Le mélange parfait d'action, d'exploration et d'une histoire pleine de boss, d'éléments uniques du jeu de plate-formes et des énigmes innovantes.
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Date de parution : 31 mai 2012

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À propos de ce jeu

700 years before the events of Ys I & II, the land of Ys was on the brink of destruction. Demons came in droves and forced the twin Goddesses who ruled the land to whisk their subjects away from the surface, into the safe embrace of the clouds. The demons were persistent, however, erecting a massive tower in pursuit. The battle that raged upon the ground had begun ascending for a second round up above.

One day, amidst this turmoil, the Goddesses stole away into the night, vanishing from Ys altogether. And there's only one place they could have gone: the Devil's Tower.

A search party of knights and sorcerers was hastily formed and dispatched to the surface in hopes of retrieving these runaway deities. Among its members were apprentice knight Yunica Tovah and troubled sorcerer Hugo Fact.

This is their story. Or at least, it's how each of them remembers it.

Expanding upon the gameplay elements introduced in Ys: The Ark of Napishtim and further developed in Ys: The Oath in Felghana, Ys Origin perfects the formula by adding different styles of play and new features never before seen in the Ys universe. Best described as an arcade-like platformer RPG with Metroidvania elements and a complex, multi-faceted narrative, Ys Origin is the perfect mix of action, exploration and story. Screen-filling bosses with complex AI, unique platforming elements, innovative puzzles and a deeply involving mystery await within the wildly varied confines of this classic Ys dungeon.

Come see how long you can last in the Devil's Tower...

Key Features:

  • Officially available in English for the very first time.
  • Three unique playable characters in story mode, with additional variations (and characters?) unlockable through other modes.
  • Five difficulty levels ranging from "Very Easy" for casual players to "Nightmare" for true Ys masters.
  • Unlockable "Time Attack" and "Boss Rush" modes for anyone looking to show off his/her boss-taming abilities.
  • Unlockable Arena Mode pits players against massive hordes of enemies for unique gameplay rewards.
  • Over 40 unique Steam Achievements, Steam Cloud support and hundreds of highly competitive leaderboards.
  • Minutely configurable high-resolution graphics with true widescreen support.
  • Fully adjustable controls supporting virtually any USB gamepad, as well as a standard keyboard and mouse setup.

Configuration requise

    Minimum :
    • Système d'exploitation : XP
    • Processeur : Pentium III / 1 GHz
    • Mémoire vive : 1 Go de RAM
    • Affichage : Carte vidéo comportant 64 Mo de mémoire vidéo et compatible DirectX 9.0c
    • DirectX® : 9.0c
    • Disque dur : 2 Go d'espace disque disponible
    • Son : Carte son compatible DirectX 9.0c
    Recommandée :
    • Système d'exploitation : XP, Vista, 7, compatible 64-bit
    • Processeur : Pentium4 / 1.3 GHz ou supérieure
    • Mémoire vive : 1 Go de RAM
    • Affichage : Carte vidéo comportant 64 Mo de mémoire vidéo et compatible DirectX 9.0c
    • DirectX® : 9.0c
    • Disque dur : 2 Go d'espace disque disponible
    • Son : Carte son compatible DirectX 9.0c
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( 15.9 heures en tout )
Posté le : 4 mai
This little gem of an ARPG doesn't do a whole lot but what it does, it does extremely well.

The story & setting are similar to the likes of Dredd and/or The Raid: Redemption in that this game takes place in a single tower. You start on the first floor as one of three characters (only two initially unlocked) and fight your way up, to deal with at the top. Along the way you can appreciate some awesome...

[1] Boss fights. The Ys series is known for its boss fights and these are no exception. They're tough, without ever feeling cheap.

[2] Pacing. The game typically involves 2 or 3 floors of regular enemies (who can be quite tough!) between each boss fight. You'll usually need to explore these thoroughly in order to find the key to the boss and any equipment upgrades. Yet these intermediate sections don't overstay their welcome. And it's entirely possible to run through them if needed.

