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Última entrega de esta histórica saga, Ridge Racer Unbounded sube marchas parar agarrarse a una nueva calzada llena de destrucción en una nueva generación de arcades de carreras.
Fecha de lanzamiento: 29 Mar 2012
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“Esto es Ridge Racer sin las restricciones de sus antecesores, rediseñado desde cero para convertirse en uno de los juegos de carreras callejeras más sublimes y subversivos jamás realizado”.
9/10 – Edge

“Un Ridge Racer más brillante, más elegante y más lleno de explosiones”
8/10 –

“Un juego de carreras extremadamente sólido”
8/10 –

Acerca del juego

El último título de la saga RIDGE RACER, RIDGE RACER Unbounded, se prepara para dejar su propio rastro de destrucción con una nueva clase de carreras arcade.

RIDGE RACER™ Unbounded viene a añadir una nueva e inesperada dimensión a la saga, con un concepto más feroz, original y emocionante de las carreras. Únete al Unbounded street racing gang, liderado por Kara Shindo, y prueba tus habilidades de conducción en cada calle y barrio de Shatter Bay. Prueba tu valor y habilidades contra los conductores rivales, gana su respeto y expande a tu banda.

Características Principales

  • ¡Atraviésalo todo! - Física y efectos de última generación se combinan para traerte directamente la destrucción como nunca antes la habías visto. ¡Desata tu rabia y aparta cualquier cosa que se cruce en tu camino, haz el tuyo propio
  • Corre en ambientes urbanos – Shatter Bay vive bajo sus propias reglas, y está preparada para ser dominada por los vehículos tuneados que circulan libremente por muchas de sus áreas, incluyendo la zona comercial, la refinería, el puerto o los solares en construcción de sus rascacielos
  • Una nueva generación de máquinas de carreras – Los tradicionales coches de carreras están pasadas de moda, ahora docenas de máquinas modificadas en extremo son lo que se lleva, incluyendo los legendarios RIDGE RACER Angel y Devil
  • Crea circuitos con facilidad, compártelos online y compite con tus amigos

Requisitos del sistema

    • SO: Windows XP / Vista SP2 de 32 bits / 7 [Windows debe de estar actualizado y con el último service pack instalado]
    • Procesador: Athlon x2 a 2.6 GHz Dual Core o equivalente de Intel
    • Memoria: 2 GB de RAM
    • Gráficos: 512 MB de VRAM, ATI Radeon 4850 o superior, nVidia GeForce 8800 GT o superior
    • DirectX®: 9.0c
    • Disco Duro: 3 GB de espacio libre
    • Sonido: Compatible con DirectX
    • Otros requisitos: Conexión de banda ancha a internet
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When I purchased this game, I expected a Ridge Racer experience: alien vehicles drifting at impossible angles and blinding speed in every curve with a very passionate commentator. Ridge Racer™ Unbounded is none of those things.

This game differs from the rest of the series. A lot. You can actually drift off into wall and crash your car, or bump into your opponents in an attempt to take them out. There's a handful of game types you can play, from your typical race to the finish where drifting fills up your boost meter (Shindo racing), to causing as much damage to the city as you pass through it, including your opponents (Domination race).

Each car has a unique feel to it, although most of them just slide all over the place, or can barely turn at all. The lower the "Drift", and the higher the "Handling", the easier to drive!

The graphics are simply beautiful. The attention to detail is remarkable, from the different shops in the city to the spot-on reflections on the cars. The weather changes the look and feel of the track in an immersive way, although there is no precipitation. My only complaint is that lighting effects are sometimes blindingly intense, especially at night, to the point where wearing sunglasses would almost make sense.

The music is upbeat and powerful, unfortunately we do not get a set of original tracks this time around. Ridge Racer™ Unbounded borrows a few tracks from previous games in the series, as well as songs from other artists.

The game features a fairly simple track editor, which reminds me of Accolade's Grand Prix Unlimited (DOS). Published tracks are uploaded online, where everyone has access to them. That's an infinity of maps to play on! I must admit, however, that most people are very uncreative when it comes to making custom tracks, but there's always a few gems in there. You just gotta find them!

Unfortunately, I can't say much about the multiplayer experience. You can invite people from your Steam friends to play with you, but don't expect anyone else to join your game.

I've encountered a few bugs here and there (glitching graphics, flipping cameras when boosting during a collision, and one area where you can drive off the map), but nothing major or game breaking.

