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Choose your weapons and take aim at the most random Serious Sam adventure yet!
发行日期: 2011年10月24日
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包含 11 件物品: Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter, Serious Sam Classic: The First Encounter, Serious Sam Classic: The Second Encounter, Serious Sam 3: BFE, Serious Sam Double D XXL, Serious Sam: The Random Encounter, Serious Sam 2, Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter - Legend of the Beast DLC, Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter, Serious Sam 3: Jewel of the Nile, Serious Sam 3: BFE Bonus Pack


The legendary Serious Sam reloads and rearms in an explosive, turn-based RPG developed by indie developer Vlambeer (Super Crate Box, Ridiculous Fishing). Serious Sam: The Random Encounter follows Sam and his band of oddball mercenaries as they battle across a pixilated world teeming chaotic battles, hordes of bizarre creatures, and mysterious secrets. Choose your weapons and take aim at the most random Serious Sam adventure yet!

Serious Sam Indie Series

The Serious Sam Indie Series is an extraordinary program launched by Croteam and Devolver Digital to partner with gaming's most creative independent developers and design radically unique Serious Sam games in a variety of styles and genres.

Key Features:

  • Turn-Based Awesome: Battle across three worlds of pandemonium with Serious Sam and his band of quirky commandos as they clash with legions of relentless creatures hell-bent on ruining your day. Choose your weapons and prepare for an absolute onslaught of merciless enemies charging from every direction.
  • Extraordinary Visual Design: Behold the pixilated brutality of Serious Sam’s struggle against evil in glorious retro-styled graphics. Visit the exotic locals of Egypt and dangerous caverns overrun by Mental’s twisted horde. Battle by land or take on all-new aquatic variations of classic Serious Sam baddies in underwater skirmishes unlike anything Sam has faced before!
  • Serious Strategy: No magic here, son. Select from a variety of dynamic items to increase your party’s stats, toss out some Headless Kamikaze bait, or bring everything to a devastating halt with the all-powerful Serious Bomb.
  • Challenge Mode: Take on a never-ending wave of Mental’s most fearsome minions and attempt to post the best score to win the admiration of your friends and family.
Serious Sam: The Random Encounter was created by Dutch indie duo Rami Ismail & Jan Willem Nijman and features crisp pixel art by Roy Nathan de Groot & pixel-animator Paul Veer. The game had its chiptune music created by Alex Mauer and the trailers were produced by Canadian video-magician Kert Gartner.


    • OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7
    • Processor: 2.0Ghz or faster processor
    • Memory: 1GB RAM
    • Hard Disk Space: 100MB free space
    • Video Card: 256MB Video Memory or higher, DirectX 8 or later
    • DirectX®: 8.0 or later
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哦 随机遇怪+回合制+接苹果?

刚刚要打爽了 却立刻跳出选择武器的菜单 这点完全毁灭了游戏的节奏感

只能说 这玩意还是一样的糟糕
我已经耐住性子玩它了 结果只能是更加失望

战斗模式实在让人无法理解 这是嘛玩意
移动范围局限在一个小小的长条空间里 无法前后移动 就像红白机里的弹球游戏
这样做的唯一后果就是 有些敌人的大范围攻击 根本无法抵御 直接掉血
血瓶之类的需要去开箱子 一个地图也就两三个箱子 能开出什么都是未知数

也许我还没有真正的耐下心 可能这真的应该是个好游戏
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This is an old school RPG based around the Serious Sam franchise. You'll have a top down map with enemy encounters and be taken to a RPG style battle system. The map worlds are literally one screen sections, if your party is wiped out three times, you need to restart that one map. It would feel right at home on the original Gameboy or a mobile phone. Random battles can happen when you walk one space on the map, so if that angers you, avoid this game.

The real game is the combat, each battle pits you and your allies against several if not dozens or hundreds of enemies chasing after you. You select fight, swap weapon or item. Any of your characters can use any weapon. Here's where it gets interesting, the weapons and enemies have uses like in an action game. The revolver will shoot at the closest enemy, the shotgun is a defensive weapon if any enemies or big projectiles get within a proximity of the user, the rocket launcher sends a spread of 3 rockets one per turn, the grenade launcher does big damage.... if you can hit your target in it, since enemies move, they might be gone before the grenade lands, and there's a mini gun where you aim the line and fire until the end of the turn.

Enemies have different properties too. Some will stay far and shoot, others will chase after you and damage you, killing themselves. Enemies are quicker and slower than you, so you can either outrun them or they'll catch you. All of the combat is a really fresh take on RPG turn based combat. Oh and as your turn is happening, you can move your party up and down on the screen to dodge projectiles or stall for time as you wait for the next shotgun blast.

After every battle, you get full health. The items mostly consist of armor power ups, health, attack buffs. All of which seem to be needed for bosses at the end of each one screen map.

So if I enjoy the game how could I give it a negative rating?

The game is a steep climb in difficulty before you know it. Walls of bullets, things become unavoidable, deaths are inevitable even if party members are revived with full health after a battle. Everything needs to be done in battle and that is the real downfall. You cannot use any items such as armor outside of battle. So if you're facing a wall of bullets against dozens or hundreds of enemies, you'll just get slaughtered again and again. Luck of who you fight plays a big part of your survival. You can grind all you want before a boss battle. The catch is once you've used your 3 lives, you'll need to start that map over again without all of the grinding you just did. Another problem with lack of grinding is that you can't go back to a previous map to grind and no amount of grinding will save you from bullet walls that comes with every enemy encounter past a few maps. Another downfall is there is no native controller or steam support. Not even key binding, but everything else is a much bigger glaring issue.

In all, its just a fresh take on old school RPGs and I like it, but its as if the developers didn't play the game past a certain point. If you're looking for a very difficult new RPG that is unforgiving and makes grinding meaningless, this is the game for you.
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GameScore:3(out of 10)


FC game on. What I want to say? Pc to play games with FC spend money, sorry. I do not recommend this game, I just want to say a word: If this game has demo version or steam can refund, I must refund!


FC jeu sur. Ce que je veux dire? PC pour jouer à des jeux avec le FC dépenser de l'argent, désolé. Je ne recommande pas ce jeu, je veux juste dire un mot: Si ce jeu a la version de démonstration ou de la vapeur peut rembourser, je dois rembourser!
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This game is seriously fun but at some parts it might frustrate you. Also I like the puzzles in the game and how there are numerous ways to defeat an boss. Even though the game is stupidly hard I highley reconmend you get the game, you won't regret, unless you suck at rpgs.