Lassen Sie die klassische Ära der RPGs mit diesem 'Retro-Parodie-RPG Breath of Death VII: The Beginning wieder auferstehen. Begleiten Sie 'Dem the Skeleton Knight', 'Sara the ghost historian', 'Lita the vampire techie' und 'Erik the zombie prince' auf Ihrer Entdeckungsreise in die Welt der Untoten auf der Suche nach den Geheimnissen der...
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Veröffentlichung: 13. Juli 2011

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Cthulhu Saves the World & Breath of Death VII Double Pack kaufen

Enthält 2 Artikel: Breath of Death VII, Cthulhu Saves the World


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"The first RPG that we made! Explore an undead world in true 8-bit RPG fashion. Comes in a bundle with Cthulhu Saves the World."


“Breath of Death VII ist eines dieser seltenen Parodie-Spiele, die den Fallstricken des Genres Tribut zollen, aber dann mit ihrem eigenen Spieldesign auftrumpfen und dem Spieler ein rundum befriedigendes Spielerlebnis bieten.”

“Die Geschichte ist makellos, scharf und Sie werden sich einigen Lachanfällen stellen müssen, insbesondere, wenn Sie bemerken, dass viele der Spielreferenzen an ältere Spiele erinnern, und es eine Menge Wortspielereien zu erfassen gilt.”

“Breath of Death VII: The Beginning ist eine echte Überraschung. Es ist ein RPG, dass sich wie ein Klassiker anfühlt, aber es mangelt ihm an jeglicher RPG-Langeweile.”

“Für ein RPG, dessen Spaßfaktor seinesgleichen in der Riege von Spielen zu $30 bis $60 sucht, ist dieser Titel ein absolutes Schnäppchen.”

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Über dieses Spiel

Lassen Sie die klassische Ära der RPGs mit diesem 'Retro-Parodie-RPG Breath of Death VII: The Beginning wieder auferstehen. Begleiten Sie 'Dem the Skeleton Knight', 'Sara the ghost historian', 'Lita the vampire techie' und 'Erik the zombie prince' auf Ihrer Entdeckungsreise in die Welt der Untoten auf der Suche nach den Geheimnissen der Vergangenheit. Lachen Sie! Weinen Sie! Lachen Sie etwas mehr!


  • Old-School-RPG gemischt mit modern Designempfinden!
  • Schnelle, rundenbasierte Gefechte!
  • 4-6 Stunden Mission mit mehreren Spielmodi & Schwierigkeitsgraden für zusätzlichen Wiederspielwert.
  • Leicht eingängige Charakterentwicklung mit häufigen Levelaufstieg.
  • Multi-Charakter-Vereinigungstechniken und Kombo-Break-System bieten weitere Spieltiefe!


    • Betriebssystem: Windows XP, Vista, 7
    • Prozessor: 1,6 GHz oder höher
    • Speicher: 1 GB
    • Festplatte: 200 MB
    • Grafikkarte: DirectX 9.0c kompatibel
    • DirectX®: 9.0c kompatibel
    • Sound: DirectX 9.0c kompatibel
    • Zusätzliche Anforderungen: Windows Media Player
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Verfasst: 15. Februar
Sher schönes RPG mit schöner Retro Optik
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Verfasst: 23. Dezember 2014
Breath of Death VII is an old school RPG where you find your party members and fight random battles with a turn based system. Part of the charm to this game is that it mimics the original Dragon Quest games in color, menus, maps and even the feel of the towns.

After each battle, each party member gets restored to full health, including dead characters. Even if you escape, you get full health. This makes the game streamlined and easy even on hard difficulty. To compensate for this, the game balances out by powering up the monsters after each round. Their attack strength keep going up by 10%. It puts pressure to finish the fight fast. There is also no run, but instead its relegated to a magic skill given to one character. One of the biggest enjoyments that I get out of the game is the ability to chose one of two bonuses every time a character reaches a new level. Do you chose this spell or that spell? Do you want +20 Max HP and +20 strength or +10 Strength + 10 Willpower +10 Magic +10 Vitality? After level 30, the game runs out of choices for you.