What I'd love to see in this game would be a better controller support (for non-Xbox 360 controllers), rural-themed tracks, and maybe a multiplayer lobby where all players can actually see who's online and play together!

Overall, Ridge Racer™ Unbounded's title can be misleading, but it's still tons of fun, and has a high replayability value for a modest price. I recommend it to anyone who'd love a neat little pick-up-and-play urban-racing game.
Publicado: 6 mayo 2014
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Crazy bad ♥♥♥ racing,i think i said wtf ten times in a single race,i later realized i was racing a custom track but hey it was still crazy,great graphics,even better music,ultra fast and ultra smooth on 1080p,online functions are there but no one seems to play this game,you can create your own tracks and track sets,you can then post them online for others to play.

I find it strange,infact Namco must have found it strange that there is little to no server activity for this game,they also must be scratching their heads and wondering why no one bought this game,i also wonder why Unbounded has not sold anywhere near it's worth,to look at this game and realize how much fun it is and how good the game looks and runs as well as the fact that Namco were bold enough to include a full track editor instead of trying to sell out on track and car dlc.

I just do not get why no one owns or plays it,reviews may say it's not a true ridge racer but i would say it does have the same feel and racing machanics of ridge racer,also the same scenic design of ridge racer,but hell yeh it is different and better in my opinion.

This game is pretty dam cheap by any standards and it can be picked up on deal often and right now it costs only £3.45 here ..

This game is like burnout meets ridgeracer,cross breeded with flatout and trackmania on coke,i recommend this game to everyone who likes a good arcade racer,very casual but also deep enough to keep you racing and the amount of tracks will keep online racing fresh.

IGN review link - sums up the game pretty well but the game looks crappy in the ign video (console port) maybe,framerate was bad as well as looking washed out but the pc game looks dark,lush and full 60fps.
Publicado: 10 marzo 2014
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This is one of the most underrated games i have ever played. I have been a fan of the Ridge racer series since Rage racer hit the ps1 in 1997, I’ve loved the way cars can drift around corners at impossible angles and speeds...and how its all about the skill of drifting. THIS GAME IS NOT LIKE THE OLD RIDGE RACERS; in this game you can hit walls and it is not very likely you will keep your speed when you just turn and press the drift button, in unbound you have to control your car, or else you will be at the back of the grid. It also borrows from the burnout series with 'frags' (takedowns in burnout)...this adds another element to the exciting racing in this game. It is also made by bugbear (the makers of the flat-out series and Next Car Game), you can see game elements from flat-out throughout this game, as in the highly destructive environments and vehicle combat. The track-editor is also amazing, the editor lets you create many...MANY tracks in all different shapes with all different elements, the advanced editor lets you add ramps and explosives to the track you have created. Overall if you want a fun arcade racer to pass the time and have a lot of fun along the way, get this!! its a brilliant mix of many different racing games.
Publicado: 12 junio 2014
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It’s not really Ridge Racer, but whether you consider it a reboot or a spin-off this is the best arcade racer since Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit.

Pros:Brilliantly destruction racing, with a heavy but enjoyable driving model and some great destruction effects. Excellent track editor.

Cons:More game modes would’ve been nice and the multiplayer in particular can seem a bit bare bones at time. Supposedly edgy presentation is trying too hard.
Publicado: 7 febrero 2014
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Don't even bother trying this one.
I wonder what kind of miracle happened so this product
holds about 70 Metascore rating. This is way over the top,
the "real" score should be somewhere near 20.
It has absolutely NOTHING to show up as an advantage
in comparsion to other games of this genre.
If you still have an idiotic idea to try this "reborn" "classics",
better play Driftopia - at least, it's free.

It's all the same. Same engine, same "old school" graphics.
Same uncontrollable cars that feel like a flying gliding bricks
of iron metal. Same unimaginable frustrating gameplay.
The only thing is good here - the soundtrack.
That's the ONLY thing.

..Oh. You can also check my review on Driftopia here
Publicado: 14 abril 2014
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La p*** que pario!!! Esto cambia mi concepto de carreras de coches copletamente!!! Lo teneis que probar, es... es... destructivo!!! La velocidad queda en segundo plano, controlar los derrapes para conseguir potencia y destrozar todo a tu paso es lo que prima. Saltar, esquivar, girar.... moooooooooola
Publicado: 7 enero 2014
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