9th Company Roots of Terror is an action-oriented real-time strategy game based on actual events that took place during the Soviet military campaign in Afghanistan. 9th Company follows the story of a ragged band of young recruits undergoing brutal training in Uzbekistan’s Fergana Valley and culminates with a bloody stand against the...
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9th Company Roots of Terror is an action-oriented real-time strategy game based on actual events that took place during the Soviet military campaign in Afghanistan.
9th Company follows the story of a ragged band of young recruits undergoing brutal training in Uzbekistan’s Fergana Valley and culminates with a bloody stand against the Mujahideen warriors on a nameless mountain top in Afghanistan. It’s the Battle of Thermopylae all over again: one Russian fighter against 10 Afghanis!
9th Company recreates in detail the events that took place during the last large-scale Soviet military operation. Few know the history: the 9th Company of the 345th Guards Airborne Regiment came under heavy fire on “Hill 3234” on January 7th, 1988. They managed to stop several attacks by an estimated 400 Mujahideen and Pakistani mercenaries and held their position for two gory days. The company lost 6 men, and the remaining 28 of the total 39 were wounded. Two 9th Company soldiers were posthumously awarded the Golden Star medal and the title of Soviet Hero.
  • Warfare on two tactical levels: use the area operations map to choose your mission or explore 12 unique and highly detailed tactical maps of Afghanistan.
  • Stunning 3D graphics and a spectacular physics engine guarantee a one-of-a-kind experience in destroying any mechanized unit or building.
  • Merit reward and in-combat morale system for every character and advanced hit location system for mechanized units make tactical battles even more realistic.
  • A complex system of tactical behavior and firepower control for mechanized infantry, assault, reconnaissance and special operations units. More than 80 different unit types.
  • Nonlinear mission structure.
  • System of experience gain the crew now become more and more experienced with every battle. A possibility of forming an elite military unit is available in requisition screen.


    • OS: Windows XP SP2/Vista
    • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 2400 MHz and higher
    • Memory: 1024 Mb (2048 Mb for Windows Vista)
    • Graphics: 3D accelerator with 128Mb video memory (NVIDIA GeForce 6600 or ATI Radeon 9800 Rro and higher)
    • DirectX®: DirectX 9.0 or higher
    • Sound: DirectX-compatible sound card
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It isnt a VEEEERY bad game.
I give it 6/10
Only buy this if you are a rts player and like men of war style.
Graphics do their job
If you got it for 1$ like me its totally worth it
Few bugs
Its kinda hard to make the soldiers do what you want.
IF you are a RTS player from games like men of war and theatre of war you will may like this game
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04 oct 2014, 65%. A nice little game, but like game where you have a lot of unit to control, it is sometimes difficult to make them do what you want, and read the mission carefully to don't do thing that are not needed, because mission are timed. But normally, for the scoring, I compared game to Bethesda games, like any Elders Scrolls games, or any Fallout games. And Sid Meyers games, or Call of Duty, Grand theft Auto, Rainbow Six, Warhammer 40000, and Tomb Raiders, that have a lot of gameplay, good control, good story, and well made difficulty level too. This is why I Gave that score.
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3.1 小时(记录在案的)
Bought this game, because I enjoyed the movie. Game is bad though. I would not recommend it.
But I will always support RTS games, which have rag dolls! You got to love when a unit dies and flaps silly around (especially after an explosion).
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7.6 小时(记录在案的)
Pro:This game detailedly presents scenes of the war - all kinds of vihecles, various soldier models, the local terrian and environment, etc.

Con:There are frustrating bugs preventing you from completing several missions besides that the game is quite hard and time-consuming. There are no patches to fix the bugs as this is a low-budgeted game made by a small team which was probably dismissed.
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No keybind settings as far as I can tell. Seemed like a decent Squad-based RTS in terms of the mechanics presented in the tutorial, but I was not even able to finish that because I cannot rotate the camera (middle mouse, which for me is bound to Alt+F4 and I'm not rebinding my system settings for one game).

-Nice squad based features (get "on" vehicle, get "in" vehicle, ammo count per weapon, automated ammo sharing among squad)
-Varied weapons on each soldier, viewable range, could use grenades as traps.

-Very simple graphics even on max settings
-No keybind settings (can't recommend on this point alone, esp given the camera issue below)
-Camera moves AND ROTATES on its own. (select a unit and the camera "cinematically" pans to it while rotating...)

This seemed like it had some potential, but unfortunately due to the combination of unwanted camera rotations, unbindable keys, and the requirement of the middle mouse button with no keyboard equivalent (to rotate the camera) makes this a frustrating mess to play.