The challenge is in your MP / mana. You will get some back after each level, but outside of an Inn or a save point (you can save on the fly too). You won't be able to refill your magic. On the surface, fighting and button mashing make quick work of enemies. Deeper into any dungeon makes fighting difficult without using magic or techniques (both cost MP / mana). While battles are random, the dungeons have specific numbers of battles before the random battles get down to 0. So if you fight 20 random battles, you won't have any other random battles to fight. This works well, because you can go deep into a dungeon, have no mana left and need to walk back out of the dungeon. Having 0 remaining random battles ensures your survival. Since there is no sort of easy teleportation. A few dungeons force you to beat the boss and walk back. Luckily there is a run button.

Spells get upgraded. The heal spell can get upgraded to resurrect. Making it easy if a character dies that you're trying to heal, well they're just resurrected! There aren't items, but there are potions. You can't buy these, you need to find them in caves. They resurrect and give full health to any character. These are necessary if your lone healer dies. There is a health regenerating zombie though and a vampire sort of attack with another character.

The leader of your party is a silent (yet thinking) skeleton, a ghost princess healer, a vampire nerd and a prince zombie. They are all powerful in their own way. In battle, two of the characters can join forces for big attacks. The only problem is both need to be alive to do them. Its not a problem toward the beginning of the game.

About 7 hours into the game, I noticed there is a combo system. Sure its always been there. I just didn't find it useful. Every attack builds a combo. There are special combo boosts and breakers that when used will multiply the damage by the combo, but reset the combo to 0. It would be more useful if these specials weren't already the highest damagers in general. You can keep using them to kill the enemies quickly without having to build a combo.

When I played, I found normal (medium) difficulty far too easy, so I played on hard. On hard, the bosses became insurmountable. Like any RPG, grinding made any boss easier. The menu has a 'fight' command that will cue up a random battle for you! For the most part random battles are a numbers game. Not your stats vs their stats, but your remaining members against their remaining members. The party that outnumbers the other wins unless one of them balances out the numbers.

Bosses were a major issue on hard, which made for an hour long grind on many of them. One boss, I had literally run out of enemies to grind and couldn't beat a boss. I had to leave the dungeon by walking mind you and grind on over world enemies. Then walk all the way back to the boss with 0 enemies. It just felt unnecessary and hindered my ability to enjoy the game.

For equipment, Breath of Death is bare bones. You have a weapon and armor. No headgear, no accessory. Towns don't have more than a couple weapons and armor for your four characters. There are a few treasures here and there in dungeons. Treasures in towns get relegated to jokes, like "A true hero wouldn't steal from a person, even if there's a bazooka in there." There is no interaction with anything outside of talking to townspeople. Nothing hidden in book shelves or pots. It is sad how little effort got put into the details outside of readable tombstones in one lone graveyard.

The world itself feels big enough. There are around 10+ dungeons and 3+ towns. You won't get to travel the oceans or visit far off lands, but the dungeons are the real maps. Each dungeon feels big enough. There are mostly underground areas, a prison and the ruins of giant towns. You can tackle them pretty openly. The second area has three dungeons you can visit. Yet, with the fourth, it bluntly tells you not to go in there yet. It just seems like a cheap reason, when other RPGs would point out we need the X to continue.

The game really wants to hang its hat on comedy. There are funny tombstones and excessive references to classic lines in other video games. "Hey listen!" "Its a secret to everybody!" "Master of unlocking." "Welcome strangah! what-cha buyin" "I am error" "Motherbound" "Perhaps your prince is in another castle?" Even a reference to Bionic Commando that made me laugh, because that one was unexpected. The rest of the references have become commonplace on the Internet. Not only that, but there is a replica / parody of Zelda 2's version of Death Mountain. Other than that, the humor doesn't seem overwhelming. Sometimes less is more.

