Tank Universal est un grand jeu "à la Tron" où vous participez à d'immenses batailles avec des tanks en 3D. Les joueurs peuvent tirer à distance ou à bout portant en perspective subjective. Comprend : 20 niveaux Certains niveaux nécessitent que vous sortiez du tank pour poursuivre la mission à pied Possibilité d'améliorer les...
Évaluations des utilisateurs : Variable (365 évaluation(s)) - 56% des 365 évaluations des utilisateurs pour ce jeu sont positives.
Date de parution: 21 août 2008

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"30fps lock."


"Tank Universal est le fruit d'un croisement entre le film Tron et le jeu Battlezone. Ce jeu de tanks devient est une véritable référence pour la communauté des développeurs de jeux indépendants."
GameFocus - 78%
"Un des secrets les mieux gardés de cet été. Une stratégie surprenante pour ce jeu d'armes. Le problème est de trouver la force pour s'arrêter d'y jouer. Prenant."
GameChronicles - 81%

À propos de ce jeu

Tank Universal est un grand jeu "à la Tron" où vous participez à d'immenses batailles avec des tanks en 3D.
Les joueurs peuvent tirer à distance ou à bout portant en perspective subjective.
Comprend :
  • 20 niveaux
  • Certains niveaux nécessitent que vous sortiez du tank pour poursuivre la mission à pied
  • Possibilité d'améliorer les armes et l'équipement du tank
  • combattez avec des alliés contre de féroces ennemis supérieurs en nombre
  • Mode virtuel spectaculaire avec effets de particules
  • Porter l'action où vous le souhaitez dans de vastes espaces
  • Scenario alternant monde réel et monde virtuel
  • Résolution supportée jusqu'à 1680x1050
  • Remportez 25 succès. Sont inclus Roadkill, Sheep Master et le Saviour of the Resistance

Configuration requise

    Minimum :
    • Interface : Windows Vista/XP/2000
    • Processeur : 2.0 GHz
    • Mémoire : 512 Mo
    • Graphisme : Carte graphique 128 Mo compatible DirectX*
    • DirectX Version : DirectX 8.0
    • Son : Carte son compatible 100% DirectX
    • Disque dur : 250 Mo
    • * Tank Universal ne supporte pas les circuits intégrés video Intel
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Posté le : 11 octobre
J'aurais aimé faire une évaluation rempli de sarcasme disant que le jeu est excellent mais j'avais peur que des personnes la prenne au sérieux et achète le jeu.

0,5/10 - J'aimerais mieux me branler avec un couteau que de joué à ce jeu
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Posté le : 1 juillet
If you're of that age where you watched Tron on the big screen and marvelled at the visual style, then you've come to the right place.

Of all the Tron-related games and sequel movies (and I include Tron 2.0 in this!), I think this game comes the closest to replicating the "feel" of the world of the first Tron movie. The only thing missing are the discs and the clank-clank as you walk around (which Tron 2.0 got so so right for me)..

So, what is Tank Universal? Well, it's a Tron-homage-labour-of-love. It's clearly an indie game. The lack of voice-overs, and very simplistic animation marks it out as a small-team (one man?) effort. Also, the story is very similar to Tron (Bad Guy taking over the system, User logs in to kick ♥♥♥, and all other programs are amazed at how the User has more skills and powers)...

Tank Universal packs so much in. There's a little bit of wandering-around on foot, and a lot of time spent in a tank. While in the tank, you can traverse mazes, explore the beautiful world they created, play domination, and so on. Everything under the 'umbrella' of being a good dude fighting in a world of bad dudes, and needing to travel around it to stay ahead of the 'bad dudes', while getting closer to the 'big bad dude' for the final fight... There's really quite a lot of variety, and stuff isn't repeated to death, like they would be in a AAA game, where they have to milk every last cent out of an expensive asset (for example).

I was impressed by pretty much everything in this game. The ship/tank models are lush. The world design is stunning. The sounds/music are very very close to Tron, and the visuals are 100% spot-on (They even replicate the irregular 'flashing' of the poor rotoscoping in the movie by pulsing the brightness.. So ingenous..)..

Is there anything which makes me unhappy? That the game ended. Playing domination was great fun (I was playing in easy mode, which may explain it).

So, if you love Tron, and want to play a tron-like classic good vs. evil game, and aren't too hung up over spoken voiceovers, or FMV, then this game is for you!.

Highly Recommended
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Posté le : 25 octobre
Buy this only when it is on sale. This game is part one of a two part series, it seems. The controls are a bit weird which makes it a nuisance to play. I sometimes went back and replayed missions to see how many different ways there were to beat them, it's a shame I couldn't find any user-made missions. The story is all right, not groundbreaking at all because the plot is predictable. I wish you could choose what tank you drive in this, because then there would not only be more replay value, but more of a challenge for some missions.
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Posté le : 23 août
Tank Universal is one of the most weird, yet ambitious indies you'll ever play, as it tries to introduce you to a story that's not even defined by the end of the title. Developed by a single person, New Zealand's graphic designer Phil Jones, the game kicks off by introducing you to a terminally ill patient who was prescribed a virtual reality headset in order to help him relax. Inside this virtual reality is where you will take control of Unit8, a soldier finding himself at the beginning of a revolution against the society that rules the virtual world, deciding to join the resistance and help them defeat Gorgon, the ruler and oppressor of their world. From that point onwards, the game will send you on different snatch and grab missions combined with the occasional open combat against Gorgon's forces, which does get repetitive after a while, even though each chapter has its unique twist. Even though the premise is kind of weird and intriguing in its own way, this first chapter of who knows how many has nothing new to offer, as we've seen numerous dictators vs resistance stories before, and this one has nothing new to offer. There are only a few characters defined with names, such as the commander of the resistance whose orders you will follow, but there is nothing that will make you attached to his story or the cause you're fighting for, making the entire story feel pointless and boring nonetheless as you will spend most of your time moving from point A to point B without any given purpose.
Rating: 5.5

