Product Update - Valve
Max Payne 3 has just been updated with new free content.

Now Includes the free Disorganized Crime Pack for Max Payne 3 to battle above the streets surrounding Max’s old apartment in the new Hoboken Rooftops multiplayer map. This pack also includes several new modifiers for Score Attack in Arcade Mode including Explosive Rounds where all your bullets detonate on impact, Lone Wolf AI for much more aggressive enemies and Headshots Only where the only way to kill your enemies is with a bullet in the head.

Also, contains the Gorilla Warfare Pack that includes three items to customize your loadout in Max Payne 3 — the Gorilla Mask Item gives you extra adrenaline for melee kills from behind, the Lucky Coin Item give you extra cash when looting bodies and the Booby Trap item makes your corpse booby trapped so that it explodes when looted by another player.

Note: Add-on content for Max Payne 3. Regional age and location restrictions may apply.

Product Update - Valve
Darksiders 2 PC Update 2!

Vigil has been working hard to research and address each bug report in the forums – thank you for all the input! Update 2 has been released today and should resolve many of the issues you are experiencing.

• In this Update your key mappings will revert to defaults.
• Added Key Bindings option to the Pause Menu. (Previous location on the Moves List still there)
• The V-sync graphics option is now functional.
• Reaper Form now triggers correctly when using a Keyboard.
• Video Settings save to the Steam Cloud correctly.
• You can now sacrifice items below the 3rd row in the Possessed Weapon menu.
• Target Reticules align properly at all screen resolutions.
• Addressed crashes in Blackstone, including at the 2nd lever and during the Lilith cut-scene.
• Various gameplay progressions fixes.
As always, thank you for your patience! Our team is working hard to address reports quickly & will keep you updated on the progress

Product Update - Valve
Update 3 Build Notes:
- Large library crash issues resolved
- Minor performance tweaks
- Achievements 'Beethoven', 'Haydn' and 'J.S. Bach' issues resolved
Aug 27, 2012
Product Update - Valve
New Ambient Music Track by Jason Poots
New Highest Rank - Level 8 'Elite' 500,000 XP
6 New Achievements

New Mars Map including:
- Simulated Mars physics, Gravity, Atmospheric pressure
- Dynamic Dustorm System
- Crosswind forces
- 12 Time Trial Routes with Leaderboards
- 16 Survey Locations
- 10 Cargo Locations

All maps are now unlocked and no longer require rank!

A new Mars Free Flight Replay Demo is included if you
just want to jump in and check out Mars.

Version 1.6 also includes several bug fixes & optimizations
Product Update - Valve
- The complete planet management of the AI was renewed. AI should now build up effective planets and manage them correctly.
- Some methods for building more and better ships were included (the main AI update for ships and battles will be part of another patch)


- Human EP 1: fixed a script bug, not counting already build laboratories
- Human EP 2: added more resources to the asteroid fields
- Human EP 2: adjusted Xor fleet spawns (longer delay and no cruisers)
- Xor EP 1: Incoming Xor waves occure less often
- Xor EP 1: fixed a bug that caused voice output not playing for 2nd cutscene
- Increased average resources in asteroid fields
- Enemy ships should now appear with more layout variety

- Fixed a possible crash when overwriting a ship layout
- layouts of space stations and weapon platforms are now displayed in the layout browser under the structures tap
- Fixed a bug that could crash the game related to the shipeditor scene, when switching scenes after battles
- Small and medium space stations and weapon platforms can be build even though higher versions are explored
- Fixed a possible crash when deleting layouts that are not currently open
- Xor wapon names and descriptions corrected

Planet Management
- Fixed a bug that caused a false calculation of planet production points and state grant ( led to grayed out buildings although you had enough resources to build)
- Updated tooltips for planet buildings
o Added info about the planets max population increase when the building is being build on the planet.
o Added an info if the building gets a bonus from a special slot on the planet.
- Added additional tooltips to the planet management sliders, giving the player more informations what the sliders are showing
- Fixed “texture not found” errors with advanced colony modules from the Expansion techtree
- Colonies and Invasion modules in orbit are now grayed out if you are not able to use them on the planet
- Miningstations are now properly named

- Added French language
- Fixed problems with keyboard layouts (keyboard layouts are now based on the default language of your OS, not on the selected game language)
- Updated the Steam install script (should fix many problems regarding to the VC++ Redist 2010)
- Fixed a crash when destroying orbital buildings in a battle
- Xeno Camps do not replace each other anymore, so that you can build the level you need
- Xeno Camp upkeep removed
- Xeno Camp build costs adjusted
- Minor bugfixes
Product Update - Valve
For Mac users: to run Endless Space, you will have to install Mono 2.11.3 for Mac OS X which is downloadable at the following address: (use the Mono MRE installer)

We are currently working hard on a solution to skip this step.

