A New Beginning is a cinematic adventure-thriller done graphic novel-style.
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"A New Beginning's fantastic visuals and enjoyable story offset its glaring translation and voice-over flaw."


“A New Beginning gives an amazing impression. It's exciting, smart and persistent. The graphics are a genuine eye-catcher and both protagonists grow into complex personalities the player can easily relate to, even grow fond of.”
90/100 – http://www.adventurecorner.de/reviews/228/a-new-beginning

“The dialogues, carrying a serious yet sometimes witty tone are one of the game's major strong points. They give both likeable protagonists depth and personality. The writers have paid attention to even the most delicate details.”
84/100 – Gamestar

“Blending strongly-defined characters into a stunning and memorable backdrop, A New Beginning is an "eco-thriller" that is not to be missed.”
80/100 – Adventure Gamers


A New Beginning - Final Cut is a cinematic adventure-thriller done graphic novel-style. In this charming and witty adventure, earth is on the brink of impending climate cataclysm. It's essential to travel the world in order to spare mankind and save the whole from this terrible fate.

Bioengineer Bent Svensson had to resign from researching alternative ways of generating energy. Now the former workaholic lives a secluded life in the remote forests of Norway. His early peaceful retirement is invaded by Fay, a young woman claiming to be a time traveler from the future.
She tries to convince him that she's here to prevent the climate cataclysm from happening and according to her, Bent's research is the last hope to achieve just that.
However, his results are on the verge of falling into the hands of a reckless energy tycoon who cares for nothing but his own profit.
Together, Bent and Fay now have to put an end to the imminent global catastrophe.

Key Features

  • A fully fledged adventure-thriller, tackling on the contemporary issue of global warming
  • More than 100 breathtaking, highly detailed backgrounds
  • More than 20 hours' worth of game time
  • Unique graphic novel style with an hour worth of animated comic cut scenes
  • A masterpiece, written by the creators of 'The Whispered World', 'The Dark Eye: Chains of Satinav', 'Harvey's New Eyes' and the 'Deponia' Trilogy


Mac OS X
    • OS:Windows XP
    • Processor:2 GHz (Single Core) or 1.8 GHz (Dual Core)
    • Memory:1500 MB RAM
    • Graphics:OpenGL 2.0 compatible with 256 MB RAM (Shared Memory is not recommended)
    • DirectX®:9.0c
    • Hard Drive:5 GB HD space
    • Sound:DirectX compatible
    • OS:Windows Vista/7/8
    • Processor:2.5 GHz (Single Core) or 2 GHz (Dual Core)
    • Memory:2 GB RAM
    • Graphics:OpenGL 2.0 compatible with 512 MB RAM (Shared Memory is not recommended)
    • DirectX®:9.0c
    • Hard Drive:5 GB HD space
    • Sound:DirectX compatible
    • OS:Lion (10.7)
    • Processor:2 GHz (Dual Core) Intel
    • Memory:2 GB RAM
    • OS:Lion (10.7)
    • Processor:2 GHz (Dual Core) Intel
    • Memory:2 GB RAM
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10.2 小时(记录在案的)
虽然和《The Whispered World》一样是2010年的作品,但本作算是Daedalic点点点系列里口碑最差的一作。本作制作之差,简直让人怀疑是不是他家亲儿子。不过本作最大的意义还是建立了他家的科幻分支,著名的Deponia系列也相当于对本作世界观的延展(没错……本作和Deponia一样,也是Poki 和Kevin Mentz 合作作品)。游戏本身可能只有60~65/100 的水平,不过看在90 OFF的份上给个好评吧。

