Take firefights to a futuristic new level in Blacklight: Retribution, a free-to-play FPS. See through walls with the HRV, deploy mechanized Hardsuits, and customize your weapons to dominate the opposition.
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多半好评 (14,002 篇评测) - 14,002 篇用户的游戏评测中有 77% 为好评。
发行日期: 2012年7月2日


玩 Blacklight: Retribution

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Hotfix Patch 2.17 Releasse

Hotfix 2.17 is about to turn live! We are releasing a quick hotfix to resolve some issues. We had some issues that we rushed out a fix for so you can continue the fun BLR experience.

Bugs fixes for PC:

  • Crash fixes
  • Fixed a bug using a taunt in more than one slot
  • Fixed a bug where carrying Rival Agent / Warlord when switching teams
  • Suicide notifications are now fixed
  • Various bugs with the Revival Injector
  • Fixed a bug in Onslaught where the dead player's body would be deleted too quickly
  • Fixed a bug in Onslaught where the match would start when not everyone opted to Ready Up
  • Various backend fixes
  • Level restrictions for playlists / matches should now be fixed
  • Smoothed out ping
  • The Easter baskets should now be visible
  • Friend List sorting should now be fixed
  • Various issues with Revival Spawns should now be fixed
  • Fixed a bug where the player would have 8 taunt slots is now fixed
  • No spectating when in Training Mode
  • Invisibility bug is now fixed, if you can see it :P
  • Bug with the Pink Bunny Ears trophy is now fixed
  • The correct message should now appear to Onslaught players if they aren't in first place
  • Spectating abuse should be fixed now
  • Player selection context menu should now be fixed
  • Level restrictions on PC is now fixed

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Spring Event!

Starting on March 22nd and lasting until April 5th, we will have a Spring Event.

Be sure to play it while it lasts!

The Spring Event has an ultimate mission. If you collect all 10 Bunny Ear Trophies before April 5th, 2016, you will get a special Helmet reward. THIS WILL BE AWARDED ON THE 6th of APRIL.The Helm of Caerbannog (pictured in the above ad). There are four missions below that will grant you the first four ears. The rest of the Bunny Ears you will have to find out how to earn!

Egg Basket Hunt - Mission
This mission will be achievable in the Egg Hunt Playlist for the Spring event. Similar to the St. Patrick's Day Playlist, you'll be collecting eggs in egg baskets. The eggs dropped in each basket will be randomly generated.

Hunting Rabbits - Mission
In this mission you will need 1500 kills with the Shortgun AR-k before the spring event is over! 

Run Rabbit, Run! - Mission
For this mission, you will need to sprint for 4,000,000 steps in Last Team Standing before the Spring Event comes to a close.

Simply to Dye For - Mission
Play 100 matches in Domination before the Spring event is over!

Holiday Items
  • Helm of Caerbannog Helmet
  • Bunny Ears Red Trophy
  • Bunny Ears Green Trophy
  • Bunny Ears Pink Trophy
  • Bunny Ears Magenta Trophy
  • Bunny Ears Blue Trophy
  • Bunny Ears Cyan Trophy
  • Bunny Ears Orange Trophy
  • Bunny Ears Purple Trophy
  • Bunny Ears Yellow Trophy
  • Bunny Ears White Trophy
  • Dyed Hard Blue Body Camo
  • Dyed Hard Green Body Camo
  • Dyed Hard Pink Body Camo
  • Dyed Hard Purple Body Camo
  • Dyed Hard Yellow Body Camo
  • Dyed Hard Blue Weapon Camo
  • Dyed Hard Green Weapon Camo
  • Dyed Hard Pink Weapon Camo
  • Dyed Hard Purple Weapon Camo
  • Dyed Hard Yellow Weapon Camo

In Closing
We hope you enjoy this update and new content, and we look forward to hearing your thoughts on it. As always, if you find any new bugs or glitches please report them via the Blacklight Service Desk HERE.

