You have been appointed to fulfill an extremely dangerous mission, deep in enemy territory: to kill one man... the Emperor himself. Lead the revolution of the Orcs and Goblins!
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Data de lançamento: 11/out/2012

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“…you should absolutely give it a look if you're interested in ambitious design or interesting worlds.”
8 out of 10 – Machinima

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Lead the revolution of the Orcs and Goblins!

In a world at war, the vast Empire of Men tries to extend its domination over the territories of the Orcs and Goblins, who are systematically persecuted, enslaved and massacred. Through this great role-playing game, lead a fearsome Orc warrior, and a Goblin master of assassination and stealth.

You have been appointed to fulfill an extremely dangerous mission, deep in enemy territory: to kill one man... the Emperor himself. Fight your way through a terribly hostile world to reach the objective of your quest. Level up, learn and develop powerful skills, and finally free your people from the yoke of the Empire!

Requisitos de sistema

    • Processor:AMD/INTEL DUAL-CORE 2 GHZ
    • Memory:2048 MB RAM
    • DirectX®:9.0c
    • Hard Drive:6 GB HD space
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Mexican Thunder
( 13.0 horas registradas )
Publicada: 29 de junho
This was a spontaneous buy for me. It was on sale and i needed an RPG to tide me over before The Witcher 3. On the surface, it struck me as a strange game, first of all. The mechanics and combat are weird. It's a Pseudo-turn-based style and i hated it when i started.

Fast forward an hour and I found myself really getting into it. The combat became familiar and the characters had just started to gain a little intrigue. Of course, there are only two characters but i wanted to learn more about them. After two specific story-heavy missions, i'd really started to love the characters. The back stories are understandable and they genuinely get to you.

All in all, the combat is weird but by no means bad and, whilst the story was mediocre at best, the two main characters were great.
( 13.2 horas registradas )
Publicada: 29 de junho
Ok so, I don't like orcs. Really, in games I usually prefer to kills them than anything else.
But I saw the review on this game and I was like "what the heck, why not give it a chance?"
And well I did, I just loved the story, which display a surprising depth in characters background and mentality.
The game is short enough to not become repetitive, and even though you are following nicely designed "tunnels" it didn't bother me (if you want more freedom, try Skyrim, heard it's what you need, but no goblin, sorry).
The voice acting is not bad and I like the jokes. (I'm a simple goblins, I hear jokes about orcs and humans, I laugh (but not too loud)) I saw people say that controls are bad and combat system too, I would just say I enjoyed it, it proved challenging enough on hard and require some tactics other than just hitting like a brute. Anyway, especially on sales, this game is cheap.

Plus did I mentionned you are a goblin which, between us, is much, much, much more cool than playing a stupid orc ? (please don't tell him I said that)
that ugly dude
( 15.1 horas registradas )
Publicada: 28 de junho
I have to admit, I may be a little biased. Play as an orc, and attack the Human Empire? Play as a goblin, and slay the knights? Do both, at the same time? I'm sold. And then I bought the game, to give it a playthrough.

Plot, dialogues and characters are solid, with interesting backgrounds. Hell, I'd happily watch a movie based on this story. A minus here could be that's it is relatively short (just around 20 hours).

The battle system is good. On Extreme level difficulty you do need to pick your strategy well, however, once you do - the battle may seem a bit grindy. Though, I enjoyed it. From time to time you may encounter a problem with camera steering, but Q/E (toggling enemies) are your friends.

The graphics are good. I especially liked the views on the Isle of Laments, and prior to that - the escape (no spoilers intended).

The music. Now this is something where the game shines. Upon fighting a heavy boss, I wanted to give up - but the music kept me going. I'm actually going to use the score on my playlist.

All in all, if you like RPG-s, with a dash of Overlord, and any assasin game, with strong plot - this is your game.

( 0.5 horas registradas )
Publicada: 24 de junho
♥♥♥♥ fighting system. All attack moves look the same and the controls are horrible.
The graphic is OK. Even when the Sword is never touching his Skin.
The story is enjoyable, only the cut-scenes are make it boring. (in the german version the voice actors arent even trying their best)
And did i mention that the fighting system is horrible?
( 10.5 horas registradas )
Publicada: 22 de junho
I wanted to like this game more than I did, but it kind of felt drawn out to me. It's good for a play through, but really could be improved.