这篇评测需要大概打个分,否则各位读者会觉得我在无脑黑/蜜这个游戏/公司= =

画面:75/100。由于走的是写实路线,因此除了个别场景之外都是灰扑扑的美漫风。这种不太讨喜的画风虽然没有他家其它作品那样色彩绚丽,但是场景设计上没什么可以指摘的地方。由于是比较早的作品,因此美工的上色技巧依旧有所欠缺,不过和《The Whispered World》时期相比还是有进步的。剧情的进展用类似美漫的方式展示,个人觉得很有创意;但是作为一只用16:9 屏幕的生物,表示全屏玩一个4:3的游戏看着竖长条的剧情动画很累……而且漫画分镜的水平也有待提高。还有一个槽点是字幕太小,并且在动画的时候会挡住动画自带的大字幕,这也是设计不用心的地方。


剧情:65/100。撇开有重要角色便当不谈,本作的剧情本身是论环保的重要性,在情节展示上则是论画面的重要性。和Daedalic其它作品一样,本作也是相当慢热的类型,大概要打过前三章剧情节奏才能上来。但不幸的是本作没什么别的元素能吸引玩家的注意力,因此许多人在灰扑扑的未来世界一怒之下放弃游戏也是可以理解的。不过熬过前面几章之后剧情开始变得紧凑,最后甚至还有神展开,并且重要剧情的铺垫也是一如既往的细致完整,因此整体来说还算不错。但是细究一下本作槽点相当多,而且作为主线的 “凤凰计划” 最后也有一种wtf 的感觉。最后,Bent爷爷线…… 这种白忙活一场的设定好坑啊!

操作和解谜:50/100,操作30解谜70。本作的操作依旧延续了《The Whispered World》的鬼畜风格,在物品上长按左键开启菜单,再在相应选项上放开左键执行操作。这种毁手毁鼠标的操作相当反人类,而且除了使用or观察之外的选项用处也不大……幸好之后的游戏里改掉了。解谜部分中规中矩,虽然有一定难度,但是对解谜老鸟来说不算很难(我个人喜欢把相机打开之后再放进箱子,以及打牌的谜题);小游戏除了最后一章的逗比照相机(第一个提示是屏幕上的一个数字,最后的ABCD=1234)之外难度也都还可以接受,给个好评吧。


总体来说,《A New Beginning - Final Cut》是一部有点实验性质,也有些赶工痕迹的作品。不做特别推荐,不过打折的时候入一个,在游戏荒的时候花10h左右的时间,看看这种类似美漫的故事还是可以的。P.S.本游戏没卡有成就,全成就很好刷。
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59 人中有 41 人(69%)觉得这篇评测有价值
16.7 小时(记录在案的)
Overall - lacking.
The graphics are pleasing enough, and the music is nice. That said, the English voice acting is simply atrocious. A reader program is better to listen to, the intonation has nothing to do with the emotional content of the dialogue, and sometimes it's just plain wrong for English.
Oh, and the character design. Why does Fay have a uniform including a sweater that ends under her boobs? And does she have a back problem? She stands and walks with her spine bent in a highly unnatural shape, which is just painful to look at.
The characters themselves are also shallow, and even though in some reviews I've read about 'character development', that mostly means that they grow from one-dimensional to maybe two. And that's for the protagonists. About one of the main supporting characters, Duve, all I got to know was that a: he's upset with his father (understandably) for sacrificing their family for his work, yet b: he continues his father's work out of some sort of duty perhaps, though he claims to hate it, and c: he's gay. The latter had nothing whatsoever to do with anything, apart from mentioning that Bent "would have been okay with it", and providing a clue for solving a puzzle. Talk about token minority.
The plot seemed forced sometimes, and after the final plot twist, had motivation issues at some points in retrospect. All-in-all, it felt rather forced and didactic, and the conclusion really didn't make much sense to me.
Certainly not a game I will ever play again, and not one I could recommend, as much as I'd like to promote eco-conscious games. Only reason I played it through was that I hoped for satisfactory ending. I didn't get it.
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37 人中有 27 人(73%)觉得这篇评测有价值
8.4 小时(记录在案的)

this is the first Daedalic Entertainment game i've finished and... actually regretted playing.

