Hvor ond kan du bli? Finn ut hvor lett du kan korrumperes, i Overlord, det skrudde action- og eventyrspillet der du kan være ond (eller skikkelig ond). I spillets virkelig forskrudde fantasiverden tar spillerne rollen som Overlord og får førstehåndserfaring med hvordan man kan bli korrupt av makt.
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Utgivelsesdato: 15. feb, 2008

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"this is a fun game like pikmin, Its alot about finding out where to go/how to solve puzzles. Theres lots of upgrades and stuff too."

About This Game

Hvor ond kan du bli?

Finn ut hvor lett du kan korrumperes, i Overlord, det skrudde action- og eventyrspillet der du kan være ond (eller skikkelig ond). I spillets virkelig forskrudde fantasiverden tar spillerne rollen som Overlord og får førstehåndserfaring med hvordan man kan bli korrupt av makt. Du kan være en helt vanlig allmektig hersker. Men med all den makten du har tilgjengelig, og med de ondskapsfulle undersåttene dine som er klare til å gjøre alt du ber dem om, hvordan skal du klare å motstå fristelsen til å bli befriende despotisk?

Gå dypere inn i Overlords forskrudde verden med denne énspillerutvidelsen, som åpner en serie med diabolske nye nivåer, der hver og ett har en overnaturlig avgrunn for spillets fem kongeriker: Mellow Hills, Evernight, Heaven's Peak, Golden Halls og Ruborian-ørkenenen. Du får tilgang til hver avgrunn via en portal som åpnes når et kongerike er blitt erobret og den tidligere regenten er sendt til sitt eget personlige helvete der nede. Men det er ikke bare falne helter som er blitt dratt inn i avgrunnen: Overlordens nye lojale bønder har også blitt dratt ned til helvete.

Med angrepslystne vandøde i hver avgrunn som truer Overlordens herredømme over bakken, er det bare én ting å gjøre: danne en hær av undersåtter og gå ned til hver avgrunn for å gi dem en ny smak av tyranni, sende bøndene tilbake til hjemlandet sitt, bekjempe de falne heltene én gang for alle og overta underverdenens trone.

Kom og ta den hvis Overlorden din er tøff nok. Mer moro med plyndring i sju ekstra kart for flerspillerspilling på Internett, med blant annet konkurransekartet Fang jomfruen og Beskytt makten din, hvor spillerne må forsvare Overlord-tårnet mot angrep på angrep fra fiender.

  • TENK ONDSKAP, AVL ONDSKAP, KONTROLLER ALT! Bli med på leken og bli Overlord, den allmektige mørke herskeren med en horde undersåtter å kommandere og et land å erobre.
  • KONTROLLER EN HORDE MED UNDERSÅTTER De følger deg med slavisk lojalitet og knuser, ødelegger, dreper og stjeler alt du vil. Ditt ord er lov.
  • BLI OVERLORD Vil du ha redsel, respekt, gull og makt? Bli verdens mektigste vesen uten å bry deg om hvordan.
  • EROBRE EN FORSKRUDD EVENTYRVERDEN Vis de sju heltene, diabolske hobbitter og rasende enhjørninger hvem som er sjefen.



    • Operativsystem som støttes: Windows XP/Vista
    • Prosessor: Pentium® 4 2,4 GHz eller Athlon 2400+
    • Minne: 512 MB RAM
    • Grafikk: Alle skjermkort med 64 MB eller mer
    • DirectX-versjon: DirectX® 9.0c eller nyere
    • Harddisk: 4,5 GB ledig plass
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The Good:

1) Good graphics and atmosphere
2) Gameplay revolves around you controlling your "minions" to defeat enemies and solve puzzles.
3)Controls really well however the game was designed around controller support. Never tried the K/M
4) Lengthy adventure
5) Well designed levels keep things fresh and interesting
6) Cute and charming story
7) Bonus DLC is more creative than the actual game

The Bad:

1) The game at times can feel repetitive.
2) The game can be frustrating at times especially if you loose a lot of minions at once forcing you to harvest more.
3) Seems a bit too long given the nature of the game, I just wanted it to end around 13 hours in.
4) Minions sometimes don't really follow your commands causing needless death.


