As the greatest detective of all time you must find clues, interrogate suspects & unveil a mystery in a story full of twists!
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Release Date: Sep 25, 2012

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“One of the legendary sleuth's greatest investigation”
8 out of 10 – GameSpot

“A Testament to the genre”
4.5 out of 5 – Gamezebo

“It is every bit as gripping as you would expect from a tale about the great detective”
8 out of 10 – Hooked Gamers

About This Game


Become the greatest detective of all time in The Testament of Sherlock Holmes, a twisting, turning investigation game set in a faithfully-reproduced London of 1898. Suspected in a case involving theft, fraud and double-crossing, Sherlock Holmes will undergo a descent into hell in what will doubtlessly become one of his most thrilling cases yet. You will find all the elements of a grand investigation: examine crime scenes, find the clues, follow the trails, interrogate suspects and unveil the mystery behind a great adventure, led by a breath-taking story full of twists!

Key Features:

  • Lead Holmes’ darkest investigation: examine crime scenes, find clues, interrogate suspects
  • Discover Sherlock Holmes’ dark side in a breath-taking story full of twists and turns
  • Uncover new leads and clues as you explore richly detailed places all across London

System Requirements

    • Processor:AMD/INTEL DUAL-CORE 2 GHZ
    • Memory:2048 MB RAM
    • DirectX®:9.0c
    • Hard Drive:14 GB HD space
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79 of 82 people (96%) found this review helpful
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25.5 hrs on record
Posted: April 21
(Full review follows below)

  • Game Name: The Testament of Sherlock Holmes
  • Original Release: 2012
  • Genre Tags: Adventure; Point & Click; Puzzle; Detective; Casual
  • My Overall Grade: A-
  • Estimated Playtime (Campaign): 10-18 hours
  • Multiplayer Aspect: None
  • Recommended To: Established fans of the genre; Those intrigued by the genre; Casual gamers

The Testament of Sherlock Holmes is a very pleasantly surprising puzzle game, with a high standard of quality and a humorous undertone. Any fans of the puzzler-adventure genre should easily find this game enjoyable. Once you start playing you will likely find yourself engrossed by the experience.

It has a much thicker, richer story aspect than many other puzzler-adventure games out there. I was truly entertained by the narrative throughout my entire playthrough. The interesting plot goes a long way to elevate this game above the standard. Furthermore, I thought the graphics were nice and the voice acting was solid, which reinforces the high quality of the writing. The end result is a very enjoyable game with an excellent presentation.

This inherent quality in the writing, atmosphere, and overall presentation results in a game which feels much more true to the Sherlock Holmes brand than the other couple of games I have played that were franchised the intellectual property. The others feel like standard adventure games with the words "Sherlock Holmes" on the title. This game, to me, really felt like what I believe a Sherlock Holmes game should feel like.

The puzzles were very challenging and quite fun; though to be honest I lost patience and had to seek assistance once or twice because of how tricky some of them were. Some of the puzzles are doubly complicated because the objective of the puzzle isn’t always made clear. So first you have to figure out what you are trying to do, and then you have to actually do it. This does add an extra layer of challenge, but it also can be a bit jarring.

And lastly, something I thought was a pretty cool feature is the fact that you can choose to move around in 1st or 3rd person, or play in classic point-and-click adventure style. Having this freedom sounds trivial, but it is really nice to be able to tailor the style on a whim as you play through the campaign.

In summary, The Testament of Sherlock Holmes is a pretty sweet ride. It should appeal to both fans of the game genre and fans of the Sherlock Holmes IP. Give it some consideration if it sounds up your alley.

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94 of 112 people (84%) found this review helpful
11.6 hrs on record
Posted: November 10, 2013
Great adventure game! Maybe the best in the series. It has some minor flaws like no lip-sync,poor optimization in the sewers and awkard controls but the story, puzzles and overall gameplay compensate for them. I managed to finish it in 12 hours but with some help at the harder puzzles. It's a game that every adventure enthusiast should play.
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71 of 80 people (89%) found this review helpful
13.7 hrs on record
Posted: January 8, 2014
I have never read a Sherlock Holmes novel, so I can't really tell you if this game sticks close to its source material. Fortunately the only thing you need to know before playing is that Mr. Holmes is some kind of old timey super detective (And i'm pretty sure we have all deduced at least that much by now).

This game was actually a lot of fun. My favorite part was the "deduction tables", where you use the gathered clues to put two and two together and you try to solve the crime. The puzzles were also fun for the most part. I say for the most part, because there are a couple that made me smash the keyboard over my head once or twice. Seriously, If you are a masochist like me, who doesnt like to use walkthru's, you will find some of the puzzles super difficult. But hey, that's also part of the fun.