This game has the potential to be a fun, enjoyable game. Puzzles, tricky areas that would not be the automatic response and even an additional level of depth to point and click that allows for pop-up actions (more about that in the negatives.). As always with Daedalic Entertainment, it's beautiful to look at and tha characters are... more or less believable. They make sense and seem easy enough to relate to. Daedalic Entertainment have also coined a 'hold Space to show Items you can interact with', this has made me so much more likley to buy one of their games just for that aspect alone! the character animations, although simple and repetative, always seem mostly in place and with exception of a few moments (if you want to pick) usually look perfectly fine and don't break immersion at all.

However... the entire game paints the image of 'the world is ending, it's climate change but you can fix it'. at no point did I feel hopful for the characters.
We're dealing with an aeged man who has ruined his relationship with his family, estranged his son and apparently made very little effort to fix that. you're also playing as a person who, during the entire game I was expecting to turn out to be lying to me and was unfortunatley not dissapointed. The 'good guys' turn out to be... well... kind of pathetic, sad and myserable people that I didn't want to even think existed, let alone play them for the whole game. The antagonists were rather unbelievably over-evil (MWAHAHAHAA! I WILL PAVE OVER THE WORLD TO MAKE A GLORIOUS SEAL-SKIN CAR-PARK!) and the storyline rather felt overly preachy...
The entire cast were unpleasant in even degrees... in fact, the person I liked the most was a doorman with an anger problem and a complex about his baldness!

The general gameplay is point-and-click with the occasional puzzle. The puzzles were good and mostly self-explanatory, but the point-and-click was point-and-hold-aim-and-click for everytbing... that took extra time that was not needed when right-click-to-examine and left-click to walk to, pick up, adjust etc. would have sufficed.
The right-click for inventory was not actually needed at any point and could easily have been removed entirely and replaced by having the inventory there all the time. the only time it became needed to quickly open your inventory is if a game-event had closed it for you.

I did not feel like I had anyone on my side in the entire game. When i'm playing as him, i'm waiting for her to ♥♥♥♥ him over. When i'm playing as her, i'm waiting for us to do something strange and un-kocher.
The son, he was downright unpleasant. The old-friend from work was needlessly suspicious and came across as kaniving in places. The best-friend seemed... well... i don't know all that well beause i was honestly expecting him to mess us over too! he was too nice compared to the rather unpleasant crowd we were already in!
I can't complain enough about the worst of humanity in this. We have cheaters, liars, mercinaries, needless aggression, paranoia, disbelief, angst and all the other shades of things you don't want to spend an afternoon immersed in.

The storyline of 'time travlers come back to fix the world' is great. I was all for that! the idea of them coming back from a climate-desolate wasteland is a perfectly stable platform... what fails however is that they drop a plot-twist on us that... well, let's face it was rather un-needed!
"we came to this reactor to stop it blowin up!" becomes "we came here to blow it up"... umm... why?
Honestly, it boiled down to 'grab that stuff and run for it!'. the machevilian "let's tell the goodie all my plans" was old before this game was made and really made the ending of this... a total mess!
I've seen twist endings, back-track endings, not-as-you-expeted-it endings, the-goodie-is-the-baddie-is-the-goodie endings... but the sudden change of heart makes your one character seem totally heartless or a derranged sociopath, the baddie is... let's face it, totally insane for his plans and the other baddie is desperatley in need of a lead-lobotomy!
"it's ok, we reconciled this kid with his father and even managed to bring his sexuality into it almost out of the blue without any apparent reason"...
umm... yay?
what have we resolved here? One character we were really not that set up to like has got fame, another character we probably should not dislike this much is going back to killing himself with over-work and his son, who needs to get a grip for most the game, is all right now?
you might as well have written "and they all lived happily ever after"!
Oh, but it's ok, that person who let themselves get baked in radioactive steam instead of getting into one of the many easy-to-access doors on that level left you a picture to remember how she and all the other people you met from her time betrayed your trust, nearly got you and your family killed, killed off one of your oldest friends, destroyed most of your life's work and... should I go on?
The ending felt forced, bolted on and almost irrelevant to the rest of the game. The problem was that whole areas of the game had the same feeling.
"this is a great big conspiracy" why? everything points that way. Everyone says it's an accident and refuses to talk more about it... soooooooo? Why was everyone acting needlessly suspicious? No apparent reason. One person takes it to their grave and the other betrays you brutally without any kind of apology.