I just didn't care for the game's humor like I did with Cthulhu Saves the World. Breath of Death VII feels like it doesn't have its own jokes and relies too much on your knowledge from 25 year old dialog.

Then there are the game's other issues. Three years after its release, the game still has issues here and there. Enemies immune to poison, still get poisoned. Two dungeons have no music. That could be a good thing when all the other dungeons have the same music that overstays its welcome. Getting experience still seems glitched. plenty of times, I'd look at the status screen. I needed 4,000 more EXP, then beat another group of enemies earning 1,500 EXP only to discover that I still needed 4,000 more EXP. In a game where grinding is necessary, its an issue. I'm left with a feeling of knowing that I have to invest another hour into the game grinding before I'll face the boss of any area again.

If you don't want to get too involved with a 40 - 80 hour RPG, Breath of Death could be for you. With saving anywhere and refilling your HP after every battle, that makes for an easy game. Some people like easy! Some complain that the game is 3 - 5 hours, that's perfect for $3 in my opinion. For the $1 combo pack that I bought it in. I feel like I got my money's worth thanks to hard mode. As for this being a fun, entertaining game, it wasn't. I spent several hours grinding to overcome boss after boss. Maybe I made it too hard by playing hard mode and turned a 5 hour game into an 11 hour game with 6 hours of grinding, but I can only review my own experience with the game. The humor just wasn't there for me like it was with Cthulhu saves the world.
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Verfasst: 3. Dezember 2014
havent started playing until i track down the other six
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Verfasst: 10. März
The creators of this game succeeded in reproducing and improving the game play of classic NES RPGs. They got rid of unnecessary features and streamlined the whole experience, but they completely failed to capture the charm, atmosphere and "style" of the old classics like Breath of Fire or FF VII (as referenced in the title). My biggest problem with the story, characters and atmosphere was that they don't take anything serious and constantly break down the fourth wall.
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Verfasst: 9. Februar
Fun RPG with a sense of humor. Also, for the price (and it has a buncle with Cthulhu Saves the World, another great game), there is no excuse not to get it.
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Verfasst: 11. Februar
As a fan of both Japanese RPGs and parodies, I am surprised how badly this game fails at both. I'm not sure if it's appropriate to criticize level design or battle system (not to mention the story) - you don't expect "You Only Live Once" to be a good platformer, right? But it also lacks humour. I am about half through the game, ad so far, there's been not a single decent joke. Mark Leung's ROTB was way better in this (playing it was still a pain, though). What this game does, however, is repeats most common flaws of JRPGs. One can think it IS the promised parody at work, but it's done in such unentertaining way, that any good JRPG of old (not to mention modern indies) with their inner jokes and self-parodies easily beats it.
The JRPG tropes are widely presented - with equal parts love and criticism - in popular culture nowadays - from Eat Lead to Abenobashi to Sophie Houlden's "The Linear RPG" to Robot Chicken. To make an entertaining game, it's not enough to put in a vampire wannabe and a world map that looks like Dragon Quest's. Not anymore.
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Verfasst: 21. Januar
Breath of Death VII is a classic styled RPG with some interesting improvements to the genre. In many ways, this is a very simple and standard RPG. You have a party that maxed out at four people, basic stats, spells, random encounters, leveling up, gear management... basically, if you've ever played an RPG before, you'll get this game. And even if you haven't, you can have fun with it as an introductory one. However, fans of RPGs will appreciate a few of the innovations here.

One cool twist on the formula is that, upon leveling up, you get to choose one of two upgrades. They might be new spells, enhancements for old spells, better stats, or any combination of these. This give some customization and replayability to the game. Another is the upon winning a battle, you will recover some of your MP and ALL of your HP, plus anyone who died during the fight will be revived. This makes it easier to get from place to place without having to use up MP to heal, carry healing items, or walk back to towns constantly in order to progress. An especially nice feature for those mazier dungeons. By far my favorite addition to this game is how it handles random encounters. Whenever you go to a new area, it will have a set number of random encounters in it. This means that, while walking around, you will randomly encounter enemies that many times. After you have that many battles, you will no longer have any random encounters there. This means that you can clear out an area and focus on exploring without the distractions. However, if you want to grind more in that area, you can simply bring up the menu and select the fight option and BOOM, you're in a battle. It's a beatiful way to work around the annoyance of rancom encounters while keeping the grinding aspect possible.