-Fix Dialog (Forced)
-Fixes rawring scenes after ever battle (Forced)
-Change the pathing to be less linear(The games a straight line i swear to god like whats the point of a map)

Those were the biggerst complaints I had with it. The story also had some things I would have improved on, but overall it wasn't to bad.
( 19.3 horas registradas )
Publicada: 18 de junho
Eh, it grew on me. Initial dialog was like written by a teen that just learned about cusswords, but it gets better...ish. Not a phenominal game, but no bugs that I ran into during my completion of medium difficulty. I did get invested in the story so that's a win, and it throws in some nice twists and it really feels like a journey through a diverse set of areas and situations. I feel like this would have been better served as a 2-player 3rd-person action game, but it's not. All that aside it's fine and controls like Knights of the Old Republic and it works fine mechanically. Each character has interesting options to pursue and ways to build your characters. Definitely worth it on sale. I'm pretty confused by one character being named Barimen though...since he's a main character in Styx: Master of Shadows which is supposed to happen before this game...

Yea, it's definitely worth 30$ in my book. I've gotten 20ish hours out of it and I probably won't replay it at higher difficulties since enemies just have loads more dmg/hp/defense but same old dummies it seems.
( 16.7 horas registradas )
Publicada: 15 de junho
A truly great game which didn't get any of the love or attention it truly deserved. It's not a trilpe A title, but it has lots of flair, soul and plays great. A great story, great characters and truly demanding combat.
( 0.7 horas registradas )
Publicada: 10 de junho
Waht a boring game, maybe could be better in coop.
( 13.6 horas registradas )
Publicada: 2 de junho
For a lower budget rpg I enjoyed this game. I must say that its almost entirely based on story and the world though. The fighting mechanics of this game are pretty terrible, A lot of battles had me running around in circles reviving and widdling the enemy down one NPC at a time.

But as I said the story was interesting, and thats why I play RPG's
( 16.2 horas registradas )
Publicada: 29 de maio
Enjoyable game with plot twists that many games are trying to do now. In this one you are playing the orcs fighting the humans, the main character Arkail isn't that great on his own but the way he plays off Styx makes the characterization of the game. Arkail is the first character, an orc fighter that goes beserk. Interesting game mechanic to manage, he can go beserk and ruin the fight because you lose control of him or defeat everything. There is Styx, your rogue character that can stealth kill enemies and weaken enemies making them more vulnerable to damage. It's best you figure out which abilities you choose for each so they can fight together.

