Yesterday is a thrilling and dark mystery from the masters of adventure, Pendulo Studios.
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Release Date: Mar 22, 2012

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About This Game

Who is John Yesterday?

After captivating players from all around the world with the mythic Runaway trilogy, Pendulo Studios presents a new adventure gaming masterpiece! This thrilling mystery, presenting a unique, dark and somber style, will not leave you indifferent! With an incredible story, superb environments, perplexing and shady characters, Yesterday throws you into an unforgettable adventure from which you will not emerge unscathed.

New York in 2011… Homeless people are disappearing one after another, their bodies found lifeless. Meanwhile, a Y-shaped scar appears on the hands of seemingly unrelated people. Henry White, a young and rich heir dedicated to a charitable organization, and his friend Cooper, are the first to investigate. They will soon cross paths with the enigmatic John Yesterday, whose memory seems to have been wiped clear, and who will find himself dragged into this incredible story!

How far will you go to discover who John really is, and what he did… Yesterday?
  • An original mystery, a terrifying secret
  • A great adventure around the world
  • Ominous, shady characters
  • Animated film quality production

System Requirements

    • Processor: INTEL/AMD 2.0GHZ
    • Memory: 1024 MB (XP)/2048 MB (VISTA/7)
    • DirectX®: 9
    • Hard Drive: 8 GB
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Most Helpful Reviews  In the past 30 days
1 of 2 people (50%) found this review helpful
14.3 hrs on record
Posted: September 30
This has to be one of the most entertaining point and click adevnture games I've played. The classic "rub everything on everything" does take some place in the game, but most of the times is pretty intuitive. Even when it does come to that, the writing is so wonderful that you sometimes just want to keep trying to read everything. The hint system is very well done, giving you just the push you need when you get stuck but don't want to go to a guide.

As I mentioned, the writing is fantastic, not only the humor that appears all throughout the game, but the plot itself keeps twisting and turning in a fascinating way. The art style is pretty interesting, it sometimes can feel a bit wonky, but it's rarely the case. Even in those few moments when the animation falls short the art style pulls through.

Edit: I finished it. And I'm so done. This is now my favourite game. Yes. Of all time. I'll continue playing different games, but they will all compare to this one. They can all try. But they'll fail. I sure hope I'm wrong, 'cause if I can find a game I'll like more than this one I will be one ecstatic camper.
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10 of 10 people (100%) found this review helpful
4.4 hrs on record
Posted: October 15
Yesterday is an original adventure point ‘n’ click game by Pendulo Studios, renown for one of the most eminent adventure game series, The Runaway. Unlike their previous titles, Yesterday is the darkest and most serious game in their catalogue to date as it combines elements of mystery and supernatural; a departure from the quirky comedic styling of their other games.

In Yesterday, you begin with Henry White, a young and rich heir dedicated to a charitable organisation, who is investigating the case of the homeless people disappearing in New York whose bodies are found lifeless later on with Y-shaped scars. Years later, Henry crosses paths with the enigmatic John Yesterday, the main protagonist of the game, whose memory seems to have been wiped clear. From there on, the story of these two turns into a dark and terrifying one involving occult practices and Satanism with a big twist later on in the game in regards to John’s amnesia.

Once again Pendulo Studios have done a fairly good job in drawing captivating backdrops, even though the number of explorable locations is smaller than Runaway 3. They are also a lot darker and less cheerful than in past Runaway games for instance. This is partially due to the dark tone of the game and the fact that most events happen either in dark rooms or at night-time. By now, Pendulo Studios have already developed their own unique cartoony art style which differentiates themselves from other similar games. However, despite the nicely drawn environments, the walking animations for the characters in this game do fall flat. They are sluggish, more so than in previous titles by Pendulo Studios. For a game that came out in 2012, one would expect the quality of the animations to be on par with the standards of the genre at the time. Luckily, double-clicking allows the player to “teleport’ the character to the hotspot they desire, consequently skipping the lacklustre walking animations. This happens almost all the time in this game, perhaps due to a reflex of double-clicking on everything, so you will barely see the character physically walking from A to B. The animations during cutscenes are a lot better though.

