Adam’s Venture is an adventure game franchise that is focused on non-violent gameplay set in the early twenties of the 20th Century. With state of the art Unreal 3 graphics providing colorful and lifelike 3D environments, a gripping storyline and many puzzles to solve varying from easy to difficult, Adam’s Venture supplies everything...
User reviews: Mostly Positive (30 reviews)
Release Date: Mar 9, 2012
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About This Game

Adam’s Venture is an adventure game franchise that is focused on non-violent gameplay set in the early twenties of the 20th Century. With state of the art Unreal 3 graphics providing colorful and lifelike 3D environments, a gripping storyline and many puzzles to solve varying from easy to difficult, Adam’s Venture supplies everything that an adventure gamer is looking for.

In Adam’s Venture 3: Revelations, you get to experience a flashback Adam has to earlier events in Oxford, which have set his adventure into motion. Left for dead by the megalomanic Clairvaux leader in Solomon's collapsing palace, Adam relives his first meeting with Evelyn and their expedition to the small French town of Luz. Templar secrets, powerful corporations and the importance of keeping a promise all fight for attention in his feverish mind. Will he come to his senses in time to save Evelyn and the day? It's up to you in this third installment of the episodic series.

Key Features

  • New locations and varying weather types
  • 25 new challenging puzzles, varying in difficulty
  • Find out how it all began and how the Clairvaux corporation means to end it.
  • Meet Adam's father, a lazy French postman and other characters from the series.
  • Brought to life with stunning 3D visuals from the Unreal 3 engine.
  • Game soundtrack, as always, by award winning composer Jonathan van den Wijngaarden

System Requirements

    • OS:Windows 2000, XP
    • Processor:Intel Pentium 2.0 GHz or equivalent AMD
    • Memory:512 MB RAM
    • Graphics:Pixel Shader 3.0 Card required *
    • Hard Drive:1 GB HD space
    • OS:Windows 7
    • Processor:Intel Pentium Dual core or equivalent AMD
    • Memory:1024 MB RAM
    • Graphics:Pixel Shader 3.0 Card required *
    • Hard Drive:1 GB HD space
Helpful customer reviews
7 of 7 people (100%) found this review helpful
2.2 hrs on record
Adam's Venture is a simplistic puzzle adventure game. This third episode can be completed in roughly 2 hours. The puzzles get slightly tougher in this one, but it's the same gameplay as the first couple episodes. Voice acting and the animations are still reasonable. Taking the three episodes as a whole, the game offers a mildly engaging storyline, kind of like an Indiana Jones type of movie--although the ending is pretty cheesy. I found no obvious reason to break the game up into three separate installers other than to charge more money for the entire product. By separating them, each individual chapter leaves a feeling of "that's it?"
Posted: August 1
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7 of 9 people (78%) found this review helpful
1.0 hrs on record
I personally loved this game and enjoyed every second i played.... sure some of the puzzles were hard because it doesnt tell you exactly what you have to acheive so you try out every possible combination and end up with the right one. But when you realise what youre supposed to be doing its just an 'ohhhhhh, thats easy' moment and you sail through it. Great story as with both episodes 1 and 2 and Adam is just too funny in parts. Just shows that games don't have to have amazing graphics and out of this world animation, to be a great game it has to do everything this one does; draw you in with its great story and entertain you with the dialog. I can't say this game is any better than the other 2, they are all great in my mind. Plus it makes you feel clever when you solve a puzzle :P

So overall I would highly recommend this game to anyone who likes puzzle games it will keep you entertained for a while :D
Posted: May 5
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1 of 1 people (100%) found this review helpful
2.5 hrs on record
Adam's Venture Episode 3: Revelations, is unsurprisngly the third entry in the Adam's Venture episodic series. It picks up where Episode 2 left off, with Adam waking up in Solomon's Temple, and trying to find his girlfriend? Eve.


Adam Venture is possibly both one of the most cliched characters i've ever seen, and also one of the most annoyingly incompetent. This isn't the Max Payne or Tomb Raider style of incompetent, where it's because the Plot demands it, it's the bumbling fool type of incompetence, where the individual just stumbles from mess to mess. That said, here Adam shows some level of actually being able to do something by rescuing his girlfriend from nondescript evil dude that doesnt really have any prior establishment as a villain. The plot basically screams of "We needed to figure out a happy ending in about 2 minutes". It feels stupid, and it doesnt help that the all the character's dialogue are terrible. Especially Adam, since he comes up with the most annoying and cliched lines in history. Seriously, I generally don't single out bad writing as a reason for hating a game, but Adam's Venture is just so bad, it needs a mention.


The game looks identical to the previous 2 in the series. Literally no difference in quality. The environments are competently put together, and the unreal engine lighting effects work decently in the low light environment the game takes place in, But there are many more things wrong than right with the game's presentation. Visually, character models look dated, and textures are often quite low resolution. Animation is jerky and unnatural. Lip-syncing is off, voice acting is terrible, just absolute crap. Music is so bland and uninteresting, that I hardly realised there actually is any music in the game. There isn't many good things to be said about Adam's Venture 3's presentation, and what little there is hardly outweighs all the bad aspects of it.


