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I wanna try wasting a bunch of time and just sleeping for an entire day.

Or rather, I've BEEN wanting to do that, but have been sucking it up and sticking it out for days while we push through the final work on La-Mulana 2.
As we close in on completion, we've been really kicking it into high gear and have been receiving reports from our debuggers at a pace of about one every 30 minutes or so, so I really want to just shut my PC down and take a nap.
And while our localization team is busy sending over reports of missing text and whatnot, I wanna go off on a trip somewhere and chill.

Anyway, right now we're at our absolute busiest. I think I'm gonna find some time in between handling bugs and stuff to stick some more traps into the game.
You know, just go ahead and take out some of my pain and frustration on the players.

As you can see in the image, the English implementation is coming along nicely.
The localizers are really doing a solid job, checking and rechecking game content, settings, various statuses, etc. etc. as they go along.
Unfortunately, I couldn't really tell you how good or bad any English text is, so check with someone who's played the English version to find out just how well it's been done.

Takumi Naramura
La-Mulana - cheru
LA-MULANA 2, which garnered support from 5200 people on Kickstarter in 2014, is finally seeing its release on Playism, Steam, Humble Store and GOG for $24.99 soon.

As we are working on the last stretch towards the release of the game, we have some special news for you all!

La-Mulana 2 Special Event
In anticipation while we lead up to the upcoming La-Mulana 2 release. We will be hosting a special event, which will be live streamed, on July 29th!

More details to come soon!
La-Mulana - cheru
Allow me to explain the LA-MULANA 2 release situation once more.

At the moment, the developers, localizers, testers, etc. - basically, "a whole mess of folks" - are all working on their respective parts, and everyone is busy going through multiple final checks.
Personally, there are some things about which I'm kinda like, "Seriously? We're dealing with that THIS far into development?!", but what are you gonna do? Stuff like this is par for the course for small development teams.

We've been working on this title for a long time now, and it's so big and complicated that I wish I could just keep going in and fixing and tweaking things forever.
But that's not an actual thing you can do, so for now we've got to get this thing finished so we can release it.
First off, we've made it to the point where the full game can be played to the end and cleared. We'll probably end up adding and implementing the hidden elements via post-release update.
We haven't actually announced anything yet, but it goes without saying that we're taking console releases into consideration as well. We plan to use the time between now and any future ports and releases to rock out some updates and further brush up the game.

We worked as hard as we could, but this is a really large-scale and complicated game.
I'm sure that people will discover ways to play, shortcuts, and bugs that we wouldn't have even imagined.
Once the game is released, we'll spend the foreseeable future locked and loaded, ready to take out any possible threat to gameplay that may arise as quickly as possible.

Takumi Naramura
La-Mulana - cheru
With the upcoming release of La-Mulana 2, the Playism Page for the game will stop taking pre-orders from Friday 13th July onwards.
If you are looking to become a slacker backer, this is your last chance.

La-Mulana 2 on Playism

La-Mulana - PLAYISM

This has nothing to do with game progression, but we're going to be creating different costumes for Lumisa.
One of the problems with this is that we can't actually create them until the main character's movements and animations have been fully finalized (since having to make just one adjustment means having to fix every single costume), and so now we're finally about ready to start working on them.

Those of you who have received costume keys as rewards will be receiving a file separate from the game from which you can obtain the keys.
Once the keys are applied to the game, you'll see a number representing the number of keys you have at the bottom-right side of the title screen.
These keys will allow you to open up costume treasure chests in the game and add the costumes to your inventory.

Players who have not received costume keys as rewards will have to acquire them by fulfilling certain conditions in the game.
Also, adding reward costume keys will only work on the PC version.
We unfortunately don't have a way to add this feature to consoles...

The merit of getting costume keys as rewards is that you'll be able to obtain said costumes before everyone else.
But either way, the costumes are hidden inside the ruins, so you won't be able to get your hands on them right away anyway.

Takumi Naramura
La-Mulana - PLAYISM

As of today, we've finally finished off all of the enemy character graphics.
The images are all finished, so now all we have to do is check the movements, attacks, and animations of the final products.
Then we'll be able to check placement, terrain, and strength in the time leading up to release.

Even after spending all this time on development, there are still plenty of things we'd like to tweak and brush up, but there is also good a number of areas for which specs have been cut back as well.
But even so, we continue to stick with our initial desire to ensure that players will be surprised by something or other each time they play La-Mulana 2.
We've made it so that you just can't see and experience everything with just a single playthrough (and we don't mean simply "you have to play it on Hard Mode, too").

Takumi Naramura
La-Mulana - cheru
The Steam Summer Sales have begun! Start this summer with a splash by grabbing some exciting indie games from Playism!
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Today we have set La-Mulana on sale for 67% off!

LA-MULANA is an “Archaeological Ruin Exploration Action Game,” bringing the classic appeal of adventure with the punishing difficulty of retro-inspired gaming. Search inside ancient ruins, seeking out the “Secret Treasure of Life”

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La-Mulana - PLAYISM

Issues noticed while having people play the first part of the game at BitSummit; additional traps, as it didn’t feel like there were enough; parts of the animation that felt somewhat lacking; balancing of enemy characters; balancing of items/money; etc.

Setting aside some as-yet incomplete resources, we’re beginning testing and fixes for the almost-finished product.

At BitSummit, players were able to play from where the game starts off, above ground. The various signs contain the required text, and villagers can be seen walking around.

OK... now what should I write about for the updates between now and completion?

Takumi Naramura
La-Mulana - cheru
Playism is celebrating its 7th Anniversary this year, and we are kicking off this week with a publisher sale on Steam!

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Today we have set La-Mulana on sale for 67% off!

LA-MULANA is an “Archaeological Ruin Exploration Action Game,” bringing the classic appeal of adventure with the punishing difficulty of retro-inspired gaming. Search inside ancient ruins, seeking out the “Secret Treasure of Life”

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La-Mulana - cheru

Finally the day has come!
We should have announced this at the same time in this blog, but Famitsu, a Japanese game magazine, was so passionate about announcing the news first, so we collaborated with them to have a Famitsu featured article.
Since it is a Japanese magazine, sadly it won't be localized into English...
Instead, why don't you visit the websites below which we just released?

The release is happening this Summer.
We are also expecting other big indie titles this Summer.
...Have most of the users already lost their interest during all these years?
No! It's the opposite! These days we have seen many indie games being released after years of development and they all succeeded. If the game is good, people will follow, that's all.
More than worrying, I'm just happy that finally we can announce this game's actual "release"!
Keep your eye on our every move from now!

Takumi Naramura


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