Product Update - Valve
AirMech Version 11669


- New Warthog Variant: Pirate

- Switched guns/armor passive abilities of the Striker and Warthog

- Striker now has Air-to-Air Homing Rockets Ability when in Air Mode (replaces the Air Shield Ability)

- Striker missile base damage set to 60

- New Collection UI that shows all the items in your inventory (under the Social tab)

- New Gameplay tips appear when waiting to respawn

- Stasis fields now affect grounded AirMechs

- Creep spawns from Level 0-2 now have Light Armor. Level 3 Creeps have Medium Armor

- New Guardian Ability icon

- Made self destruct blast damage not hurt allied team objects

Bug Fixes:

- Fixed the description numbers of the gun passive ability

- Fix for the respawn cooldown timer and gameplay tips displaying when spectating a game

- Fix for simultaneous respawning messing up respawn display counters

- Fixed a bug where the promo images would sometimes appear over the lobby ui

- Fixed a bug where Boomers would attempt to go after mines and CTF core units

- Fixed a bug where Boomers would stutter when team had map control

- Fixed a bug where AI would attempt to destroy mines and CTF cores

- Fixed a bug where the player’s AirMech would get stuck firing if they clicked on the power station/outpost icons

- Fixed a bug where the main weapon audio would sometimes play over the secondary ability audio

Product Update - Valve

Critical fixes:
+ Fixed an audio problem that was leading to framerate loss over time.
+ Fixed known intermittent combat crashes.

Other fixes:
+ Fixed battle riders getting lost in limbo during combat.
+ Fixed some issues relating to start positions in combat.
+ Addressed some accelerated combat issues.
+ Fixed muzzle sounds not playing.
+ Fixed some cases where inappropriate ship designs were unintentionally rolling for attributes.
+ Addressed the poroblem of players getting the same salvage project multiple times.
+ Fixed some government related consequences and actions.
+ Strategic AI now properly assigns battle riders to carriers.
+ Fixed an issue with the ionic thruster technology effect.
+ Fixed target avoidance while in the pursuit stance.
+ Trade view no longer hides icons under the star.
+ Fixed an issue that was preventing AI players from building stations in some cases, and allowing them to build too many in others.
+ Strategic AI now properly coordinates and escalates attacks.
+ Strategic AI now executes appropriate requests and demand diplomatic actions.
+ Fixed an issue where planets were firing missiles when they shouldn't.
+ Emitter COL now fully functional.

Other changes and additions:
+ Tuned point defense targeting in combat.
+ Tuned combat AI target prioritization.
+ Combat AI is now aware of ships without weapons.
+ Added small-scale fusion technology effects.
+ Hiver players now start with deployed gate ships instead of gate stations.
+ Psi potential is now hidden until a psi technology is researched.
+ The battle rider manager is now hidden until battle rider technology is researched.
+ Fixed detonating torpedoes not doing appropriate damage.
+ Adjustments to various weapons systems.

Product Update - Valve
Changelog version
Ship editor
- Fixed a bug that changed your currently built ships into another layout if you deleted the corresponding layout during build.
- Xor space stations should now work correctly
- Added a name suffix to different structures to reflect the actual structure level
- Fighter launchpad removed from the techtree, since functionality is working correctly

Planet management
- The construction of ships is now spaceyard size dependent
o Small Spaceyard -> Corvettes, Frigates
o Medium Spaceyard -> Corvettes, Frigates, Destroyer, Cruiser
o Large Spaceyard -> Corvettes, Frigates, Destroyer, Cruiser, Battleships
- Spaceyard tooltips are adjusted accordingly to the changes
- Spaceship and structure layouts are now grayed out if you don't have an appropriate spaceyard on your planet or if you don't have enough resources
- Calculations of build times for spaceship layouts and structures fixed
- Slightly changed planet slot tooltips to reflect the relation to associate buildings
- Fixed that a canceled ship construction would not correctly be removed from the shipyard
- Fixed a bug that could freeze all budget shift sliders on the sub categories