The whole design seems to be built around being a fast, enjoyable RPG. You can speed up your walk to a run with the tap of a button. In battles, your fight still images of monsters with sparing animations for attacks. Quick displays, combos, and a decent engine all make this game move by swiftly, even when mindlessly grinding. You are also sometimes teleported out of mazey areas when finished so you don't have to backtrack. And the simplicity of gameplay (aside from strategic bossfights or harder difficulties) blends all these things together to deliver a very fast paced RPG experience.

I also liked the retro style of art and play, even though I never really played much for old RPGs. I'd comment on the music but I mostly had the sound off... watching stuff while I was grinding... so sorry I can't say. The simple display and gameplay... that retro feeling is really nice. It's much less intimidating than some other RPGs I've tried. The characters are alright, and some of the dialogue is interesting. There are a few red herrings in there as well, unless I missed something :P It's a cool little game.

However, there are a few issues. While it is built around making the RPG stuff less annoying, it still includes those RPG things. Random encounters are limited... but they're there. Grinding is easy... but it's still tedious. Lack of a map makes the mazey dungeons and even some of the overworld more confusing than they need to be. Some of the display is a bit lacking, not telling you all the information you might want. You can probably use your head a bit to remember what enemy is low on health or poisoned or other such things, but this game doesn't have much of a reason NOT to display such things other than for the retro style.

Still, overall, Breath of Death VII is a really fun game. If you like RPGs, retro games, and the simpley yet effective gameplay style, this game is worth checking out. At the time, I've only been able to find it in a two pack with Cthulhu Saves the World, a game in the same style, for 3 dollars. I would say it's worth it if you're looking for some light and fun RPG action. What do I think of Cthulhu Saves the World? Well go look for my review on that game for yourself and see if the pack is worth it for you. However, I WILL say it's very similar in style, so if you're interested in one, you'll probably like them both. Breath of Death VII gets a 7/10 for being a fun RPG that does its best to lessen the inherent burdens of RPGs while still keeping those iconic characteristics present.
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Verfasst: 18. April
It's k
yes it's k
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Verfasst: 5. Januar
Good game, well worth even the full price, but it comes on sale often enough that you can get it for less if you wait.

The JRPG genre in general effectively line up battles triggered by wandering and you simply play them one after another while travelling location to location, and once you hit an experience threshold you level up (thus the RPG element). What I find is that the RPG aspects of a JRPG are usually very fun as you can play the character(s) in a variety of ways. This is what I like about the genre. The weakness of the genre is the game progression can be shallow and it forces you from one location to the next without much choice where combat can be 'too easy'.

This one is a little different. While it is still linear to a point, the game doesn't feel especially linear. It feels a little more Open world which is quite novel for JPRG. Each area has max battles, and the open terrain area counts as one so you can get rid of them all early so that you're not interrupted while moving around, or you save them up to get higher experience from later battles. If you find yourself losing you can trigger battles allowing yourself to level up. So while that would be grinding, at least you can never get a build where you have to start over. From my point of view, this ability to choose and wander is a definite plus for a game in this genre.

The combat is also enjoyable. Play the game on expert otherwise it plays too easy - you'll only need to hit enter for most battles which takes away from the game experience. Play it on expert and you have to work thru with the skills chosen from leveling up to win many battles - much more enjoyable.

If you're reading this to compare a good JPRG vs. a bad one and why you should choose this one - see my review on Penny arcade 4 for what a JPRG shouldn't be).