Gameplay in the series revolves around "Uncharted style platforming" and little progress puzzles. The uncharted style platforming (or rather Tomb Raider style platforming) would have been alright, if it wasnt for the absolute terrible controls. Playing the game is an exercise in frustration when it comes to the platforming aspects, and it's a shame, because of all three games, Revelations has possibly the best puzzles in the series (which isnt honestly saying much). The puzzles take a little bit of effort to complete, and are generally decently put together, But again compared to other puzzles in other games, they are still fairly mediocre.


If you can avoid Adam's Venture, please do. It is one of the worst games I have played, with terrible controls and ♥♥♥♥ty writing, it fails in its proclamation of the Christian message. It is actually a shame, as with a little more effort put into, well everything, Adam's Venture could go from being a turd of a game, to just another mediocre Indie game.
Posted: August 12
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1 of 2 people (50%) found this review helpful
1.8 hrs on record
The main character is in incredibly annoying. I think they were trying to go for campy, but they failed. I'm sure other people would have liked it, but it just wasn't my cup of tea. Because of what had happened in the first game, I expected big things with this series, but this third game gave a very tepid conclusion for this series. And it boggles my mind as to how they think it is perfectly natural that the female character would be romantically interested in the main character.

The graphics for the game is pretty inconsistent. Somehow, it always loads the low textures and after a second, it will finally load the high textures. Of course the game has a tendency of always loading the low textures until the character you are controlling is suddenly close by. And if the character moves too far away, it then loads the low textures again. I don't know why it does, none of the other games that I play does this. So I just have to assume it is a software issue.

Gameplay wise, it is a very simple point and click adventure. Of course, the game doesn't support the mouse at all, so point and click isn't a good comparison. Play this game with a controller, because the game with the keyboard is very annoying. Even then, the controller just makes it tolerable. The puzzles themselves are very simplistic and basic, but sometimes a few puzzles are incredibly difficult. If you are wanting a simple quick game, this is it. Otherwise, I wouldn't bother with this game.
Posted: June 1
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1 of 3 people (33%) found this review helpful
2.7 hrs on record
Again, same as my previous 2 reviews and this is no exception. It took a little over 2 hours to complete with 15 easy achievements and another game you can put on your perfect game list.
Posted: May 4
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0 of 1 people (0%) found this review helpful
2.5 hrs on record
More boring puzzles (Personally I hate almost all of this puzzles, they so mind crunching)
Don't like this part
Posted: July 17
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5 of 6 people (83%) found this review helpful
1.9 hrs on record
I can recommend this game series for:
- Adults who like casual adventures
- young teenager
- children

All three games are casual adventures with (for adults) very easy puzzels and a quiet simple, yet funny humor. The 'action scenes' and language contents are appropriate for the groups mentioned above. Playing as young adventurerer Adam Venture there is quite a bit of decent story that can be discovered during the three games. The graphics are pretty okay for an indie production, the voice acting is also quite good and the controls are very simple. With a very maximum of 2.5 hours of play time for each game the series might be suited for the impatient kind, but is surely a bit disappointing for deep story lovers.
Posted: December 11, 2013
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6 of 9 people (67%) found this review helpful
0.7 hrs on record
The Adam's Venture Series is one of disappointment. The third person adventure/puzzle series is accompanied by deceptive visuals, unclear puzzles, cheesy character models, and voice acting.

The game('s) puts you in the shoes of Adam Venture, a young archeologist trying to find the Garden of Eden, Solomon's Temple, and...his girlfriend...

So the first two of the adventures sound kinda what happened with the third? [SPOILERS] Well the second game ended as a cliffhanger in which the notorious villain runs of with Adam's girlfriend. [SPOILERS] Hence, the first half of the third game is a flashback and the second half is a lame and poorly executed attempt at a climax. To be honest, out of all the three games the first is the most enjoyable. The story was probably the best and the environments the most exciting in the first game.

The gameplay try's to blend adventure exploration with puzzles. Now don't get me wrong I don't have an issue with adventure/puzzlers. The problem is that the adventure portion is exciting and the puzzle portion is boring and frustrating. The puzzles in game look like they were designed for a five year old. They literally only take you about 2 minutes average to solve...if you can understand how the puzzle works. The puzzles are presented with minimal and vague instructions. I spent twenty minutes trying to figure out what the heck I was supposed to do with the stinking puzzle sometimes! So in short, the puzzle portion of the game is a major fail...

The adventure part is fun enough though, however long it lasts. Each game only takes about two and a half to four hours to beat.

The game advertises itself to have gorgeous graphics and while I will admit it does look good, it only looks good at a distance.