The game is worth checking out and if you enjoyed pikmin from Nintendo you should somewhat enjoy this game. Both have similiar gameplay elements yet vastly different design.
Publisert: 12. juni
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This game is a LOT of fun, & worth every penny i spent on it.
When on sale this game is a NO brainer & every1 should have a copy of it.
Seems when i started playing this game i jumped straight into "raising hell" so i'am not exactly sure what the differences are from the original Overlord.
I want more games like this & wondering why a overlord 3 hasn't been made or in developement.
MUST buy/have game ! ! !
Publisert: 8. mai
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This DLC adds portals to all the realms you had completed in the base game Overlord.
These portals lead to the hell version of the realm you were in. which end with a boss fight.
An end boss is in the final hell realm if you can find it.

There are some hidden weapons and armor in the realms and a higher difficulty for gameplay. You need to use your minions more to complete objectives.

-The good parts:
  • Feels just like the base game Overlord, so you can jump right in.
  • Graphics seems to be a bit improved and effects seem to be used a bit more.
  • Environments look and feel a little better this time.
  • Hidden secrets are back.
  • Levels are not to small and big.
  • Decent game lenght.
  • Challenging, but not to difficult.
  • Level design is better than the base game Overlord.
  • The Minion Master is still annoying as how he gives orders to you ;p.

-Bad parts:
  • Price is to high if you just want to buy the DLC. This DLC is shorter to the base game, but costs more money for some reason.
  • I bought it when it was on sale and that was for the whole Overlord package, just before the time of this writing.
  • Minions sweeping still does not respond well for most of the time. My camera jumps random when I began to sweep and locks itself untill you reset the sweep.
  • Feels a little more linear than the base game.
Rating : 7,5

-First impressions (not relevant for this actual review, just for my first minutes into the DLC):
Not good as all they added are portals to new levels, no weapons/armor, no new minions, to linear.

That is it for this review. Comment, etcetera so I can write these allot better. So you guys have an even better indication to leave this one alone or not.
Publisert: 21. september
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A great game with an awsome concept and tons of references to films and clasic games that will keep you laughing as you play. So get out there and start the mayhem! :D
Publisert: 6. september
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Ooooh! for the overlord.
Publisert: 13. juni
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This is a review for the expansion: Raising Hell. For a review of the original Overlord, please reference my steam review at http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197980576540/recommended/11450

Raising Hell's storyline takes place after the events in the original Overlord. Abyss Gates are spotted in each of the lands that you have previously explored and present a twisted, more hellish version of each area. The seven sins of hell come to mind when playing through these areas. Your goal is to go to each Abyss and take control of it. You will also find moulds in these zones to create new and interesting equipment.

The unique armor and weapons added in Raising Hell present new abilities that otherwise would not be available to you; however, the new equipment is woefully underpowered. If you already have a full set of upgraded Arcanium gear, you're better off ignoring these new items.

Although the expansion adds much appreciated content to an already outstanding game, it does little to nothing to fix the flaws of the original. Trying to control your minions to solve some of the new puzzles can be frustrating. In particular, there is one puzzle that you must sweep your minions left and right to mow a lawn. Don't complete it fast enough and you have to start over. Nothing tells you that you failed due to time so you could end up like me looking it up online to figure out what I am supposed to do. This happened about two or three times for me. Guidance isn't exactly clear on some of the puzzles.

If you enjoyed the original, this game will be well worth your money. If you are unsure of buying both Raising Hell and the original Overlord in one go, do not fret. Your saved game on Steam of the original will transfer over into the Steam expansion so you can enjoy the content at your leisure.
Publisert: 17. desember, 2013
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