I actually felt miserable finishing this game. The gaming completionist in me refused to step away, but I was damn close! had the ending not appeared when it did, i would not have finished the game.
"No matter how beautiful the weapon is, it will hurt no less when turning against you"

Technical bugs were rife in the game. Many areas had options that were not translated. clicking on one item to examine blinked the subtitle and played no audio so if there was any useful information there, i missed that
There are parts where the subtitles run off in the FMV but the audio has not even started.
The dialogue overlaps itself, jumps pitch and volume mid-sentance, often lacks the correct inflection for the mood it's used and sometimes comes across as just plain wooden and eerie.
One moment, i'd be listening and the voice sounds warm and involving... while describing an inane object... then to describe something important, it sounds cold and emotionless? the mixed signals in this were easy enough to overlook, but when it changed pitch, volume and feel mid-sentance? split-personalities or bad dubbing...
There were miss-spelt subtitles, incorrect words and sometimes, the wrong used entirely.

Top it all off with the common feel of mid-eighties cartoons where the baddie just wants to make a new motorway or spill oil into the sea and realising that they might as well be brow-beating you for having the light on. Honestly, i would not have been surprised to find that this was endorsed by an extremist wing of a climate change activist group!
Yes, we get that nuclear power isn't the best, let's all feel damn sad for this. now, how dare you have multiple monitors on. We all poison every living thing in the woods for no particularly well-explained reason. Deforestation, fossil fuels, melting ice-caps... Anyone remember this from school?
I DO care about the environment, I'm happy to recycle, I proudly turn off lights and electrical devices not in use and rarely use more than what I need... I don't need a game to make me feel guilty for the environment change.

I would urge point-and-click enthusiasts to buy ANY Deponia title instead of this. If you want somethin a little more serious, buy 'night of the rabbit'. Daedalic Entertainment deserve all the support they can get, but this game is going to a special place in my "games I regretted playing" list.
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15 人中有 13 人(87%)觉得这篇评测有价值
11.2 小时(记录在案的)
You need a lot of patience to deal with the constant eco babble and the bad voice acting, as well as some small bugs; but if you stick with it you will be rewarded with around 10 hours of detailed art work and a good story. Buy it on sale.

+ Lots and lots of pictures. There's a lot of time that's gone into that.

+ The story gets really good from around chapter 4 onwards.

+ Around 10 hours of gameplay.

- Some bugs. The ones I got most were 1. that the game would sometimes think I was clicking my mouse when I wasn't, causing the text to skip (meaning that I missed some of the dialogue) and 2. that there was sometimes a Russian or German word to click on or sentence spoken by a character, even though I played the game in English.
The latter only happened two or three times and I always knew what to do, so it wasn't that big a deal. The former I solved by saving often (or just not caring what was said).

- "I'VE GOTTA SAVE THE PLANET. I'M GONNA CRY OVER THIS DEAD BIRD. WHY DOES THAT GUY DRIVE SUCH A WASTEFUL CAR? WHY DOES NO ONE LISTEN TO ME?" Every. Five. Minutes. If you're not necessarily into the whole "I must save the earth right now" thing, you'll need a LOT of patience to try and ignore Fay (and Bent)'s constant eco babble.

- Baaaad voice acting (especially main character Bent). But: either I got used it after a while or it just gets better towards the end.
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7 人中有 6 人(86%)觉得这篇评测有价值
有 2 人觉得这篇评测很欢乐
7.1 小时(记录在案的)
Out of all honesty, for those who are thinking about getting this, ask yourself if you're willing to spend time on a game that will boggle your mind with puzzles, if you find that fun, then you need to buy this game. If you don't like puzzles and go for the plot, you can still search the walkthroughs on a website, but although you will find it less entertaining that it normally would go out as a gameplay experience. If you hate puzzles thoughout then obviously its a no-no.

