Tank Universal skaper en enorm virtuell Tron-aktig verden der du tar del i kjempestore 3D-kamper med stridsvogner. Slagene har både vennligsinnede og ikke så vennligsinnede enheter og foregår i vidåpne nivåer.
Blandet (375 anmeldelser) - 57% av 375 brukeranmeldelser for dette spillet er positive.
Utgivelsesdato: 21. aug, 2008

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“Tank Universal er en herlig blanding av filmen Tron og spillet Battlezone. Dette stridsvognspillet er ikke bare morsom tidtrøyte, det har også blitt et referansepunkt for den uavhengige spillutviklingsindustrien.”
78% – GameFocus
“En av de best bevarte spillhemmelighetene denne sommeren. Det lurer en god slump strategi bak løpingen og skuddvekslingene i spillet. Trikset er å ha nok viljestyrke til å klare å stoppe å spille dette spillet. Det er ganske avhengighetsskapende.”
81% – GameChronicles

Om dette spillet

Tank Universal skaper en enorm virtuell Tron-aktig verden der du tar del i kjempestore 3D-kamper med stridsvogner. Slagene har både vennligsinnede og ikke så vennligsinnede enheter og foregår i vidåpne nivåer.
Spillerne kan bombardere fienden på avstand eller gå nærmere og dukke unna kulene på kloss hold – alt sammen i et førstepersonsperspektiv som legger til rette for innlevelse.
  • 20 nivåer med sterkt vanedannende og intense stridsvognkamper
  • Noen oppdrag krever at du må forlate den sikre stridsvognen din og utforske verden rundt deg til fots
  • Mulighet til å oppgradere våpen og utstyr på stridsvognen
  • Slåss side ved side med allierte mot svært intelligente og tallrike fiender
  • En virtuell verden med et spektakulært utseende og fantastiske partikkeleffekter
  • Ta kontroll over kampen – de åpne nivåene gir deg frihet til å spille som du vil
  • En fengslende historie veksler mellom virkeligheten og den virtuelle digitalverdenen
  • Forbedrede oppløsninger, inkludert widescreen-støtte på opptil 1680 x 1050
  • Lås opp over 25 prestasjoner, blant annet Roadkill, Sheep Master og den viktige Saviour of the Resistance


      • Operativsystem som støttes: Windows Vista/XP/2000
      • Prosessor: 2,0 GHz prosessor
      • Minne: 512 MB
      • Grafikk: DirectX-kompatibelt skjermkort med 128 MB*
      • DirectX-versjon: DirectX 8.0 eller nyere
      • Lyd: 100% DirectX-kompatibelt lydkort
      • Harddisk: 250 MB ledig harddiskplass
      • *Tank Universal støtter ikke innebygde Intel-skjermkort
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    Blandet (375 anmeldelser)
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    ( 12.7 timer registrert )
    Publisert: 8. juli
    Excellent, very underrated game. I think a lot of people dislike it for two main reasons:
    -You actually need to think about where your fired particle will go, rather than a lot of games where you just point and click to kill enemies
    -And that the gameplay is repetitive.

    But think about this.
    TF2. Overwatch. Nearly every multiplayer objective-based shooter ever.
    They're all extremely repetitive, even more so than this.
    What difference does it make if you're fighting AI that isn't actually brain-damaged for once rather than people?
    If this was multiplayer rather than singleplayer, literally nobody would complain about the repetitiveness. And that bothers me.
    And that is why this only has 57% positive reviews.

    The gameplay might be the same but there are very varied maps and a wide variety of environments, more than can be said for some online multiplayer shooters.

