Prenant place dans une chronologie historique alternative où la Première Guerre Mondiale ne cesse jamais, vous êtes le commandant des forces alliées combattant jusqu'en l'an 2114.
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Date de parution: 17 mai 2012
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"J'ai passé mes premières heures à jouer comme défenseur – jusqu'à ce que l'IA adaptative commence à me mettre une belle rouste. J'ai alors décidé de devenir un Attaquant et j'ai instantanément ressenti l'impression de vivre quelque chose de totalement nouveau." - IndieGameMagaziine

"C'est une vision compulsive et grossière du genre du jeu de tourelles, bien qu'avec un large choix d'options à modifier et certaines des modifications les plus précises que je n'ai jamais vu." - Honest Gamers

"Avec des batailles rapides, furieuses et des tonnes d'options de personnalisation, que ce soit pour les attaquants ou les défenseurs, je peux voir en ce jeu un grand nombre d'heures amusantes." - Gaming Nexus

À propos de ce jeu

Gratuitous Tank Battles (GTB) is a unique hybrid of tower-defense, strategy, simulation and RTS. Set in an alternate history timeline where World War I never ends, you are the commander of allied forces fighting right up to the year 2114, where Mechs and lasers are used alongside tanks and rifles. The war continues across Europe, with the allied commanders still locked into the optimistic patriotism of the 1900s.

A tower-defense game where you can play as the attacker has been done before, but GTB lets you play the same maps as attacker OR defender, and even lets you save out your attack as a recording to defend against. An online-challenge system lets you upload your custom maps and custom units and attacks for other players to fight against. Speaking of custom units, GTB doesn't have simple pre-built units, but allows you to build them from individual components, and even design the appearance and colors of every single unit. An unlocks system gradually reveals more modules, abilities and unit 'hulls' to experiment with.

GTB also features an integrated map editor that lets you trivially change and tweak existing maps, or create entirely new ones, and the process of sharing these custom maps with friends is built right into the game. Combine it with Steam achievements, community, cloud support and more, and you should be kept busy fighting over Europe for another two hundred years./>

Key Features

  • Alternate History Tower Defense: Fight a 200 year war to save Europe
  • Play as attacker or defender on any map, even custom ones
  • Fight with Infantry, Tanks, Turrets and Mechs
  • Optional Adaptive AI adjusts to your play style and tactics for endless variety
  • Customizable units allow you to design your own personal army
  • Built-in level editor makes creating a new map a breeze
  • Save out your attack and play against it as the defender
  • Online map and challenge-sharing system allows you to fight your friends armies

Configuration requise

    • Système d'exploitation : Windows XP
    • Processeur : 1.5 GHz
    • Mémoire vive : 2 Go de RAM
    • Carte graphique : Carte 3D avec 128 Mo de mémoire vidéo
    • DirectX® : 9.0c
    • Disque dur : 500 Mo d'espace disque disponible
    • OS: OS X 10.6 or later
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Hard Drive: 125 MB HD space
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a solid game, maybe not the best i ever played but if you can pick it up during a sale it's totaly worth it.

Posté le : 20 juin
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0.3 heures en tout
What I don't understand is why is this a tower defense game? why isn't this like Gratuitous Space Battles with an open battlefield where two armies simply engage in a battle? Why won't you just deploy your units, assign behaviour parameters and see how your troops perform? Space Battles would had never been even half as succesful if it would had been a Tower defense game so I don't understand why deviate from that succesful pattern they had going with the previous game?
Posté le : 2 septembre
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4.6 heures en tout
I approve of this game big time. MOAR TANK!
Posté le : 25 septembre
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0.4 heures en tout
Tower defense / assault game. Plenty of things to do, it's just not very fun
Posté le : 6 octobre
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3 personne(s) sur 10 (30%) ont trouvé cette évaluation utile
0.1 heures en tout
Unfortunately awful, get Space Battles instead and leave this one alone.
Posté le : 21 juin
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20 personne(s) sur 22 (91%) ont trouvé cette évaluation utile
40.2 heures en tout
Gratuitous Tank Battles can be an incredibly fun and rewarding game. Remember the fun it was to build your own custom ships on games like Master of Orion? GTB is a tower defense game that's like that for every single unit or turret. From the smallest cheap gun to the big strongholds, from inexpensive recruit infantry to heavily shielded mechs.

Designing the units is simple, but the management of new and older designs can be a little busywork. But this kind of complexity that usually lacks on modern games is very welcomed.

The very fact that this games plays as both a traditional tower defense game and an inverted tower defense game is a testimony to its flexibility. It's a robust selection of units with great variation of strategies you can use to beat the enemy.

At least for me, the fact that you can design, customize and name every unit in the field adds to the enjoyment and creates a very fun experience when your guys are winning a battle. It's just most interesting when that tank unit you built to be fast and strong barely makes it to the finish line.

Building units is not everything, and the battles are intense and complex.

Apart from the built-in campaign, you can edit your own scenarios, and upload and download challenges from other users.

If you like Tower Defense games or games with customization, this is a very good choice.
Posté le : 1 mars
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