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Voel de adrenaline door je lichaam stromen terwijl je door krankzinnige racebanen racet tegen monstertrucks, raceauto’s, offroadvoertuigen en veel meer.
Releasedatum: 13 dec 2011
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FlatOut 3: Chaos & Destruction brings a new dimension to high speed destruction racing.

Feel the adrenaline pulse through your veins as you barrel through insane race tracks against monster trucks, race cars, off road vehicles and much more.

FlatOut 3: Chaos & Destruction is demolition racing at its extreme. Real world physics with 9 different game modes, and over 47 different vehicles available. Players may choose to race, smash and destroy their opponents in a wide variety of online and offline options.

Lay waste to farm houses, fences, and then wreak havoc in a Detroit suburb, race up the walls in giant waste disposal sewers. Let the chaos begin as you race through over 60 different tracks, narrowly avoiding wrecking balls, Double Decker buses and much more.

Create as much destruction in the all new monster tuck mode.

Choose from 20 different playable characters, select your weapon from the 47 available vehicles! Create as much Chaos & Destruction! In stuntman mode anarchy rules create havoc with some rag doll fun.

FlatOut 3: Chaos & Destruction offers more vehicles, game modes and different ways to demolish your opponents before crossing the finish line.

Key features:

  • Physics Engine capable of delivering over 20,000 fully destructible objects on every track
  • 47 vehicles with everything from muscle cars, monster trucks, tanks, bulldozers and more
  • 9 game modes plus challenge mode that incorporates all game modes into one 62 track race
  • 10 racing environments with 62 different race tracks
  • 3 stunt mode environments with 12 stunt tracks
  • 9 Destruction Derby Battle environments
  • All new Monster Truck, Nightshift, Off Road, and Speed modes
  • 8 multiplayer modes with support for up to 16 players
  • Force Feedback support for racing wheels
  • Larger Destruction Derbies with 24 players
  • Complete Chaos in Off-Road Mode
  • Complete Destruction in All new Monster Truck Mode
  • Head to Head in nightmarish, thunderous, rainy, fog weather in Night Shift Mode


    • Operating system:Windows® XP
    • Processor: Intel® 2 GHz dual core CPU
    • Memory: 2 GB
    • Video: Nvidia GeForce 8600+ / AMD Radeon HD X2600+
    • Internet:Broadband Internet Connection
    • DirectX®: DirectX® 9.0c
    • Hard disk space: 16 GB
    • Sound: DirectX® compatible Onboard Soundcard
    • Supported Input Devices: Keyboard, Joystick, XBox Controller, Gamepad, Microsoft Controller for Windows
    • Additional Notes: Also supports Razer Hydra.
    • Operating system:Windows® 7
    • Processor: Intel® Quadcore
    • Memory: 4 GB
    • Video: Nvidia GeForce GTX 590 / AMD Radeon HD 6970
    • Internet:Broadband Internet Connection
    • DirectX®: DirectX® 9.0c
    • Hard disk space: 20 GB
    • Sound: DirectX® compatible Soundcard
    • Supported Input Devices: Keyboard, Joystick, XBox Controller, Gamepad, Microsoft Controller for Windows
    • Additional Notes: Also supports Razer Hydra.
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2 recensies
17.6 uur in totaal
The game name says Flatout. But do not think of it as Flatout. It is not even made by same developers as the original Flatout, Flatout 2 and Ultimate Carnage. This is made by Team 6. Team 6 has not made a single good game ever. And this is not exception.

This game is absolutely horrible, I do not recommend it for anyone.
The physics are one of the worst I have ever seen in racing game.
Crashing does not feel good when it should in this type of game.
The graphics look just ugly. Even the first Flatout from 2004 looks better than this in my opinion.
There is not even a proper career mode, just a boring challenge mode that has random single races you can complete.
This game is overpriced, it should cost 5€/5$ at max, and even then I would not recommend the game to anyone.

Play the good old Flatout instead, or check out the Next Car Game by the developers of original Flatout games (Bugbear Entertainment). That will be a true demolition racing/derby game.

Geplaatst: 27 november 2013
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107 van de 114 mensen (94%) vonden deze recensie nuttig
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3 recensies
11.4 uur in totaal
This game is rubbish, if you loved flatout 2 or UC then don't buy.
Flatout 3 features cars that have some of the worse systems of damage e.g. you trade paint and explode, you hit someone face on no damage. Maps that have the track missing in places e.g. a map where you have to jump across a black hole and never make it (including the AI). Zombies that should be road cones (they don't move). Graphics that are worse then flatout 1. Maps that have nothing in them called off road maps.
This game was not made by bugbear it was made by Team 6. Think Pizza Dude and Taxi Raser. It is the same quality
Geplaatst: 26 november 2013
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94 van de 100 mensen (94%) vonden deze recensie nuttig
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1 recensie
0.2 uur in totaal
I was not able to complete even one hour game Flatout 3: Chaos & Destruction. I at least when I bought the game expecting a Flatout 2 with slightly better graphics and either innovation in gameplay, it's true I did not expect much out of him, but what I saw is unbelievable.

Cade the excitement of each race in Flatout 2? There is none of that here. This is a completely different game, where every minute in this game, seem hours. If you played Flatout 2, please DO NOT buy this game. Guarantee dissatisfaction.
Geplaatst: 29 november 2013
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98 van de 111 mensen (88%) vonden deze recensie nuttig
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23 recensies
0.4 uur in totaal
Flatout 3, or The One Where The Flatout Franchise ♥♥♥♥ Down It's Legg
The first two Flatout games were good fun, but it's third installment felt like a step backwards so big that I would have believed you if you told me that it was released before the first game. The biggest issue with the game is one that writes the whole experience off: the physics are horrible. Cars don't FEEL right. Their acceleration, turning and collision feel simply horrible. You can really tell a different developer made this title.

Can't Drive Stick out of Ten
Geplaatst: 25 november 2013
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75 van de 82 mensen (91%) vonden deze recensie nuttig
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70 recensies
0.3 uur in totaal
Heyyo, DON'T BUY THIS GAME! It's an insult to what Bugbear, the original developers of Flatout created. This was made by some ♥♥♥♥-budget-Russian "game" "studio" and it's every bit as bad as its Metacritic score of 23 / 100. The text is poor, it feels like a free game a college student made in a week, and it's nowhere near the price they're asking for. This game deserves to die. Buy any other Flatout game or Bugbear's upcoming "Next Car Game"
Geplaatst: 29 november 2013
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