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"This is not only a great example of a professional and credible free-to-play game, but it's also one of the best first-person shooters I've played. I am quite serious when I say that, too. This game is a serious FPS contender, and its freemium status should not diminish your expectations. I wholeheartedly recommend you jump in and give it a try. It'll cost only your time to give it a whirl, and I am certain that it'll be time well spent."
90 - Destructoid

"Great shooting mechanics and deep customization options make for an addictive combination, and its free-to-play model makes it easy to jump into with no upfront cost."
85 - IGN

"The matter is simple – the game is free to play and, if you take my word for it, an excellent shooter. In a perfect world, it would knock the CoD series on its ass."
90 - Computer Games


Take firefights to a futuristic new level in Blacklight: Retribution, a free-to-play FPS. See through walls with the HRV, deploy mechanized Hardsuits, and customize your weapons to dominate the opposition.

In Blacklight, mastering the futuristic tech is half of victory. You'll need to carefully balance your loadout, from the extreme customization possible in designing your firearms, to the equipment you carry and the in-match bonuses you can unlock. The Hyper Reality Visor (HRV) allows you to look through walls and spot enemies, and attack from where they aren't expecting - but be careful, because you're vulnerable while using it.

The other half of victory? Raw skill, same as it's always been. Good hunting, Agent...

PunkBuster™ Anti-Cheat from Even Balance, Inc. is required to play Blacklight Retribution. This program will be installed alongside the game client.

Key Features

  • Hardsuits - Use a variety of upgrades in each match, including calling in the hulking Hardsuit mech. Powerful but slow, this armored suit packs a one-shot, one-kill railgun and a high velocity minigun to clear rooms... fast.
  • Hyper Reality Vision - HRV Technology allows Agents to scout their enemies through the walls, pinpoint vital mission objectives, or locate weak points in an enemy Hardsuit.
  • Weapon Depots - Scattered across the battlefield are Weapon Depots that supply your team with additional ammo, heavier weapons such as a Rocket Launcher, or provide the ability to call down airstrikes and Hardsuits.
  • Free to Play! - Blacklight: Retribution is a fully Free-to-Play shooter. Earn Game Points (GP) after every match and use them to unlock various armor and weaponry for your Agent in game.
  • Customize Your Loadout - An Agent’s gun is their livelihood. Choose from 1000 different gun combinations by modifying your receivers with customizable Stock, Muzzle, Barrel, Magazine, and Scope, Camo, and Weapon Tags.
  • Protect Yourself - Whether your play style is run and gun, or survivability, or long range sniping the choice is yours to make in fully customizing your armor loadout.
  • Level Progression - Gain experience and levels through combat to unlock access to additional weapons, armor, and equipment.
  • Tons of Game Modes and Maps - Combat is engaged on a number of different 7 different game modes across 9 beautifully detailed maps. Game modes includes classics such Team Death Match, Domination, Capture the Flag, and Kill Confirmed while introducing new favorites likes Netwar.
  • Private Servers - Want to scrim with your clan mates? Challenge someone 1vs1? The private server option allows Agents to set up their own password protected server away from the pesky trolls.
  • Spectator Mode - Learn tips and tricks from the top players in Spectator mode, or simply enjoy the chaos from the best seat in the house.


    • OS:Windows® XP / Vista / Windows 7 (32-bit)
    • Processor:Dual-Core CPU
    • Memory:2 GB RAM
    • Graphics:256MB DX9 GPU (Geforce 8xxx or Radeon HD2xxx)
    • DirectX®:9.0c
    • Hard Drive:8 GB HD space
    • Sound:DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card
    • Other Requirements:Broadband Internet connection
    • OS:Windows 7 (64-bit)
    • Processor:Quad-Core CPU
    • Memory:4 GB RAM
    • Graphics:1GB+ DX11 GPU
    • DirectX®:9.0c
    • Hard Drive:8 GB HD space
    • Sound:DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card
    • Other Requirements:Broadband Internet connection
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多半好评 (14,002 篇评测)
( 116.1 小时(记录在案的) )
Things could be better, A few balances here and there. The money system is bleh, I enjoy it a bit, but they could have done more with the wep building. Ultimately everyone builds meta guns.

