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De desperate lederne i den dødsdømte Sovjetunionen reiser tilbake i tid for å endre historien og gi moderlandet tilbake sin tapte ære. Tidsreiseoppdraget går galt, og en alternativ tidslinje dannes der den teknologiske utviklingen har fulgt helt andre veier, en ny supermakt har dukket opp, og tredje verdenskrig er i gang.
Utgivelsesdato: 28 Okt 2008
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De desperate lederne i den dødsdømte Sovjetunionen reiser tilbake i tid for å endre historien og gi moderlandet tilbake sin tapte ære. Tidsreiseoppdraget går galt, og en alternativ tidslinje dannes der den teknologiske utviklingen har fulgt helt andre veier, en ny supermakt har dukket opp, og tredje verdenskrig er i gang. Det japanske imperiet har reist seg i øst og gjør nå tredje verdenskrig til en trefrontskrig mellom Sovjet, de allierte og imperiet. Hærene deres bruker merkelige og mektige våpen og teknologi som Tesla-spoler, tungt armerte krigszeppelinere, teleportering, bjørner i rustning, intelligente delfiner, flytende øyfort og stridsvogner som blir til roboter.
  • Det er alltid morsommere sammen med andre – Slåss deg vei gjennom tre kampanjer alene, eller slå deg sammen med venner eller en av de ni kommandørene i spillet, hver og én med unike personligheter og spillestiler, i oppdrag som er spesiallaget for samarbeidsspilling.
  • Stjernespekket historiefortelling – Filmklippene som kjennetegner Command & Conquer er tilbake i HD med over 60 minutter med opptak med den lengste rollelisten i Command & Conquer-seriens historie.
  • Ta kommandoen over havet og over verden– For første gang i serien kan du oppleve krigføring på vannet som nå er blitt like viktig som det å beholde dominansen på land og i luften. Oppnå strategiske fordeler ved å ta kontroll over ressursene i havet og gå til hardt angrep fra alle sider.
  • Alle mann til kanonene! – Krigstrente bjørner i rustning og anime-inspirerte synske tenåringsjenter slutter seg til enhetene, som også inneholder Red Alert-favoritter som angrepsdelfiner, Tesla-tropper, angrepshunder og den alltid populære Tanya.
  • En ny trussel fra øst – Det dødelige japanske imperiet er en teknologisk trussel, med en stil som er inspirert av en blanding av anime, science fiction, kampsport og robotkultur. De futuristiske enhetene til imperiet kan bytte form, og de har spesialisert seg på sjøkrig.


    • Operativsystem som støttes: Microsoft Windows® XP SP2, Windows Vista (32-biter)
    • Prosessor: Alle Intel Core Duo-maskiner; XP: Intel Pentium 4 2,2 GHz eller bedre, AMD Athlon XP 2100+ eller bedre, Vista: Intel Pentium 4 2,6 GHz eller bedre, AMD Athlon XP 2800+ eller bedre
    • Minne: 1 GB RAM
    • Grafikk: DirectX® 9.0c-kompatibelt skjermkort, NVIDIA GeForce 6800 eller bedre, ATI Radeon X800 eller bedre
    • Harddisk: Minst 10 GB ledig plass
    • Lyd: DirectX® 9.0c-kompatibelt lydkort (Yamaha Xwave-512 støttes ikke)
    • Flerspiller: 2–6 spillere med valgfri støtte for tale. Nettverks- eller Internett-tikobling kreves (kabel, DSL eller raskere tilkobling).
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Command and Conquer does it again with another great installment onto the Red Alert series. Although not as good as its predecessor C&C: RA3 continues to offer no need for builders and no worry of controlling population.

Unlike past Red Alerts I only played about one skirmish as I did not find the AI as enjoyable as the predecessors. This Red Alert offers some interesting new teams and resource harvesting concepts which seem different than before. Like in the past Red Alert games the Russians and Allies are pretty much the same basic strategy type, while the third team offers a fresh new tactics. Similar to past Red Alerts to expand bases (when playing as either Allies or Soviets) you can build Mobile Construction Vehicles. But, unlike past Red alerts they have also added the ability for Prospectors (allied ore miners) to deploy into Command Centers which allow you to expand to nearby areas mitigating large costs. The USSR can build “Sputnik” which can also deploy into a command center. Both of these units allow for cheaper base expansion. This is different for the Japanese whose buildings are built by transforming vehicles into buildings and thus are not limited to base parameters.

The campaign took me about 21 hours to complete (that includes Allies, Russians, and Rising Sun missions). Interestingly the campaigns intertwine and in some instances you play the same missions but just as the opposing team, which I sort of liked. In the case of this game the missions are not exactly gripping, but that is the case with all strategy games. The campaign offers a great composition of actors which make you laugh, gasp, and reminisce in the old days when you first sat down and played Red Alert. Some of the missions are very quick and last no time at all while others can last a couple hours.

If you are expecting something just like the second Red Alert then you will be disappointed. There is only one Yuri and his revenge was an epic adventure that could only be told once. If you are interested in playing a strategy game that brings Red Alert on a new adventure then this is a game worth checking out. With an amazing intro song to boot and epic campaign cut scenes that you won't forget. Red Alert 3 really takes Westwood’s dream into action: hot babes who flirt with you throughout your entire game and keep your spirits bolstered with cheesy lines.

+Great campaign with fun dialogue and amazing cut scenes.
+New Empire of the Rising Sun team which brings all new tactics to the game
+Campaign missions that don't just require you to continually build a base over and over again, but rather test you through a variety of scenarios.
+Epic main menu music that just makes you want to jump right into the Russian campaign.
+It has been 18 years and Tanya still hasn't aged over 30... a mystery? Or did someone use the chronosphere?

-Its not Red Alert 2 (that game already existed, if you want that game you may want to go find the disk from your shelf)
-Some campaign missions can run rather long, while others last about 10 minutes. (Some missions took me up to three hours).
-Poor movement AI can cause units to not exactly act how you want them too.
Publisert: 22 Februar 2014
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Gamespy is closing its servers the 30th of June. This means that you cannot play this game online anymore.

There are plans that someone else might take over the server. Still I was told that this was not certain.

More information can be found on the Red Alert 3 community website:

Publisert: 20 Juni 2014
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Comrades lets drink some vodka for glorius soviet union! Da?
Publisert: 22 Mars 2014
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I couldn't stay connected to a game I was playing, with the other player in the room with me because one or both of us kept getting kicked from EA's servers.

Why on earth was there no LAN function??
Publisert: 9 Mai 2014
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The multiplayer is not working at all so dont buy it to play coop or multi in any form it just wont work
Publisert: 19 Juli 2014
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The Good:
Red Alert 3 is a great game. The easy user interface combined with the fast action make me choose this game over Starcraft II on a nearly daily basis. The multiplayer is amazing, and the game is incredibly balanced. Unfortunately, the game does not have a massive online community. You end up running into the same people, time and time again.

The Bad:
As a fan of Red Alert 1 and 2, I found the campaign to be COMPLETELY destroyed by EA. Real actors, combined with cartoony stuff, and Tanya having blonde hair. It made me cringe. If you're looking to play the campaign, and not delve into the incredible tactics within the multiplayer... don't bother. This game is not for you.

Publisert: 21 Desember 2013
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