[3] Polish. The camera works. The controls work. The game provides proper feedback. Everything feels smooth and responsive, which makes the game a joy to play purely at the tactile level.

[4] The music. Ys music is awesome.

On these strengths, I give the game a thumbs up. If you like ARPGs, this one is sharp and sleek. It'll provide about 10-15 hours of gameplay for the first playthrough. If you really like it, it's then got two other characters as well as boss attack / timed modes (though keep in mind the leaderboard is dominated by cheaters).

Do keep in mind, however, that this game doesn't offer as varied an experience as other RPGs. Gear progression is strictly linear. Though each boss and its levels have different environmental themes (sand, lava, etc), there's ultimately not much variety in setting. You certainly aren't doing any globe-trotting. The story is serviceable, rather than inspired. So know what you're getting into.

DIFFICULTY RECOMMENDATION: Ys games can be tough, but provide a variety of difficulties to compensate. This one has very easy, easy, medium, hard, and nightmare. I, personally, wouldn't recommend ANYONE play below medium. If you don't want a challenge, then play a different game. As a veteran gamer, I chose to start on hard. A good choice. Challenging, but never insurmountable. I had to look up only one boss fight - mostly because I misunderstood a mechanic. When I did the boss attack mode on medium after, I beat most fights on my first try. I wouldn't recommend Nightmare for your first playthrough. It'll be tough to learn the fights while simultaneously worrying about timing, aim, and movement.
( 8.3 heures en tout )
Posté le : 1 mai
I'm stronk but I can't kill the turtles =/ feelsbadman
( 45.0 heures en tout )
Posté le : 30 avril
10/10 play it.
( 18.9 heures en tout )
Posté le : 30 avril
8/10 Great art style and fluid gameplay
( 1.5 heures en tout )
Posté le : 29 avril
very good game its fun and country to what some say is repetitive a very intresting and creative experience
( 20.6 heures en tout )
Posté le : 26 avril
This game is extremely underrated. Go and buy it!!!!!
( 9.5 heures en tout )
Posté le : 21 avril
A Succint Review:
Good story
Good character playability variety
Well designed levels
Well designed shootyshooty smackyslashy combat
Boss fights are fantastic
It all takes place in one tower, so replayability feels.... dead
Otaku King
( 12.8 heures en tout )
Posté le : 20 avril
An amazing prequel to the Ys series, which uses many mechanics from Oathe in Felghana and pits you against the classic Ys bosses with 3 playable characters. A must play for any Ys fan
( 19.1 heures en tout )
Posté le : 17 avril
Awesome prequel. This is what happened before Y's 1... kinda got me thinking that Adol is Hugo's decendant or something. Anyway. game is very nicely made. another one that proves you dont need the most advanced graphics to be a good game. This is like a Triforce.... A harmonious union of Gameplay, story and graphics. Otherwise known as... a video game.
hotdog Ɛݙ 🐝 Bzzz
( 32.6 heures en tout )
Posté le : 17 avril
People will argue whether this or Felghana is the better game and nobody is actually wrong because they're both great.
( 14.5 heures en tout )
Posté le : 13 avril
Damn one of the best action JRPG what i ever played....i'm really happy what i'm bought something from YS series, guys its not waste of money. Try and play that cool game, with good story!
( 67.6 heures en tout )
Posté le : 10 avril
A fun little action/RPG to kill time with, especially if you are a fan of the series as a whole. The music is good and the graphics are good for a game that was developed over ten years ago. Only problem is that the game is repetitive and that there is not much difference in gameplay if you are playing multiple playthroughs Still a solid game nonetheless

( 5.5 heures en tout )
Posté le : 10 avril
Fun and appropriately challenging button masher hack'n'slash, but gets very repetitive very quick.