    You move a bit slow, but you can solve that by being patient. The power shards are a ♥♥♥♥♥ to collect in big enough numbers to do anything significant, but that stops you blazing through the levels with ease. Some of the maps are confusing as hell to navigate, but it was the dev's decision to add in a maze-y aspect to some of the maps. I don't have a problem with it, it just takes me longer.
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    ( 12.0 timer registrert )
    Publisert: 25. juni
    This game is well worth the dollar that it costs while on sale, and still worth the $5 regularly. I have had a lot of on/off fun with this game since 2008 and after beating the story I felt I needed to write a review. If you enjoy games that have a challenge to them then you need to look no further.
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    ( 0.2 timer registrert )
    Publisert: 20. mai
    This game is example of eye cancer, your eyes will bleed from tron-like graphics set in seizure color theme, avoid at all cost.
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    TH3JESTER | twitch.tv/th3jester_
    ( 0.7 timer registrert )
    Publisert: 18. mai
    I don't even know. I like TRON and this game was like TRON, but I am also a homosexual and reviewing this game.
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    ( 1.1 timer registrert )
    Publisert: 17. mai
    This game was fun at the start but it got booring because the levels won't get much harder and change!
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    Sadam Pinguini
    ( 3.6 timer registrert )
    Publisert: 14. mai
    its like csgo, but with less russians
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    That just happened
    ( 8.6 timer registrert )
    Publisert: 26. april
    Great game, but has it's flaws and is not completed in plot part. Still should play it. Must have for Tron fans.
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    ( 4.7 timer registrert )
    Publisert: 22. april
    This could run at a decent frame rate on most pcs. It's pretty simple but still fun. The graphics aren't jaw dropping but they aren't bad I'd say it's a good game if you're looking to kill some time. It would be nice if it had multiplayer but that's a different story. Overall this game is like 7/10, has a lot of potential
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    ( 0.5 timer registrert )
    Publisert: 18. mars
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    Epic Lad
    ( 1.2 timer registrert )
    Publisert: 14. mars
    Repetitive. Awesome art style and very tron-esque. Still, I couldnt just sit through the game doing the same remedial tasks OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER
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    168 av 202 personer (83%) syntes denne anmeldelsen var hjelpsom
    17 personer syntes at denne anmeldelsen var morsom
    5.7 timer registrert
    Publisert: 4. januar, 2014
    A highly sopisticated Tron like game where you alternate between controlling a 65 year old man, and a 65 year old man driving a vehicle with all the handling of a refrigerator precariously perched atop a unicycle.
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    104 av 119 personer (87%) syntes denne anmeldelsen var hjelpsom
    6 personer syntes at denne anmeldelsen var morsom
    0.3 timer registrert
    Publisert: 6. januar, 2014
    You're probably reading this because you liked the tank scenes in the movie Tron.
    Not coincidentally, Meridian4 made Tank Universal because THEY liked the tank scenes in Tron.
    And I bought it because I like the... well, you know. And it definitely has a certain Tron vibe, only instead of Jeff Bridges, the protagonist is a bored, incapacitated old man. Compelling!

    Am I glad I bought it? Yes, because now I don't have to wonder if I was missing out on something great. So IS Tank Universal great? No. Is it worth your time as a die-hard Tron fan? Possibly. And if you've never seen Tron? Less, um... possibly.

    Ask yourself:
    "Do I enjoy Tron-inspired games where the primary mechanic is mentally calculating how to hit moving targets from a moving vehicle on sloped sufaces with a relatively slow-moving projectile that is affected by gravity (even though the existance of gravity in a digital world makes no sense)?"
    If the answer is "yes" and you have $5 to spare, buy Tank Universal.

    But also ask yourself:
    "Am I deeply annoyed by incoherent/irrelevant storylines, especially when I'm forced to endure them in lengthy, unskippable cinematics?"
    "Do my eyes roll back into my head during tedious, unnecessary travel sequences through static environments with no interaction?"
    "Do I have a hard time letting go of my nagging sensation that a game, for some unknown reason, isn't as good as it could have been?"
    "Did I hate Tron?"
    If the answer is "yes" to any of these, consider passing over Tank Universal. Maybe the tank moved a little too slugishly, or maybe the upgrading & leveling system lacked the right incentives or rewards. I could never figure it out. The game always felt like off-brand Legos: that kind that fit together, though not quite right, and never with that secure, satisfying "click" of precision. Don't get me wrong, it's still fun, but why didn't Grandma just buy EXACTLY what I WROTE on my *** **** LIST!?!?