There are people who do not like the combat system but it's something simliar to Neverwinter Nights and Knights of the Old Republic. Not a bad thing for those who enjoyed those games.
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15.7 horas registradas
Publicada: 20 de junho de 2015
Of Orcs and Men é um olhar novo sobre um tema batido: o conflito entre homens e orcs.
O enredo trata da ultima tentativa dos greenskins de rechaçar o avanço do domínio dos homens sobre suas terras.
Em jogos comuns veríamos missões onde seria preciso atacar os monstros que estão no caminho do objetivo do rei. Aqui nós somos os monstros e temos que deter os humanos.
Como os greenskins estão em menor numero um ataque frontal não é viável. Através de planos desenvolvidos ao longo das quests vamos traçando uma estratégia para tirar o rei dos humanos do poder e evitar que uma aliança com elfos e anões se forme contra os orcs.
A história do jogo é muito bem elaborada para caber dentro do tempo de jogo que foi apresentado. Existem escolhas importantes para ser feitas nas quests que dão achieves e ajudam a contar a história. Algumas dão a possibilidade de completar quests opcionais.
Senti uma dificuldade enorme quando comecei a jogar, pois não entendi o combate. Cheguei a pensar em desinstalar. Mas como o jogo me atraiu muito decidi estudar o combate novamente. É muito simples, na verdade. E muito inteligente também.
Você tem uma diversidade de skills e vai ganhando e aprimorando mais ao longo do jogo. Durante o combate duas coisas podem acontecer: primeira – apenas assista. Seus personagens vão atacar com a skill padrão da arvore de talentos que estiver. Só faça isso se tiver certeza que pode ganhar o combate assim.
Segunda: é possível programar quatro ações que serão executadas em sequencia. E aí entra a sua estratégia para combinar skills e conseguir tirar vantagem. Por exemplo: pode programar um ataque desestabilizador contra um alvo que usa escudo e na sequencia usar um golpe que ele terá menos chance de defender.
O combate acontece em tempo real, porém quando aperta a barra de espaço, o tempo fica devagar, a ação continua, mas você ganha tempo para programar as suas escolhas. Muito interessante. Então não é preciso ficar clicando durante o combate.
Outra dificuldade que senti foi que os personagens não pulam. Não faz falta nenhuma no jogo, mas todos devem pular em minha opinião. Em todos jogo!
O cenário é linear, você não vai se perder, embora o cenário seja belíssimo e vasto, só é possível seguir por onde se deve seguir.
Os personagens são muito carismáticos e com personalidade. Você não sente que está jogando com um boneco aleatório e sim com Arkail e Styx.
Comprei, joguei e gostei.
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2 de 2 pessoas (100%) acharam esta análise útil
21.6 horas registradas
Publicada: 8 de março de 2014
Esse é um jogo bem particular para quem quer jogar. Se você está procurando um jogo bem elaborado e prezando pela alta qualidade, ele pode não ser o jogo para você, pois possui uma série de falhas e imperfeições. Se você quer apenas se divertir com um orc enorme limpando tudo o que vê pela frente, então é um jogo que vale a pena.

A história é simples, mas bem interpretada. Você faz parte da elite dos guerreiros de todos os clãs de orcs, os Bloodjaws, é um berserker, e tem como objetivo matar o imperador humano, que está em uma agressividade sem igual em sua ofensiva contra os peles verdes, matando e escravizando seus irmãos. Há também o goblin de suporte, um mercenário pago para te levar com segurança além da muralha do reino dos "pálidos", e que ainda acha que se alguns daqueles caras de pele clara morrerem é um efeito colateral muito agradável. Não são apenas os humanos que você terá como obstáculos, mas também orcs traidores da raça e eventualmente uns goblins descerebrados. O império tem ajuda da Inquisição, que também quer ver o fim dos peles verdes, e aí entra o lado místico da coisa.

Os controles são simples também, e a luta é um misto de tempo real com turnos que me agradou bastante, e viabilizou alguma estratégia enquanto se controla ambos os personagens de forma razoavelmente decente. Os equipamentos são bacaninhas, mas não grande coisa; no primeiro capítulo você consegue alguns que vão te acompanhar até um estágio bem avançado no jogo, lá pro cap. 5.

Não é um jogo que vale muito, mas dá pra se divertir. No mais, ver Arkhail quebrando umas colunas ao melhor estilo Bane quando entra em sua fúria sanguinária dá um certo prazer em já começar com o personagem mais forte do jogo.
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4 de 9 pessoas (44%) acharam esta análise útil
18.9 horas registradas
Publicada: 12 de outubro de 2014
O jogo possui ótimos gráficos, além da possibilidade de colocar legenda em português. Recomendo
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0 de 2 pessoas (0%) acharam esta análise útil
Não recomendado
1.3 horas registradas
Publicada: 23 de junho de 2014
Não e não. Não adianta. Talvez para alguns este jogo seja muito bom mesmo, mas eu mesmo não gostei.

A história do jogo na verdade é legal. Eu gostei mesmo. E os personagens são carismaticos.

