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Dans ce jeu 2D bien frappé, explorez et combattez des créatures bizarres.
Date de parution: 17 avr 2012
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“... facilement un des meilleurs jeux de 2011.”
95/100– GameCritics
“... un triomphe dans tous les sens du terme.”
10/10 – The Sixth Axis

À propos du jeu

Dans Insanely Twisted, un jeu d'action-aventure en 2D, explorez d'uniques environnements et combattez des créatures étranges alors que vous avancez vers le centre de la mystérieuse Shadow Planet ! Résolvez des énigmes complexes et améliorez votre vaisseau avec la technologie alien pendant que vous combattez pour sauver votre monde.


  • Style visuel sans commune mesure par l'artiste renommé
    Michel Gagn

Configuration requise

    • Système d'exploitation : Microsoft Windows XP / Vista / 7
    • Processeur : Intel Core 2 Duo (1.25 GHz) / AMD Athlon XP (1.8 GHz)
    • Mémoire vive : 1 Go de RAM
    • Carte graphique : Série GeForce FX + / Radeon 9500+
    • DirectX® : Version 9.0
    • Disque dur : 2 Go d'espace disque disponible
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I got this game as part of a bundle and installed it on a whim.

There's something about the graphics, music, little videos, I dunno what, but I was so enthralled and immersed in this game that I completely forgot to go on a date with a girl.

An actual girl.

I could, tentatively, recommend this game over the prospect of meeting a member of the opposite sex.

Posté le : 28 août 2014
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This game... makes me so happy.
It's a beautiful game, and just... everything about it is awesome.
It's hard for me to describe, but it's sort of a discovery game, with puzzles in the enviorment.
There are deadly obstacles in the way as you go through the game, but it's nothing that a little patience and experimenting cannot solve.
I would recommend this game absolutely, to anyone. Take a look at the screenshots, and if it catches your eye at all, please give this game a chance.
Posté le : 22 juillet 2014
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I bought this game expecting to dive into a dark abyss of cool monsters and "visual madness" (if that makes any sense to you), as the name "Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet" title suggests. I watched the trailers and knew there would be puzzles and it wasn't a hardcore game, but all the time the whole "insanely twisted shadow planet" feel seemed to be solid and interesting. Well, it wasn't quite like what I wanted. Here's a list of pros and cons:

- Great visuals overall.
- Really good and original enemy design. (even though some of them are re-used with little differences they still are great to look at)
- Nice soundtracks that fit in with the shadowy atmosphere.
- Fluid control.

- The plot is extremely simple, being almost meaningless.
- The puzzles aren't challenging, some will require a little bit of thought, but overall they are pretty simple.
- Bosses are quite easy.
- Too short for its price. (finished it in a little more than 5 hours and it could be much faster)

There are many indies games that are very simple and yet you find yourself wondering about what's happening or wanting to help the characters to reach their objective. As already mentioned, you don't get attached to the character's objective or anything, you simply have one mission and complete it. The game is very forgiving and will give you several checkpoints along the way so you don't lose almost any progress when you die, I didn't put that on the lists because it can be pleasant or not to you. The most challenging things are to get optional upgrades, so you should have in mind it's pretty casual.

In the end I recommend only getting this game if it is on sale and you want something casual to pass time.
Posté le : 5 juin 2014
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Amazing game. You just wouldn't want to stop playing and exploring this world. I had to force myself to stop sometimes. Beautiful art style and great atmosphere. Pretty tough in places.
Posté le : 9 mars 2014
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Well, I brought this game thinking it would have full co-op support, so I could play with friends.
However, this does not seem to be the case as I cannot find the co-op mode in campaign. There is "Lantern Run" And "Shadow Hunters", which are just bad game modes to play with friends, but there does not seem to be a campaign co-op. I could just be missing something really obvious, but I dough that is the case.

To be fair, this game seems like a fun single player experience, However, As I brought this game for co-op and it didn't deliver what I expected it should of, I rate it a bad game.
Posté le : 3 juin 2014
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Je suis mitigé. Si je devais évaluer le jeu ... je dirais bof :) un puzzle action game sympa sans plus.

J'ai vécu le moment le plus frustrant du monde. Je finis le jeu, je tue le boss, écran noir, plantage du jeu.
Je retourne en jeu, je me retrouve dans le monde du jeu avec le succès "vous avez terminé le jeu". Pas de cinématique, quedal ...
je suis légèrement frustré !!!
Posté le : 22 janvier 2014
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