Fay: The girl you play in the game, has the best plot story, although i'm almost done with it (1 chapter left) i find her character development a great balance between what the plot indicates and situational events occuring around her.

Bent: I find it difficult to understand his reasons of collaborating within the plot, first half he goes into denial, the second half he goes through reasoning and his character development doesnt change through that and when you arrive at the Labratories at the Sea you might think it is boring, and yes because our limited options prevents us from doing anything at all by that stage.

Gameplay: Crazy as it may seem I loved the gameplay, its just a few minor tweaks that may help it out, a bit of specification would be nice, and the atmosphere really does get to you when you're feeling the situation current at hand.

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4 人中有 4 人(100%)觉得这篇评测有价值
6.5 小时(记录在案的)
Firstly a note on the voice acting and how I got past it.... it's bad. I knew it would be based on the majority of the reviews here, but my god I wasn't prepared for how painful it actually was. It's as if they grabbed random people off of the street and made them read lines of dialogue with no context. It's so poorly done that it just doesn't make sense. I was so turned off by it that I was going to give up after an hour. I did find that I was able to continue by switching the language back to German. While not perfect, they at least tried to emote and it synced up with the mouth animations on the panel scenes given that it was the native language of the game. Just go into it as if it's a foreign subtitled game. I know that turns a lot you off, but it's still better than the English voice track.

that said...

A rather disappointing outing from Daedalic. I tried harder than I usually would to give it a fair chance to impress but it never actually came through.

Screens/Backgrounds are well done. The biggest compliment I can give here.
Story was lacking in my opinion. Written too loosely and eco-preachy to the point of borderline annoyance.
Characters were weak and two dimentional. Many of them so unlikable (looking at you Bent) that it was hard to care or empathise with them enough to desire any kind of resolution on my end other than soon forgetting them.
Puzzles are challenging, but fair. To be honest, I was so tired of it all by the third act that I power FAQ'd.

It's currently $2. Hard to say "Don't Buy" at a price that low, but I sure wouldn't recommend paying more. I'll remain a longtime Daedalic fan for what they've done to reintroduce and support P&C genre adventures in recent years, but this is an effort that can easily be swept under the rug.
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6 人中有 5 人(83%)觉得这篇评测有价值
14.5 小时(记录在案的)
Personal Rating: Nice Journey
Classic Rating: ★★★★☆

Really interesting point & click adventure. Some things i liked:
  • Well curated sci-fi storyline
  • Good looking artworks
  • Interesting puzzles which really make sense
  • Nice and well developed characters
  • Bug free

Some other things which might have been better:
  • No widescreen resolution
  • Voice acting is a bit monotone (especially Fay, one of the main protagonists)
  • Some more supported languages would have been welcome (there are subtitles though)

If you're a fan of Daedalic Entertainment Games, this one should be on your to-play list.
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3 人中有 3 人(100%)觉得这篇评测有价值
有 1 人觉得这篇评测很欢乐
15.7 小时(记录在案的)
So, i read the reviews on here. Everyone is going on about bad voice acting. Blah, blah. Really ? Ok, so let me help you if you are interested in this. Buy it. Play and finish it. This game is worth your money and your time. That is the bottom line. I loved the subject matter, and the game made me feel a sense of loss when i finished playing it as i grew close to the characters. Thus, it has a great story and great characters. Could the voice acting have been better ? Sure. But i played this for the adventure. There is a message here in this game, and i feel it is a good and honest message. Look after our planet and our children will have a place to live. It creates a sense of loss and longing as it shows you what could happen if we dont change our ways. It was a really great thought provoking graphic novel. And it will stick in my head for a long time to come. The puzzles are good, i could solve some of them quite easy. They are challenging, but not impossible at all. This game has a lot of emotion in it, It made me think back to old adventure games in the 80s. It has some great level design and locations.I love the art style and the color palette because it fits the game perfectly, creating the right mood. Helping to create a world that pulls you in and keeps you there. Everything compliments each other well, and creates the Ambience tied together with a great musical score. I really would like a sequel to the game, and would buy it for sure.
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3 人中有 2 人(67%)觉得这篇评测有价值
13.1 小时(记录在案的)
Despite flaws a captivating story about time travels, environment protection and friendship. Puzzles can get a bit dull at times, but dialogues are good.
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3 人中有 2 人(67%)觉得这篇评测有价值
14.7 小时(记录在案的)
This game is fun, the story is engrossing and it is true to the genre. There are some spots where the text is not fully translated from Russian, but these are very few and never the main dialogue. I highly recommend this game for fans of point and click 90's style games. I will play this game again every so often. One of the best I've played in 33 years of gaming.
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3 人中有 2 人(67%)觉得这篇评测有价值
2.2 小时(记录在案的)
It has a good concept, I just couldn't really get into it.