It has incredible music, so it saves this from getting a negative recommendation.
( 32.0 heures en tout )
Posté le : 30 mars
A fun, fast-paced action rpg with good music and offer selectable characters for the first time in the series. Graphics are a bit dated but still looks good.
( 78.1 heures en tout )
Posté le : 26 mars
Ys Origin tells a wonderful and engaging story about a group of heroes that journey to a war torn world below to find their missing Dieties.

I would absolutely reccommend this game. The gameplay mechanics are pretty well developed and the game itself has quite a bit more depth than I had initially believed.
( 18.0 heures en tout )
Posté le : 25 mars
If you are looking for a more action oriented Zelda game this is exactly for you! Ys Origin in the tale of 3 protagonist on the quest to find the Goddesses of the floating land of Ys. Prepare for fun cobmat and difficult as hell boss fights!

( 8.7 heures en tout )
Posté le : 19 mars
Great game. The graphics are not bad, the gameplay and the stories are good.
Just the problem is that you all make in the same tower so it can be a little bit boring.
But rereplay value, different characters and stories and the bosses are not so easy to beat (for now I play in normal).
Oscar The Grouch [CP]
( 26.0 heures en tout )
Posté le : 14 mars
The more I immerse myself in the Ys series, the more enamored I become. This is one solid little franchise. There are so many things that Falcom does right in caring for this classic property, and I have high hopes for future Ys games I will be playing.

This is yet another perfect little charming gem of an action RPG. It mixes 2D sprite animation and seamless 3D architecture to create a style both retro and timeless. The care and attention payed to the characters, story, music, and ys heritage is truly admirable.

Design wise, this game is a typical dungeon crawl, but the challenge is quite thrilling during boss fights. The exploration aspect can get a bit tedious if you play through the game multiple times in quick succession, but I imagine this can be offset by tweaking difficulty levels to your liking.

On that note, the story of Ys Origin plays out with a Roshamon style redundancy; with three individual character's story-lines. Much of the joy of this game comes from experiencing the events of the narrative from these different perspectives. Granted, there are slight differences in each Character's narrative, with only one (Claw's) considered 'cannon', but walking through the game in each of their shoes lets you become much more familiar with the characters and the world in which they live. I can't imagine having only played through this game with a single character, and I found each separate run interesting and challenging due to the different play mechanics.

It's a faithful loveletter to the Lore Falcom has developed for Ys over the last several decades. The characters, the settings, and even the music is heavily inspired by past games in the franchise. Now at the time of this writing, I had managed to play the steam releases of Ys 1&2, as well as Oath in Felghana (remake of ys 3). These games stand perfectly fine on their own story wise, and it is absolutely unnecessary for anyone to have any prior knowledge of the franchise to get your money's worth. That being said, each entry also helps to paint a beautifully detailed picture of a larger whole. Falcom seem quite devoted to the world they've created, and the relationship between games is actually quite nuanced.

I'm so very glad I played through this, and I encourage everyone to take it for a spin. If you're only interested in a charming hack 'n slash romp, by all means coast through it. If you're at all interested in the story of Ys, I very much encourage you to experience each story line. On the lower difficulties, each play through should take about 8 hours. I, myself, played the first round on normal, then coasted through the next two on easier settings for a total playtime of 26 hours.
Dogi ( ゚ ヮ゚)
( 18.6 heures en tout )
Posté le : 11 mars
No walls crushed.
Monsieur B.
( 15.6 heures en tout )
Posté le : 8 mars
J'ai bien apprécié ce jeu, même si je le classerais davantage dans le style Hack'n Slash que dans le style RPG.

Parmi les deux héros disponibles au début du jeu, j'ai choisi Yunica et parmi les cinq difficultés, j'ai pris la plus facile. Mon avis à propos de ce jeu est donc en fonction de ces deux choix.

Ce que j'ai moins apprécié

Premièrement, à propos de la durée du jeu, elle n'est pas très longue. En ce qui me concerne, j'ai débloqué tous les bonus du personnage et j'ai tué tous les ennemis autant de fois que nécessaire pour avoir toutes leurs caractéristiques dans le livre des monstres et en bout de ligne, le jeu m'a pris moins d'une quinzaine d'heures. Si j'avais fait ce jeu sans cette montée en niveau excessive, il m'aurait pris probablement le tiers de ce temps, voire moins.