- Added the possibility to add custom textures for modding (for custom faction portraits, custom hero portraits, custom tech icons…).
- Changed the way a planet is chosen when increasing pop, it is now based on the best FIDS and the best growth.
- Added a tooltip for the research income in the empire view.
- Added a resources info panel in the negotiation screen.
- Endless Space release on MAC (see above).

- Fixed an issue where trading caused an assert forcing an exit to desktop.
- Fixed an issue where read only mod files loading failed for readonly.
- Fixed an issue where the “worst status” rule, when creating an Alliance or when inviting a faction, was not enforced. Each faction kept its old status towards factions outside of the Alliance.
- Fixed an issue where the encounter report stayed visible at the end of a manual battle and was impossible to remove.
- Fixed an issue where cease fire was still active after a faction had died, allowing to trade resources with it.
All the version notes since the alpha version can be found at:
Product Update - Valve
Updates to Left 4 Dead 2 - Authoring Tools have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

- Added handlers for two crash types that weren't getting picked up by our crash reporting system
Product Update - Valve
Tower Wars v1.001 Update!

In-Game Stats and Functionality
-Fixed a bug where Mechanized Stature Diminishers were not hitting Zoombots.
-Changed Madam Sudsie’s shield cast on allies from 20/30/40/50 shield/sec to 22/33/44/55 shield/sec and increased how often shields are applied from 2 seconds to 1.25 seconds.
-Fixed a bug where level 1 Ballistic Impulsion Facilitators would track units way too far away.
-Changed Ballistic Impulsion Facilitators stats from 30-60-9 / 38-76-11 / 45-90-14 per hit to 15-60-15 / 19-76-19 / 22.5-90-22.5 (vs health-armor-shield).
-Changed BP gain from units. It was previously a flat bp/s for 30 seconds, then would falloff linearly to 0 over 20 seconds. It now starts 160% higher and drops linearly over 50 seconds. Every unit that survives for 50 seconds will still gain the same BP as before, but it’s gain is now more front loaded.
-Changed Voltaic Liberation Apparatus Damage from 30-30-198 / 32-32-212 / 33-33-218 to 25-25-150 / 25-25-150 / 25-25-150 (vs health-armor-shield). Upgrades now only give you the extra jumps.
-Weak Shield Charge tech corrected. It was 20/40/80 additional shield, but should have been 20/40/60.
-Barracks tech tree stats reduced. All health/armor/shield techs have had their %s reduced, but the additional bonuses go unchanged. Unit speed and BP gain techs also reduced.
-Unit unlock costs changed. The unlock cost curve has changed to be linear. Tier 2 is now more expensive at 250g and 250bp, but end-game units are now cheaper to unlock.
-Reduced the cost of the Equine Subterfuge Transport send from 762g to 400g.
-Baron von Peptos had a recent argument about the best color to wear into battle, red, or blue. Though red is the clear winner here, they could not settle, so they decided to set their machines to no longer heal each other out of spite.

-Reduced the power of wind FX on the fan, particles should blow so far out now.
-Camera shakes added to Mechanized Stature Diminisher attack.
-”Exit Game” renamed to “Surrender” in the in-game menu. This is currently how you give up. A better surrender feature will be added at a later date.
-Added new UI panel, the in-game player list! This new panel shows all players, playerscores, and your team’s current gold and BP. You will have to manually set the hotkey yourself, or reset your hotkeys to default to get it to work. The default hotkey is F5.
-Added a link to our Steam Community group in the main menu. Join us for updates and news about the game!
-Added PlayerScores to Host and Match Setup lobbies.
-Added player card to main menu, showing your PlayerScore, Wins and Losses.

Under the Hood
-Fixed a bug where the camera would start in very wrong places.
Product Update - Valve
AirMech Version 11507

- New Unit: Stasis Mine
- New Flair Item: Missile Party Streamers
- New Flair Item: Red tracers
- Last Stand map has been updated
- Added a Random Map option
- Reduced MoneyMaker credit production and kill XP by -25%
- Updated smoke trails and particle effects
- Added weapon/armor level display for units on the Customize Army UI
- Player must be Level 10 to unlock Husky pilot
- Slight model tweaks to Warthog
- Small tweak to Osprey NVision air model
- Update infantry animation state play rates to respect the 'slow move' effect entering outposts
- Update animation speed state when 'slow move' state changes (polish fix)
Bug Fixes:
- Fixed a bug in CTF regarding picking up your own core at your base
- Fixed a bug where units would sometimes not take the correct order
- Fixed bugs related to the Survival spectator ui
- Fixed a bug related to the spectator freecam
- Fixed a bug where in AirMechs would appear to fire with their arms lowered
- Fixed bug with Spiral map not ending after wave 9

Product Update - Valve
Updates to Left 4 Dead 2 have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

- Added protection against possible memory corruption from oddly sized avatar images
- Added handlers for two crash types that weren't getting picked up by our crash reporting system
- Added dlc directories to whitelist for consistency checking
- Flagged whitelist.cfg, motd.txt and host.txt to not clobber local versions on updates
- Updated some translations