I found the story to be very well written. The twist that comes near the end was unexpected and really made me want to finish the game to see how it all plays out.
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53 of 59 people (90%) found this review helpful
16.7 hrs on record
Posted: January 7, 2014

+ excellent presentation, some impressive graphics especially the character models are extremely well done
+ good voice acting
+ interesting story, nicely unfold
+ logical puzzles, good switch between 3d and 1st person mode with no problems
+ good legth
+ best sherlock holmes adventure game imo (with the exception of the very old one rose tattoo)

- nothing specific, it just isn't original or revolutional gameplay wise
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67 of 84 people (80%) found this review helpful
4 people found this review funny
16.1 hrs on record
Posted: July 20, 2013
Amazing story, great gamplay, unique game.
Some puzzles will make you want to kill someone with a fishbone though.
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42 of 47 people (89%) found this review helpful
22.7 hrs on record
Posted: March 11, 2015
I just finished this game and have to say overall it is at least tied for my favorite SH game, the other being vs Jack the Ripper. It may just be my favorite. The graphics are an improvement over most of the SH games and overall the voice acting is very good. I loved most of the puzzles as well, it was a good mix this time, unlike Nemesis which mostly had math puzzles. The story was very good and kept me guessing as to what was actually going on. The scenes in the game were all very good, each location had a good feel and there were no tedious travels with having to go back and forth between several places in a single scene (Nemesis got very tedious). I managed to get all the achievements as well, in 22 hours of play time (of which 6 hrs were probably idle/afk time for me. If you like mystery games this one is highly recommended!
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33 of 34 people (97%) found this review helpful
16.1 hrs on record
Posted: May 18, 2014
Short review

Graphics & sound are good, especially for an adventure game where you usually don't expect much. "Hunt the pixel" is mostly avoided, though you may have to seek around a bit sometimes. There's brilliant moments where you actually feel like Sherlock Holmes when you're deducting the true circumstances of a crime, but those are outnumbered by dodgy moments where you're confronted with unconnected puzzles that really have no reason to be there. Fortunately all such puzzles are skippable, so you won't get frustrated. The story is interesting enough to motivate and feels like classic Holmes, with a twist at the end that may not be everyone's cup of tea but is certainly original.

Snap this up when it's on sale, especially if you're a Holmes fan. It feels slightly overpriced at full ($20 at the time of writing).

Long review

The Testament of Sherlock Holmes is the latest installment (as of writing) in a series that I haven't played. No knowledge of events in the previous games is required, fortunately; there's some allusions but you don't need to know anything about them to play this one. Your very first investigation serves as a tutorial on the controls, and you can simply go from there. This game does not rely on you carefully scanning every inch of the screen with your mouse until you've found the hotspot; you don't have to do more than get close enough and you will get clear indications of what can be investigated. At the same time, this is not so obvious that it takes all the fun out of exploring, and sometimes you do have to backtrack carefully to see what you've missed.

For an adventure game in particular, the graphics are good. You won't fall out of your chair in amazement, but character models and environments are all well done and fit the atmosphere of the story. The soundtrack does its job, in that you hardly notice it's there, except for one notably bad case of it playing with an intensity that the situation doesn't warrant -- things only start to happen in that location later, yet the soundtrack is ominous and frantic right from the start. The voice acting for both Holmes and Watson is excellent and the characters come across just right. The other characters are mostly believable, with two notable exceptions: one character who is required to pass for another with a British accent has a painfully obvious faux German accent that shouldn't have fooled anyone, and the actor voicing the main villain sounds like he's taking his cues from cartoons, with the only thing missing being an evil laugh. Both of these break immersion quite badly and mess up what is otherwise fine voice acting.

Enough about the window dressing, let's get to the gameplay. Here we get to both the game's best and worst parts. As in all adventure games, you walk around, gathering information and objects, and occasionally apply one object to another. Especially commendable in this regard is that when you do have to combine objects, this makes sense and is easy to do (like combining pieces of rope to make a longer piece of rope) -- sounds obvious, but there are many adventure games where you have to combine unlikely objects in bizarre ways to solve puzzles in the most roundabout way possible. You won't find such puzzles here -- whenever you need to overcome obstacles by combining objects it feels perfectly natural.