Fans of the genre may enjoy it, but due to the above issues, I have to give this a "soft" no.
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I picked up this Russian made RTS game in the Steam sale.
The game is a tactical level RTS that follows the the 9th Company of the 345th OPPD through 9 years of warfare in Afghanistan against the insurgents and yes it is the same 9th Company in the film 9th Company. The game even has clips from the film.
The campaign is good but short and you do a nice variety of missions. The tutorial at the start is comprehensive enough for you to get a quick grasp of the controls.
It also has some nice realistic elements. Soldiers can get injured and can't fight until attended by a medic and if you're not fast enough may die from their injuries. You also get off screen support fro missions such as D-30 artillery strikes, rocket artillery and Hind CAS (all of which are extremely deadly) and so on. If you lose your radioman you lose your access to support. For some missions you get armoured vehicles to control and if these get hit you can bail the crews before the vehicle brews up. It's best to take care of them as they provide a great fire-power advantage over your enemy.
The game does have issues though nothing severe. You can't map your own controls and moving the camera around is quite sluggish. The AI have a tendency to wander off and attack enemies though this may be down to me not knowing the best way to control the troops. For some reason all of your soldiers are privates apart from a couple of warrant officers. There's also some translation errors but this is forgiveable. There are also two missions with some bugs that force you to reload in order to get through them. also there is a mod for the game that improved it a bit .
Overall I think it's a good game. when I think of a game that I purchased and I write about it. I always ask myself "Would I buy this again?" In this case I probably would.
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6.0 小时(记录在案的)
Play as the stranded Soviet 9th Company in 1988 afghanistan. Cutscenes include scenes from "9 rota" the Russian-Finnish-Ukranian film about the battle at Hill 3234; which left the 9th company all but in ruins. Similiar mechanics to the Men of War franchise make this an rather difficult but very elaborate RTS, I wouldn't claim it for the faint of heart.
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2.1 小时(记录在案的)
If you want a difficult strategy game, this is the one for you.
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Very very good game, it's like Threates of War but may with a lil less quality, but it's a very good game at 10€, and a very good RTS game aswell.Recommend it to all RTS fans.
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Pre-Release Review
Great RTS game. I enjoyed every aspect of this game. Some of the missions were actually difficult to complete, especially when you get ambushed while trying to clear a mine field. Some might find the fact that your reallly need to keep close watch on all your troops movements at all times, especially if you split them up into 2 groups for a 2 pronged attack, a bit tedious, but I liked having to be constantly aware of my soldiers because you never could tell where the enemy would hit you next or when you would run into a MG nest. If I had to pic anything that was annoying, it woul dbe the AI's constant targeting of my medics, but to be honest, that made it that much more challenging and realist, 'cause the enemy probably would target medics if RL anyway. Anyway, great game and I would recommend getting it if you like rts style games.
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1.9 小时(记录在案的)
A competent RTS, though without much appeal other than the theatre. Not great, but definitely not terrible.
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3.2 小时(记录在案的)
Suprisingly good for the price! If you're a fan of the Men of War or Theatre of War series, than this is definetly a must buy! Very good graphics for the time it was made (the characters from the movies the game is based on are in-game). Lacking multiplay, but the campaign is enjoyable. 8/10 would reccomend to a friend
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1.6 小时(记录在案的)
Its not a bad game. Kinda a ♥♥♥♥♥♥ interface but fun.
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27.1 小时(记录在案的)
good game..
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4.2 小时(记录在案的)
Pretty good Afghan Civil War game
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12.0 小时(记录在案的)
A less detailed Men of War set in the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in the 1980's. What is gained from the unique and barely touched setting is utterly ruined by awful AI, lack of direction, and game breaking bugs that prevent progression from the third mission onwards. Best to avoid unless you are a hardcore strategy enthusiast.
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4.8 小时(记录在案的)
If you like men of war, you'll probably like this game, as it has very similar gameplay. It has a more modern setting, something that I desperately want from the men of war series, but has yet to deliver. Unfortunately this game only has a single campaign that you can probably finish in 5 hours if you just want to beat it, or about 10 if you want to lead your men well.

There's a lot of cool finishing touches to this game that make me wish the developers tried again, but made a bigger game, and expanded the setting, like a Cold War setting (more broad than the Afghan war), or even a modern setting, like Russia vs, Ukraine or the EU. That would be mind-blowing.

Wait and buy it on sale, I'd pay $5 max, but I'm a cheap loser
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24.7 小时(记录在案的)
buggy as hell, couldve been a great game. I tried to make the most of it, as evidence by how many hours I put into the game (~24). Theres alot of effort put into the detail but not enough in the actual mission. They have sprites of the movie characters in game which I thought was pretty cool :D
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0.7 小时(记录在案的)
Didn't have the patience for it. Despite the tutorial and clear objectives, you still feel lost. On top of that unit movement is painstakingly slow and the vehicle AI is not very intelligent, causing them to collide into ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ things and having to back up, slowly pivot, and then continue. Also very difficult to keep your units together even in formations and hard to spot exactly where enemy fire is coming from.

Seems like it might be an okay game, but not good enough to make me want to deal with the headaches.
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1.9 小时(记录在案的)
Russian budget game is a special category :)
Pros: Afghan conflict is rarely seen in games. Based on real events and includes clips from a good movie"action documentary" about 9th company. Quite detailed micromanagement of individual troopers and their inventory. Somewhat realistic combat tactics.
Cons: Poor vehicle AI, they drive all over the place. Very bad camera control. Bugs - the game crashed several times and I'm not able to finish 3rd mission, I have cleared required village but the mission does not advance. Soldier selection UI could be better.

Summary: Not recommended, uninstalling.... I'm glad I only paid 2€ for it.
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