Unlike MW2 or so, One player was great with the M4 VS the ACR. Basically every gun is same the gun with a few minor differences imo. However the game is still fun, It's not pay to win, everything is obtainable in game, and can be achieved quite fast. Good game, I enjoy it, And with the Blaklight Community editor introduced I think Blacklight might be going somewhere. So all in all if you want to play a few year old shooter with a twist, try Blacklight out and see for yourself.
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( 1.4 小时(记录在案的) )


是否有价值? 欢乐
( 10.7 小时(记录在案的) )
Product received for free
i used to love this game . . . ♥♥♥♥
是否有价值? 欢乐
Hey Thats Pretty Good
( 2.8 小时(记录在案的) )
Product received for free
Pretty fun game, its fast pace, its free for the most part, and it seems alot of people are still playing it.
是否有价值? 欢乐
Gabe is Wack
( 45.8 小时(记录在案的) )
Product received for free
>Plugs in wired xbox controller
>Realizes mouse and controller both respond
>Gets friend
>Gets on server
>Alternate mouse fire and trigger fire at high speeds
>Pump 12 bullets in less than a second
>Gets blamed for hacks
>Banned from 27 servers
>True story
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( 20.3 小时(记录在案的) )
Game is fun
是否有价值? 欢乐
Solid Forehead
( 1.5 小时(记录在案的) )
It's OK.
是否有价值? 欢乐
( 14.1 小时(记录在案的) )
是否有价值? 欢乐
( 33.7 小时(记录在案的) )
Product received for free
This has managed to be the only FPS game that I enjoy. However i mostly use it to laugh at the ways the bodies fall and to girpe about the "hackers" and the Hackers. but lots of fun, and its free, all the guns and armor are attainable through ingame money, however different colors, styles, some logos, and things of that nature are not.
是否有价值? 欢乐
BoneBreaker- Clown
( 41.6 小时(记录在案的) )
MY: Life.exe
是否有价值? 欢乐
Helix Vaetis
( 16.0 小时(记录在案的) )
A decent game that can entertain you for some time. I enjoyed it for it's approachability thanks to the Parity patch, but now I am starting to wish that I could play this wonderful game pre-Parity.
是否有价值? 欢乐
Paladin Allister
( 8.2 小时(记录在案的) )
blacklight retribution is a good game
是否有价值? 欢乐
( 7.0 小时(记录在案的) )
Product received for free
Before the patch, it was an amazing game. This was the game that introduced me to the "gaming world." Right after the patch, my computer had problems running the game and it wouldn't patch all together. Months later I came back to it to try it again and it patched and I played. It ruined the game for me. They made many horrible changes to my favorite PC first person shooter game. Don'r install.
是否有价值? 欢乐
( 76.6 小时(记录在案的) )
Product received for free
multiplayer fast action first person shooter. build up your equipment and armor. very fun, if you used to play unreal 2003 back then, this is the next generation game that will get you hooked like that. hard to pull myself away.
是否有价值? 欢乐
( 26.9 小时(记录在案的) )
是否有价值? 欢乐
BOT llumlnatl
( 3.5 小时(记录在案的) )
Poor Optimization.Dont play it if u don't have good rig.It won't run for sure.
是否有价值? 欢乐
( 1.8 小时(记录在案的) )
game is complete ♥♥♥♥
是否有价值? 欢乐
( 10.3 小时(记录在案的) )
lavin da game brooooooooooooos really gooooooooood try it
是否有价值? 欢乐
( 3.8 小时(记录在案的) )
Played it a lot off of steam. This game is just a Parity of its former self.
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最有价值的评测  在过去的 30 天内
49 人中有 39 人(80%)觉得这篇评测有价值
有 3 人觉得这篇评测很欢乐
148.9 小时(记录在案的)
This game has been destroyed for me. I stopped playing last year, decided to return and it turns out that every single thing i had bought, including all items bought with real money, have been stripped from me with no refund whatsoever. I spent a lot of time and money getting those and i have been robbed.
And it wasnt just me that got robbed, every single player had their accounts reset like this.
Dont let these hacks con you out of any of your money.