Il est bien entendu possible de sélectionner une autre difficulté au jeu, qui permet à ce que la montée en niveau soit plus lente, mais pourquoi choisir cette option? Si je voulais du défi, je pourrais prendre la difficulté la plus facile et battre le moins de montres possibles pour monter le moins possible en niveauT Pourquoi vouloir consciemment ralonger la partie la plus chiante du jeu, soit la montée en niveau, à moins de vouloir des trophées Steam?

Concernant les trophées Steam justement, je trouve que le jeu n'est pas très généreux. Pour en obtenir pour certains boss, il faut passer le jeu avec deux ou trois personnages, ce qui signifie refaire totalement le jeu deux ou trois fois. J'ai suffisament aimé le jeu pour envisager le refaire un jour avec un autre personnage, mais après cette longue et pénible expérience de montée en niveau, ce ne sera pas immédiatement. J'ai d'autres jeux à faire!

J'aurais aimé un mode nouvelle partie + où il aurait été possible de monter plus vite en niveau avec le personnage suivant et où les bonus seraient tous débloqués, afin d'éviter de faire de nouveau, un deuxième et une troisième fois, la partie pénible du jeu. Ça aurait été très apprécié et ça n'aurait rien enlevé au jeu que d'offrir cette possibilité, sans pour autant la rendre obligatoire.

Ce que j'ai davantage apprécié

Ce que j'ai le plus aimé dans ce jeu, c'est le gameplay en tant que tel, si on exclue la montée en niveau. Toute l'action se passe dans une seule tour, mais pourtant, on n'a pas l'impression d'être toujours au même endroit. La maniabilité du personnage se fait généralement très bien. Il est possible de donner plusieurs coups d'enchaînement afin d'avoir des bonus de poins d'expériences, ce qui donne une certaine fluidité, je dirais même un certain rythme, aux combats qu'il y a sur le chemin du personnage.

Les techniques qui utilisent les points de magie sont peu nombreuses (il y en a trois), mais cette simplicité donne un charme au jeu. On n'a pas à se casser la tête avec des dizaines d'attaques comme dans les autres jeux où de toutes façons on finit toujours par utiliser les deux ou trois plus fortes (ou plus montées en niveau). Là, on a un choix limité de techniques, mais elles ont toutes une force équivalente, tout étant relatif à la situation et sur les ennemis sur lesquels elles sont utilisées.

La musique, comme toujours, est excellente. Elle n'est pas mémorable comme dans les jeux cultes où le scénario combiné aux musiques nous fait vivre plein d'émotions, mais elle est efficace et donne l'envie de continuer d'être toujours dans le feu de l'action.

La possibilité de choisir différents niveaux de difficulté est très bienvenue pour des personnes comme moi. Moins de combats nécessaires pour la montée en niveau, c'est très apprécié.

Mon avis à propos de ce jeu est donc très mitigé. Je lui donne la note de 7 sur 10.
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5.5 heures en tout
Posté le : 10 avril
Fun and appropriately challenging button masher hack'n'slash, but gets very repetitive very quick.

It has incredible music, so it saves this from getting a negative recommendation.
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20.1 heures en tout
Posté le : 26 février
For god sakes those who say this game is not recommeded I don't know if you are a freaking person.

Glad this is overwhelmingly positive reviews the game deserves it.
Hope all Y's Games will be on steam and sale or not definitely worth the penny.

The excuses for negative reviews

No pauses in boss battles (just like online games) so don't bother on your keyboard to press it all because it is disabled in this game
Super overwhelming challenging bosses (another reason for negative reviews just because it is not an easy RPG that you always love doesn't mean its already negative? ergh !?
The infamous unskippable cutscenes ! (the most stupid reason for negative reviews) One guy there give this a negative just because its unskippable and did not play the game. Wtf!? Insane humanity is nowaday. BAW GAWD ! help us.