The voice acting in Yesterday is very laudable and one of the best I have heard in a Pendulo game so far, aside from when characters try to put on accents. For example, a character you meet in Paris simply sounds way too fake with his French accent. Actually, there is not a lot of voice acting in this game, as seen in a lack of voice acting in scene descriptions. For me, that is not a major problem. Furthermore, conversations are done in a cinematic / comic book style where you see two big portraits of the characters talk with each other. The soundtrack of the game has a certain vibe to it which fits with the themes of the game, sure, but as a whole it is mostly unmemorable. Aside from the track with the whistling (pretty catchy!), no other track stuck with me throughout most of the game.

Compared to other point ‘n’ click games, the difficulty of the puzzles in Yesterday is fairly easy for the most part, even if, mechanically speaking, it does not reinvent the wheel. In actual fact, it is very minimalistic. Perhaps a bit too much. You have got your standard inventory management, combining items (oddly enough, you will have objects in the inventory that you will never use, like the cellphone) and so on and so forth. However, I would like to highlight that there are occasions when the writers tried to be a tad too creative for their own good with their puzzles, making them implausible in real-life, bearing in mind the tone of the story, but I can attest it is not anywhere near rage-inducing. After all, Pendulo is notorious for making similar puzzles in their games. Besides, you could also argue it is a computer game, right? Well, perhaps not always depending on certain circumstances. Anyhow, on the plus side, for people who are impatient, there is a simple hint system available whenever you get stuck which gladly does not spoon-feed the player with the exact solutions. Additionally, there is also a button which reveals all the hotspots in the scene, eliminating any pixel-hunting. Throughout my playtime, I had to use the hint system only in three instances which was more down to me either thinking way too much outside of the box or omitting an object.

Indisputably, Yesterday’s biggest strength lies in the story and narrative – which are not perfect though. The story starts off unimpressively, but to my surprise, as the player progresses, it gets much more interesting to a point of self-indulgence; in a good way. It is hard not to notice some inspiration taken from games such as Broken Sword in some aspects, especially Shadows of The Templars. That being said, the writing is not always stellar, which is sometimes a staple of Pendulo’s writing, and as with past titles, female characters (ie. Pauline Petit) tend to be the ones who are the least fleshed out in terms of character development. Another example is the big twist of the story. While the twist behind John’s amnesia is commendable for its originality, I personally felt the twist did not have a huge impact, the way the writers might have intended, because many allusions were made to it quite early on in the game which made it predictable. I kind of saw it coming, but the question was – how would the twist play out? Now come to think of it, many of the few twists in this game are not as jaw-dropping as you would expect and turn out predictable (ie. you know who the antagonist is very quickly), but the game does a decent job keeping you invested in the journey. The story is fairly absurd, but not on par with the second half of Runaway 2, so do expect to scratch your head a few times along the way. It may seem pretentious at times, but I did enjoy it, oddly enough.

Any issues present in Yesterday are due to its most obvious flaw which is the pacing, which in turn is due to the short length of the game. Yesterday is short and very streamlined as an adventure game and can be completed in 4 hours at most, without using the hint system. As a result, the writers had to cram in as much as they could into the game to make it at least comprehendible, to some degree, from a story perspective. So the player is left with events happening too fast, expositions being served like fast-food (I suppose it is better than longwinded ones), very limited cast of characters and there being not enough time for much better character developments for support characters. It is clear from all these that this game must have been developed with a very small budget which is a pity.