*Many dialogue errors.
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2 人中有 1 人(50%)觉得这篇评测有价值
6.2 小时(记录在案的)
There is something said about Point and click adventure games, tht being that their puzzle solutionsa re too obstse or too convoluted. I think this started to happen as we lost verbes, so while in the past the puzzles WERE obstuse, at least ehy were FUN.
This game ain´t fun. It IS obstuse, tho. Streesing, obstuse, linear multi level puzzles that DON'T invite lateral thinking.
And the plot, ugh. UGH.

Don't get this game.
I completed ths game.
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2 人中有 1 人(50%)觉得这篇评测有价值
4.7 小时(记录在案的)
This game could've gotten a 4 out of 5 from me but it won't because of the story.

The puzzles are pretty awesome and it brings so much good memories of how adventure games were told before. But that only lead me so far. The story wasn't entertaining enough. It feels like I'm being force-fed into being a hippie by being Eco-friendly and crap. It felt more like a tedious lecture like I was in class or something. And the script felt so weak. having stereotypes of a washed-out scientist and a female protagonist being put-down by a superior officer with gender equality issues (and I live in a country where gender is no longer an issue for work and family). And I'm supposed to believe that these other characters are from the future?!

I'm not even complaining about the voice-acting because of this being "indie". I can forgive that.

Again, being "indie" isn't an excuse for telling a bad story. Adventure games are for me, 90% story and 10% gameplay.

Overall, It's not entertaining. It's not hilarious like most LucasArts Classics. It's not epic as the ones from Sierra's. I really think that the developers did a great job with the items and the puzzles (and the puzzles are actually better than some of Sierra's classics.).

Even if this did just cost me less than Php 40.00 (less than US$ 1.00) I wouldn't recommend it.

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2 人中有 1 人(50%)觉得这篇评测有价值
4.6 小时(记录在案的)
Purchased this game when it was on sale, was less than £1 so thought why not.

Pleasantly surprised. This is the first game of it's series I've played and while it isn't my usual cup of tea it is very much enjoyable. The story is simple enough to follow, so far anyway, and the gameplay is easy to pick up. The design and style of the game is different, with a classic cartoon feel, and it's one I feel partners the game well, and with the comic style dialogue too, gives texture to the game.

Puzzles can be difficult but then when you do complete them you are surprised with yourself that you couldn't solve them any quicker. There is also a skip puzzle option for when you are stuck. What a life saver.