Now to move on why this game is highly recommeded

Great music nostalga soundtrack - Yup the feels sometimes I stop grinding and going to my inventory to listen some piece of great music.
Grinding/Lvl up/Mobs- The least best on this game for me but still an awesome dungeon crawler game.
3 Playable characters- Not like other ys games this is the most polish and well made ys gamer ever (for me) !
Godlike badass bosses-The boss from start to finish is insanely hard even in very easy difficulty. You must study the bosses power and trick to beat them takes time and patient to beat all bosses. Special mention the boss fight music is insanely badass. Downloaded ys origin OST ! download it too if you want . :)
Story/Art/Graphics- Well written amazing art nostalga graphics. Not just that the story slighty change when you play a different a character.
Overall Gameplay Experience- Amazing one of the best JRPGs that I've ever played the best Ys game ever. I love dungeon crawling I love the dungeon challenges and mostly I love the search party crew. If you don't like challenges,trial and error and nostalgic feeling then stay out of this game.

11/10 One of the best games I've played.
Price is just about right but recommeded buying it on sale or not :)

Still hoping all ys game will be on steam. :3

Sorry for my english and grammar I'm an asian please spare me :D
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5 personne(s) sur 6 (83%) ont trouvé cette évaluation utile
97.9 heures en tout
Posté le : 9 février
Just about everything important is well made in this game. The gameplay is satisfying with its RPG elements, action based combat and simple platforming, the soundtrack is absolutely great and fitting for the gameplay, the main characters are surprisingly interesting and the bosses offer plenty of challenge, really requiring you to learn their patterns and time your attacks correctly especially on higher difficulties. Even the story has its moments despite never being invasive, and the graphics are pleasant enough in all their simplicity. My only slight gripe with the game comes from its few heavily compressed animated cutscenes which could've looked smoother.

The game will initially take you about 8-12 hours to finish, but it has three different characters with different storylines and slightly different events, and I strongly suggest that you take the time to finish the game with every character if you want to get the most out of it and its story. As such, the replay value is strong especially if you're going for achievements which the game is almost designed for with its multiple difficulties, unlockables and the boss rush mode where you fight all the bosses of the game in a marathon setting. If going for full completion though, the replay value eventually depletes and the process turns into more of a grind towards the end of it.

The combat consists of slashing and blasting through numbers of enemies with a combination of regular and special attacks while jumping around platforms and structures, avoiding enemy hits and collecting the currency and temporary power ups that they drop, all while the speedy and melodic soundtrack is playing at the background. Most of the depth and challenge comes from the tried and true mechanic of dodging and timing, which is very apparent in the several boss fights the game will throw at you. On harder difficulties you'll have to retry several times to get the patterns down properly, and while you can overlevel yourself by one or two levels with some extra grind to make many bosses noticeably more doable, in boss rush you have no such luxury. On the other hand if you just want to sit back and chill, the game has easier difficulties as well.

Overall, YS Origin is a simple but solid ARPG that I can recommend to anyone.
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78.1 heures en tout
Posté le : 26 mars
Ys Origin tells a wonderful and engaging story about a group of heroes that journey to a war torn world below to find their missing Dieties.

I would absolutely reccommend this game. The gameplay mechanics are pretty well developed and the game itself has quite a bit more depth than I had initially believed.
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14.3 heures en tout
Posté le : 26 novembre 2015
Just like all games in the Ys series, what you're getting with this title is a fast-paced action RPG. The regular enemies are mostly an easy grind, but the boss battles are a different story. If there is another thing the Ys series has a reputation for, it's grueling boss battles that often require multiple attempts and still manage to decimate your HP even if you emerge the victor.

The one major downside to Ys Origin is that----unlike previous Ys games that involved exploring an overworld, traveling to different towns, and exploring different dungeons---Ys Origin is just one non-stop slash-fest through a single extremely long dungeon. While the dungeon wallpaper does change somewhat as you make progress, the entire dungeon pretty much feels exactly the same, which can leave you feeling bored of the scenery hours before reaching the final boss.

