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The latest title in the storied franchise, Ridge Racer Unbounded gears up to carve its own destructive path with a new breed of arcade racing.
Releasedatum: 29 mrt 2012
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"This is Ridge Racer unbounded from the shackles of its heritage, rebuilt from the ground up into one of the most subversive, sublime street-racing games ever made."
9/10 – Edge

“A brighter, sleeker and more explosion filled Ridge Racer”
8/10 –

“An extremely solid racer”
8/10 –

Info over het spel

RIDGE RACER™ komt terug, en hoe. Misschien niet zoals je RIDGE RACER™ gewend bent, maar wel harder dan ooit met unieke gameplay elementen zoals je nooit eerder hebt gezien.In Ridge Racer Unbounded verken je een kant die je nooit eerder hebt gezien in het Ridge Racer universum. Agressief rijden, tegenstanders van de baan racen en letterlijk door gebouwen heel racen, daar draait Unbounded om. Daarnaast kent de game een uitgebreide multiplayer mode en een unieke City Creation mode waar je zelf je eigen unieke baan kunt maken en delen met je vrienden.

Belangrijkste kenmerken

  • Over de top en hard, Ridge Racer zoals je nooit eerder had gezien
  • Verschillende multiplayer modes waar je het opneemt tegen je vrienden of vreemden over de hele wereld
  • Zeer uitgebreide City Creation mode waar je zelf unieke tracks kunt maken en delen met de hele wereld!
  • Over de top racing; crash door gebouwen, race je tegenstanders van de weg en vind nieuwe routes op je weg naar de finishlijn


    • OS:Windows XP, Vista SP2 32-bit, 7. [Windows up to date and latest service pack installed]
    • Processor:Dual Core Athlon x2 2.6 GHz or Intel Equivalent
    • Memory:2 GB RAM
    • Graphics:512 MB RAM, ATI Radeon 4850 or higher, NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT or higher
    • DirectX®:9.0c
    • Hard Drive:3 GB HD space
    • Sound:DirectX Compatible
    • Other Requirements:Broadband Internet connection
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5 van de 6 mensen (83%) vonden deze recensie nuttig
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14 recensies
0.6 uur in totaal
This game has the 4 things every race game should have:
-fast and good looking cars
-lots of destruction
-nice songs
-editor to make your own tracks
I love it!
Geplaatst: 4 januari 2014
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9 van de 14 mensen (64%) vonden deze recensie nuttig
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25 recensies
17.7 uur in totaal
Ridge Racer Unbounded completely surprised me. It is by no means a realistic racing game but therein lies its charm. It is very much an over the top, fast cars, sexy lights, thumping music, and just energy blasted into your face kinda game. And I love it! It switches the action around quite a bit which is nice but some of the things work better than others. The obstacle courses, frag attacks, and drifting challenges start to get tiresome but they really help when you’re driving the races. After a while the challenges get so challenging that restarting the tracks becomes your second nature in this game and you take it as part of it. The important thing is that the game rarely feels unfair. If you lost, it’s because you messed up. Wrecking the town is fun and blasting through your opponents with the turbo on feels really satisfying. I really enjoyed the ridiculous nature of this game and the way it just gets your adrenaline levels up.
Geplaatst: 25 november 2013
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3 van de 3 mensen (100%) vonden deze recensie nuttig
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6 recensies
5.6 uur in totaal
It’s not really Ridge Racer, but whether you consider it a reboot or a spin-off this is the best arcade racer since Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit.

Pros:Brilliantly destruction racing, with a heavy but enjoyable driving model and some great destruction effects. Excellent track editor.

Cons:More game modes would’ve been nice and the multiplayer in particular can seem a bit bare bones at time. Supposedly edgy presentation is trying too hard.
Geplaatst: 7 februari 2014
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2 van de 2 mensen (100%) vonden deze recensie nuttig
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3 recensies
2.6 uur in totaal
Crazy bad ♥♥♥ racing,i think i said wtf ten times in a single race,i later realized i was racing a custom track but hey it was still crazy,great graphics,even better music,ultra fast and ultra smooth on 1080p,online functions are there but no one seems to play this game,you can create your own tracks and track sets,you can then post them online for others to play.

I find it strange,infact Namco must have found it strange that there is little to no server activity for this game,they also must be scratching their heads and wondering why no one bought this game,i also wonder why Unbounded has not sold anywhere near it's worth,to look at this game and realize how much fun it is and how good the game looks and runs as well as the fact that Namco were bold enough to include a full track editor instead of trying to sell out on track and car dlc.

I just do not get why no one owns or plays it,reviews may say it's not a true ridge racer but i would say it does have the same feel and racing machanics of ridge racer,also the same scenic design of ridge racer,but hell yeh it is different and better in my opinion.

This game is pretty dam cheap by any standards and it can be picked up on deal often and right now it costs only £3.45 here ..

This game is like burnout meets ridgeracer,cross breeded with flatout and trackmania on coke,i recommend this game to everyone who likes a good arcade racer,very casual but also deep enough to keep you racing and the amount of tracks will keep online racing fresh.

IGN review link - sums up the game pretty well but the game looks crappy in the ign video (console port) maybe,framerate was bad as well as looking washed out but the pc game looks dark,lush and full 60fps.
Geplaatst: 10 maart 2014
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2 van de 2 mensen (100%) vonden deze recensie nuttig
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3.2 uur in totaal
Pretty dissapointing. Feels like a copy of burnout. Bugbear usually makes pretty cool driving games but this didn't feel like 1 of those. It's really just a copy of need for speed and burnout together.
Geplaatst: 13 april 2014
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