In conclusion, Yesterday is a point ‘n’ click game which does not fulfil its full potential as intended. Whilst it does not reach the same level of brilliance as Broken Sword: Shadow of The Templars, it is definitely an adventure game worth giving a shot for the story, at any rate. It does feel more like this is only an introduction to a bigger story, which may also explain why the ending is left open, intentionally, for a sequel. Yes, there are alternative endings, which are a nice touch, but their outcomes are similar. Now the game would have been phenomenal if it were longer, had more places to explore, more support characters, better character development and a slower pace than its current one. Heck, maybe some cool new gameplay mechanics too. I am surprised there were no mechanics involving using superpowers with all the supernatural elements of the story. Ultimately, I would say to anyone that is fascinated by adventure games with intriguing stories that Yesterday is a game which you will you either like it for what it has to offer with its story or be disappointed by how stripped-down it is as a game. Whilst slightly above average as an overall package, I will recommend this game solely for the story because it kept me invested. I really want to know what happens next.
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Most Helpful Reviews  Overall
63 of 71 people (89%) found this review helpful
2 people found this review funny
12.7 hrs on record
Posted: October 17, 2014
A nice if short adventure game with a story and plot progression that really throws you for a loop. Only real issue I see with this game is the value you assign to the experience relative to its price. If I had purchased it at retail price when it first came out I would undoubtedly been dissapointed at its briefness but for sale in the pendulo pack or it's current price point its fine.

Give it a go if you are a genre fan, for sure.
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35 of 39 people (90%) found this review helpful
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4.0 hrs on record
Posted: November 8, 2014
Is this a game worth your time? It has lots of casual murder, so yes. YES!


…the game is very, very short and very, very easy. I’m neither a clever man nor an avid adventure gamer and I always need to look up what to do in walkthroughs sooner or later. That being said, Yesterday took me roughly 3.5 hours to finish and I breezed through it. Some of the riddles are just stupid too, like right at the beginning you must reconstruct a payphone to call someone and even though you have a mobile and the person you’re trying to call has one too the game never even allows you to try to use your mobile.

…all the cut-scenes are… minimalistic, is a word that could describe them, I guess. They’re mostly just a series of snapshots and fade-to-blacks instead of a short movie or there’re just animations in front of a black background.

…the game has very few locations, very few riddles, very few dialogs, very few items, very few of everything basically. For example, the cast size is tiny and there are basically no secondary or background characters.

…the story is rather incoherent at times, which is a result of budgetary limitations, I think. Too many holes in the narrative, too. Throughout the entire game I had the impression that half of it was missing. Scenes just start and you don’t know why, scenes just end and you don’t really know how, facts are stated and information are given and there is a general lack of context present at all times.

…there are story twists planted in the narrative but they’re NOT played out so that at some point you just think to yourself “oh, that person was this?” and then you shrug your shoulders because the timing is messed up. And that’s very unfortunate because early on they actually prove that they know how to properly time a twist.

…everything feels really underdeveloped, especially the characters. By now we can see the theme I’m going for, I reckon. Because of the tight budged nothing really has room to breathe and time to unfold. You meet a villain and in the same scene you dispose of him, you meet a character and five minutes later you’re already big chums with them. It’s stripped down to the bare essentials.

So I think what I’m trying to say is this: There is a jarring chasm between the very big and lavishly played out prologue and the rest of the game, which really hammers home the point that they planned a big old adventure game in the tradition of their very own Runaway series but were forced to make a very, very small game in the end.

And still, the atmosphere is fantastic, dark and creepy and weird and aloof and just spot on; the music is sometimes great (and sometimes just cringeworthy), the voice acting is rather good all around, the writing is never bad and quite good at times; the game is not funny nor does it try to be funny and the story is dark and evil and heavily inspired by the occult. They also have played a lot of PlaneScape: Torment, I’d say and that is never a bad thing. And they start the game with a proper mind♥♥♥♥!

