Based on the award winning Red Orchestra: Ostfront, Darkest Hour: Europe ‘44-’45 is a free, online multiplayer, total-conversion mod that raises the bar for intensity, realism and emphasis on teamwork to crush your enemies and achieve victory.
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Releasedatum: 9 jun 2009

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Darkest Hour: Europe '44-'45 installeren

Red Orchestra Mod


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30 april

2016 Apr 29 DH FightNight (with RedOrchestraPoland)

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So here is a video (click the image for YouTube footage):

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Over dit spel

Gebaseerd op de prijswinnende Steam-favoriet, Red Orchestra, brengt Darkest Hour de klassieke RO-multiplayerervaring naar de stranden van Normandië, operatie Market-Garden, de Slag om de Ardennen en het hart van het Reich. Nu kun je spelen als Amerikaanse, Britse of Canadese troepen, met een grote variatie van nieuwe functies:
  • Meer dan 20 nieuwe infanteriewapens, zoals de overbekende Garand, M1 Carbine, .30-cal, Bren, FG42, Thomson en de Enfield-geweren
  • Amerikaanse Bazooka, Britse PIAT en de Duitse Panzerschreck om mee op tankjacht te gaan
  • Nieuwe infanteriemogelijkheden, inclusief parachutelandingen op het slagveld, kogelsuppressie en realistisch wapengeluid, plus een nieuwe radioman-klasse voor het aanvragen van artillerie-aanvallen
  • Tientallen nieuwe uniformen voor alle naties
  • Meer dan een dozijn nieuwe bruikbare voertuigen inclusief de King Tiger en JagdPanther voor de Duitsers, tegenover de verschillende types Sherman tanks in 75mm, 76mm en 17-pounder versies, plus de Cromwell, M10 Wolverine en Achilles
  • Nieuwe features voor pantservoertuigen, inclusief motorschade en brand, bemanning die gewond kan raken en rupsbanden die zichtbaar kapot gaan als ze geraakt worden
  • Meer transportmogelijkheden — Kubelwagen, Jeep en Opel truck
11 nieuwe maps:
  • Juno Beach — de Canadezen bestormen de stranden in klassieke D-Day-actie
  • Carentan — de US 101st Airborne valt het dorp kort na D-Day aan
  • Brecourt — 101st Airborne probeert een belangrijk Duits artillerie batterij achter de stranden uit te schakelen
  • Vieux — grootschalig gevecht tussen pantservoertuigen als de Britten proberen door te stoten tijdens Operation Goodwood in Normandië
  • Ginkel Heath — Britse paratroepen landen in zware gevechten rond de LZ aan de start van operatie Market-Garden
  • Wacht-am-Rhein — grootschalig tankslag tijdens de Slag om de Ardennen, inclusief de gevreesde King Tiger
  • Stoumont — Amerikaanse infanterie en pantservoertuigen proberen om de SS Panzer Grenadiers te stoppen in de straten van dit Ardense dorp
  • Bois Jacques — een aanhoudende Amerikaanse verdediging tegen de gecombineerde Duitse tank en infanterietroepen
  • Foy — de Duitsers hun beurt om te verdedigen tegen aanvallende Amerikaanse Airborne Troopers
Dus of het de Normandië-campagne, het springen in de dropzones rond Arnhem of het zware gevecht in de Slag om de Ardennen is, nieuwe en oude spelers krijgen beiden een kans om te zien waarom RO een klassieker blijft. Nu met de mogelijkheid om deze gevechten in RO-stijl opnieuw te beleven, dankzij Darkest Hour: Europe 1944-45!


Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    Minimum: CPU: 1,2 GHz of vergelijkbaar, 512 MB RAM, videokaart: 64 MB en geschikt voor DX9, 2 GB vrije ruimte op de vaste schijf, met DX 8.1 compatibele audio, Windows XP

    Aanbevolen: CPU: 2,4 GHz, videokaart: 128 MB, geschikt voor DX9 en met ondersteuning van PS 2.0, geluidskaart: compatibel met Eax


    OS: Windows XP/Vista
    Processor: 3.0 GHZ or Equivalent
    Memory: 4 GB RAM
    Graphics: 1024 MB DX9 Compliant
    Hard Drive: 5 GB free hard drive space
    Sound: Eax Compatible