The game also has multiple characters with which to complete the campaign as well as an unlockable arena mode. If you are the kind of person who likes that kind of extra content and you like the action of the game enough that you feel like making one more go through the dungeon all over again with a second character, then you will be pleased to have the option. As for me, I personally got too bored of being trapped inside the one neverending dungeon for 14 hours, so the idea of doing it all over again just to play with a different skill set for fourteen MORE hours does not sufficiently entice me. Since the game is somewhat of a grindfest (especially near the end), I just don't find the replay value to be nearly that high. Still, it is a great bonus for those who want an extra challenge or just haven't eaten their fill of the hacking and slashing yet.

I feel like I only have one major gripe with the game, which is that the designer chose to arbitrarily disable your ability to pause the game or access the main menu during boss fights or cut scenes (which--to make matters worse--are unskippable). When I raised this concern to other players, some came to its defense explaining that it is an intentional design decision to keep you from swapping equipment in battles. However, I don't think that is a very good excuse. One very well could have disabled access to the inventory/equipment screen only. But making it impossible to pause the game or open the main menu means that, for example, if you decide that you want to QUIT the game during a boss battle, then your only option is to Alt+F4 or kill it via task manager. Both of those are easy enough to do, sure, and yet I can't help but feel like this is an obtuse and unwieldy measure taken for a small design nitpick. The fact that you can't skip cut scenes or even open the main menu during cut scenes seems even less excusable, since there can be no game design argument for it.

Small gripes aside, if you are at all a JRPG fan/enthusiast and want to slash up some monsters in an action RPG, I'd recommend giving it a whirl.

As for the other question: is it worth twenty whole dollars? I personally feel like $20 is slightly steep for this one. $15 feels like a good maximum price to me. $10 or below is a bargain. Therefore, using the rating scale below, I rate the game at around a 4.

7) A classic, essential, and/or must-buy game that is worth full price.
6) A good game that is worth the full price.
5) A pretty good game worth checking out--especially if discounted.
4) A pretty good game, but I would recommend buying it discounted.
3) Worth checking out, but I would recommend buying it heavily discounted.
2) Only worth checking out if you are dangerously curious.
1) Avoid at all costs.
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34.1 heures en tout
Posté le : 12 décembre 2015
Great game, have enjoyed playing it very much. most negative reviews are from people who are either bothered by cutscenes or idiots who cant even stand a little challange. Music is so awesome, i even downloaded the complete OST. stop reading this just buy and play it
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159.6 heures en tout
Posté le : 11 janvier
Ys Origin is an outstanding game. As an action/adventure, it lets you crawl run through dungeons with awesome music and big, bad bosses. The combat is fast-paced and satisfying, so much that you may want to grind even if you don't have to. Bosses range from challenging to hard, though you can choose them to be pushovers or soulcrushingly difficult depending on the difficulty level.

The clear main focuses of the game are combat and boss battles, both of which are amazingly well done. In higher difficulties, bosses don't just get more health and damage; their abilities work differently and have shorter recovery times.

Compared to Oath in Felghana, Origin has three playable characters in story mode, bonus modes such as arena, and is overall more polished, though it's a little more linear and less RPG-y.

Hacking and slashing monsters has never been so much fun before.
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51.4 heures en tout
Posté le : 8 décembre 2015
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85.9 heures en tout
Posté le : 20 décembre 2015
I can't recommend this game enough, I just love it. From the music to the art to the simplistic, yet endearing story, this game is a must have for every action jrpg player.
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24.8 heures en tout
Posté le : 3 décembre 2015
Just beat my third Ys game. Prior to this I beat Ys: The Oath in Felghana and Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim.
Thus ends the modern Ys games on Steam. Seriously bring more of these games on here!

