Based on the award-winning Steam favorite, Red Orchestra, Darkest Hour brings the classic RO multiplayer experience to the beaches of Normandy, Operation Market-Garden, the Battle of the Bulge and on into the Reich.
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This game requires that you own Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45

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執行 Darkest Hour: Europe '44-'45

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07 月 20 日

Introducing the Flak 38!

Introducing the newest addition to Darkest Hour's roster of auto-cannons, the Flak 38!

Firing a 20 round magazine of armor-piercing or high-explosive 2cm shells, this gun can tear up both light-skinned vehicles and infantry.

It's thick gun-shield makes the operator virtually invulnerable to small-arms fire from the front. Despite this, the cannon has a limited range of rotation, so operators are susceptible to flanking maneuvers.

If you were on defense, where would you put this beast?

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07 月 8 日

Update 6.0 Roadmap

Hey guys!

First off, we'd like to thank everyone so far who has participated in the tests and have provided feedback; it's been invaluable to discovering bugs or game-play situations we could not foresee without a full-scale test with real players. Thank you!

We are still putting the final touches on the new update; though there is still much work to be done!

Our engineers are currently clamping down on some pesky bug fixes, with luck and perseverance will we crush the majority of them. From an engineering standpoint, our big focuses this update has been squashing long-standing bugs and optimizing network performance. This has been no small task, but we are finally beginning to see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Those who played the tests might have noticed that the levels we showcased had a major face-lift; new trees, walls, grasses, fences, cover and objectives, just to name a few. This has been the result of tireless effort from our veteran level designer, Theel. This is hard and tiring work, especially since Darkest Hour now has a back catalog of 32 maps that need to supported.

And while not all of the levels will be getting a full face-lift, we will make sure that all the existing levels will be updated to support the new deployment system so that there is a consistent game-play experience across all official content.

Just so everyone's not totally in the dark, here are a couple of work-in-progress screenshots from the new version of Lutremange.

We will be scheduling another official test session when we have enough new content to justify rallying the troops once again!

See you on the battlefield!

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Based on the award-winning Steam favorite, Red Orchestra, Darkest Hour brings the classic RO multiplayer experience to the beaches of Normandy, Operation Market-Garden, the Battle of the Bulge and on into the Reich. Now you can play as American, British or Canadian troops, with a huge range of additional features:

  • More than 20 new infantry weapons, such as the ever-distinctive Garand, M1 Carbine, .30-cal, Bren, FG42, Thomson and the Enfield rifles
  • American Bazooka, British PIAT and German Panzerschreck to go tank-hunting with
  • New infantry features, including Airborne drops onto the battlefield, bullet suppression and supersonic cracks, plus a new radioman class for calling in artillery strikes
  • Dozens of new uniforms for all nations
  • Over a dozen new crewable vehicles including the King Tiger and JagdPanther for the Germans, countered with multiple types of Sherman in 75mm, 76mm and 17-pounder versions, plus the Cromwell, M10 Wolverine and Achilles
  • New armor features, including engine damage and fires, crew hits and tracks visibly breaking when hit
  • More transportation — Kubelwagen, Jeep and Opel truck

11 new maps, including:

  • Juno Beach — Canadians storming the beaches in classic D-Day action
  • Carentan — the US 101st Airborne assaults the town shortly after D-Day
  • Brecourt — 101st Airborne attempt to put a key German artillery battery out of commission behind the beaches
  • Vieux — vast sweeping armored combat as the British attempt to break out during Operation Goodwood in Normandy
  • Ginkel Heath — British paras drop into a hotly-contested LZ at the start of Operation Market-Garden
  • Wacht-am-Rhein — sweeping tank combat during the Battle of the Bulge, including the fearsome King Tiger
  • Stoumont — American infantry and armor try and hold back the SS PanzerGrenadiers in the streets of the Ardennes town
  • Bois Jacques — tenacious American defense against the combined German tank and infantry forces
  • Foy — the Germans' turn to defend against attacking American airborne troopers

So whether it is the Normandy campaign, jumping onto the dropzones around Arnhem or the bitter fighting in the Battle of the Bulge, new and old players alike will get a chance to see why RO remains a classic. Now with the opportunity to re-play those battles RO-style, courtesy of Darkest Hour: Europe 1944-45!


    最低:CPU:1.2 GHZ 或相同等級,512 MB RAM,顯示卡:64 MB DX9 相容,2 GB 可用硬碟空間,DX 8.1 相容音效裝置,Windows XP

    建議:CPU:2.4 GHZ,顯示卡:128 MB DX9 與 PS 2.0 支援相容,音效卡:Eax 相容

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There's no other feeling like crawling around in the tall grass as you slowly inch toward that Allied tank eighty yards in front of you carrying nothing more than a STG-44 and a Panzerschreck with only one AT rocket left, praying that you're not unlucky enough to be spotted by the tank commander surveying the surrounding landscape through his binoculars.

This game is filled with these moments, instances where it's kill or be killed and by God it's not going to be you who's dying today, so instead of running and gunning, you think before you act. A vital network of trenches has been overran and it's up to your company to take it back. You fix your bayonet and wait until the man operating the MG starts to lay down suppressing fire, then you're off, sprinting alongside the others on your team onto a field towards a trench wondering if you'll get picked off by a stray bullet; if you'll meet death today. By grace or luck, somehow you make it to the trench line, and when you begin to clear it out you stab a man in the chest when he manages to catch you by surprise, good thing you remembered to fix your bayonet. Now that the location is secure you prepare yourself for the inevitable counter-attack, while someone on the far side of the battle waits for the MG to begin firing as he fixes his bayonet...
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I have not played it that much so far, but it seems OK.
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張貼於:04 月 3 日
Arguably the most realistic ww2 shooter avaliable on steam, if you have the $10 to buy Red Orchestra 1, then do so only for this mod, it's great, and the dev team still support it; not bad for an 8 year old game. Oh and you can run it on a potato.
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張貼於:05 月 4 日
If you're not getting this because of the outdated graphics, you're making a huge mistake.
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Best god damn $5 I ever spent on anything ever.
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