De emotionele reis van vier ontwikkelaars terwijl ze geld, gezondheid en gezond verstand opofferen om hun levenslange droom om hun games met de wereld te delen realiseren.
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Releasedatum: 12 jun 2012

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"While not actually an anime, I feel that Phil Fish has some serious yandere moé appeal to him that makes this OVA worth watching."


“100% nieuw! Gerangschikt als de #1 best beoordeelde film van 2012.”
Rotten Tomatoes
“Er zijn overwinningen, nederlagen, tranen en lachjes. Indie Game: The Movie is een MUST-SEE documentaire voor iedereen die meent zelf een gamer te zijn of voor iedereen die wordt meegezogen in een goed underdog-verhaal.”
Ain’t it Cool News
“'Indie Game: The Movie' onthult de passie achter de pixels, terwijl zweet, tranen en slaaptekort aan het licht komen, die erin gaan zitten om de laatste gamesensatie proberen te maken”
New York Times

Special Edition DLC

Special Edition DLC now available. With 100+ minutes of new epilogues & short films, the Indie Game: The Movie Special Edition DLC is another film's worth of stories, crafted by the directors of the original award-winning feature documentary. Find out about what happened after to the developers of Super Meat Boy & FEZ, and about other games and game creators.


Indie Game: The Movie has been updated with new languages, directors' commentary, trading cards & achievements.

Over dit spel

Follow the creation of the games Super Meat Boy, Braid and FEZ through this Sundance award-winning feature documentary. Critic’s Pick of the New York Times and declared a “Must See” by Ain’t It Cool News. Watch the full theatrical cut in 1080p HD.

After almost two years of painstaking work, designer Edmund McMillen and programmer Tommy Refenes await the release of their first major game for Xbox, Super Meat Boy—the adventures of a skinless boy in search of his girlfriend, who is made of bandages. At PAX, a major video-game expo, developer Phil Fish unveils his highly anticipated, four-years-in-the-making FEZ. Jonathan Blow considers beginning a new game after creating Braid, one of the highest-rated games of all time.

First-time filmmaking duo Lisanne Pajot and James Swirsky capture the emotional journey of these developers as they sacrifice money, health and sanity to realize their lifelong dreams of sharing their games with the world. Four developers, three games, and one ultimate goal— to express oneself through a video game.


  • 1080P, full HD video application.
  • ‘Team Meat’ Audio Commentary Track: Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes provide their various insights throughout the film. Hilarious, informative and sometimes outright lies. It’s a great compliment to the film.
  • Subtitle / Language Support: Arabic, Chinese (traditional), Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish and Ukraine.
  • Video Extras: Assorted video pieces produced during the production of the film.


  • 2012 Sundance Official Selection World Documentary Competition

  • 2012 Sundance Winner for Best Editing in World Documentary Cinema

  • 2012 South by Southwest Official Selection

  • 2012 Hot Docs Festival Official Selection
  • 2012 Sheffield Doc/Fest Official Selection


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I personally like the idea of game-industry related movies and documentaries on Steam, and “Indie Game: The Movie” is definitely a good way to get that ball rolling.

The thing I like most about this movie is just how personal it is. It really gets in deep into these developers and you really get to know them (or at least it feels that way). Its great being able to have a name, a face and a personality to games that we know and love. They’ve been a hit, affected people and I’m glad these guys got some recognition for their hard work and everything they put into it. It’s something I would like to see more of.

The thing with indie games is that unlike AAA titles, they have personality. They weren’t factory made just to make money. Most of the time it’s an idea that grew into something that became a part of them.

Hearing their side to the story, being able to support these people morally and financially (I’m guessing they get a cut from this) is nice. Some people might not think Steam is the platform for this kind of thing but it’s unusual and I like it!

If you want to look a bit further into indie games and their developers as a whole, this is a definite watch. Not only is this movie a great inspiration to normal everyday people like myself, but I imagine it’s a nice push in the right direction for other people that are looking or wanting to be in game development.