TLDR: The gameplay is fine, but the economy is trash and you only stand to lose if you spend real money on this.
这篇评测是否有价值? 欢乐
49 人中有 37 人(76%)觉得这篇评测有价值
有 2 人觉得这篇评测很欢乐
86.3 小时(记录在案的)
One of my all-time favorite fps and actually introduced me to Steam all together. The new patch months ago was a total joke. So many terrible changes made to the game, you couldn't fit it on a list.
这篇评测是否有价值? 欢乐
18 人中有 14 人(78%)觉得这篇评测有价值
有 1 人觉得这篇评测很欢乐
172.1 小时(记录在案的)
Don't know what I did wrong, but all the things I got during my 172 hours playing, disappeared after The Patch.
这篇评测是否有价值? 欢乐
12 人中有 10 人(83%)觉得这篇评测有价值
有 1 人觉得这篇评测很欢乐
131.3 小时(记录在案的)
They took a great game. Abandoned it for the cash cow that is consoles, and then they decided that they could still get money out of PC over a year later, so they updated the PC version to be parallel with the console version. And overnight they made it one huge stinking turd.

the tldr; the first and last sentence, They took a great game, and overnight they made it one huge stinking turd.

(Disclaimer; the majority of my play hours were from before the steam launch, and therefore are not reflected on my steam hour count)

EDIT: btw, when you start the launcher, and login, the launcher imbeds internet explorer as their login device. Even if internet explorer isn't your default program anymore. And well. Internet Explorer just about sums up everything they turned the game into.
这篇评测是否有价值? 欢乐
16 人中有 12 人(75%)觉得这篇评测有价值
388.8 小时(记录在案的)
I loved this game. I poured hundreds of hours on and off the steam version and to see it in this kind of state makes me feel like a part of my past is dying. Honestly i cant reccomend it at the moment, but i do hope the devs are doing there best.
这篇评测是否有价值? 欢乐
7 人中有 7 人(100%)觉得这篇评测有价值
521.3 小时(记录在案的)
Hackers started appearing as well if the minimal recoil and spread weren't bad enough. When/If this game will get a balancing patch which basically sets it back to the Pre-"Parity" patch update state (spread and recoil wise), then I'd say this game is recommendable. But not right now. Currently, it's poop compared to Pre-"Parity".
这篇评测是否有价值? 欢乐
7 人中有 6 人(86%)觉得这篇评测有价值
398.7 小时(记录在案的)
Basicly, if you have been playing since it started , great, like me you still have all your gear and they have you extra perks to gain more gp and exp. if you are just starting then it's rubbish. Everything unbalanced for everyone, even when you have been playing it for 3 years. It's just a port from the ps4 and only has ps4 controller support, is you so wish to use one, and no configuring options to. Sort out the game, it's very annoying that you has a very good game and then got rid of it, just do down grade.

The new additions of maps and items are cool, but the game broke.
这篇评测是否有价值? 欢乐
4 人中有 4 人(100%)觉得这篇评测有价值
0.1 小时(记录在案的)
The steam version wouldn't work for me so I got the ARC version and have played a few hours of it.
All of it's problems:
4 starting weapons, all are horrible and have accuracy problems.
Everyone else is super high levels with really customized weapons, thus outclassing you doubly.
Really stupid currency system that takes forever to earn even small amounts.
Since you have horrible guns, earning currency is even harder then it should be.
The game is literally making you need to use microtransactions to be good at the game fromn the start, it's not fair at all when you begin.

The customization is fun though if we were allowed to use more parts and didn't have to pay for them with microtransactions or massive amounts of in-game currency.

1.1 / 10
这篇评测是否有价值? 欢乐
6 人中有 5 人(83%)觉得这篇评测有价值
有 2 人觉得这篇评测很欢乐
3.8 小时(记录在案的)
Netcode worse than Battlefield 4 at launch.
这篇评测是否有价值? 欢乐
13 人中有 8 人(62%)觉得这篇评测有价值
有 3 人觉得这篇评测很欢乐
4 人中有 3 人(75%)觉得这篇评测有价值
94.4 小时(记录在案的)
To be honest, I really like the version which was playable a couple of months ago.
I took a break and noticed that a new patch/upgrade has been executed...

