¿Cómo puedes llegar a ser de malo? Descubre lo corrupto que puedes llegar a ser en Overlord, la retorcida aventura de acción y fantasía en la que puedes ser malo... o realmente malo. En el corrupto mundo de fantasía del juego, los jugadores se convertirán en el Overlord y comprobarán de primera mano cómo el poder absoluto te corrompe...
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Fecha de lanzamiento: 15 feb. 2008

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"Great game, with many things to do. Choose to save people, or slaughter them. Mostly slaughter. Well optimized, though it is multiple years old."

Acerca de este juego

¿Cómo puedes llegar a ser de malo?

Descubre lo corrupto que puedes llegar a ser en Overlord, la retorcida aventura de acción y fantasía en la que puedes ser malo... o realmente malo. En el corrupto mundo de fantasía del juego, los jugadores se convertirán en el Overlord y comprobarán de primera mano cómo el poder absoluto te corrompe absolutamente. Podrías limitarte a ser un Overlord normal y corriente. Sin embargo, con un poder tan increíble a tu disposición y una horda de impíos servidores con mentes retorcidas, los Minions, totalmente a tu disposición, ¡¿cómo resistir la tentación de ser maravillosamente despótico?!

Profundiza en el retorcido mundo de Overlord en esta expansión que abre una serie de nuevos e infernales niveles, unos abismos sobrenaturales para los cinco reinos del juego: Mellow Hills, Evernight, Heaven's Peak, Golden Halls y el Ruborian Desert. Puedes acceder a cada nivel mediante un portal, que se abre una vez que el reino ha sido conquistado con éxito y su anterior gobernante ha sido desterrado a un infierno personal. Sin embargo los héroes caídos no son los únicos que han sido enviados al abismo: los nuevos y leales seguidores del Overlord también están de visita en el infierno.

Con los habitantes no muertos de cada abismo atacando y amenazando al reino del Overlord en la tierra, sólo queda una opción: formar tu ejército de seguidores, descender a cada uno de los abismos y embarcarte en una nueva oleada de tiranía para devolver a los siervos a sus hogares, vencer a los héroes caídos de una vez por todas, y reclamar el trono de cada reino del submundo.

Ven y echa un vistazo si tu Overlord ya ha tenido suficiente. Una nueva diversión, saqueo y pillaje en siete mapas multijugador adicionales, incluyendo el competitivo mapa ‘Captura la Dama’ y ‘Protege Tu Poder’, donde los jugadores deben defender la torre del Overlord de oleadas de ataques enemigos.

  • ¡PIENSA MAL, ALBERGA EL MAL, CONTRÓLALO TODO! Entra en acción y conviértete en el Overlord, el todopoderoso señor oscuro con una horda de sirvientes para comandar y una tierra para conquistar.
  • CONTROLA UNA HORDA DE SIRVIENTES Serviles y leales, machacarán, destruirán, matarán y robarán todo para tí. Tu palabra es la ley.
  • CONVIÉRTETE EN EL OVERLORD ¿Quieres miedo, respeto, oro y poder?. Conviértete en el ser más poderoso del mundo utilizando cualquier método a tu alcance.
  • CONQUISTA UN RETORCIDO MUNDO DE FANTASÍA Muestra a los Siete Héroes, los Demoníacos Medianos, y Rabiosos Unicornios quién es el que manda.

Requisitos del sistema


    • SO: Windows XP / Vista
    • Procesador: Pentium® 4 a 2.4 GHz o Athlon 2400+
    • Memoria: 512 MB de RAM
    • Gráficos: Cualquier gráfica con 64 MB o más de VRAM
    • Versión de DirectX: 9.0c o posterior
    • Disco Duro: 4.5 GB de espacio libre
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Overlord: Raising Hell

Overlord Raising Hell is an amazing game with lovable little minions. In the game you are the second overlord (after the first has left) and you must help your army of minions destroy the pitiful disgusting forces of good BLEH!


In overlord you start off with learning how to control a small group of minions. There are 4 different kind of minions you will find though the game. to summon a minions you need orbs of their specific colour which can be gained by killing enemies.

As you continue you will gain the ability to purchase items to improve your amazing dark tower and to improve yourself.

Throughout the game your goal is to become evils favourite son by commiting tasks such as killing villages, killing off elves etc. (good times i know) You will also have choices within the story which will help you reach your evil goal.


The minions here deserve their own perfect panel. Within the game as previously mentioned there are 4 different types of minions, each with ups and downs.