- AI should now look out for Xeno Ruins and is able to built Xeno Camps in the galaxy

- Human EP3: Fixed the research of xeno ruins goal not being fired correctly
- Human EP4: Renamed several Xor structures

- Kalypso launcher removed
- Fixed a crash if you destroyed orbital buildings in battle
- Fixed a crash when you explored xeno camps but has already everything researched
- Fixed a bug that the french version had no voice output in cutscenes
- Increased hitpoints of orbital structures
- Weapon tooltips: added infos about slot sizes
- Corrected several misspellings
Product Update - Valve
Sleeping Dogs – Patch 1.5 Release Notes

• Improved CPU timing to reduce issues where the game plays too quickly
• Various fixes to improve stability and minimize crashes during gameplay
• Fixed an issue with the Bink video player which may improve stability during in-game videos such as the title screens

Controls & Camera
• New option added! Aim Soft Lock: Lets the player enable or disable aiming assistance from the game
• New option added! Mouse Free Look: Enables/disables camera auto-centering behind the player when using the mouse and on foot
• New option added! Mouse Raw Input: When enabled, input is sampled directly from the mouse which improves responsiveness and accuracy on supported mice
• New option added! Mouse Sensitivity: A modifier that determines how much speed is recorded from mouse movement
• Mouse camera logic has been reworked for improved precision (independent of the raw mouse input option)
• The Action Hijack binding is now independent of the Sprint/Parkour key value
• While driving players can now use the mouse to look up and down
• While driving the camera no longer immediately auto-centers when you stop moving the mouse
• The high-speed camera shake while driving has been reduced
• Mouse sensitivity no longer differs when Wei is and isn’t carrying a gun

• Front End screens now support a button help bar that is fully interactive via mouse
• Users are now able to exit screens by pressing the Back button
• Corrected all issues when exiting a screen using the Backspace and Esc keys
• It’s now possible to switch sections by clicking on the corresponding icons or tab headers
• The mouse wheel will scroll through all relevant lists in the user interface
• Mouse hit regions have been fine-tuned throughout the front end to improve user experience

Product Update - Valve
Release Notes for CS:GO update 2012-08-30

[ Gameplay ]
- Adjusted footstep volume fade out and maximum audible distance to match source/1.6.
- Increased default Casual match length to 15 rounds.
- Fixed an issue that caused the AWP to zoom to the wrong level after reloading.
- Tuned flinch aimpunch values.
- Fixed a bug in the penetration code that incorrectly determined the exit spot as being not solid when it was which allowed penetrating much further than it should have.

[ UI ]
- Added x-ray vision of own teammates for dead players.
- Added new spectator UI that shows both team’s active weapon, player name, health, armor, etc, when spectating a 10 player match.
- Added a new convar "sv_competitive_official_5v5" that:
   o Forces a match to display 5v5 scoreboards regardless of maxplayers setting ( Allows setting maxplayers to 12 to allow spectators into a 5v5 match ).
   o Allows connected spectators to see both teams in x-ray.
- Added support for international characters in play with friends lobby chat.
- Fixed an issue that caused the mouse cursor to reset its mouse position when clicking on the UI when the window didn't have focus.
- Fixed being able to open the radio menu when you were an observer.
- You can't toggle the scoreboard in half-time now
- Fixed the scoreboard win animation firing before the scoreboard was told to come up in the end match state and was usually missed
- The countdown timer now flashes prior to the start of a match.

