Perimeter 2: New Earth es la continuación tanto anhelada del juego Perimeter que ha sido aclamado por la crítica. Las nuevas concepciones del espacio introducidas en el juego original han sido desarroladas a través de un nuevo nivel tecnológico.
Análisis de usuarios: Negativos (35 análisis) - El 17% de los 35 análisis de los usuarios sobre este juego son positivos.
Fecha de lanzamiento: 10 feb. 2009

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Acerca de este juego

Perimeter 2: New Earth es la continuación tanto anhelada del juego Perimeter que ha sido aclamado por la crítica. Las nuevas concepciones del espacio introducidas en el juego original han sido desarroladas a través de un nuevo nivel tecnológico. El motor de juegos Vista aumenta la dinamicidad y la profundidad del juego, haciendo que el campo de batalla se convierta en una arena para la lucha de dos elementos - tierra y agua.

Perimeter 2 continúa los acontecimientos del juego original. El Exodus, dirigido por los Espíritus Sabios ha estado buscando la Nueva Tierra. El Harkback ya no se fía de los Espíritus, ha subvertido su poder y ha decidido ir en búsqueda de la Vieja Tierra. No cree que su planeta ha muerto. Ambas partes se encuentran y enemigos mortales entran en el mismo planeta para enfrentarse.

Perimeter 2 es un proyecto para aficionados del género RST. Las concepciones revolucionarias sobre la formación de la tierra, junto con nuevos elementos e ideas, crean una experiencia única de juego.

  • El concepto de guerra territorial, basado en el conflicto entre agua y tierra, lleva el juego en una nueva dimesión.
  • Las unidades mutantes, aseguran reacciones rápidas y eficaces a los acontecimientos en el campo, y ofrecen también una variedad estratégica.
  • Nuevos elementos de acción: los jugadores pueden entrar en la batalla usando Providence - un Manipulator Táctico de Acción Directa - y sus super ataques, como por ejemplo enormes explosiones, lluvia meteorítica y más.
  • Nuevos elementos RPG: los jugadores pueden profundizar unos mapas en búsqueda de psy-crystals para desbloquear y mejorar los super ataques de Providence. Además, los psy-crystals esconden secretos importantes acerca del pasado de la Nueva Tierra.

Requisitos del sistema

    • Sistema Operativo: Microsoft Windows® XP/Vista
    • Procesador: Pentium 4 3.0 GHz o Athlon XP 2500+(minimum), Intel Core 2 Duo o Athlon X2(recomendado)
    • Sistema de Memoria: 512 MB RAM(mínimo), 1 GB RAM(recomendado)
    • Tarjeta Video: GeForce Tarjeta Gráfica (mínimo)6600 128MB, GeForce 7800 o Radeon X1800(recomendado)
    • Tarjeta Sonido: Tarjeta Sonido Compatible DirectX 9
    • Versión DirectX: DirectX 9.0c
    • Disco Duro: 8 GB de espacio disponible en el disco duro
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Publicado el 22 de junio de 2014
Análisis de preestreno
Antiguo, feo y bugeado....
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Publicado el 13 de mayo de 2015
A game that LOST its roots.

The game passed to another developper and another publisher. Things got worst.

I explain. The designers tried to differenciate things more by building the races in a different way.
In this game we have ONLY two races comparing to the 3 plus the scourge we had in the first Perimeter, the Exodus and the HeartBack.
So, the story says that the new world those races were searching finally found. But the Exodus still can colonize the surface while the HeartBack can build in Water.

If you are a Perimeter Veteran please read the differences below, after the many dashes.

For the Newcomers to this game.

Here we have a simple strategy game. You first build the energy cores and terraform the ground so you can move easily or build upon it. To do that on the easy way build every NEXT energy core to the change of the levels of the ground and press the terraform button of the NEW energy core. In other ways you'll get yourself saying some bad words if NOT smushing the PC or leaving the game completely. The manual terraforming controls are buggy so don't be frustrated. The only thing you'll need the manual terraforming is when you want to get some blue crystals and you'll need to dig the ground.

Every technology as the game says must be researched first. So if you want to build unit factories you need to research them first. So level 2 and 3 factories. The factories create the pop cap. But you can't have as many factories as you want as the preserve energy. The units from the factories have ground and air mode. You change them dependant on what you want to attack or defend because ground units don't fight air.

Generally is a very simple game that tricks your imagination. Nothing more.

If you have played the first Perimeter....

The game differences are Massive.

--There is no Frame here. No main building. No King of Chess. You start building like any other strategy game.
--The energy cores can be built anywhere at start. The terraform process is included in them and can be set at automatic mode or manual. Manual terraforming is crap. You use it only to level the ground where you want and then auto. The controls for the manual are buggy. A very easy way to keep the level of the ground the same(but you lose space) is to build the energy cores to the gaps that the ground changes levels. When you press the terraform button the ground will be in the same level as the OLD energy core. But as you can see in this game you have to be occupied even to that.
--Population cap is related to the factories and is NOT standard as in the first game. Every factory places about 2 more squads and the squad units number is about 1-4 dependant on the unit. Factories preserve energy like in Command and Conquer and NOT like in the first Perimeter when ONLY working. In this way the squad number is limited.
--You have a Research Center to advance your technology. To build the 3-set level of factories you have to research them as much other techs like PLUS in Weapons or Shields for your units. The first level builds light units, the second level medium units and the third heavy units that are effective in buildings most.
--So we have ONLY 3 units per race that can be changed from ground to air and vice versa depedant of the opponents offensive and defensive. For example fighters confront fighters and the vehicles other vehicles. There is NO unit from the ground to hit the air.
--The chess game that we were playing in the first Perimeter with the capturing of the energy cores or buildings of the opponent is VERY limited here, because the Exodus structures are damaged from water and the HeartBack structures from the normal ground.
--There are NO subterrastrial units on this game.
--Ahh yes, I almost forgot. New power-ups like Nukes,mass terra destruction and such are coming from the blue ingame crystals like OLD techs that you find on the planet's surface. To get those crystals you'll need to build an energy core on them and MANUALLY terraform the ground in DIGGING mode.


Whoever wants to read my review about the first Perimeter, he/she can find it here.

The AI is very easy even in skirmishes. Don't get amazed by the new graphics of the game. I was and there were NOT many youtube videos to see what is happening In Game.

As a result his game has NO FUTURE! If you want to relax by playing something ok. But NO MORE than that...
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Publicado el 23 de febrero de 2014
How about a worthwhile review?

Two sides, two advantages, capture mechanics (it's been a very long time, i remember capturing something), generate your power levels unlock new buildings, build units to defend or attack, turn towers into defences, use ground or water as weapons. Create a long gameplay by flooding back the enemy using water, or build the tallest plateu with ground. Artillery is an option.

The game had much promise, very similar to maelstrom, but of course without the masses of armies and first person view of a hero.

That all being said, the problem is how the game is not going to work for everyone, it ran out of compatibility for some systems, while it had compatibility for others with the same hardware, go figure.

I enjoyed it while it lasted when i first had it, but eventually after changing systems i couldn't play it without a crash. Also the variety and diversity in the end just run out, nothing new to do, nothing new to find, just kill that in your own way capture that somehow, etcetcetc. A one way ticket to a game that has no real end, until you decide when you had enough.
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Publicado el 28 de abril de 2013
No. Don't do it. Not even for cheap.

This game could have neat terraforming mechanics, but the UI, dialogue, tutorial and basically the whole presentation is painful. I literally got a headache trying to get into the first level. During which the gameplay was sub-par and unintuitive.
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Publicado el 5 de mayo de 2014
Buy perimeter 1, its much better
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