Unfortunately, what you will find are puzzles that are generic brain teasers (like matching colored balls in some interesting sense or rotating tiles) that have no believable connection to the story and are just there to make you stop and solve them. To the game's great credit, all of these puzzles are skippable after some time has passed, because it would feel really frustrating to *have* to solve them if you didn't want to, or couldn't. Some can be solved by trial and error, some are impossible to do that way, but almost all of them feel like they don't belong in the game and they don't fit in with the narrative. Apparently everybody in Victorian England used intricate locks that can nevertheless be opened without outside help to safeguard their valuables, instead of, you know, keys. The lowest point for me was a series of puzzles in an elementary school that really break immersion by their sheer contrivedness and lack of justification for solving them at all (rather than simply forcing the issue). Elementary, dear player? Hardly.

If those were the only puzzles, I couldn't really recommend this game, but it redeems itself with the deduction puzzles. The game's best moments come when you actually get to feel like you're solving crime like the great detective himself, carefully observing for clues and piecing them together in a logical whole using "deduction boards", where you choose from several logical (and less logical) alternatives until both the clues and your deductions line up. Solving these puzzles with a minimum of guessing rewards you with the feeling that you're Holmes himself, coming to seemingly impossible conclusions by eliminating the actually impossible. Even the "chemical analysis" puzzles, which are not really about deduction but about memorizing colored blobs, tie in with the overall atmosphere of crime-solving. The game could have elevated itself considerably if it had more of this and less of the arbitrary puzzles -- in fact, if they ever make another installment, I'd strongly recommend that they only do these deduction puzzles and no more of the mechanical ones. As it is, there are only three or four in the game, with the regular puzzles padding out most of the playtime.

The story is the other selling point of the game. The flavor is excellent, and when it works, it's worthy of anything Sir Arthur Conan Doyle has written, with both the mundane and slightly fantastical/unbelievable elements mixed together in a familiar way. The characterization is fine -- Holmes has his dry quips and stoic determination, while Watson is there to reign in his friend's unique brand of callousness where it's warranted, without coming off as a dunce (a common sin in other adaptations). There's nothing original here (except for the end, which we'll get to in a bit) and you've seen most of these elements before in other Holmes stories, but it's all well put together, with the exposition scene where Holmes recaps what's really happened for Watson before the final showdown being especially memorable. It doesn't quite exceed its source material, but it's a valiant effort nonetheless.

There's a twist at the end that might leave opinions divided on whether it's of benefit to the story (or whether it should be there at all), but I liked it. After all, this is only one of many stories told of Holmes, and if you don't like what this one's selling, you can always ignore it, but I thought it was a charming idea that I hadn't seen before. Not everything is wrapped up in a neat little bow and there are one or two spots that I'd consider plot holes, but I found myself intrigued and entertained. Overall the level is more "penny dreadful" than Shakespeare, but then, that fits the Victorian era nicely.

Bottom line: this is a strong recommendation if you're a fan of Sherlock Holmes as he appears in the Doyle stories. If you're just an adventure game aficionado in general, be warned that this contains some pure puzzles which have little or nothing to do with adventuring, and the remainder is probably not going to challenge you a lot. In either case, at the $20 that is its current asking price it's probably slightly disappointing, but this would be a good one to pick up on a sale.
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33 of 37 people (89%) found this review helpful
18.0 hrs on record
Posted: October 17, 2014
I'll get straight to the point:

The story is AMAZING! A very complex and well written one that makes you want to know every detail and spend a lot of time to pull things together to find the truth behing the dark side of sherlock holmes himself.

The Puzzles are fantastic! They will challenge your logic and test you IQ! :P

The only problem lies in the gameplay. or better say, in the controls which is a little annoying but you'll get used to it as you progress through the game.

The Testament of Sherlock Holmes is A unique game in the adventure genre and if you are a fan of this famous detective, then you should try it for SURE.
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91 of 134 people (68%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
11.3 hrs on record
Posted: January 3, 2014
This game was quite disappointing. Despite being a detective game, there is very little actual investigations - the game turns into a simple point and click adventure game pretty quickly. While that is done quite well, and the puzzles themselves are quite good, albeit quite standard for the most part, the narrative structure of a Sherlock Holmes novel just fits terribly. As a game, you expect to be able to influence events as you come across them, not have Sherlock Holmes solve them behind the scenes and present the results afterwards - when you PLAY as him. As a player, I would have liked to be the one to logically think up the clever plots and put them in motion, not switch to Watson and be forced to ignore evidence available to let the plot move along. As a mystery game, this fails spectacularly... which is surprising considering that this game is quite well made - with the exception of some of the worst animations I've seen in a long time.
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25 of 25 people (100%) found this review helpful
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10.3 hrs on record
Posted: November 2, 2014
There are perhaps more flaws to this game than it can get away with. However, the areas in which it excels are the most important aspects of a puzzle game such as this, so I'm inclined to give this a thumbs up overall. Bear in mind though, that this game is probably not everyone's cup of tea, depending on how sensitive you are to annoying details and minor flaws.