+Graphics are hugely improved over Oath (Backgrounds, attack animations, cut scenes.)
+Great Sound Track (As usual.)
+Fast and fluid combat (On par with Oath.)
+Intersting Story (Who playes this for the story anyways?)
+I can still play with 2 different characters with different play styles (Played as Yunica = Similar to Adol.)
+Challenging boss fights (Everything besides bosses are easier than Oath.)
+Nice additions to combat such as SP and that Doble Boost thing.
-Your in a tower and it's pretty linear. No towns or villages.
-Can't skip scenes (Gets more irritating near the end of game.)
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13.7 heures en tout
Posté le : 10 novembre 2015
Do you like old school hack and slash RPGs? If the answer is yes, then I recommend that you play Ys Origin. It has some great boss fights and tight controls. Nothing else to say, check out the trailer and if you think it looks fun, then you'll have a blast. It's definitely one of my all time favorite action RPGs, along with the other 3D Ys games.
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16.0 heures en tout
Posté le : 4 décembre 2015
Forget how Anime or cutesy it looks - this is one of the best action adventure platformers i've ever played. The combat is fast and fulfilling and the boss fights are incredibly fun and very challenging - you MUST like boss fights or else the gameplay won't have much appeal to you. The game kind of reminds me of Zelda in that you fight your way through differently themed stages/levels (dungeons/temples) with the sole objective of reaching the level's boss. Although don't go thinking that the game offers anything more than pure, fast-paced action and a lightish story.

This is the first Ys game I've played and now I'm hooked. I can see why the Ys series has a dedicated following. On to play The Oath in Felghana next!
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Posté le : 12 décembre 2015
This game has enlightened me to one of the most amazing game series ever @_@
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Posté le : 29 décembre 2015
Outside of an awful RTS spinoff on the DS Origin was my first real taste of the Ys series, and it was a taste so good I've continued to buy up all subsequent releases on PC. An action RPG comprising of three separate character journeys through a rather large and complex tower, featuring many natural obstacles and puzzles to overcome. The game is certainly challenging with a combat system that is easy to get used to and offers layers of options to your fighting. You're likely to die to each boss as you figure out the tactics, making it so satisfying when you do break through. There are few other games that have demanded so much attention and kept me hooked throughout the way that Origin has done.

You can read a full review of this game here.
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Posté le : 28 décembre 2015
As a native French speaker, the girl speaking French with the Japanese accent at the beginning of the game gets me every time. 10/10. Would listen to Frenchanese again.
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Posté le : 18 janvier
Ys Origin is built on what is possibly the best ARPG engine out there, featuring fast and tense combat with responsive controls that requires a little strategic thinking. On top of that, the graphics manage to be impressively beautiful while retaining excellent system performance. The plot's pretty good, too - about as straightforward as you'd expect in a game like this, but I think the character development carries it, and the fact that there are three slightly different versions of it (one of which is unlocked by clearing the game once, has you initially fighting against the other protagonists, and includes additional plot revelations) improves replayability.

