REJOIGNEZ LA RÉVOLUTION! Attirés vers Mars par la promesse d'une meilleure vie établie par la corporation Ultor, des milliers sont venus chercher fortune et travail pour la géante société minière. Mais tout ne semble pas être aussi simple.
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Date de parution: 18 sept 2001

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"Do you like Half-Life? Surprisingly similar. Half-Life is better but this deserves a look, really enjoyed my time with it."

À propos de ce jeu

Attirés vers Mars par la promesse d'une meilleure vie établie par la corporation Ultor, des milliers sont venus chercher fortune et travail pour la géante société minière. Mais tout ne semble pas être aussi simple. Une maladie mortelle est en train de balayer les vivants dans les casernes, et les mineurs sont quotidiennement maltraités par les gardes d'Ultor. Une révolution serait-elle au bout de l'horizon?
Red Faction révolutionne le jeu vidéo en proposant la technologie Geo-Mod, qui permet de complètement modifier et détruire les éléments de l'environnement en temps réel. Comprend 5 véhicules contrôlables, 15 armes de destruction massive, action multijoueurs non parallèle, et une mise en action sur Mars en plein milieu de la peste et des conflits, Red Faction laisse une empreinte dans le monde du jeu vidéo!
  • La technologie Geo-Mod — le seul FPS avec de la modification géométrique arbitraire en temps réel arbitrary
  • Actions multijoueures non parallèles, avec des stratégies liées avec le Geo-Mod
  • Simulation des physiques poussées - comprenant la géométrie de la chute, des particules et du liquide
  • Five land, sea and air vehicles to commandeer and control
  • Un scénario surprenant à travers 20 niveaux diversifiés
  • Objectifs basés sur la furtivité et l'action
  • Environnements variés, comprenant des passages naturels uniques dans le genre
  • Éclairages dynamiques et en temps réel
  • Réaction de l'IA travaillée
  • Déformations squelettiques en temps réel et interpolation pour des animations fluides
  • Système de dégâts basés sur l'endroit des dégâts
  • LAN et TCP-IP inclus pour des parties multijoueurs (jusqu'à 32 joueurs)

Configuration requise

    • OS: Windows® 2000/XP
    • DirectX: DirectX 8
    • Processeur: Pentium II 400 MHz ou mieux
    • Memoire: 64 Mo de RAM
    • Carte Vidéo: 3D Carte Graphique accélératrice (8 Mo)
    • Son: Matériel audio compatible avec Direct X
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Posté le : 20 octobre
It's a rainy thursday evening, and Summer-Rain
has a thermometer sticking out of her mouth
as she curls up in bed, shifting underneath the
covers. You feel her forehead tenderly with your
hand's exterior before checking her temperature.

"Seems like it's going down..." You tell her, while
she pulls a long face. You open your laptop and
engage the Steam client, looking for a game to
play together, a simple one, to take her mind off
of the fever. Suddenly she grabs your arm, and
orders you to stop scrolling in your library.

"What's that one? I've heard of it, but it doesn't
seem familiar."
Summer-Rain points at a game
you remembered buying on the franchise sale.


You tell Summer-Rain about how you were ten
years old when the game came out and you had
to play as a miner named Parker who started as
a disenfranchised worker on Mars before leading
an entire Revolution against his evil company,

Summer-Rain pulls the sheets up to her nose and
says she wants ice cream while she watches you
play Red Faction. After a short trip to the kitchen
and fetching her a bowl of vanilla ice cream, the
introductory cutscene plays as Parker narrates
his down-on-his-luck life as a miner on Mars.

The introductory level opens quickly enough. A
fellow miner is provoked into assault with the
guards, and all hell breaks loose, with you quickly
obtaining a stun baton to bludgeon guards with
and a 9mm pistol as a basic firearm.

Remote charges that stick to targets and grenades
round out your arsenal in this starting stage,
and Summer-Rain laughs while you latch remote
charges to the oncoming Guards, their arms
flailing wildly as they scream and run about
before you detonate them.

You encounter an APC amid a rocky bridge as
Summer-Rain tells you to be careful, expecting
you to face the APC head-on with your Rocket
Launcher which has minimal ammo. You opt to
blow up the two edges of the rock bridge, which
sends the Guards and the APC falling to their
death down the ravine below.

"How-?!" Summer-Rain exclaims, before telling
her that this game has Geo-Mod technology, a
precursor to DICE's Frostbite engine and their
destruction 2.0. "Although this game is from
2001, almost everything you see that isn't part
of the preprogrammed story is fully destructable."

