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Om dette spillet

Batman: Arkham City builds upon the intense, atmospheric foundation of Batman: Arkham Asylum, sending players flying through the expansive Arkham City - five times larger than the game world in Batman: Arkham Asylum - the new maximum security "home" for all of Gotham City's thugs, gangsters and insane criminal masterminds. Featuring an incredible Rogues Gallery of Gotham City's most dangerous criminals including Catwoman, The Joker, The Riddler, Two-Face, Harley Quinn, The Penguin, Mr. Freeze and many others, the game allows players to genuinely experience what it feels like to be The Dark Knight delivering justice on the streets of Gotham City.

Batman: Arkham City - Game of the Year Edition includes the following DLC:

  • Catwoman Pack
  • Nightwing Bundle Pack
  • Robin Bundle Pack
  • Harley Quinn’s Revenge
  • Challenge Map Pack
  • Arkham City Skins Pack

Batman: Arkham City - Game of the Year Edition packages new gameplay content, seven maps, three playable characters, and 12 skins beyond the original retail release:

  • Maps: Wayne Manor, Main Hall, Freight Train, Black Mask, The Joker's Carnival, Iceberg Long, and Batcave
  • Playable Characters: Catwoman, Robin and Nightwing
  • Skins: 1970s Batsuit, Year One Batman, The Dark Knight Returns, Earth One Batman, Batman Beyond Batman, Animated Batman, Sinestro Corps Batman, Long Halloween Catwoman, Animated Catwoman, Animated Robin, Red Robin and Animated Nightwing


Mac OS X
    • OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz or AMD Athlon X2 4800+
    • Memory: 2GB RAM
    • Hard Disk Space: 17 GB free hard drive space
    • Video Card: ATI 3850HD 512 MB or NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT 512MB
    • DirectX®: 9.0c
    • OS: 10.7.5
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0 GHz
    • Memory: 4GB RAM
    • Hard Disk Space: 16 GB free hard drive space
    • Video Card: 256MB VRAM
    • Other Requirements: The following graphics cards are not supported: ATI X1xxx series, ATI HD2xxx series, NVIDIA 7xxx series, NVIDIA 8xxx series, NVIDIA 9400, NVIDIA 320M, Intel HD3000 and Intel GMA series.
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Veldig positive (347 anmeldelser)
Overveldende positive (15,400 anmeldelser)
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3 av 3 personer (100%) syntes denne anmeldelsen var hjelpsom
45.8 timer registrert
Publisert: 19. november, 2015
Everyone else can write how good this game is. To keep this short and simple, this was the first RPG i fully completed...
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1 av 2 personer (50%) syntes denne anmeldelsen var hjelpsom
36.4 timer registrert
Publisert: 11. desember, 2013
Var denne anmeldelsen til hjelp? Ja Nei Morsom
0 av 1 personer (0%) syntes denne anmeldelsen var hjelpsom
1 person syntes at denne anmeldelsen var morsom
23.2 timer registrert
Publisert: 25. november, 2013
Var denne anmeldelsen til hjelp? Ja Nei Morsom
37.2 timer registrert
Publisert: 25. september, 2014
Aswome game, everyone should try it!
Var denne anmeldelsen til hjelp? Ja Nei Morsom
44.7 timer registrert
Publisert: 29. september, 2014
SInnsykt bra spill. Timesvis med morro selv uten alle DLC'ene og sånt. Anbefaler likevel en håndkontroll da det gjør spillet hakket lettere.
Var denne anmeldelsen til hjelp? Ja Nei Morsom
18.1 timer registrert
Publisert: 9. mars, 2015
This and arkham asylum are probably my two favourite games ever.
I havent played it alot on pc since i finished it 7 times on my playstation. And i ALWAYS find new stuff, easter eggs and new places.
The games are extremely fun with superb combat and freeroaming and the detective vision is a great tool for making Batman the stealthiest ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ on the planet. You can of course also go in "batarangs blazing" and take out everyone in the
room without the gargoyle hugging stealthyness.
Arkham origins is also a good game but lacked the depth and passion that rocksteady put into the other games.
You can feel the passion the devs had for this, and the atmosphere in asylum is just amazing.
But all in all Arkham city is my favourite game of all time and the expansions are worth every penny. A definitive must-buy.
Var denne anmeldelsen til hjelp? Ja Nei Morsom
28.8 timer registrert
Publisert: 27. juni, 2014
looking for a good sandbox 3rd person game? then you will love this game. Even when you`re finish with the story, its full challenges and side quests to do
Var denne anmeldelsen til hjelp? Ja Nei Morsom
13.8 timer registrert
Publisert: 28. juni, 2014
awsome :P
Var denne anmeldelsen til hjelp? Ja Nei Morsom
10.6 timer registrert
Publisert: 16. juli, 2015
Im Batman,

Var denne anmeldelsen til hjelp? Ja Nei Morsom
56.2 timer registrert
Publisert: 1. januar, 2014
Jeg vil anbefale dette spillet på det sterkeste. Det har en god story, god grafikk og det er mye og gjøre.
Var denne anmeldelsen til hjelp? Ja Nei Morsom
Recently Posted
19.6 hrs
Publisert: 7. juli
det er syyyykt gøy helt til man kommer til frozen lake der det kan komme en bug at man ikke kan komme videre så det er veldig dumt ;(
Helpful? Ja Nei Morsom
The Devil's Spawn
106.2 hrs
Publisert: 14. juni
Veldig artig og råbra spill. Liker flørtingen til Catwoman og drakta til Harley Quinn veldig godt ;) Det er også veldig gode sjefskamper og grafikk. Anbefaler å spille dette spillet. Veldig bra (Y)
Helpful? Ja Nei Morsom
Captain. DA
14.5 hrs
Publisert: 10. mars
While every Arkham-Fan buys Arkham Knight and make their computer commit suicide after a gameplay of 5 minutes or less, I am just gonna play Arkham City and kick some ♥♥♥ until they fix it so its playable on PC, or i just buy myself a PS4.
Helpful? Ja Nei Morsom
38.5 hrs
Publisert: 27. mai, 2015
Helpful? Ja Nei Morsom