    Sorry, I'm thinking of my 9th birthday. What were we talking about again?
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    27 av 36 personer (75%) syntes denne anmeldelsen var hjelpsom
    2 personer syntes at denne anmeldelsen var morsom
    18.5 timer registrert
    Publisert: 3. februar, 2014
    Damn good fun. Tron style tank warfare, and digital sheep riding simulator. Also one of the very first indie games to feature on steam. Paid full price back in the day and don't regret it.
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    16 av 19 personer (84%) syntes denne anmeldelsen var hjelpsom
    14.6 timer registrert
    Publisert: 25. mars, 2014
    Tank Universal is a great throwback to VR, TRON, Battlezone, and just plain old-school gaming full of action and strategy.It's plain as day that Tank Universal is not a professional game - the basic animation, the chunky graphics, the lack of any voice acting whatsoever - but it clearly has heart. While not perfect, for its price, indie roots and throw back to the movie “Tron”, this is a must buy for action gamers.
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    17 av 22 personer (77%) syntes denne anmeldelsen var hjelpsom
    2 personer syntes at denne anmeldelsen var morsom
    Ikke anbefalt
    10.0 timer registrert
    Publisert: 23. mai, 2015
    At first glance, the appeal of this game comes from the contrasting colors of its tron inspired graphic style, although it is not a graphically intensive game. The graphic style works well given the story of the game and some tidbits like animations for dying, respawning, and starting a level. Something that was bugging me about the game, however, is that after doing some searching online the developers of the game stated that the game was locked at 30 fps. I'm not playing on a potato here. The sound is appropriate to the visual style of the game and changes to accent certain in game events, but it can get repetitive.

    As for the gameplay of this game, you wander around some twenty odd levels as either a tank or a soldier on foot. As a foot soldier you don’t have weapons and can only run around and use a shield and its gameplay consists of either exploring around structures that are too cramped for a tank or running across a battlefield and using your shield to protect you. As a tank, you go around the map completing objectives such as traveling to advance the story, escorting units, or base defense/offense where you have to build up your base and capture the enemy key/flag while keeping your own safe. During the base missions, you don’t have to micro manage units or building anything, all you usually need to do is bring a resource to the base to make it begin construction and mark resources for harvesting and the computer will automatically build things. You also have only one primary weapon, the tank’s cannon which can be charged for more area of effect and damage, but charge resets if you are damaged. You also need to collect shards from killed enemies to use powerups such as sprinting or firing rockets or summoning units. Once you have enough shards you can use any power that you have unlocked according to its cost. To unlock these power ups and upgrade them, certain tasks will give you points to upgrade them as will finishing levels and you have to go to an upgrade station as a tank. Some power ups can be used with only a few shards and others are very powerful, but you need to save the shards; but I personally preferred to use them on sprinting most of the time.

    Many of the levels give you the idea that the world is huge and as such, you are incredibly slow without sprinting, but your sprinting is limited by these shards which only drop upon killing enemies. This problem is compounded by the game’s respawn locations and lack of a save system. If you die on some levels, you could be ages away from the next objective, but at least you will respawn with some shards to spring back, if only for a little while. As for the lack of a save system, you must complete a level in full or your progress will not be saved, so make sure that if you play this game that you can commit some time into finishing a level or just idle on it. If it weren’t for the slow pace of the game compounded with sometimes terrible respawning locations, the game would be more enjoyable, but it is still worth playing it to play something that is a different genre.
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    22 av 33 personer (67%) syntes denne anmeldelsen var hjelpsom
    2.3 timer registrert
    Publisert: 9. juli, 2014
    Wow. This game surprised me. Very fun game & very unique in some aspects, the game gives off a neat Tron like feel, if Tron was a complete warzone anyway.

    Story wise Tank Universal delivers, I'm only a few hours into the main story but it's pretty fun, the only dissapointment is that they set it up that you're some old guy using a simulation helmet.. ruins a bit of immersion, but oh well! The actual story is pretty fun to play but so far I've realised there's a lot of empty parts of the game where you're just driving endlessly to get to your next objective which can be a bit drab.

    When you're actually in a battle though the game is very exciting to play, alongside a ranking up system with Steam achievements to match your rank the game can make it feel rewarding to excel in combat.

    Overall? Great game but the level design needs to be worked on, and there's a lack of a proper skirmish mode (Maybe you unlock it when you complete the game?) -Also the music they have in the game.. perfect, well suited to it's theme. 8/10

    I would love to see these developers have a kickstarter to make a much more advanced version of the game too.
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    25 av 39 personer (64%) syntes denne anmeldelsen var hjelpsom
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    0.7 timer registrert
    Publisert: 4. februar, 2014
    it WAS absolutely worth it's $0.30
    There is no sale now, but it will be, I suppose =/
    so you can try demo... and add this game to wishlist waiting new sales

    if you like demo, you also can search for up to -90% coupon in trading forum.
    for one trading card... or even for free
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    13 av 17 personer (76%) syntes denne anmeldelsen var hjelpsom
    7.5 timer registrert
    Publisert: 26. oktober, 2014
    This is TRON, 1990's style.