You are soon taking on Guards in drilling vehicles,
travelling between sabotaged power plants in
Submarines and even taking to the skies in one
level in one of Ultor's AESIR Fighters. By now, you
have obtained an Assault Rifle, a Shotgun, the
deadly Precision Rifle with 4x zoom scope and
almighty Sniper Rifle with 10x zoom scope.

Through it all, Summer-Rain mindlessly munches
ice cream in anticipation of what comes next,
with Parker laying waste to everything before him
in his quest to be free of Ultor and Mars.

The villains of the game, Dr. Capek and later the
cold, calculating mercenary Masako, prove to be
some of the most difficult boss fights in the game
with your meager health and zero modern-day
mechanics a player takes for granted, such as
shields and auto-save checkpoints.

When you die and you had the unfortunate habit
of not saving in a game like Red Faction, you find
yourself at the beginning of the Miner Uprising
at the start of the game, having to do it all. over.

The supporting characters of Red Faction are
minimal, but they all compliment the story very
well. The hacker Hendrix is a non-annoying
version of Otacon, Summer-Rain observes, while
she likes the no-nonsense attitude of the Red
Faction leader Eos, and her right-hand man
Orion, who appears only a few times, but chews
up scenery well with his sincere voice acting.

The enemies of Red Faction progress incredibly
well. First there are regular guards, then the
Officers, with their rough-and-tumble black
assault rifles, red visors, yellow trim and biting
attitudes to match.

Later, armored Mercenaries take over the
enemy role, armed with heavy machine
guns, one-hit-kill Railguns (which can see
and shoot through walls)
and the dreaded
Fusion Rocket Launcher.

The end comes, and you have to disarm a
bomb that Eos is strapped to, but the controls
to disarm the bomb make no sense, and you
swear to the High Lords of Valhalla that the
timer is rigged. Summer-Rain has long finished
her vanilla ice-cream, cowering under the
blanket and hoping you can save Eos in time.

The screen fades to white, and both of you
find yourselves at the main menu of the game,
where you load your last save and find that
you have to fight Masako in her AESIR Fighter
again before you can try to disarm the bomb
she strapped to Eos. Summer-Rain heaves a
small sigh of disappointment.

"I could never figure out the sequence in time
back then anyway."
You shrug, apologizing
to Summer-Rain. She sets aside your laptop
and draws you in for a hug. Summer-Rain
thanks you for showing her a game from
your childhood, and if anything, she enjoyed
the ride with you, watching you play as
Parker and try to take down the Ultor
Corporation has her feeling better than
the fever that got her down.

You smile and say that you have to go
and prepare some things for tomorrow's
class before you can join her for the night.
"Go on, go on... hurry back so I don't get
too cold without you!"
She says. You nod,
and reach for your laptop, before her hand
closes on yours. "Leave the laptop." She
orders, and you shrug as you leave to pack
your bags for the class tomorrow.

As you leave her room, you hear the sound
of swooshing doors of the main menu theme
and a guard shouting the familiar words to
a certain Parker...


You turn round and see Summer-Rain
looking away from you at the ceiling, her
mouth in mock whistling. "Better red than
dead, huh Summer?"

She beams back at you.


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Posté le : 21 juillet
If you want to know what happened to Ultor after Saints Row IV play this game.
If you want to know what happened to Dice destruction 2.0 play this game.
If you want to know what happened to Jamie Foxx after he got tired of earth play this game.

Oh and if you are pro unions this game is for you.
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Posté le : 25 août
An old classic. The first in the famous Red Faction series. Here are my likes and dislikes about this game:

- Great storyline
- Great mechanics despite being made in 2001
- Good graphics for an old game.

- Multiplayer is dead.
- When you get on the multiplayer there are too many hackers.

Despite the negatives I would recommend this game!
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Posté le : 4 octobre
You can literally mine the enviroment, all 3 dimensions.

Modding the game is extremely easy

The only thing I don't like is that after too many explosions you can't destroy anymore stuff. However it is fun to break the game with this magnificant formula

"first: open your registry

Click on "start" and on "run"

In run dialog box type "regedit"

then open:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Volition\Red Faction

Open the key "Geometry Cache Size" and change the view to digital.
32 MB grafic cache are default. Now change it to a valvue which is comfirm to yours and your mates (who playing with you) grafic cache.
Only the HOST needs to change this valvue. But it shouldn´t be more than other clients got.
I tried more than i have (5000) and the game get a bit laggy after destroying very much.
U can try it to but u risk a system or gamecrash"

change the value to as much fs as you can do.
Hexadecimal should like like this: ffffffff
Decimal should look like this: 4294967295
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Posté le : 9 novembre
Without this game there wouldnt have been a saints row 2 or 3 or even 4. Great game for being old. I played it back in 2005 i didnt know what the heck to do. but 10 years later im back and ready to beat it.
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