So yes, it is absolutely worth the 3-4 hours you’ll spend with it. If 3-4 hours are worth 10 Euros to you, that is for you to decide though.
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30 of 36 people (83%) found this review helpful
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6.5 hrs on record
Posted: January 11, 2014
Yesterday is a great point and click adventure from the developers who brought you Runaway. Things are not what they seem in this great story of deceit and mystery. You start out as Henry White and his friend cooper who works for a charitable company that helps the homeless. Well at your first stop you find two crazy guys doing some weird ritual and they end up trying to kill you. You win out and the game flashes forward some time.

Now you take over our main protagonist John Yesterday who has amnesia and is trying to figure out who he really is and about his past. You work for Henry White doing research for him when you start remembering things and realize all is not what it seems. This all leads up to a choice of four different endings and will give you some replay value to see them all.

The art style is fantastic and really fits with the game. Gameplay is what you would get from point and click adventures with some tough challenging puzzles but nothing too hard to accomplish. There’s also a hint button you can use to help you out if you’re stuck which recharges over time after every use. This way you do actually have to try. I did really like when you would click on something the characters wouldn’t take forever to walk to the item. The characters would appear next the object which is a big plus as sometimes it can seem forever to search areas on other games of this genre.

Pendulo Studios have done another great job at bringing us a great story with romance, humor, and mystery which deserves to be noticed. Only thing I wish is the game was a little longer to enjoy. If you like point and click adventure games, puzzles, and a great story than I highly recommend you check this game out.

Bear Rating: 8/10
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26 of 31 people (84%) found this review helpful
1 person found this review funny
0.4 hrs on record
Posted: September 10, 2015
“Yesterday”, by Pendulo Studios, is an unusually good game. It offers an interesting story, logical, though sometimes complex (even when easy) puzzles, and generally simplified gameplay.

There really isn’t a lot this player can say about "Yesterday" without saying too much. The story involves numerous genuinely interesting characters over many years and locations. It involves Satanism, amnesia and rebirth (of several varieties), torture, romance and a considerable amount of violence (very little of it graphic.) One of what this reviewer considers the strongest features of “Yesterday” is a well-designed hint system, used in conjunction with logical and intelligent puzzles. In far too many game players struggle to solve totally illogical puzzles using every single silly article in inventory (“ADventure Lib” and “City of Fools” satirize this wonderfully.) “Yesterday” may add literally dozens of items to inventory, and use only a few, or parts of a few without removing the remaining components. And the puzzles are intelligence based, though there is still a fair amount of trying to combine every new item with all existing items. The hint system is available once several attempts have been made, and it may offer a vague hint, or the answer outright. As long as the player makes every effort on their own, the hints won’t necessarily feel like cheating, though they often make you feel silly for missing something obvious in retrospect. Still, it's far more workable than, and just as thorough as, a reliance on walkthroughs.

John Yesterday is a man without memory of his past, and along with his mother Elaine, an investigator into satanic matters. Along with his mother, he is aided in recovering his memories by his friend and mentor, Henry White, who has a history of helping the homeless, and is now one of the richest men in the world. But that’s not where the story begins, and certainly not where it ends. The story continues in Paris, rural Scotland, and the Himalayas, with numerous other stops in space and time. The story never gets boring, or slows more than for the occasional necessary change of pace, though this player would have prefered a bit less "deus ex machina". There is some very welcome humor in this story, especially the American tourists in Paris. An unusual feature at the end allows the player to decide which remaining character is the “game changer” in the final scene (though I suspect nearly everyone makes the same choice.) When “Yesterday” ends, one reviewer can almost guarantee the average player will want more. (BTW, if you complete the game, finish the credits for a hint as to a sequel.)

“Yesterday”'s graphics are not its strongest feature, but very adequate, quite pleasant, and never vague or confusing. Susanne is made beautiful enough (at least for me) to allow a great deal of lenience. The voice acting is above average…usually. (Henry White is a bit overdone.) Gameplay is very good, though grabbing items from inventory never felt natural. Using the same cute text in trying inventory objects against background points grew monotonous, but maybe it really wasn’t necessary for it to be attempted so often. They were almost always appropriate and clever…the first time or two. I really appreciated the method of moving the game along by fading out, then in, instead of walking full distances.