[ General ]
- Reduced frequency of polling server console to save CPU.
- Fixed a rare crash when applying decals.
- Significantly improved precision of dedicated server frames to match tickrate.
- Clamped dedicated server fps to match quantized tickrate.
- Fixed two exploits. One that would allow players to see out of smoke with much more clarity than players could see them if they were boosted up while inside the smoke volume. Also made the smoke a tad shorter/smaller. Two, fixed players being able to see through a few trains out of the corner of their screens on de_train and de_train_se. Thanks Volcano.
- Fixed messages in scoreboard overlapping at end match.
- To pass a vote in competitive mode, all eligible voters minus one must now vote yes

[ Community Servers ]
- Fixed cases when values of some convars set on community servers would not correctly replicate to clients.
- Game modes configuration file now specifies cfg files to exec instead of keyvalue pairs of convars to make it easier for server operators to configure their game modes. To tweak game modes it would be sufficient to provide gamemode_competitive_server.cfg and _server.cfg files for other game modes which will exec after stock cfg files.
- Linux: running srcds_run with -autoupdate will now update the server during hibernation, in addition to changelevel.
- Fixed an issue that was limiting connectivity to community servers to only 25 players.
- Deprecated mp_ggtr_rounds_per_half. Use mp_maxrounds instead.
- Changed timelimit matches to stop at round end instead of exactly when the limit expires.
Product Update - Valve
- Fixed bug that was causing some users to have connection issues when attempting to use the quickplay feature in co-op.

Product Update - Valve
Tower Wars Update v1.002
-Adjusted BP gain rate curve. It is now a lower, flat gain for 10 seconds, then drops linearly over 40 seconds. All units are still worth the same BP over 50 seconds as before. This is approx middle ground between v1.000 and v1.001.
-Increased Mortimer h/a/s by 50%.
-Changed Voltaic Liberation Apparatus’ cooldowns from 5/4.5/4 seconds to 5/4/3 seconds.
-Eased up on the Barracks Tech nerf in 1.001, adjusted the h/a/s % bonus curve.
Aug 28, 2012
Product Update - Valve
- Removed all references to System.Drawing.dll. Mac users no longer have to install Mono 2.11.3.

- Fixed an issue where the path of the auto save files was incorrect on the Mac version.
All the version notes since the alpha version can be found at:
Product Update - Valve

Ironclad Games and Stardock Entertainment are pleased to present the 1.04 update notes for Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion to customers.



Version 1.04 Change Log:

[ Graphics ]

  • Added new loading screen image.

  • Fixed some button highlight bugs in the create mission system.

  • Updated UI not to display game speed Infocards in multiplayer matches.

  • Updated texture on Advent Rebel Titan.

  • Updated texture on Vasari Loyalist Titan.

  • Fixed Resource Drain particle on Vasari Colony capital ship that would start past moon/asteroids.

[ Gameplay ]

  • Added five new maps:  Kabel, The Art of War, Triple Entente, Unstable Alliance and Random Huge - Ring. (Special thanks to Pbhead and Goafan77 for assisting with some of these.)

  • Added new Corvette weapon damage type which all corvettes now use for their fore/aft weapons.

  • Updated Corvette damage balance per new weapon damage type.

  • The maximum number of superweapons a faction can field is now based on the number of planets they own. By default a faction can field 1 superweapon for every 4 owned gravity wells.

  • The Frigate target filter will no longer improperly target Corvettes.

  • Fixed bug with aiUseTime - OnlyWhenAboutToDie that was causing it not to activate in some circumstances.

  • Changed all Flagships' Overload Engines ability aiUsetime to OnlyWhenMovingThresholdDistance; reduced cooldown from 300 to 120; increased duraction from 30 to 45.

  • Players may no longer contract Pirate missions (via Diplomacy) against TEC Rebel factions who have researched Truce Amongst Rogues.

  • Destroyed Titans now cost an additional 10% per level in resources and build time.

  • Steam Cloud saves are now fully functional in multiplayer.

  • Pirates -

    • Pirate raiders will no longer linger at the Pirate planet when their missions are complete. They will now despawn after returning to base.

  • TEC (All)

    • Corsev Battlecruiser: Capped the maximum number of targets on Demolition Teams to 25 from unlimited.

    • Corsev Battlecruiser: Updated Demolition Teams autocast to target Boarded vessels.

    • Updated Proximity Mines to have a small HP restore rate.