A gameplay, assim como todo RPG, voce anaça pelo jogo e vai melhorando. O diferencial é que dessa vez voce controla dois personagens. Um ogro que é um guerreiro, e um goblin que é mais para o estilo stealth mesmo. Isso é realmente legal. O que eu não gostei foi o sistema de combate desse jogo. EU nem sei como explicar isso, para falar a verdade, seria mais facil ver um video sobre do que tentar falar, mas vou tentar explicar assim mesmo. O combate é totalmente estratégico, apesar de ser fluido, não é dinamico. Por exemplo, voce chega num inimigo com o personagem, e aperta o botão de um golpe, e enquanto ele esta excutando esse primeiro golpe, voce pode definir previamente antes mesmo de acontecer quais serão as proximas ações. Um exemplo bem pratico, voce define por comando, que vai dar um soco, chutar, empurrar e tomar poção, e isso voce programou antes mesmo do seu personagem chegar no inmigo. E voce também nem se quer sabe o que o inmigo vai fazer para saber a estratégia vai dar certo. Tem gente que adorou esse sistema de combate, eu não gostei mesmo. Mas pode ser que voce goste.

As musicas do jogo, não são muito presentes. Mas são ok.

Os cenários são legais e bonitos. Mas este jogo é linear, então não ha muito o que explorar.

Os gráfico realmente são muito bonitos. É bem rico em detalhes. Eu gostei bastante dos gráficos do jogo.

Eu não presenciei nenhum bug ou glitch.

Particularmente não gostei do sistema de combate deste jogo, é para ser um dos diferenciais do jogo, mas eu não gostei. Porém pode ser que voce goste. Nem todos tem gostos iguais. Mas em todo caso não vou recomendar o jogo. Ainda assim, de uma pesquisada a respeito, pode ser que voce goste.
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10.2 horas registradas
Publicada: 26 de maio de 2015
*sigh* Of Orcs And Men..where do I start ~ (their website might give you more impressions)

To be honest, I probably would have never played this game if Frosty hadn't gifted it to me.
But I am pleased that he did! I was interested a long time in this game, but never felt to buy it - which would have been a huge mistake.

When I got thrown in the world of Orcs And Men I felt a little lost.. the controls are very clunky though the tutorials were helping a lot. Anyway the game is basically about a war between Orcs, Goblins, Wizards, Humans and some other races, and you get to play as the main protagonist Arkhail who's a member of the Bloodjaws after leaving his old clan / family (I wont spoil anything important here). He later on meets the unique Goblin Styx (a lone wolf) who's told to show Arkhail the way to accomplish his mission to make an end to this War.

But everything gets out of control and the two find themselves in a ~10 hour long Journey full of twists and mixed up game play: Styx -rather small and fast - is a master of stealth and you got the option to get 1-3 enemies out of the way quietly before entering a fight. Arkhail on the other hand is big and slow but with powerful attacks when things get real.
So the game play styles of both together were the best possible combination to me in a game like that... though i preferred to play Styx :3

The characters of both could not be more different.. Styx is more grumpy and pessimistic / afraid due big challenges while Arkhail is willing to die for his cause / clan in Honor.
This gets especially clear during several of the amazing cutscenes and dialogues where you got sometimes the option to chose whether Styx or Arkhail answer / choose their own way (for example: Trust someone or Kill stuff -Arkhail / not trust someone and flee - Styx )
I loved this lacks in a lot of things because its very very and I mean VERY linear..not much to explore on 1 path besides the main each mission but it fits the game somehow.. I cant even tell why I like it so much - but what I know, is that the music is AWESOME! it changes during calm situations and fights and its just amazing in my opinion x) the setting is beautiful if you don't care too much about graphics - they are nice and enough for a game like that - the atmosphere created is of course subjective but I can recommend most of the time.

To sum this up.. game play might not be the best but the game plays well, graphics are neither too low nor to high and RPG fans shouldn't bother anyway, Story was interesting though the ending could have been implemented better :D

If you are a fan of linear RPG's with a rather short but Interesting Story + setting this game might be worth your time if you grab it on a sale for ~ 7 bucks

'Styx: Master of the Shadows' is the Prequel to this game and I'll play it now with a Joy!
Hope you didn't have a hard time reading and the review was helpful :)
Have a good day folks!
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Publicada: 29 de junho de 2014
Of Orcs and Men is third-person action RPG from Cyanide and Spiders, the minds behind Mars: War Logs, Aarklash Legacy, Bound by Flame, Blood Bowl and many others. The closest analogy in design and mechanics to this game would probably be Mass Effect 1.