All in all, “Yesterday” was an unusually good game, at an exceptional package price, which is best for a short game such as this. (I purchased "Yesterday" cheaply, but the regular price of $10US seems a bit high) The good far overwhelms what little weakness there is in this game.

(As with many Steam games, offline game time is not tracked.)
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37 of 55 people (67%) found this review helpful
6 people found this review funny
Not Recommended
3.8 hrs on record
Posted: August 20
Let's look at this game in an objective manner.

The animations look godawful.
The music feels like royalty-free shovelware 30 second loops.
The voice acting is just like 12 year olds trying to sound badass.
The UI doesn't work half of the time, if you want to drag an item from your inventory.
Half of the time, the hints are just "Heat up water" or something else, that's completely useless as a hint.

But, let's talk about the actual thing that people praise: The Story.
So, the first main twist was so damn predictable, that I'd even say that the game accidentally spoiled it and just didn't understand that they did it.
One of the arguments I've heard is "Oh, there's a lot of random killing in this game, which is awesome". That statement simply isn't true. The killing in the game, the only few times that it has a death, is just random and unnecessary. It's killing for killing's sake.
In the beginning of the game, you have a situation, where going in calmly and trying to defuse the situation would be the easiest. Instead, the character just starts shooting. It doesn't look cool, the music sounds awful, a gunshot to the head produces no blood and it just looks really terrible.

I truly cannot understand why people even like this game. It is a 8-year old's wet dream, sure. The maturity that the game has in terms of story and even the basic cohesion, is just as minimal as possible.
It's a "Ooh, pretty girl doesn't like us, now she does, since you did her a favour, that wouldn't in reality make them change their mind at all! Now, we'll touch butts and be happy!
Ooh, bad man comes! What a twist, he's a person that we knew! I guess you should've suspected him, since there was already so much evidence that it was impossible to think otherwise, but we'll still pretend that we're clever!
Now there's a confrontation! What a surprising turn of events!
You have three choices! None of them make any sense!
The end!"

This mess gets an overall 3/10. Strongly below average. Do not buy this game. If you're a point and click fan, then maybe buy it from a bundle, or when it's on a steep sale.
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22 of 29 people (76%) found this review helpful
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4.1 hrs on record
Posted: May 28, 2014
Yesterday is a gripping point and click adventure, used to work your mind.
There are little hints throughout which help you progress however there is a certain time limit in between each hint therefore making sure you cannot be spoon fed throughout the game.

The game is well thoughtout and i enjoyed every minute of it (:

I reckon you should give it a go, it really is one of the better and unique point and click games I have experienced
rather short but grabs you non the less.

I recommend this game to all who enjoy this style of game.

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20 of 26 people (77%) found this review helpful
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5.3 hrs on record
Posted: October 12, 2014
Sick and mind blowing.

This psychological horror have a very good storyline, interesting graphic and soundtrack.

Your decisions will change your future, choose wisely...

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15 of 18 people (83%) found this review helpful
4.7 hrs on record
Posted: November 18, 2015
Much darker and shorter (about 4 hours) than the previous games by Pendulo studios, but it's worth it. A good story, memorable characters, logical puzzles, nice music and pretty visuals. What else to want from an adventure game?

And not to spoil anything, but I belive fans of Broken Sword will like Yesterday.
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Recently Posted
6.0 hrs
Posted: October 20
Love the story and i love puzzle games!!! And gore -3-
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8.4 hrs
Posted: October 10
Look, if youre able to look beside the horrific graphics or the incredibly dumd puzzles, go ahead. Whatever. But come on. The characters look like theyre about to puke every time the talk, something which is absolutely not shown in the trailer. If this was a flash game on some website I would be okay with that, but jesus christ 10 euro for this?