    OS: OS X version Leopard 10.5.8, Snow Leopard 10.6.3, or later.
    Processor: Intel Mac
    Graphics: Nvidia or ATI GPU (Intel GPUs unsupported)


    OS: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, fully updated
    Processor: 1.2 GHZ or Equivalent
    Memory: 2 GB RAM
    Graphics: Nvidia, ATI, or Intel GPU with hardware-accelerated drivers
    Hard Drive: 3 GB free hard drive space


    OS: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, fully updated
    Processor: 2.4 GHZ or Equivalent
    Memory: 4 GB RAM
    Graphics: Nvidia, ATI, or Intel GPU with hardware-accelerated drivers
    Hard Drive: 5 GB free hard drive space
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53.8 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 8 december 2015
Play as stormtrooper
Sit in trench clutching my stg44 as we come under artillery and tank fire
Watch all my comrades get killed while we defend the trench
About to get overrun
Get shot in both legs retreating
Somehow manage to make it to safety
Game ends and I go to the kitchen to get a drink
Kitchen door slams shut, giving me a PTSD episode
10/10; would get PTSD again
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Geplaatst: 26 december 2015
A massive new update (6.0) has just arrived on Steam and it’s pretty damn great. The changelogis 17 pages long.

Some of my favorite gameplay changes:

— 90 FOV, finally!

— A completely reworked spawn system. It combines the best elements from spawn mechanics of Ostfront and RO2. You can select a spawn point by just clicking on it on the map screen. And this applies to MDVs: half-tracks show up on the map as spawn points.

— You can select the tank you want to ride from the list and spawn right in it. You don’t have to rush to the tank as soon as you spawn and then deal with a crew of random players who made it to this particular vehicle first. No more waiting for tanks to appear or for the annoying “Waiting for additional crew members” message to disappear. But you can still spawn as a crewman on foot and join someone else’s crew.

— Reworked stamina system and gunplay. You can sprint for longer, but changing stance drains your stamina. So doing the “whack-a-mole” thing by popping out of cover for a quick shot and immediately ducking again will tire you out. Dolphin diving — even more so. And it’s much harder to shoot when you’re out of breath: your weapon starts to sway.

— All vehicles now have rider positions.

— Improved hitbox detection on exposed operators of vehicles. E.g. I think you can now shoot everyone riding in a half-track as long as you can get an angle.

— Ammunition is now included in weapon drops, instead of being in a separate pouch. A downgrade in terms of realism, but these were really tricky to pick up.

— Wire-cutters and barbed wire that actually stops infantry, just like in Carpathian Crosses.

— You can drop and pick up binoculars.

— Windows users now run a modified RedOrchestra.exe that is “large address aware”; this eliminates crashes to desktop caused by the engine running out of memory.

And in general, the game looks and feels a lot more polished now. There’s a gazillion of little fixes and visual improvements. I can only hope that someone will update some of the old custom maps to be compatible with the new patch. And the Darkest Orchestra mod.
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Geplaatst: 23 januari
advice: yankees will get ♥♥♥♥♥♥ when you shoot their tanks with low caliber bullets, they ignore your panthers, and go after you. this works all the time.
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258.1 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 4 november 2015
This game is by far the best fps ww2 game I have ever player!!!
The realisim in this game is just unparallel!
Even to this day I feel like this game beats Ro2.
PURELY A MULTIPLAYER MOD. People tend to forget that.

Beautiful textures!
Many iconic maps, weapons, vehicles, tanks etc.
Fire modes, a lot
One shot can kill, realism
You can be wounded.
Great HUD telling you North, west etc. Where you've been hit in ur body, how.much ammo you have...
Overheating of guns, mg42
Able to.pick up weapons
There i a practice mode.

Not a lot of people online, but if you play at right Us west times then tones are on, full server
Some maps are buggy as hell
Sometimes giant lag spikes
No bots that work properly. Due to the time devs had on maps
generally all Europe and Us servers.

No really bad cons, community seems fine. No twelvies yelling in there mic.

Really, awesome game, Buy now!!! And Dl this mod!
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6.1 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 2 december 2015
I haven't got many hours in the game, but after a friend bought me the normal game and told me to get this, I decided to play along weith him. I found it quite fun, you get to drive tanks, drive pink jeep's and if you're on certain servers you can also drive tractors. So I became the farmer, who peacefully captured points in a tractor and rode the fields of glory (and wheat)
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