Turning the genre on it's head, instead of playing the plucky human fighting evil, you play as a duo of “greenskins”, an enormous Orc name Arkail and a small Goblin named Styx fighting the evil human empire intent on wiping you out. Both characters, especially Styx, are endlessly entertaining, Styx the comic foil to Arkail's enduring determined colossus. There is an admirable literary quality here, not just good vs. evil, though the fact that every third line contains the f-word can at times see it return it to baser roots. Both character can take part in conversations in the now standard “Bioware” dialogue wheel and choosing which character talks can result in wildly varying outcomes.

Each main character has three combat stances, Attack/special/defense for Arkail and Melee/special/ranged for Styx. Hitting the right shoulder button on the controller allows you to slow time to a crawl and select your various abilities and queue up to 4 at a time on each character. Both characters have a resource to manage, Styx uses concentration to power his abilities, use it too quickly and he is left with only an auto-attack while it recharges. Arkail however uses rage. Use too many offensive attacks too quickly and he can go berserk, doing huge amounts of damage, but becoming more vulnerable to attack and sometimes even killing Styx! Arkail's defensive stance slows the rage buildup, but he also does less damage.

Arkail and Styx are a duo and they function best when they work together. The best strategy I found was to use Arkail in his defensive stance to group taunt everyone and then stun them while Styx would go around debuffing/poisoning and finishing them off one by one. As you level up each character gets an additional point that can be used to either buy a new ability or upgrade one with the addition of a choice of effect. Later in the game each character can choose an “advanced” class adding 3 further abilities to their special stance tree. There is an impressive number of skills and strategies to use and at higher difficulty levels you will need them!

Maybe the most important strategy is using Styx's stealth ability. Large groups of enemies can be thinned out before a fight by having Styx go into stealth mode and assassinate enemies at the edges. But watch out for dogs, they can smell Styx coming!

The game isn't particularly loot heavy. While each character has a weapon, gloves, top, pants and accessory slot, there are at most 6 or so different armor sets and weapons for each character in the game. You are also able to buy an upgrade for each item and you should do this as early as possible. This is not an easy game and a full set of upgraded gear will provide a noticeable lift in you damage output and survivability.

The graphics are very decent, though maybe not as sharp as they could be, but the character models of the two mains are fantastic, Styx especially. The voice acting is patchy, Arkail and Styx are great so are most of the Orc's but some of the humans are pretty average. The game also has a very nice classical score though at times the mood of the music seemed a little out with what was going on on screen.

While not particularly long, 12 hours give or take, the ambition and new experience it offers makes this a very worthy addition to the Action RPG genre and Styx apparently has his own spin-off game coming soon!

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Publicada: 23 de setembro de 2013
It is certainly... interesting.

This game comes with some unique and very intruiging aspects, but also a considerable amount of downfalls.
The gameplay is solid, but at times somewhat inadequate. The storyline is pretty good, but could have been better. The characters have a lot of potential, but don't really grow as much as they could have. The graphics are excellent, but the facial animation is often off-key. The voice acting is at times very good, and at times not so much.

All that said, I had good fun with the game. In the end, that's what's most important, no?

Should you buy it? If it's on discount, go for it. You might just find yourself pleasantly surprised at the unortodox lead characters and the different take on the classic fantasy settings. It is not everyone's cup of tea, but I think that past its flaws, it is an experience worth having.
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Publicada: 3 de julho de 2014
Clearly an underdog, this game is better than it seems. The main attraction is the story and original setting, playing as orc and goblin against the humain oppression.


- Overall good story and dialogues
- Over 16 hours of gameplay if you don't play on easy
- Overall nice graphics


- Uninteresting items
- Average combat system, interesting on paper but should have been better for a game focused on combat like this one
- Some not too serious technical problems like the camera not cooperating sometimes


This looked like a barely average game at first. But I was pleasantly surprised. The story is well tied together, the characters are generally well written and well fleshed out, and even the dialogues and exchanges between characters are well done.