The first real puzzle is litteraly solving chess problems, and they could not even make that look half decent. Its godawful and not worth my money.
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5.2 hrs
Posted: September 26
Grat art style, with some excellent design decisions made that at times allow for movement to flow (so we can see the animation) but at others fade from one position to another to mean less time waiting for repositioning of characters.

Puzzles are simple but effective and the in-game hint feature is always there (and pitched at the right level, clues not answer).

The biggest plus point though is the storylone, which is fairly original and not always black and white. There is a major twist early on (which is in itself fairly unusual comparedto late game twists). Most of all pretty much everything made sense (though a trip to the mountains for sensai training is very cliche) to enough of an extent that it never felt like a chore to listen to the dilogue, something not many adventure games manage, certainly not ones that don't fall back on humour anyway.

The only major negative I can find really is the very ending where the final scene can deviate one of several waysdepending on your choice, which is usually a good thing but in this case it seems tacked on almost as an afterthought and two of the choices in the end show conflicting behaviour from the third charachter. It is also a little short but given the budget pricing that isn't a major issue.

Overall a very good purchase that shows a lot of promise. Any of the three endings could actually be used as the launch point for further titles in what could be a very good series of games if handled correctly. Unfortunately looking atthe Pendulo site/forums that doesn't seem likely, which is a shame.
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1.1 hrs
Posted: September 23
Yesterday is a decent point and click adventure game.
Let's start with the story, but keep in mind that it is difficult to talk about it without spoiling it. The concept is really, really interesting. Howewer, its realization is... underwhelming. The game is awfully short, infact it is so short that it seems like the greater part of it has been cut off. With that said, what actually made it into the game kinda works, I guess? The main problem is that it lacks development. It literally cuts from the beginning to the end, which is really sad because it had such huge potential.

As far as gameplay goes, it plays more or less like a standard point and click, but is kinda average. For the most part it lacks that soul, that writing that made Runaway great for me, but it has its moments. Nevertheless, the puzzles are okay, some of them are weird but you can't get stuck as you can ask the game to help you.

Overall, it is a great game to pick up for a buck or two during a rainy evening. It is not as good as Runaway, but it is decent even if I expected more from Pendulo. I enjoyed it, just don't buy it for retail price.
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Beautiful Potato
6.6 hrs
Posted: September 22
I feel so satisfied after playing this. I love the plot twists in this game. Dialogs are nicely built and they don't go on forever. Always excited as it went. Story is nice but i feel it could have been a little more detailed. I definitely suggest to the adventure point and click players.
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1.3 hrs
Posted: September 22
For a point and click/puzzle game, not bad. A little dated but all and all if this is your favorite genre of games I'd give this a look if it's on sale.
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3.6 hrs
Posted: September 20
Pendulo Studios last game

I'm a big fan of the 3 Runaway adventure games from Pendulo. Yesterday was released 2012 and unfortunately since then there are no signs of life from the studio.

I also have to say that the game is not as good as the previous ones regarding the story and character development. But I recommend it anyways, because it has some surprising twists, great artworks, nice colors, a simplified adventure gameplay that it less tedious than the old one and lets you progress faster.

You probably won't need longer than 3-5 hours to complete the game, so I recommend to get it on a sale. I had no bugs or crashes during my playthrough on a Win 10 Laptop with Nvidia graphics. So the tech of the game seems to be solid.

I don't wanna spoiler anything about the game content, so I just sum up that I mostly enjoyed it. The major weak point is the story/plot, which is partly predictable (but also has a few surprises) and contains some holes and flaws. The rest is ok.

So if you liked the other games of the company, give this one a try and make up your own mind about it!
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2.3 hrs
Posted: September 20
Yesterday's a twitch above Pendulo's other games. The plot will keep you guessing, and whenever you know what's going to happen they add a dash of DRAMATIC GORE to keep you on edge.

Very well done, this deserved a better score.
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