Even though there are some on-foot sections those are strictly implemented for the sake of the story, leaving the rest of the action to be experienced from inside your tank, the instrument of the only gameplay mechanics you'll get to play with. Aside from simple movements you will have nine different abilities for your tank, ranging from speed boosts to healing and even a nuclear bomb later on in the game. Using each one of those abilities requires shards, which you can acquire by destroying enemy tanks, making it vital to collect each shard if you want to head into the next battle prepared. While the first abilities you'll earn will also be the ones you'll use the most even by the end of the game, as using speed boost in order to dodge enemy fire is key, the ones unlocked later on will probably be a one time use only, as things such as mines or smoke bombs are less efficient and use shards that can otherwise be used on the traditional, yet efficient weapons. The objectives you'll aim for will quickly become dull as well, even though the game somehow combines them in chapters in order to hide that, but in a slow moving tank across a battlefield filled with objectives such as destroy thing A or reach point B, it's hard to have fun when you're constantly doing the same thing in the same way you did before; there is simply nothing new worth unlocking as you progress to the game, as you will see everything good there is in the first hour and be disappointed afterwards as you notice that's all there is.
Rating: 6

The sad truth about Tank Universal is that it looks outdated and ugly; sure, the game wants to look retro, but low resolution textures, limited colors and ugly visual effects are things that cling more to outdated than retro. On top of that, even considering the Tron-like look of the game, the environments look roughly the same, rarely changing colors or a few objects here and there to differentiate levels.
Rating: 3.5

The tehno beats go in theme with the overall look of the game, but everything else from repetitive and low quality effects to annoying explosion sounds and the lack of dialogue makes the audio part of Tank Universal something you could easily live without, as the sound effects will rapidly get annoying and repetitive.
Rating: 4.5

It takes around eight hours to finish Tank Universal, and even if there is a multiplayer mode, I couldn't recommend that as it lacks modes and barely works properly at all, and even when it does it still gets boring after 10 minutes. You could try to replay some of the chapters in order to achieve the highest level and earn all achievements, but even with all that you can only squeeze a few more hours.
Rating: 7

Tank Universal is quite impressive considering the fact that it's all been done by one single person, but leaving his congratulations aside, this is still a pretty bad game, as the story is barely an introduction to what may possibly happen in a future sequel and the gameplay becomes boring quickly enough, not to mention the outdated graphics and sound design.
Rating Overall: 5.3

Check out the full review and a lot more about Tank Universal at http://gamedragons.net/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=362[/url[/b][/h1]
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7.3 heures en tout
Posté le : 19 avril 2014
Version courte :
+ Gameplay exellent
+ Combats assez nerveux
+ Pas cher
+ Univers inspiré de "Tron"
+/- IA correcte mais sans plus
+/- Graphisme retro, on aime ou pas
- Uniquement en anglais
- Histoire mise au second plan
- Quelques moments plats
- Jeu complet divisé en deux jeux

Plus en détail :
Tank Unversal est un FPS retro futuriste qui se déroule dans un univers virtuel sortit tout droit de "Tron" : bien que vous êtes dans le monde réel, vous évoluez dans un espace numérique déchiré par le conflit entre rebelles et l'autorité dictatoriale en place.
Par ailleurs, durant le jeu, l'histoire est un peu mise à l'écart et sert plus à un prétexte qu'a une vrai histoire, bien qu'on peut la trouver interssante !
Le coeur du jeu réside dans les combats de tanks en équipe. Le but est généralement de capturer la clé adverse et de la ramener dans votre bases, sur des grands champs de batailles, avec pas mal de subtilités comme l'amélioration de votre base, la destruction ou la protection des forteresses, le piratage réseau... L'IA des alliés permettra de vous couvrir sans trop de problème, mais n'attensez pas trop d'elle quand même. Les combats sont de plus en plus intense et on y prend rapidement goût.
Le tank est le (seul) véhicule que vous pourrez utiliser et fort heureusement, leur utilisation est parfaitement gérée. Le tank roule et tourne avec aisance, il se prend en main tout de suite. Le canon est un peu plus dur à manier car il faut prendre en compte le vol de l'obus, la retombé de celui-ci et prévoire la positionj de l'ennemis. Vous pourrez débloquer de nouvelles armes avec le temps et les points d'améliorations.
Les graphismes sont d'une qualité de Nintendo 64 ou de PS1, ou on aime, ou n'aime pas... Pendant le jeu, selon vos goûts, les graphismes auront plus ou moins d'impact sur votre ressentit. Mais pendant les cinématiques, oui, on peut dire que c'est franchement moyen.
Egalement, on peut noter quelques points négatis : quand vous n'êtes pas dans un tank, c'est-à-dire à pied, le jeu devient plus lent et sans vrai intéret. Aussi, les phases de "ballade" en char sans ennemis sont monotones.
Le jeu n'est quand anglais, un anglais simple à comprendre, tout de même... une traduction aurait pu être possible !
Le dernier point qui irrite le plus, c'est le fait que le jeu dans son ensemble soit divisé en deux parties...
Mais rapporté au prix et au fun que le jeu apporte, les points négatifs sont négligables.
Je le recommande à ceux qui veulent essayer un jeu retro avec un gameplay différent que d'habitude !
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