The main downside of this game is that for something so axed on combats, it should have had more items, more skill involved in combat rather than using the mmo system of selecting targets and queuing actions, and the combat itself should have been better tailored to feel more authentic and fast paced. Don't get me wrong, the combat is decent, it just could have been better.

It also lacks depth in some aspects, like for the character stats for example. There doesn't seem an alternative to putting all points into stamina on orc and all on damage for the goblin, the harder difficulty you go the more obvious it becomes that there is only one viable build.

All in all I do recommend this game, it is good value if you get it on a sale.
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Publicada: 8 de junho de 2015
It's really something else. Beyond that not everyone's going to like it.
But those of you who will, will be enjoying every moment of the game.

Developer: Cyanide Studio - Spiders Studios
Publisher: Focus Home Interactive
Release Date: 11 October, 2012

Different. That’s the word I’d use to describe Of Orcs and Men.

Let’s take a quick look at RPG games in general.
If I’d ask you ‘bout the features of a typical RPG game you’d probably start by saying Hero,
And you’d be correct but that on this case. Of Orcs and Men is not a Story about Heroes or the forces of good. I mean, correct me if I’m wrong, but when was the last time an Orc or a Goblin was a Hero? Usually we face them with anger, hatred and their sole purpose is to make us feel heroic by slaughtering them. Not to mention they’re stupid, dumb and lack general intelligence. Not in most case but usually they’re just stupid.

Not in this case. While I’m not going ahead to say our two, let’s just go ahead and call em Heroes for the sake of RPGs, are real Einsteins or whatnot but they’re certainly examples which happened to grow on me. Especially Styx.

Let me introduce you our two Heroes. In the red corner we have a Arkail. A member of the Blood Jaws. A Rebel if you want to call him that. You might be wondering why so let me explain.

The Story in this game is unlike others. Usually you’re one of the good races and you have to stop the Orcs from ravaging the lands and slaughter your Wife and unborn Child. That’s how the Story involving Orcs usually goes.

In Of Orcs and Men you seek revenge. A tyrannical human empire is the ruler of all and thus our beloved Greenskins, as they’re called, are now being persecuted and enslaved and it’s up to Arkail, an Orc which I’d describe as the Hulk of all Orcs, and his companion Styx, a Goblin. Their goal is free the Greenskins by assassinating the human emperor.

So you see it’s a different concept. Which, personally, I happened to like.

I talked a bit ‘bout Arkail so let’s talk about Styx. Well Styx’s one of a kind. Besides him, no one has ever seen any Goblin speak or shown any signs of intelligence. So he’s one of a kind.
While Arkail is the muscle, Styx would be best to described as the brain. To an extent.
What that means is, while Arkail wants to let his rage free way, and literally become the Hulk and kill everything he lays eyes upon, that also includes Styx, our one of a kind Goblin on the other hand rather relies on his way of handling things: Stealth and Assassination.

You control Arkail and Styx on the click of a button. Both have two stances, so two ways of attacking. Arkail has an offensive stance, which of course, has damage oriented skills and the defensive stance and skill sets. I talked ‘bout Arkail being the Hulkbefore so let’s talk about that. He has a Rage mechanic. What that means is that there’ll be rage building up and once he has build up the rage he will target any enemy he sees and becomes uncontrollable. That also includes Styx. So beware. Once he’s in his rage you’re best bet is to get some distance between those two or else Styx will get downed rather quick.

Styx on the other hand is your typical thief with hand-to-hand, dagger, combat skills and a ranged set where he relies on throwing knifes. Beyond that he can enter stealth stance so he’s able to pick off unaware enemies and even the odds.

They both can also work together so Arkail can throw Styx, for example, on enemies or Styx can pass Arkail a bottle which boosts his health regeneration in battle.

Excuse me for the following:
Of Orcs and Men seems to be one ♥♥♥♥ing good game where the ♥♥♥♥ing characters talk like ♥♥♥♥ing drunken sailors.