I do feel, though, like Falcom made a mistake with the difficulty levels and achievements - many mistakes, actually. For starters, SP (points for buying ability upgrades) gain rates are tied to difficulty level, and some upgrades are so exorbitantly expensive that getting the related achievements is only feasible by playing through and farming on the lowest difficulty level, which is so easy as to be boring. That's not the really crazy part, though. The crazy part is the extra outfit for one of the characters - let me say that again: it's just an alternate sprite, and an achievement to go with it - that requires beating the game at least 6 times, including 3 on nightmare difficulty, plus spending a lot of time in Arena Mode. Even if you just want to fight the unlockable optional boss, which I kinda do, you'll still have to do the 3 Nightmare runs and the grinding in Arena Mode. Now, I do have to give Falcom credit for making the higher difficulty levels challenging in ways that are a little more creative than damage dealt/taken adjustments. I already mentioned the SP gain rates (I think EXP is also affected to a lesser degree), and your special abilities have longer cooldowns, but the most noticeable difference is in the enemy AI: on higher difficulty levels, enemies will attack more frequently and aggressively, with bosses in particular saturating their lairs with hazards to your health, making the game not just more difficult, but also more exciting. Unfortunately, though, your chances of surviving still come down to experience level. A single level gain makes the difference between a boss fight you have absolutely no hope of winning and a boss fight you can probably clear with your character just barely still breathing if you practice a few times. Upgrades, of course, help too. And, remember, farming is slower on higher difficulties. What this means is that a Nightmare playthrough is basically a long, tedious grindfest punctuated by occasional intense boss battles. It doesn't help that all the dialogue, which ordinarily I'd appreciate, is all unskippable, and there's sometimes a lot of it immediately before a boss. I had been planning on getting as close to 100% completion as I reasonably could (Caress of Steel? Ha, ha, NO.), but having beating the game once with each of the three characters, including one Nightmare run, and cleared all but the last arena stage multiple times, it's gotten too repetitive, and I'm kinda sick of it now. Uninstalling for my own sanity.
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Posté le : 13 janvier
Recomended for peoples that wants an old school fast paced action game.
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Posté le : 9 décembre 2015
do you want to play something more difficult than Dark Souls?
well then, Ys Origin is your game!
+ full controller support
+ amazing story
+ challenging
+ great port
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Posté le : 7 janvier
It's a satisfying hack and slash game, but keep in mind, this is not a title for the intellectual gamer. I'll start by explaining what I don't like before what I do like.

(IMPORTANT - This game is not worth $19.99. Get it when it goes on sale.)

The writing is horrible and the game treats you like a baby that can't figure anything out on your own. For example, I entered a zone on the 12th floor that would quickly drain my HP simply by being there, forcing me to leave the area. When the character said that it felt like an evil sound boring into her head, I checked my inventory and saw the silver harmonica given to me by one of the goddesses. I figured "No brainer right? I just got this thing, so obviously this is the solution."

I go back into the zone and try using the harmonica, but it doesn't work. And not in the context that the character tried using it, but failed. I mean I went to use the item and got the equivalent of Prof. Oak saying "Now is not the time to use that."

No, you have to call somebody outside of the room, listen to a conversation, and have the character say bluntly that "Hey, look at this here harmonica. I'll betcha that will solve the problem." So now, I don't feel like somebody who used reasoning to deduce the solution to a problem. I feel like my hand is being held. (And yes, I know that the harmonica still doesn't technically work even after the conversation, but it still serves the purpose of progressing the game.)

And again, the writing is fanfiction levels of god awful. Maybe if the writing were better and didn't look like it was tailored to pre-teens, the story could possibly be decent. But with writing like this, there's no way any adult could enjoy it.


As for the good things about the game, despite not being the deepest combat system, it's very fast paced and feels extremely satisfying. I've played the game for about 6 hours now and I'm still not tired of the button mashy combat. Enemies spit out tons of resources after being defeated, giving that packrat portion of our minds a constant tickle.

My favorite part of the game would have to be the boss fights. Unlike other aspects that treat you like a child, these boss fights are pretty brutal. I'm playing the game on hard mode, and I've had to go through these fights at least 10 or so times before coming away victorious. I love that there's actually room to strategize in these fights. Like a giant centipede that drops poison time bombs from its destroyed body parts. Do you try your best to methodically clear out the bombs, or do you continue assaulting the boss and hope to outlast them? And while you do have the opportunity to go back and grind out some levels to make it easier, these bosses will still command all of your attention.

Overall, I don't believe the game is worth the asking price of $19.99. If the writing were better and if the zones actually had secrets and left more room for exploration, then it would be a no brainer. As it stands, Ys Origin is a fairly straightforward hack and slash that is very good when you're actually playing the game, but suffers when anybody opens their mouth. Again, get it on sale for sure. Around $4.99 is more than acceptable.

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Posté le : 13 décembre 2015
Another entry in the 3D Ys series in the vein of Oath in Felghana. If you like the current Ys, this game is for you.
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