- The plot is surprising and genuinely intriguing, and keeps you wanting to find out where your next clue leads you.
- The puzzles are sufficiently varied and well-made, and not too easy to solve.
- The atmosphere fits the game and the story perfectly, including some very good voice-work.


- While the plot is great, it also contains quite a few loose ends and logical shortcomings. Some of the deductions of Mr. Holmes are so far-fetched you've got to wonder if he's high.
- Some of the puzzles are overly difficult, and most of them has only rudimentary instructions which are of very little help as to what you're actually supposed to do.
- The gameplay is as linear as it gets, and consequently the game has absolutely zero replay-value.
- Animations and lip-sync are far below par. There is also weirdly little visual difference between gameplay and cinematics, which makes you wonder why they bothered.
- Considering the low-level graphics and effects, the game still manages to take up nearly 10 GB of space.
- Running is only marginally faster than walking, which makes some sections fairly tedious.

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Kittens the Great White Tiger
13.6 hrs
Posted: September 19
If you like a simple puzzle game, go for it. Nothing outstanding but it gets the job done, with a decent story line. Game mechanics are a little clunky.
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18.4 hrs
Posted: September 12
Overall score: 8.5/10

This is a point and click adventure with detective theme.
Story is nice, graphic is decent, control is a bit clunky but otherwise still okay.
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17.6 hrs
Posted: September 9
After receiving Crimes & Punishement free on Xbox and loving I wanted more, so it I started this one and what a story... Sometimes we are put a litlle to much on tracks as you will need to discover everything before you can leave the place, but on the other hand it removes the endless traveling to places you've seen 50 times... and because of this you skip the boring parts where you search hours for that missed pixel that in some cases want to give up games... Here you will keep moving on and The intringue is building ip slowly but when it starts all to connect you get a really well written story line with a lot of puzzle, some simple some testing your patience...
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18.1 hrs
Posted: September 4
The game grabs you into the world of Sir A C. Doyle matermind detective Sherlock Holmes in a very well manner way. The story is very gripping and the puzzles are fun.

The game start like a very promising adventure game. Well performed voice acting, excellent and varied environment and exciting investigation set the tone. The graphics may not be upto date for many, and the controls are stiff and sometimes difficult to deal with. Nevertheless, it had its charm, and I wanted to see what happened next as the investigation revealed a web of different threads that had a connection I should get discover. The way Sherlock portrayed on fidelity, and it fits well in this context. He is the type who does not care about what others think, because he knows he is always right. His counterpart , Dr. Watson, is also well poytrayted, and the dialogue between them entertains.

To resolve matters using "Deduction board" I thought that was an interesting way to do it. Here I got really used the brain, and it gave a great sense of achievement when I understood the context. Unfortunately there were not enough of these, in my opinion. I would like to see that they made a few more varieties of these, and fewer of mini games that were too difficult gradually. If they had evened it out so that it was more different methods for solving problems and more options to solve a case,I would be impressed. Yet overall a very decent adeventure game
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Ikari Yume
13.6 hrs
Posted: August 27
Another of Sherlocks interesting game. Want more like this.
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V. De Luca
15.0 hrs
Posted: August 22
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13.2 hrs
Posted: August 13
Saw Sherlock Holmes dressed as an old lady. Now I have seen everything.

10/10 would old lady again -iggn
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Emily the Strange
18.6 hrs
Posted: August 9
8/10 I really enjoyed this game. Yes, it is a little dates, and the controls can be a little frustrating at times, but that comes with it being an older game. The length and puzzles were great, and I really enjoyed the deductive reasoning boards. Everything was well done, and the storyline made sense throughout. There were a few times that I had to consult a guide/walkthrough online, because it wasn't incredibly intuitive, but for those who enjoy difficult encryption challenges then those puzzles will be no problem for you. I would definitely recommend this game to any mystery fan, not just fans of the Sherlock Holmes genre.
TIP: Many have complained that there aren't enough saves throughout the game. You can save anytime by pressing the ESC button and clicking the save option.
By the way, this product is actually rated by ESRB, and is aimed towards adults. I wouldn't recommend it for children. For some reason Steam didn't include the rating on the site.
MATURE: Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Use of Drugs
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