Well the game’s not afraid to use adult language. To be quite honest, while it might be not for everyone, I do believe it fits the game perfectly. Keep in mind we’re ♥♥♥♥ing talking ‘bout a ♥♥♥♥ing big ol’ green Orc and a ♥♥♥♥ing lil’ Goblin.

The voice acting of the key characters is quite good but … everyone else seems to be lacking some effort.

So here’s the thing. The game has four difficulties. Personally I’ve been playing on Extreme from the get go, since I always enjoy playing on the hardest difficulty first, and let me tell you this.
This game is hard. Not even kidding. So I can only imagine how easy it’d be on a lower difficulty.
So that could be a reason why a lot of people don’t enjoy the game. It does have a learning curve and, despite playing two usually dumb and stupid characters, you’ve to think ‘bout how you want to approach the situation.

What else can I ♥♥♥♥ing say?
The game is for a specific crowd. Let’s start by saying this. It’s certainly not for everybody but for those of you who’re interested in the game and for those of you who’re not afraid of a real challenging game … It’ll grow on you. I certainly enjoy it. Special thanks to the dialogues I certainly enjoyed those.
I'd really say you should give this game a try. It's certainly not bad. It's just something else.
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Publicada: 30 de setembro de 2014
This game is one of the greatest underappreciated gems I have had the pleasure of finding in a long time. There are obvious things that sully the experience a bit, but given this is the effort of small studio on a tight budget these aren't hard to look past.

The story takes a twist on typical fantasy by having orcs being oppressed and subjegated by humans, and in light of this, your main character is on a quest to kill the emperor who seeks to unite elves and dwarves against "the greenskins."

The main character is Arkail, or the "butcher" as he has been dubbed after a bloody masacre in his past. What's great here is that this story element actually works into the gameplay. As you take damage your rage meter builds, and if you don't use skills to keep your calm he becomes enraged. In this state, he more powerful but reckless and uncontrollable, attacking foes in random order.

Evening this out is his original odd couple partner in crime, Styx. He is a goblin assassin, the only one of his race who can speak or display any intelligence at all. He causes bleeds, poisons and lowers defense in combat, and out of combat he small stealth sections where he dispatches as many soldiers as he can before things eventually fall to pieces.

The story is well surprisingly well written considering every other line of dialogue has a swear word, because it fits into the narrative and general feeling of the story. I was honestly surprized at myself when I started the characters, admiring the way the duo chirped eachother and eventually grew into a like-minded friendship. Combat slows down when you pause so you can plan each of their actions, and everything works quite well. The graphics are nice enough and the game has a surprizingly good soundtrack that hits all the right notes when a sad or intense situation takes rise.

Sadly, there are some issues, though they are just a lot of nitpicks that don't effect the solid feel of gameplay. Character models don't sync up in most cutscenes, a weapon constantly floats in air against Ark's back, voice acting apart from the main duo is largely sub-par. You are told of great battles going on in other places due to what's happening in the story and can't be there because the game's budget wouldn't allow it, and some people might not like how the stealth sections work. You essentially sneak around and kill guards in order of which would be able to see the act from their FOV, the ai will walk past dead bodies without raising alarm which seems silly but is also necessary to that element of gameplay. This is a stop motion turn based rpg first, the stealth is more like a small minigame that you are never actually forced to do that makes fights easier.

Past that, there are a bunch of sidequests which never feel pointless as the duo banter and you find out more meaningful things about the story. I'm not usually someone who likes sidequests but it worked well for me. You have a mission hub in different zones and when you pick a mission it is generally linear except for a few hidden treasures. There's a couple of choices to be made in the game that have small outcomes on story, but nothing with permanance.

All and all, the flaws take you out of the experience in a small fathom but do little to stop this extremely charming game from taking your heart. The prequel, Styx:Master of shadows is out soon, and I can't wait to delve again into this world again, and see how much the studio has grown since their time between the titles.

9/10 There's nitpicks, but the story, the gameplay and the pacing are all great and a low budget doesn't change that.

Edit: Fixed a couple errors, special thanks to Snapfit for calling me out on goofing the main character's name and thanks for all the positive feedback on my review.
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