    I say this with love for this game, Tank Universal, that without directly infringing on copyright the authors have adapted the game style around our favorite classic movie in an impressive way! Tank Universal sticks to just the tank battles rather than all the different gaming styles it's obvious inspiration, the movie TRON, taught us about. This indie developer hit the mark with a sweet blend of tank simulation that is fun to play. It really feels like you are another human wandering the computer plains in a parallel story to the original TRON movie.

    The game only has one real weakness, it wasn't an officially licenses TRON game. Because of this it doesn't have the strongest story line in terms of dialog and has to makes up for it in presentation. It does this in spades however and can keep you engrossed as you truly feel like you are alive in the original TRON world. Most of the time, in game, I felt as though a greater story line could have come about if only the author wasn't skirting copyright. There is an epic sense of why you are playing that feels like it needs stated outright. This is obvious, for those of us who have seen the original TRON. Without being able to state the complete and rather epic story that is hidden within Tank Universals premise, the story comes off shallow and lacking. It feels like we missed the main plot line of something truly epic. Despite this flaw, the game is incredibly fun.

    This game is great in what it does, it does WELL! The tank battles are fun, and can be quite challenging! The battlefield is a living environment and there are some decent physics at play. There is even a small amount of strategy in how you attack directly affects the results of battles. Watch as the enemy rebuilds his fortress if you slack off on the attack; beware indirect fire, and call in a Titan to literally tear down your enemies walls.

    I only wish that Tank Universal had been a licensed TRON game as this is what the first 3D TRON game should have been. The licensed official game should have been the sequel to this one! All fans of the movie and or tank battles should try this game out!

    Tanks / Simulator combat / indie / simple strategy / retro style
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    14 av 19 personer (74%) syntes denne anmeldelsen var hjelpsom
    16.3 timer registrert
    Publisert: 5. november, 2014
    This game is one of those games I picked up for cheap and looked at the screenshots to see a "Tron" like game with tanks, I thought to my self, that looks fun, ill play it.

    Honestly, I do not regret this purchase, Yeah sure the graphics may be dated, The framerate might be a issue for some (capped at 30 I believe, but that never stopped me from having fun), but seeing past all this, is not a bad game.

    Fun for those who want to burn up some time or want to witness a story in-between a base building/Tank warfare game.

    But hands down the best part of this game, you get to ride a sheep at one point, annoying at first to control but fun.

    If you are someone who can see past problems and isn't bothered by them, get this game and waste a few hours on it, you might actually like it.
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    9 av 10 personer (90%) syntes denne anmeldelsen var hjelpsom
    1 person syntes at denne anmeldelsen var morsom
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    Publisert: 1. juli, 2015
    If you're of that age where you watched Tron on the big screen and marvelled at the visual style, then you've come to the right place.

    Of all the Tron-related games and sequel movies (and I include Tron 2.0 in this!), I think this game comes the closest to replicating the "feel" of the world of the first Tron movie. The only thing missing are the discs and the clank-clank as you walk around (which Tron 2.0 got so so right for me)..

    So, what is Tank Universal? Well, it's a Tron-homage-labour-of-love. It's clearly an indie game. The lack of voice-overs, and very simplistic animation marks it out as a small-team (one man?) effort. Also, the story is very similar to Tron (Bad Guy taking over the system, User logs in to kick ♥♥♥, and all other programs are amazed at how the User has more skills and powers)...

    Tank Universal packs so much in. There's a little bit of wandering-around on foot, and a lot of time spent in a tank. While in the tank, you can traverse mazes, explore the beautiful world they created, play domination, and so on. Everything under the 'umbrella' of being a good dude fighting in a world of bad dudes, and needing to travel around it to stay ahead of the 'bad dudes', while getting closer to the 'big bad dude' for the final fight... There's really quite a lot of variety, and stuff isn't repeated to death, like they would be in a AAA game, where they have to milk every last cent out of an expensive asset (for example).

    I was impressed by pretty much everything in this game. The ship/tank models are lush. The world design is stunning. The sounds/music are very very close to Tron, and the visuals are 100% spot-on (They even replicate the irregular 'flashing' of the poor rotoscoping in the movie by pulsing the brightness.. So ingenous..)..

    Is there anything which makes me unhappy? That the game ended. Playing domination was great fun (I was playing in easy mode, which may explain it).

    So, if you love Tron, and want to play a tron-like classic good vs. evil game, and aren't too hung up over spoken voiceovers, or FMV, then this game is for you!.

    Highly Recommended
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