Guns of Icarus Online - [Muse] bluewyvern

- New 2v2 King of the Hill map, The Labyrinth
- New Commendation system: at match end, give commendations to fellow players for good sportsmanship, and earn Prizes for commendations received
- Added “Beginners Only” matches for low-level players
- Added basic scripted tutorials for each class
- Revised and expanded contextual tutorial text
- Added actions to Sandbox for summoning stationary, moving, and armed target practice dummies
- New Tutorial, Teaching, and Citizenship achievement categories in “Miscellaneous” tab
- Added new progression achievements and ranks (level cap raised to 11)
- Ship customization screen now shows a 3D preview of your ship
- Holding the mouse button now causes buffing and rebuilding tools to trigger continuously
- Added list of currently online CAs and community group links to Social page
- New hats in the Store
- New gun handles
- New particle effects for Carronade and Mortar
- New flare gun model
- You might see birds


- Rebalanced ship acceleration/speed profiles
-- Top Forward Speed (fastest to slowest): Squid, Goldfish, Pyramidion, Galleon, Junker, Spire
-- Forward Acceleration (fastest to slowest): Squid, Junker, Goldfish, Spire, Pyramidion, Galleon
-- Top Turn Speed (fastest to slowest): Squid, Junker, Goldfish, Spire, Pyramidion, Galleon
-- Turn Acceleration (fastest to slowest): Squid, Spire, Junker, Goldfish, Pyramidion, Galleon
-- Mass (largest to smallest): Galleon, Pyramidion, Spire, Goldfish, Junker, Squid
-- Vertical Acceleration (fastest to slowest, all top vertical speed is 12m/s): Squid, Spire, Goldfish, Junker, Pyramidion, Galleon
- Spire: Upper right gun slot turned slightly forward (allows 2 light and 1 heavy gun on a single target with proper coordination)
- Moonshine: Changed to +200% thrust, -50% longitudinal drag in response to pilot tool fix (see below)
- Ramming damage: Damage dealt and received properly takes into account your ship masses and speed at which the collision takes place. E.g. A large ship ramming into a small ship will deal more damage to small ship and vice versa. Impact damage multipliers still apply.
- Anglean Raiders capture point time increased to 70s from 40s
- Control point multiplier decreased, capturing 3 points in CP points no longer extremely difficult to fight against.
- Mortar
-- Removed spread
-- Increase zoom
- Artemis
-- Increase turn radius
-- Increased projectile speed to 750m/s from 640m/s
-- Increased zoom
- Rebalanced objectives on some existing achievements
- Removed “friendly fire” from ramming damage

Fixes and Optimization

- Scaled mouse sensitivity on Linux to match other OSes
- Fixed a cause of “ghost ships” being left behind on ship death
- Fixed a bug with the way ship angular velocity was inherited by projectiles
- Fixed a bug where ships used different mass values for damage/momentum calculations and for engine acceleration (caused several peculiar situations)
- Fixed a bug with ship collision bounds that could cause ships (esp. the Spire) to get stuck inside other objects
- Made ship collision resolution smoother and more predictable
- Allied ships now always appear on your map, regardless of visibility
- Fixed ship positioning on minimap.
- Fixed a bug with spotting indicators that caused them to scale strangely from some angles
- Fixed several pilot skill effects not being applied correctly (modifications to thrust, damage received, chance of fires)
- Server: Fixed server “hiccups” caused by users joining a game midway through
- Fixed display issue with disabling joystick (thank you Chris Wilson)
- No longer able to unlock an already owned item in Prizes
- Fixed issue with items in store not appearing correctly
- Use Steam’s common redistributables for directx install
- Fixed disappearing wrench sound

Known items for imminent hotfix:

- Adding system persisted lv1-2 matches (there will always be one running)
- Clearer commendation buttons
- Mouse over text positioning on ship customization
Guns of Icarus Online - [Muse] bluewyvern

- Added support for most character sets in chat, including Cyrillic alphabet
- Added AI name tags with class indicator
- Announce part destructions and kills from the Tar Barrel skill (as with ramming, destructions are credited to the player on the helm)

- Spectators: new UI providing detailed information on ships and crew.
- Spectators: always show crewmembers on a ship you’re orbiting


- Rebalanced rebuild game so that engines are slightly easier to repair than before.