  • TEC Loyalists

    • Novalith Deregulation now allows TEC Loyalists to field 2 superweapons for every 4 owned gravity wells.

    • Fixed bug that caused the bonuses from Hardened Defenses to only be applied to Gauss Turrets.

    • Removed duplicate PlanetModule entry in Disruption Matrix target filter. This was replaced with a Titan entry.

  • TEC Rebels

    • Changed Snipe aiUseTime to IsCapitalShipOrStarbaseOrTitan.

  • Advent Loyalists

    • Changed Coward's Submission to no longer convert friendly ships, Flagships, starbase constructors or temporary/illusion ships.

    • The culture benefits of Global Unity will now properly dissipate if the player doesn't maintain enough research labs for the subject.

    • Fury of the Unity damage bonus increased from 10% to 20%.

    • Assimilated Populace updated to now provided 20 population every 60 seconds, three times.

    • Coronata Titan:  Unity Mass changes - aiUseTime changed to IsCapitalShipOrStarbaseOrTitan; antimatter cost changed from 65/70/75/80 to 80/75/70/65; base damage increased from 1000/1500/2000/2500 to 2500/3500/4500/5500; damagetype changed from Physical to Energy.

  • Advent Rebels

    • Expulsion now uses a new buff modifier and will only modify existing culture, not create new culture.

    • Eradica Titan:  Strength of the Fallen duration increased to 400 from 120.

    • Eradica Titan:  Unyielding Will re-designed - the effects now scale as the titan takes hull damage (75%/50%/25%), granting higher levels of ability cooldown, antimatter restoration and damage negation. When destroyed, the Eradica become invulnerable and may chase enemies down.

    • Updated string for Protection of the Unity to make it clear the effect only works within the player's culture.

  • Vasari (All)

    • Rankulas' Create Combat/Assault/Support Naintes and Reassemble abilities are now untargeted. The nano ship will appear adjacent to the caster.

    • Updated nanite swarm strings to indicate the ability is no longer targeted.

    • Changed Disintegration aiUseTime to IsCapitalShipOrStarbaseOrTitan.

  • Vasari Loyalists

    • Vorastra Titan: Fixed bug that caused the Maw's attract range to be slightly lower than its target range.

    • Vorastra Titan: Removed Corvettes from the Maw's target filter.

    • Stripped to the Core scuttle time is now dependent on the planet being stripped:  Asteroids/Dead Asteroids - 60 seconds; Desert - 240 seconds; Ice - 260 seconds; Volcanic - 280 seconds; Terran - 300 seconds; Home worlds - 400 seconds.

    • Stripped to the Core income is now affected by Fleet Upkeep penalties.

    • Shipboard Labs has been split into two research subjects:

      • Shipboard Labs (Tier 7) will grant 1 military lab per capital ship.

      • Empire Integration (Tier 7) will grant 1 civilian lab per capital ship.

    • Civilian Evacuations income bonus is now affected by the global Income Speed option.

    • The Capital Loss voiceover will no longer play if you haven't actually lost due to Mobile Rulership.

  • Vasari Rebels

    • Moved Starbase Mobilization from Defense to NonCombat tech tree with a pre-req. of Enhanced Tunneling.

    • Starbase Mobilization is now disabled if the player doesn't maintain enough labs for the research to remain active.

    • Vasari Rebel starbases now suffer a 25% weapon damage penalty for 60 seconds after exiting phase space.

    • Added an appropriate error message when a starbase fails to jump to a gravity well due to their already being a player starbase present.

    • Kultorask Titan:  Removed unintended 0 from AntiMatterRestoreRate passive upgrade.


[ Interface ]

  • Added new UI option: Empire Tree - Show Ships in Phase Space, which toggles whether ships phase jumping to other gravity wells are displayed in nods in the Empire Tree. (Helps prevent the Empire Tree from 'jumping' around.)

[ Sound & Music ]

  • Hooked up phase charge and travel sound effects for Vasari Rebel starbases.