While not the usual game I would consider playing, this is definitely worth picking up in a sale.
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2 人中有 1 人(50%)觉得这篇评测有价值
11.1 小时(记录在案的)
Makes me want to install power saving light bulbs and solar pannels. Save the planet with time travel and corny acting. Why not?
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13 人中有 13 人(100%)觉得这篇评测有价值
5.4 小时(记录在案的)




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A New Begining—Final Cut
这个游戏虽然是Daedalic同一公司作品,画面同样是非常漂亮的手绘风格,并且叙事采用了漫画式分格,但整体色彩偏淡,不像《Deponia》系列那么华丽,也不像《Chain of Satinav》那样包含童话仙境色彩,那是因为这个游戏更偏向写实风格,所以色调没有那么艳丽,其中的人物都是标准身材比例,各个角色的容貌也极为普通,更像是寥寥凡人。另一方面,整个色调也更符合冷酷、真实世界的感觉,这也是作为一个科幻题材作品的需要。
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8.9 小时(记录在案的)

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8.7 小时(记录在案的)
A New Beginning tries to share a positive message about climate change, our future, and our resistance to change, but the execution leaves a lot to be desired. The game is not terrible: it has its good points, and if you've ever wanted to play a dimwitted token female with a seemingly quite severe case of scoliosis who wears a sweater that covers only her boobs, then this definitely is your game.

+Good message
+The art is quite nice
+The ruined future setting that occurs near the start of the game is very compelling
+The support team answered my emails quickly and were very helpful when I encountered a game-breaking bug

-The English voice acting is atrocious. If you want to play the game, set the sound the German with English subtitles - the German voice acting isn't too bad.
-The English translation is not very good. There are a lot of grammatical errors and problems with colloquialisms that really should have been caught by a native English speaking proofreader before the game was published.
-There are a lot of bugs. Mainly I encountered translation bugs: various items popping up in Russian or Spanish. I also found a game-breaking bug, however, which required a replacement save file from the support team to get past.
-Everyone moves so slowly that I found myself screaming at the monitor a few times. Quickly, we must hit that switch before the facility explodes! Now, let me just take a leisurely stroll across the room. Wouldn't want to work up a sweat.
-The game is extremely resource-heavy, and I can't figure out why. My computer heats up while running this game as much as it does while playing a modern shooter.
-Many of the puzzles are absurd. Several of them require knowledge that the average person just wouldn't have. I needed a walkthrough to get through most of it, and many times I realized I would never in a million years have thought to try the thing that ended up being necessary. There's also a fair amount of pixel-hunting for tiny items that blend in.
-Between the slow movement speed of the characters and the seemingly never-ending cutscenes and dialog, by the time I was 1/3 of the way through the game I just wanted it to end.
-The ending isn't nearly as clever as it's trying to be, and felt rather anti-climactic after all those hours of listening to people talk and watching them crawl across the screen to the sound of suspenseful music.

If you can get the game cheap, enjoy ridiculous puzzles, and have a lot of patience for slow movement and long cutscenes, then feel free to give this one a try. If you're used a faster pace or just want something you feel you can solve without a walkthrough, I'd pass this one over.
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8.8 小时(记录在案的)
A New Beginning - Final Cut is a point and click adventure game that contains a strong graphic novel aesthetic to all its cutscenes, but it’s the beautifully rendered 2D artwork that brings the world to life.
Daedalic’s previous releases such as Deponia and Edna & Harvey had a similar aspect but overemphasized color and cartoony humor. The tone here is much darker as it complements the rather dire storyline.

The backdrops are beautiful and the character models have a much more realistic style to them than we’ve come to expect from the developer. The mixture of early 80s haircuts and futuristic technology somehow goes well together.
It also helps the aesthetic that the music in this game is perfect with a sensational orchestrated soundtrack that goes beyond expectations.

While it can be a bit preachy about using up all natural resources, melting the polar icecaps, and destroying Earth through human ignorance and greed, you feel a bond between characters, and even the world, that a lot of games fail to establish.

The characters evolve through the story, properly accepting their roles and feelings towards certain situations.

It's not often that I consider a game hard to put down, but I found myself getting deeply invested in the plot as it unravelled thanks to its convincing characterisation and an increasingly gripping storyline. Although there's an obvious environmental focus, there's also a strong heart to the story and it's this that powers your desire to play on.

The puzzles are solid as I have found myself stumped on several for near half an hour.

In short, I highly recommend this game to those who enjoy point and click games. Be sure to check out the Deponia trilogy if you have not already.
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