It really ruined the game for me, a couple of things (including proximity mines) were removed.

At the moment this game really is not worth playing anymore.
I prefer CS:GO at the moment, shame... this game really had potential.
这篇评测是否有价值? 欢乐
6 人中有 4 人(67%)觉得这篇评测有价值
7.5 小时(记录在案的)
Product received for free
This game is terrible. You die way too fast in this game which makes it very beneficail to camp next to a door. If you get shot at you most likely die and there is only one set of good guns (the smg's) because its not about anything but fire rate.
这篇评测是否有价值? 欢乐
8 人中有 5 人(63%)觉得这篇评测有价值
53.0 小时(记录在案的)
Product received for free
Stopped playing cuz hackers, aim hackers, wallers...♥♥♥♥ that...
这篇评测是否有价值? 欢乐
5 人中有 3 人(60%)觉得这篇评测有价值
157.6 小时(记录在案的)
Product received for free
Just came back from a long time without playing... They totally fked up. Parity update was the end of this game.
这篇评测是否有价值? 欢乐
5 人中有 3 人(60%)觉得这篇评测有价值
42.7 小时(记录在案的)
Product received for free
Let me be honest - Blacklight Retribution wasnt nearly as fun as it was in the beta.

The game has changed really, the ability to perma-buy guns with in game credits was tosses out the window in favor of "Buy it with in game credits or forget owning it" - which indicates a Pay-To-Win culture and they're intentionally hounding you to buy it. Aside from that, the same goes for attachments and other items such as armors. It's disappointing and in a sense greedy.

Along with that, the games doesn't feel like it used to with the classic UI it had before, none of this 'Sub-menu' bull that it's trying to pull now. Along with that, every time you hover over an icon, it makes a rather loud and annoying select sound like smashing a head against an empty tin drum.

The gameplay isn't much better than before -no new maps or game modes from what I saw, same people camping or using over powered weapons in CQC maps, it does get old after a while. It's not good anymore, it's more of a heaping mess of what Call of Duty Advanced Warfare is than what it used to be.
这篇评测是否有价值? 欢乐
5 人中有 3 人(60%)觉得这篇评测有价值
5.6 小时(记录在案的)
This game gets a thumbs down it wont even patch i remember it used to fun to play but now all it is, is watch the patch bar wait for it then boom patch fail checck log for errors thats it.
这篇评测是否有价值? 欢乐
7 人中有 4 人(57%)觉得这篇评测有价值
377.2 小时(记录在案的)
This is a superb shooter, but the community is dead. Actually, BLR is one of the most original and innovative shooters of all time. It's a crying shame the community went down the drain. Literally I've cried.

The devs alienated most of the playerbase. Fortunately they did so simply by changing game mechanics; not by mutating BLR into a P2W dumpster fire like so many others. The gameplay is now a zero-recoil laserpointer fight. Don't spend money on this game - it's dying slowly.

When 600+ hour players are leaving, you know it's time to call quits. ;,(

Back in the day, I’d say 11/10, but now it’s a solid 6/10.

Blacklight, I will always cherish my memories - like the time I sniped an explosive tomahawk out of the air with my pistol, destroying a hardsuit and proximity mine which killed everyone on the other team.
这篇评测是否有价值? 欢乐
13 人中有 7 人(54%)觉得这篇评测有价值
有 7 人觉得这篇评测很欢乐
38.9 小时(记录在案的)
"Hmmm... looks like fun, and its free, ill try it"

*Downloads game*

*Launches game*

*Plays Tutorial*

"Hmm... I'm liking it so far"

*Joins server*

*Realize that I have been missing out on one of the greatest FTP FPS games EVER*


100/10 would headshot someone with a throwable C4 hatchet again while jumping off a elevator and then blow up his friend with the same axe again

这篇评测是否有价值? 欢乐
2 人中有 1 人(50%)觉得这篇评测有价值
2 人中有 1 人(50%)觉得这篇评测有价值