  • The Capital Loss voiceover will no longer play if you haven't actually lost due to Mobile Rulership.

[ Modding ]

  • Added new Corvette ChanceToHitTargetType to gameplay.constants.

  • Added new Corvette weapon damage type to gameplay.constants.

    • DamagePercentBonus:CORVETTE:CapitalShip 0.65

    • DamagePercentBonus:CORVETTE:VeryLight 0.50

    • DamagePercentBonus:CORVETTE:Light 1.5

    • DamagePercentBonus:CORVETTE:Medium 0.6

    • DamagePercentBonus:CORVETTE:Heavy 0.5

    • DamagePercentBonus:CORVETTE:VeryHeavy 0.55

    • DamagePercentBonus:CORVETTE:Module 0.35

    • DamagePercentBonus:CORVETTE:Pirate 0.50

    • DamagePercentBonus:CORVETTE:Titan 0.7

  • Added cannonsPerGravityWellRatio to gameplay.constants.

  • Added cannonGravityWellRatioDenominator to gameplay.constants.

  • Added new buff modifier - CultureSpreadModifier.

  • New aiUseTargetCondition - HasBuff. Only autocasts on targets who have the specified buff.
    aiUseTargetCondition "HasBuff"
    buffType "BuffMyBuff"

  • Increased iconBackdropDefs from 3 to 5.

  • New buffInstantActionType: ApplyBuffToFirstSpawnerNoFilterNoRange. Same usage as ApplyBuffToLastSpawnerNoFilterNoRange. 

  • Galaxy Forge Updates:

    • Added galaxy name to save file.

    • Updated GalaxyScenarioDef with planet bonuses and other additions for future maps.

    • Normalized some line endings.

 [ Misc ]

  • Fixed bug that caused some of the research achievements not to unlock.

  • Removed un-needed semicolon in gameplay.constants after enemyDPSInOrbitBodyISquadOwnerBuildRateScalar.

  • Fixed incorrect effect entry in PlanetAsteroidBelt.entity for Stripped to the Core particle.

  • Removed un-needed tilde from Effect_CoinDrop in SoundEffects.sounddata.

  • Truncated file locations from all particle files.

  • Various optimizations made to movement, IAttacker and rendering systems for improved performance.

  • Removed un-needed .mesh extension from Vasari Loyalist Titan Factory MeshNameInfo entry.

  • Removed un-needed .mesh extension from Vasari Rebel Titan Factory MeshNameInfo entry.

  • Minor string adjustments to clarify when a ship can't phase jump.

  • Increased formation distances between frigates and capital ships to prevent ships from clustering too closely during group phase jumps (which slowed things down while they waited for formation).

  • Potential fix for iHyperspace related crash bug - this was a major culprit of many crash reports.

  • Fixed AttackPlanet bug that caused the game to crash - this was a major culprit of many crash reports.

  • Fixed a Checksum crash bug - this was another major culprit of many crash reports.

Product Update - Valve

Stardock is excited to announce the latest update for the recently released The Political Machine 2012The Political Machine 2012 allows players to hit the virtual campaign trail by creating your own custom candidate or choosing from a variety of candidates, such as Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum or Ron Paul.

Player's can now choose from 8 new historical candidates, from founding fathers to modern icons. Various fixes for issues reported have also been integrated, including stability improvements.

See the full change log for v1.02 below:

  • Adding playable Historical candidates

    • Abe Lincoln

    • Bill Clinton

    • George Washington

    • John F Kennedy

    • Richard Nixon

    • Ronald Reagan

    • Theodore Roosevelt

    • Thomas Jefferson

  • Paul Ryan is now shown as the Republican VP on the main menu

  • Improved description text for Cheerleader operative to more accurately describe their effect

  • Fixed inaccurate tutorial values for Advertisement types

  • Stability improvements

  • Fixed game window positioning for users with non-standard Windows taskbar positions

  • Improved error message when connection lost in lobby

  • Misc minor grammatical fixes


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