ArcheBlade is a free to play 3D multiplayer fighting game that captures the essence of combo-based fighting games combined with unique game modes. Play as one of many characters and master your skills to become the best fighter.
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29 октября

Archeblade – Update V1.0.4.0027

New Update and Patch Notes
Hello fellow Archebladers! It’s been almost a month since the last update to the game, while I’m sure you’re all pretty accustomed to waiting a long time for updates, we thought it would be a good idea to wait a bit less than 3 years to release the next one

This update brings with it some much needed bugs fixes, better game performance, and some new content for you all to play around with. Also, by popular demand, the Archeblade Server Launch is now back and capable of launching all the new maps in the game! If you’re interested in some more detailed patch notes, you can find those below.

More updates are on their way, now that the team has gotten settled into the swing of things, expect much more content to be coming in the future! As always, you can check out the unofficial discord to connect with other Archeblade players as well as stay on top of current AB development! That’s all we have for now, thanks for your support and keep loving Archeblade! ~

(Un)Official Archeblade Discord:

Patch Notes V1.0.4.0027
New Content
  • Added new map: Nagas Pit Occupy style
  • Added a new ‘survival’ feature to single-player training room
  • Online and Offline training rooms are now separate maps
  • Summer Island
    Players can no longer hide under the bridge wrapping around the side
    Fixed some collision where players could leave the battlegrounds
  • Nagas Pit
    The pillars in the mid level now have collision
  • Steam Canal
    Fixed a hole in the train tunnel that Dic and Gaspar could get into
  • Undersiege / Night Undersiege
    Fixed a hole in the spawn house
  • Altar of War
    Elrath can no longer get out through the roof of the spawn rooms
    Fixed collision of the chains so players can no longer stand on them

New Content
  • New ‘Arena Match’ game type used by all ‘AM_’ map types, currently used by the Ruins map
    Players can only gain score through defeating each other in a ffa arena. Every kill give the winner of that arena 1 point, only the winner gets the points for the arena however.
  • Taunts can no longer be canceled by movement input or fire input
    They can still be canceled by rage moves, movement abilities, jumping, guarding, or other taunts
  • Ridika’s ascent movement ability now lasts .1 second after shift is released
    The ability will still stop regardless if stamina runs out or she reaches maximum ascent time

  • Fixed an error with gearup rendering the preview pawn during an incorrect tick group
  • Fixed an issue where double pressing 5 would reveal and invisible enemy
  • Camera can no longer be zoomed with scroll wheel
  • Animation hacks have been patched out of the game
  • Patched a cheat which allowed players to move and attack while guarding
  • Fixed a bug where the timer UI displayed match time seconds incorrectly
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    10 октября

    About the recent update...

    Hey! I'm sure a lot of you have noticed the update that recently came out and are a bit confused, so I'd just like to clear some things up.

    Codebrush, unfortunately, is no longer able to continue development of the game. For the time being, a community sourced dev team has been created to continue the development of Archeblade. With the current issue of new players being unable to join, the dev team decided it would be best to push out an update fixing this issue as well as include some minor bugfixes and new content. The team hopes to continue development of Archeblade as a community project, and add new content and balance fixes to a game that has not been updated in over 3 years!

    Yes, this does mean more updates are to come. The first few updates will only be minor changes, as it is important to make sure the team is assembled and capable. We'll try to keep the community updated as much as possible about current development and upcoming changes, as well as listening to your feedback and suggestions.

    If you do want to get involved, feel free to join the discord chat we've set up for Archeblade development, where you can talk to the devs and fellow Archebladers. You can find links in this thread:

    That's about all the info I have for now, but I hope everyone is excited and willing to stick around as we begin development for Archeblade again! We all believe Archeblade was an amazing game, and we hope to see it become an even more amazing game in the future!

    Once again, thanks for all your support, and thanks to the entire codebrush team for making this game exist!
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    “...'ArcheBlade’ Not Your Average Beat Em Up”
    IGM(Indie Game Magazine)

    Вышло обновление

    Об этой игре

    Сыграйте в файтинг на мультиплеерной арене! ArcheBlade — бесплатный мультиплеерный экшен, где команды игроков сражаются друг против друга. Вы можете выбрать одного из нескольких персонажей с собственным боевым стилем и комбо-ударами. ArcheBlade соединяет в себе сущность файтингов вроде Street Fighter и систему матчей как в MOBA играх. Вместо бездумного нажимания по одной клавише, игрокам необходимо внимательно следить за действиями собственного персонажа и противников, чтобы составлять комбо-удары, а также отражать и уклоняться от ударов в реальном времени.
    Следите за будущими обновлениями, в которых появятся новые персонажи, карты и игровые режимы!

    Лайкайте нашу страничку здесь:
    или фолловьте здесь:
    или на Google+:
    *Извините за страшную ссылку. Скоро исправим.

    Ключевые особенности:

    • Файтинг на мультиплеер - арене

      С игровыми элементами из файтингов и мультиплеером вы повеселитесь так, как никогда прежде. Играйте с друзьями или другими игроками по сети и оттачивайте навыки игры. Сотрудничайте с членами команды или играйте одни, чтобы сразить противников. Всё в ваших руках. Игра поддерживает битвы до 7 х 7. В будущем появятся новые игровые режимы.

    • Различные персонажи на выбор

      В вашем распоряжении персонажи с уникальными стилями ведения боя и комбо-ударами. В ArcheBlade есть целая сетка персонажей с интересными предысториями, основанными на одноименном корейском фэнтези романе. Вы вправе выбрать кого угодно: от сексуальной девушки с пушками до дворфа в робокостюме.

    • Боевые арены с разными целями и окружением

      На каждой арене есть своя цель: от командной битвы и захвата флага до «каждый сам за себя» и битвы по раундам. И кстати, всегда оглядывайтесь по сторонам, иначе вас может сбить поезд, или вы можете упасть с моста.

    • Бесплатная игра!

      Archeblade бесплатный! Не стесняйтесь, зовите друзей драться. С друзьями веселей.

    Системные требования

      • OS:Windows XP 32bit
      • Processor:Intel Core 2 Duo 1.86 GHz, AMD Athlon 64 X2 2GHz
      • Memory:2 GB RAM
      • Graphics:ATI HD3850, GTX250
      • DirectX®:9.0c
      • Hard Drive:1500 MB HD space
      • Other Requirements:Broadband Internet connection
      • OS:Windows 7 32/64bit
      • Processor:Intel Core i3 3GHz, AMD Phenom II X2 3GHz
      • Memory:4 GB RAM
      • Graphics:ATI HD4870, GTX460
      • DirectX®:9.0c
      • Hard Drive:1500 MB HD space
      • Other Requirements:Broadband Internet connection
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