informer

Über das Spiel

Der originelle Side-Scroller und Karateklassiker vom Schöpfer des Spiels DER PRINZ VON PERSIEN, Jordan Mechner, erscheint für Steam; künstlerisch gestaltet von Jeff Matsuda (The Batman) und musikalisch gestaltet vom Grammy-Preisträger Christopher Tin (CIVILIZATION IV).

Sowohl nostalgische Karateka Fans als auch Neulinge werden im Spiel Karateka den Charme einer klassischen Liebesgeschichte im feudalen Japan genießen. Kämpfen Sie darum, die liebreizende Mariko vor dem bösen Kriegsherrn Akuma zu retten, und bringen Sie diese wieder mit ihrer echten Liebe zusammen!


Auf Rhythmus basierte Nahkampfmechanik. Einfach zu lernen, aber eine wahre Herausforderung diese zu meistern. Das kinoreife Spielerlebnis verbindet eine Serie von sich steigernden Karatekämpfen mit einer einfachen Lebensgeschichte.

Drei spielbare Charaktere. Und drei Endungen. Drei Verehrer konkurrieren um Marikos Liebe: ein angsteinflößender Grobian, ein edler Mönch und ihre mutige Wahre Liebe.

Hohe Wiederspielbarkeit. Das innovative “drei Verehrer”-System bietet ein geschlossenes Einzelspielerlebnis. Es stellt aber auch zusätzlich eine Herausforderung für fortgeschrittene Spieler dar, da schwierigere Errungenschaften und Endungen freigeschaltet werden können sobald ihre Fähgkeiten sich verbessern.

Die einzigartige Echtzeit-Filmmusik von Christopher Tin erzählt die Geschichte durch Musik. Authentische japanische Musikinstrumente und Melodien bieten Ihnen ein Hörerlebnis der Bildschirmhandlung in Echtzeit.



    • Betriebssystem:Win XP, Win 7, Vista, Win 8
    • Prozessor:1.5GHz dual-core
    • Speicher:1000 MB RAM
    • Grafik:ATI X1800 oder besser
    • DirectX®:9.0c
    • Festplatte:1000 MB HD frei
    • Sound:44kHz Stereo
    • Zusätzliche Informationen:Läuft auf dem Unreal Engine 3


    • Betriebssystem:Win 7
    • Speicher:2000 MB RAM
    • Grafik:ATI X1800 oder besser
    • DirectX®:9.0c
    • Festplatte:1500 MB HD frei
    • Zusätzliche Informationen:Läuft auf dem Unreal Engine 3
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Karateka is a remake of an old school game, that I have never had the chance to play, but may check out now given the theme of this remake. That said, I have no basis for comparison to the original. It would seem some fans of the original did not like this remake too well. But this could very well be the same syndrome one gets when comparing a book to a movie adaptation, or anything similar.

In any case, I enjoyed the little bit I played of this. Karateka is very nice looking. You play as one of 3 characters: The hero of the game. A monk. And a oafish brute. You start as the hero, and when you die, the monk takes his place, and if the monk dies, the big brute takes his place. Each character has their own ending, and fighting style. So the objective to get the better endings would indeed be to not get killed.

Karateka feels very on rails. It is 2.5D, and you can only move forward. there is no jumping, or going back. Just a series of fights. One after another. That is pretty much what this game involves. The fights though are handled pretty nicely. It's not like a fighting game, but more like a QTE without the on screen button prompts, or a rhythm game, again, without any prompts. You block oncoming attacks, which wll be switched up with each opponent, and after succesfully blocking, do your own attacks. Or once in a while, the enemy may taunt you, in which you can attack them at that point. That's pretty much it. Very simple, but challenging at the same time.

There is no voice work. There are no subtitles. So the story is pretty much interpreted through actions. But it's pretty simple. A young girl is being held captive. And one of the three playable characters is going to go through an army of bad guys to save her. One ♥♥♥ kicking at a time.

I can't really recommend this one at the current price, given how short it is. But if you get a copy either through a bundle, or a nice discount, this is definitely worth playing.
Verfasst: 12 April 2014
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You're one of three heroes who have set off to rescue a foxy chick. You get to use all three characters, one at a time, to beat the game. When one dies, the next one steps in to take his place right at the same spot. Health is sprinkled pretty generously throughout the game in the form of flowers. And even if you do die on the third character, you'll get a chance to exchange some of your points for an extra life with the last hero. Obviously, "mastery" of the game means beating it with fewer of the characters as miss foxypants prefers the second hero to the third, and the first hero to the second.

Gameplay is very simple. Run forward (there's no sideways movement, just forward) until you get to the next guard. When you fight the guard, listen for an audio cue that tells you the rhythm to block incoming attacks with, then counter attack as you wish. You occasionally fill your combo meter, which allows you to deal a not-all-that-special special attack.

If you want a quick game to kick out of your backlog, Karateka is a fine choice. It's totally a one-sitting game as you can beat it in half an hour. For that brief period of time, it's fun enough, and every time you think you've gotten it down, it throws a new tricky pattern at you, though it never gets too hard.

3/5 Leprechauns in Space
Verfasst: 3 März 2014
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I've never played the original, but I enjoyed this. I like how the difficulty rises steadily, and I especially like that when you die, your character is replaced by a new character, and each time you die the new character is gradually stronger and easier to play than the previous.
Verfasst: 29 Mai 2014
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While having logged countless hours on the 8-bit original, I couldn't wait to be done with this iteration. The gameplay is over-simplified and boring. There really isn't much to do besides run to your next opponent, block a move and make one yourself. Even the inclusion of three playable characters and a pleasant art style can't rescue Karateka from the bottom of the barrel.
Verfasst: 4 Mai 2014
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Hell no. This game gave me aids. Boring and cancerous. gg
Verfasst: 20 Juni 2014
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From the creator of Prince of Persia, a fighter remade from early days of computing, 1984. Objective is to rescue the princess held captive by the evil warlord. You get three fighters though the ultimate objective is to not have to use numbers 2 and 3. The first fighter is weak and that's where the challenge lies. Upon his failure he is replaced by a stronger fighter. Upon his death he is replaced by an even stronger fighter. The princess is happy to be freed but wants her true love, fighter 1 to rescue her.

Unlike the 1984 version this version is based almost solely on counters. By listening carefully to the musical score you can discern the number of attacks to which you must block. After successfully blocking the last attack you can counter, damaging the opponent and whittling away his health. There is a chi system that allows you to stun your opponent as well as a health recovery system after some but not all fights.

The game itself is quite short but the path to freeing the princess is challenging and the ambiance of feudal Japan is immersive. The game is also available on the IPhone but does support 1080P and controllers on the PC.
Verfasst: 17 Februar 2014
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