I watched this movie a long time ago, I only just now listened (and/or watched, in ways) the commentary tracks. They have one by the directors and one by Team Meat (who are honestly my favourite part of this movie) and they are both nice to listen to. It’s nice additional content to the movie. The directors are informative and you see things a little more from behind the cameras. Whereas Team Meat are just plain funny as f***.

Achievement wise, this is an easy 100%. Although there is a little hidden mini-game which you get an achievement for which was a tad bit frustrating. Only because I don’t actually know enough indie games off by heart to be able to do it. There was a lot of trial and error for me!

All in all this is an awesome and inspiring movie and I think it’s definitely worth a watch.

TL;DR: Good movie, good commentary and easy an 100%. BUY IT, PLEB.
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4.1 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 7 juni
It's the Documentary about Indie game developer's Life when they still building the game from scratch 'till its became Indie games.You watch as they struggle to make the game and the tension was real. A beautiful piece of documentary movie
of those who likes Indie games or even big name games shouldn't missed.
Its also kinda sad that Phil fish was blame by many people due to Racism(not true) or even Cancelled Fez II(true)
but behind all of that is because all of us gamer who make all of this happened. He didn't even do any racist yet,only told that the japanese game now a day sucks and people already losing sh*t.

8.5/10 - Phil Fish's Epic Drama life.
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Geplaatst: 2 mei
An amazing documentary. Shows the ups and downs of indie developers and their inpirations for the games they create, as well as their opinion on how and why games should be done. It follows mainly 3 developers, which created 3 amazing games. I recommend also the dlc, this is one of the best documentaries I have watched because of its content, which is of my interest. Recommended for gamers, but also for anyone interested in looking on how things are made and crap they have been through to publish their game. 10/10
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Geplaatst: 4 juni
I found IGTM a window into the hazardous self-sacrifice that so many Independent Game Developers go through for weeks, month, or even years. I sighed, cried, and smiled. The experience, as a whole, has made me richer.

IGTM showed me something I didn't know.

It showed me something I didn't think I wanted to know.

It showed me what it means to have an ultimate passion for what you do; what it means to sacrifice ones social life, ones personal health, ones mind just so that they can create the one thing that means most in the world for them.

IGTM showed me the mental horror that goes through the daily struggle of Independent Game Developers. It showed me the all-in gamble they need to make and it showed me that sometimes, it pays off.

Developers and gamers alike should take the time and experience IGTM. It might change them. It might change the way they see gaming, developing, and games. It might change their way of thinking. It might change the way they perceive themselves.

To a more technical point, the camera shots are amazing and the music when present fits in very well with the mood. Both commentaries are entirely unique and bring a lot more insight and in a way completion to what IGTM actually is. The base Bonus Content and the Special Edition Bonus Content is also very awesome.

There is a more-or-less secret mini-game hidden in the menu that although simple was very fun. Edmund's art is amazing and also fits in so well with the tone of everything else.

All in all, I found IGTM a window into the hazardous self-sacrifice that so many Independent Game Developers go through for weeks, month, or even years. I sighed, cried, and smiled. The experience, as a whole, has made me richer.
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2.8 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 9 juni
I've seen this film three or four times already, but after picking it up on sale I rewatched it once again. And it all came back to me, the joyful depression it brings after you're done watching it. It's really well directed, writing and camera work are on point. The movie itself is about the life of an independent developer, covering all the anxiety, worries and the fear of failing at your task during the development of a game that makes a big part of you, only because you care that much.

This film features quite a few indie devs who care a lot about their games, but mostly it's about these guys: Edmund McMillen (whom I am a huge fanboy of, I really love his work), Tommy Refenes (a talented programmer who took a huge part in creation of Super Meat Boy), Jonathan Blow (creator of one of the most successful indie games "Braid"), Phil Fish (creator of Fez, who's know for being kind of a ♥♥♥♥♥♥, but I can still like him enough) and various other cool people. The film follows trough their everyday lives, childhoods and their work on videogames, capturing a lot of interesting, funny and sad moments.

If you haven't seen this movie I would highly recommend it to you, if you are somewhat interested in indie scene, creative people or videogames in general. It does a really great job on sharing the experience of being a game dev, and can even be really inspiring. Watch it, you will not regret it.
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