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Du célèbre dessinateur et réalisateur Enki Bilal, en collaboration avec le studio créé par adventure game legend de Benoit Sokal nous vient Nikopol : le secret des immortels. L'aventure se situe en France en 2023. Le pays est gouverné par un dictateur qui dispose de tous les pouvoirs.
Date de parution: 7 sep 2008
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Acheter Adventure Bundle Vol. 1

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"A challenge worth taking on. One of the best looking 3D adventure games I’ve seen. It's fun to look at and fun to play"
IGN — 82%

"This is an adventure game that rises above the crowd in terms of great story and immersive gameplay elements. There is just the right mix of puzzles and dialogue, plus lots of action."
GameZone — 80%

"It is professionally done with good graphics, good voice acting and challenging puzzles."
JustAdventure — 80%

"Nikopol is a concise, smoothly flowing sci-fi adventure that offers plenty of challenge. It’s a visually impressive experience, and a worthy addition to your adventure game collection."
CheatCodeCentral — 82%

À propos du jeu

Du célèbre dessinateur et réalisateur Enki Bilal, en collaboration avec le studio créé par adventure game legend de Benoit Sokal nous vient Nikopol : le secret des immortels.

L'aventure se situe en France en 2023. Le pays est gouverné par un dictateur qui dispose de tous les pouvoirs. Un vaisseau mystérieux en forme de pyramide vient de faire son apparition dans le ciel. Des habitants de ce vaisseaux veulent s'adresser aux autorités françaises.

Vous êtes Nikopol et vous allez devoir déjouer une conspiration et trouver qui est votre père. Vous allez être confronté à deux mondes : un anarchique l'autre peuplé d'immortels.

  • Une aventure spirituelle dans un univers futuriste foisonnant créé par Enki Bilal
  • Vous êtes Nikopol et vous devez vous protéger des immortels et combattre une sombre conspiration
  • Interagissez avec 8 personnages et 6 environnements différents
  • Graphismes somptueux
  • Jouabilité prenante
  • Interface en pointez-cliquez

Configuration requise

    • Système d'exploitation : Windows XP/Vista
    • Processeur : Processeur 1.5 GHz
    • Mémoire vive : 512 Mo de RAM
    • Carte graphique : Carte compatible DirectX comportant 128 Mo de mémoire vidéo
    • DirectX® : 9.0c
    • Disque dur : 2.5 Go d'espace disque disponible
    • Son : Carte son compatible DirectX
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Il faut sans doute connaître la BD d'Enki Bilal pour apprécier pleinement ce titre, et encore. Ce n'était en tout cas pas mon cas. Dommage, car l'univers SF déprimant a l'air très intéressant. Mais on démarre dans le jeu sans aucune explication, et les quelques infos de background trouvées ici et là (sur des journaux ou des bouts de papier) ne sont pas suffisants pour s'imprégner vraiment de l'ambiance.

Rapidement, j'ai vite été perdu : un extra-terrestre dieu égyptien qui débarque ? ok... Une méduse géante accrochée sur un building ? d'accord... Et un androïde méchant. WTF. Pire que la fin de Fahrenheit.

Les puzzles sont plutôt ardus et bien fichus. Par contre, je trouve dommage que certaines scènes se déroulent en temps limité (sous peine de mort). Heureusement, la mort fait revenir l'instant précédant celle-ci. Mais je n'aime pas le stress dans un jeu d'aventure, ça gâche mon plaisir.

Mais ce qui vient enfoncer le clou, c'est la durée de vie plus que ridicule.
Posté le : 10 avril 2014
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Beautiful graphics, and interesting premise but the game itself is extremely frustrating. The puzzles themselves are pretty simple, but in addition to the old pixel hunt style, the game doesn't enable the hotspots for items or usable scenery until specific times. Then, just to ramp up the frustration, there are timed puzzles, with the same constraints. Suddenly scenery and items become arbitrarily active or inactive, with little time to experiment and search. Feels like a serving of frustration with a side of screw you from the author. Having a walkthrough helps, but it'll just ♥♥♥♥ you off when you see that your solution was correct -- you just weren't doing it the way the designer wanted you to, and at the right time that the designer wanted you to.
Posté le : 4 février 2014
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This game is based on a graphic novel, or a series of 3 graphic novels that later got compiled into one book called "The Nikopol Trilogy" and written and illiustrated is by a great French author named Enki Bilal. The art in the Novel is what stands out the most and is a very dark, gritty, and , industrial, steam-punk(architectural not the lame club scene), and is set in an alternate dystopian future where religions are now all powerful government parties and the ancient Egyptian gods themselves have returned to earth from space in a hovering pyramid spaceship. Despite being gods, with powers seemingly limited only by the imagination, they are still quite flawed sentient beings, who aregue and bicker and play board games to pass the time. They also require fossil fuels to power their spaceship and are stuck hovering over Paris. That is a basic run down of the story line for all you haters out there who "don't get the story line."
Secondly, there is also a pretty popular Sci-Fi film based on the Nikopol story called "Immortal" that came out in 2004. I remember watching it on the Sci-Fi channel a couple times and you can currently watch the full movie on YouTube. I highly recommend it. The movie was directed by the author of the graphic novel Enki Bilal and is actually quite a ground breaking movie in its own right. It revolutionized the art of mixing computer animation with live action. In this dystopian future there is heavy polution, and many people have become sick and prosthetic artificial body parts are not only required for most people, but it is a huge fad like plastic surgery gone haywire, and has become all the rage. So you see these real actors with computer generated parts and they had to film every scene twice exactly the same way. There are also aliens, who are ironically enough, treated just like illegal aliens and have to go through customs and immigration lol.
OK, so , on to the game. This was the first "point and click adventure" game I've ever really played, so it took some getting used to. The fact that this game is pretty closley based on the book and not the movie kept me pretty interested the whole time as it is stuff that happens to Nikopol inbetween the books. Yes the game is hard as hell and I did need a walkthrough on certain puzzles, but honestly, in a world where half the modern games are designed so that a baboon could beat it on hard, it was a welcomed challenge. If you are used to point and click than you know what to expect. This game actually got me into more point and click adventure games such as Myst and a few others. If you are a fan of the movie Immortal(ad vitam) or the Nikopol Trilogy books than this game will blow your shorts off. If not and you kinda liked the crazy dark sci fi storyline, I highly recommend you check out all three.

Posté le : 25 juillet 2014
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This game by far is different from anything that I have ever played. Try it out if you like a change of pace.
Posté le : 5 février 2014
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Pretty damn cool adventure game
Posté le : 22 juin 2014
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