Summary - There is no "wrong" build, reasonable number of skills to choose from thereby allowing you to solve the game in variety of ways and combat can be fun on expert.

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Verfasst: 18. April
Enter smasher simulator 2015. 10/10 would replace my enter button anytime.
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Verfasst: 21. Dezember 2014
good game and interesting story and characters
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Verfasst: 10. Februar
Good old RPG with good humour , i actually start to like it.

Dem C´mon.
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Verfasst: 1. September 2014
Es vermittelt ein schönes Retro-Feeling von klassischen RPG's, die Kämpfe erfolgen schnell und flüssig - und bieten gleichzeitig genug Tiefe, die Story ist knackig und der Parodie-Faktor sehr humorvoll umgesetzt. Viele Anspielungen auf alte Spieletitel und liebevoll geschriebene und witzige Dialoge ringen einem den ein oder anderen Lacher ab.

Der Preis ist trotz der relativ kurzen Spielzeit keinesfalls zu hoch - im Gegenteil: qualitativ betrachtet erhält man hier ein echtes Schnäppchen.

Daher (vorallem für Genre-Fans & eingesessene Spieler) absolute Kaufempfehlung!
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Verfasst: 15. Dezember 2013
Breath of Death ist ein gutes Classic RPG und spielt sich wie die alten Final Fantasy Teile.
Grafik ist stimmig und der Sound ist ganz ok. Spielmechanisch fühlt es sich wie ein standart RPG aus den 90ern an.
Der Humor in diesem Game wird groß geschrieben doch ist er eher flach und bot zumindest für mich keinen Anreiz

Kurzum ist es n ganz interesantes Game für Freunde von classic RPG´s
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0.7 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 27. November 2013
Old-School RPG im 8bit Style und taktischen Kämpfen ähnlich der Wizardry Reihe. Alles sehr einfach und Einsteigerfreundlich. Vor allem die sehr gelungene Story und der tiefschwarze Humor fesseln länger an den Bildschirm als erwartet! ...und mal ehrlich, für 1,99€ für 2 Spiele... was will man da schon falsch machen ;)
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3.5 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 23. Dezember 2013
Runden basiertes Kampfsystem, eine interessante Geschichte die gespickt ist mit Humor höchsten Levels.

Ich habe dieses Spiel durchgesuchtet, auch wenn die Kämpfe nach einer Zeit echt langweilig werden, aber das Spiel blockt nach einer bestimmten Anzahl an Kämpfen in einem Gebiet die Gegner einfach, wodurch ihr euch dann frei bewegen könnt.

Lustiges Spiel, hat mir sehr gefallen. Definitiv kaufen!
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3.9 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 8. März 2014
short, but pretty nice game.
Really liked the conversations :)
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128.2 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 18. Juli 2013
Richtig geile Grafik, spannende Story
Einfach ein geniales Game!
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Verfasst: 9. Juli 2014
Ich habe mir das Siel gekauft weil ich altmodische Rollenspiele mag und ich muss sagen es ist wirklich ein schönes Spiel die Handhabung ist etwas ungewöhnlich aber dass ist ja logisch. Der Sound nervt nach einer weile ein bisschen und mich persönlich stört es ein wenig das die Gruppe hinter ein her läuft erinnert irgendwei an Pokemon Gelb wo das blöde Pikachu nicht in seinen Bal wollte und einen solang gernervt hat bis man es endlich in die Box gelegt hat aber naja ist verträglich. Ich würde sagen das Spiel ist auf jedenfall einen Blick wert und teuer ist es ja auch nicht also wer Retro RPGs mag macht hier ein schnäppchen.

Grafik: 3/10
Sound: 1/10
Gameplay: 5/10
Story: 6/10
Schwierigkeitsgrad: 2/10
Atomsphäre: 5/10
Humor: 3/10
Spaß: 5/10
Wiederspielwert: 2/10
Multiplayer: -

Gesamt: 3,6/10
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2.7 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 22. August 2014
Epic Game ^^
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