Brown - Can wear picked up items and is your basic unit

+easy to get orbs
+capable of wearing armour and picking up weapons

Green - Stealthy backstabbers who deal high damage

+ can turn invisible when guarding a location
+ back stabbing :D

Red - Ranged fireball chucking units

+ only ranged unit
+ chucks fire

- low health

Blue - Blue is the only type of minions that can revive other minions (if he gets to them in time) and is the only minion capable of traveling through water

+ can swin
+ can revive

- weak in combat

Raising Hell

As you can guess raising hell is in fact not the base game but rather a dlc that allows you to launch it (hence why i have 0 hours on overlord). In raising hell after you defeat an areas "hero" a gate will spawn which will send you to what seems like hell. You will see your former enemies being tortured and punished while you must go and get stones to control these amazing hell resorts. And after you shall face the true keeper of this hell-like realm whom i shall not name (because i have forgotten him) and you shall receive the true ending of overlord.


+ fun gameplay
+ fun little minions
+ minions pick up garbage for you
+ succubus
+ each area has a different feel and the storyline is fun
+ amazing ending

- may become a bit repetitive ( i got nothing else bad to say)

Final Throughts

For me Overlord Raising Hell has been an amazing game which I was able to truly embrace. I enjoyed every moment of gameplay along with the storyline. This game is one of my top picks and is truly a game you must try.

Final Rating 10/10
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Publicado el 27 de marzo
Also see my Overlord 1 Review:

TL:DR? See Conclusion

Overlord: Raising Hell is the official expansion to the 2007 game 'Overlord'. This expansion was released on the PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 all on 2008. The game promises new content for the single player experience by adding additional plot, more levels and new enemy types, new items, and new creative mini-games.

The game takes place several months after the events of Overlord 1 and serves as the prologue to the events that would lead up to Overlord 2. Having finally restored his dominion over the land and exacting revenge on the adventurers, the Overlord now faces a new threat to his rule when portals to another dimension starts opening around his territories. Upon investigating the nearest portal, the Overlord discovers that his 'loyal subjects' are attempting to flee into the portals with no intention of coming back. The Overlord now ventures into one of these dark portals in an attempt to conquer whatever is in the other side and 'persuade' his followers to come back. Little did he know however, that the portals were just the beginning of a much sinister plot by a being far much more powerful than him.

+ The core gameplay of the original title is still intact
+ Good new story that adds several hours to the game time
+ New enemy types are fun to fight
+ Each portal has a story of their own
+ Fun new mini-games and simple but satisfying puzzles
+ New minion equipment

- New items for the overlord sucks (mainly because they have prebuilt stats)
- None of the the original CONS from the main game was ever addressed
- Some of the mini-games gives no clue on how to solve them (gardening puzzle)
- Far more expensive than the Original game, but still requires you to own said original game
- No additional events to increase Corruption / Evil

GOOD EXPANSION although it could have used a bit more polishing specially since most of the CONS from the main game was never fixed. The game retains the core gameplay mechanics that made the original game unique and fun to play, it adds several hours of game time with an interesting new story, new monsters, new puzzles, and it lays down a good premise for the Overlord 2 sequel.

All in all, I still liked this expansion and give it my RECOMMENDATION. I do however, urge you to BUY THE OVERLORD COMPLETE PACK which contains Overlord 1, Overlord: Raising Hell (expansion), and Overlord 2 either on Sale or Full price, the game is worth the money for Action Adventure fans and people who's interested in the story.

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this is a dlc, but it kinda comes with the actual game, hence the large files despite being dlc. all your save files is there but you gotta fight the final boss again if you finished the game, after that the portals will start showing up

it extends gameplay for a good 3-4 hours and giving you extra crafting equipment although not much. id say its worth it and helps support the developers, so by all means grab it. the ending sets up the sequel for this game.
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In Overlord, you are either evil or very evil. You play as a guy who buys his clothes from the same shop as Sauron and The Lich King. Your goal is to conquer the world.
This means that you have to control an army of minions. The game plays quite badly with a mouse and keyboard, so I recommend using an xbox controller or gamepad.
The game looks quite nice, aside from some very poor ground textures.
The story is actually pretty cool, and I actually don't think it suffers from using a silent protagonist.
Overall Overlord is quite a fun game. It features some dark british humor, which I always appreciate, and it is surprisingly lengthy. 7.5/10
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This game is awesome, everything is cool on this game but Multiplayer is not active :(
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