As with most Unreal Engine games, the game looks appealing at a distance and then as you get a closer look you start to see where work needs to be done. I maxed the game out and I noticed that as I got closer to the camera everything just went completely fuzzy, un-detailed, and pasty. Oh well...I guess you get what you paid for...

Perhaps though the worst part of the game is the character models and the voice acting. The character models talk and move in the weirdest manner during the cutscenes. I don't know how anyone could consider that natural movement. To worsen, it the voice acting is terrible. Compound that with a crummy script and there you have it...a nauseating experience.

The Adam's Venture has brought me some fun adventures moments, but that is about all...

Not much here folks, go play something worthy of your Counter Strike, Planetside 2, or some kind of an adventure game that doesn't have a cheesy pun in its title...

Overall Rating: 4/10

Presentation: 5/10
Story: 4/10
Gameplay: 5/10
Graphics: 4/10
Sound: 4/10
Lasting Appeal: 3/10

Overall Rating: 4/10

Content Review:

What the Adam Venture series lacks in quality it makes up for in content. The game contains literally no objectionable content and boasts on its homepage that it strives dearly to make a game "for the whole family to enjoy." If only you could actually enjoy it though...

Positive Elements: You stand for mortality and try too stop the evil henchmen in the game from completing their tasks.

3/10 (Barely Present) Violence: There are many chases throughout the series. A lot of action/adventure sequences. Perilous situations are encountered frequently. One character pulls a gun on Adam and Evelyn, but never actually pulls the trigger (thought he threatens to).

0/10 (None) Language: :)

1/10 (Barely Noticeable) Sexual Content: Some flirtatious conversations between Evelyn and Adam. Nothing lewd or obscene though.

0/10 (None) Drugs/Alcohol: :)

2/10 (Barely Present) Negative Elements: Adam is occasionally haughty and can have a very narrow minded view about some things.

Other Moral Issues: Mystical Forces are referenced and seen sometimes in series.

Final Content Rating: 9/10 (Clean)
Posted: April 14
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7 of 11 people (64%) found this review helpful
0.6 hrs on record
I got the whole series for 3$ and it's worth the price! :)
It's beatiful point and click game and the story is compeling.
Posted: February 12
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2 of 2 people (100%) found this review helpful
2.0 hrs on record
Better puzzles (finally) and a bit more backstory. Everything else is pretty much the same.

[Rating: 67/100]
Posted: July 8, 2012
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1 of 1 people (100%) found this review helpful
5.7 hrs on record
This is a rather simplistic adventure with pretty easy puzzles and a simple keyboard interface. Don't expect much depth in the story line except a lot of biblical references.

My recommendation is to spend your money elsewhere, rating this at 4 out of 10.
Posted: December 29, 2013
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1 of 2 people (50%) found this review helpful
1.7 hrs on record
loved the first game in this series, the second one a little more annoying puzzle-wise, and the third one i've given up on very early in the piece.
Posted: January 26
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3 of 7 people (43%) found this review helpful
1.4 hrs on record
The third, and final(!!) venture for Adam finds him in a flashback before defeating his arch nemsis. The puzzles are, once again, similar throughout the game and the story is, once again, poor. This game can be finished extremely quickly and the only real reason to play through it is if you happend to have some fleeting interest in getting more achievements on your account on the cheap!
Posted: November 25, 2013
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0 of 4 people (0%) found this review helpful
4.8 hrs on record
good game i like it !!!
Posted: June 27, 2013
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0.2 hrs on record
Oh, yes !
This game turned me once more back in time, for a good old time adventure !
This is for you all adventure puzzle players seekers ! Run for it !
Posted: July 14, 2012
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1.6 hrs on record
Episode 3 reaches a non-sensical high for the series, but the consistently high production values and an oddly engrossing story make up for this shortcoming. If you've played the first two episodes and are a fan of the genre, Episode 3 is sort of a no-brainer. If you haven't played the first two episodes, it's recommended that you do so beforehand, as like Episode 2 there is no story recap at the beginning.
Posted: July 20, 2012
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3.4 hrs on record
So Eps 3 starts off with one of the most insultingly simple puzzles ever constructed and then follows it up with one that's WAY harder than any other one in the previous two games. I don't even know exactly how I got past it. I just started fiddling around with everything until the solution came up. That's the problem with Eps 3. Far too many of the puzzles seemed like they didn't made any sense or had clues as to how to solve them. For those ones, I just kept clicking random things until I got the right solution. It was frustrating and took me out of the game to a degree. Eps 2 ended with a proper cliffhanger with the heroes on the ropes. Eps 3 starts with a long flash back that takes place years before the story begins and the game doesn't go back to where the cliffhanger left off until about the last 1/4 of the game. Eps 3 was a bit of a drop off from the previous two, but overall I did enjoy the trilogy. I recommend if you're looking for some mildly challenging puzzles to pass the time.
Posted: December 21, 2012
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1.9 hrs on record
The puzzles in this one are much vaguer than the previous two. The saving grace (har har) is the easy 100%.
Posted: September 14, 2013
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