Overlord II, sequel to the critically acclaimed cult hit, sees the return of the chaotic Minions and their new Dark Master. Bigger, badder and more beautifully destructive, Overlord 2 has a Glorious Empire to smash, a massive Netherworld to revive, Minion mounts to mobilize, a trio of mistresses to woo, War Machines to crush opposition...
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Data de lançamento: 23/jun/2009

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"Excellent game, with a lot of dark humor. If you want to play the bad guy for once, and have a good time doing it, this is the game for you."

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Overlord II, sequel to the critically acclaimed cult hit, sees the return of the chaotic Minions and their new Dark Master. Bigger, badder and more beautifully destructive, Overlord 2 has a Glorious Empire to smash, a massive Netherworld to revive, Minion mounts to mobilize, a trio of mistresses to woo, War Machines to crush opposition and lots of cute creatures to, err... murder (and a mini-map)
  • What sort of stuff will I get to kill? Your main source of victims will come from the brave and highly flammable ranks of the Glorious Empire, a sinister regime that gained power after the fall of the previous Overlord. You'll be hacking your way through entire battalions at a time, but to keep the blood on your sword varied we've also thrown a few Yetis, Elves, villagers and annoyingly cute indigenous species into the mix, just to name but a few. Don't say we never do anything for you.
  • I've always wanted to enslave the human race, is this the game for me? You've come to the right place! With the Domination style Overlord humanity, can become your plaything. Village by village, you'll reap the benefits of an unwilling workforce as you drive the Glorious Empire from your lands.
  • I'm more of a "watch the world burn" kind of guy, can I still get my rocks off? We've got your pleasure, sir. With the Destruction style Overlord you can ravage the land like a moody Tsunami; razing cities, forests and Imperial camps to the ground just because they looked at you funny.
  • What can my minions do? Minions are angry little Swiss army knives of pain: They can ride into battle on wolves and other magical creatures, loot the best weapons from stomped enemies, pillage houses for treasure, operate fearsome war machines, infiltrate enemy camps and polish your armour so thoroughly you'll blind passing wildlife.
  • What types of Minions can I rule? This new batch of minions is smarter, faster, deadlier and wittier than the sorry sacks of skin you used to rule. Minions now come in four fantastic flavours: Browns are brutal brawlers that solve their problems with teeth and fists. Reds are the surly artillery who love to play catch, as long as it's with fireballs. Greens are the stealthy assassins. Silent and deadly, like a fart on legs. Blues are no use in a fight but can resurrect fellow Minions who've tried to stop a sword with their face.

Requisitos de sistema

    • OS: Windows XP SP2+
    • Processor: Pentium 4 3.0Ghz/Athlon 64bit 3000+
    • Memory: 1GB
    • Graphics: GeForce 6800+/ATI X1600+ with 256MB
    • DirectX®: DirectX 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 5GB
    • Sound: DirectX Compatible Sound Card
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Publicada: 20 de maio
So i get to be a supreme evil ruler, sleep with hot nordic women and command an army of funny sounding goblins, sounds like heaven... well hell but you get my point
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Publicada: 26 de abril
This game is an absolute classic and even though online multiplayer is dead, local co-op still works via Split Screen with a variety of modes, so if you want to plug a couple of controllers in and sit on the couch this is a great game for it.

The jist of the game is that you're a dark child of destiny who can use magic and control imps, so you set out to get revenge on a town that cast you out, club baby seals to harvest their life force, rain firey death on innocent fairies, and build your netherworld dark tower. As you explore and get new minions and powers you can unlock things you previously couldn't access. Also if you decide you have a favorite minion, with enough life force you can bring them back.

The game has an alignment system split between domination and destruction, so if you go around killing everyone and everything you meet you get destruction points and your armor changes and you become more destructive in combat. If you enslave everyone you meet, you get domination powers and your armor changes and you get better at enslaving and dominating things. You can also choose to walk the middle path and keep your default overlord armor and abilities, it's not a bad thing if you do.
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Publicada: 17 de maio
A proper sequel to Overlord: Raising Hell.
And I specify Raising Hell, because it follows that particular story arch, where your predicessor is stuck in the Infernal Abyss and all the stuff that happened in the mean time.
I really like the fact that, although a very short section at the start, you get to play as a little kid, the son of the previous Overlord.

The game mechanics are similar but there's only so little you can do with magic. But I do love Evil pressence for the mind controlling.

While in the wastelands it does show you what happened to the Halflings (which I found to be an awesome cameo) it doesn't explain what happened to the Dwarfs. A game like this, especially since it has Elves, needs Dwarfs.

If you're sinister of mind, you are going to love this game, but I do insist you play Overlord and Raising Hell first because of the references tp those in Overlord 2. You won't understand them when you're presented with them.

I give this game a 75/10!
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Publicada: 1 de setembro
Honestly. this is my favorite game series. The first one was great, and so is this. The wii one was a tad short for my liking, but still fantastic and humorous like all the others. Dark jokes, sex appeal, getting to be evil and DESTROY EVERYTHING THAT IS GOOD IN THE WORLD AND MAKE IT BEND TO YOUR WILL. well what else could you ask for in a game. I do hope they make a 3rd game, i know they made horde of evil, where its like a 4 player version. It looks great, but a continuation of this type of game would be great as well. it might weird out the controls but some new minion types might be good, or might not, i mean new game mechanics would be a possiblity if there were more types of minions. I mean getting to control minions at certain points is awesome and so cool to do.
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Publicada: 22 de setembro
Improved visuals, improved customizations and more interactive elements than just turning levers.

I loved the addition of mounts for the brown, red and green minions but the blues didn't get a mount for some reason.

One notable addition was the singing or caroling of the minions in a few occasions. I wish the game had more of these moments where the minions could hum marching tunes or random music to add an extra level of immersion to the game.

You can revive lost minions but at a cost. I really liked this featured b/c reviving your minion that is wearing a peacock feathered helmet must always be part of any regal and feared minion formation.

Only complaint I have with this one and it's predecessor is that the overlord walks too slow for me. I wish there was a way to improve its walking/running speed with either spells or equipment.

Overall the game is solid and fun.
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