Fixes and Optimization

- Fixed excessive lens distortion on high-zoom scoped weapons (e.g. Mercury)
- Fixed gun rotation bug that led to shots not going where expected when the gun was rotated partially in both axes
- Enabled new packet CRC functionality; this should fix router-specific disconnection errors (WRT54G and others)

- Made a number of server fixes to improve performance and reduce/eliminate slow-time:
-- Eliminated the (completely pointless) physics cost for spectators
-- Improved physics performance in general
-- AI crewmembers raycast for line-of-sight less frequently
-- Improved networking performance; in particular, the amount of load per-user-per-object has been reduced.

- Fixed a number of bugs related to asset loading
- Fixed a bug where map name would not update after a vote
- Fixed a number of Explicit AFK bugs, particularly related to respawn

- Made several changes to graphics options (will be reset to default values):
-- Excessive/redundant entries in graphics options removed
-- Fixed a bug with initial resolution detection
-- Fixed several bugs related to resolution settings

- Fixed an issue where AI gunners would not perform the correct line-of-sight check under 300 meters
- Fixed shader issue that could cause aliasing around objects silhouetted against smoke particles
- Fixed trails so they properly fade out.

Feb 28, 2013
Guns of Icarus Online - [Muse] awkm
As Follows:

Hwacha (Previously hot fixed)
- Decreased AoE (6 from something crazy like 14)

Rocket Carousel
- Reduced AoE (3 from 8)
- Increased Reload Time (6 from 4.5)
- Decrease Rate of Fire (2 shots/s from 2.8/s)

- Decreased Arming time (0.8s from 1.2s)
- Increased Muzzle Speed (275m/s from 250m/s)

- Decreased Reload Time (4s from 5s)
- Harpoon Duration Increased (15s from 10s)
- Max Harpoon Length Increased (600m from 450m)
- Decreased Pull (40000N from 60000N)
- Changed 2nd Dmg (60 Piercing from 100 Shatter)

- Flechette vs Armor Decreased (0.35 from 0.5) Data Entry Error in Last Update, this is the intended change.

Talk about it here,38.0.html
Guns of Icarus Online - [Muse] bluewyvern
Continued from <a href="">Part 1</a>, <a href="">Part 2</a>

Fixes and Optimization
- Fixed a small difference in vertical positioning of gun interaction boxes between client and server (previously you could get kicked off the gun unexpectedly in edge cases)
- Projectiles that detonate due to damage no longer cause friendly fire.
- Spectators: Opening the menu in spectator mode no longer resets your position
- Spectators: Fixed interest management issue that could cause guns or engines to disappear from ships near the edge of the map or in cloud cover.
- Optimized most level and ship assets to reduce vert count, texture size, and draw count where possible. Should improve frame rate, particularly on low-end machines.

- Revamped forum is going live! The new expanded forum uses a more traditional layout and is connected directly to your in-game account.
-- Log in using the email address and password you used to register with the game
-- Modify your email address, password, and newsletter preferences from the “Game Account” tab
-- New International forums added with French-, German-, Japanese-, and Russian-language boards and wikis

- Call for video submission! Show off how and why you fly in a 2 min short video, and add another 2 minutes of you and your crew in game. All for a chance to win a one-of-a-kind Guns of Icarus Online bullet USB.

- Facebook and Steam like drive still going on. We are 500 away from 2000 recommendations on Steam, and a bit over 2,500 Likes on facebook, so plenty of chances to win stuff still. Give us a like and help us spread the word!

- Inaugural “the Cogs” league open for sign ups!

Aaaand that's it. Phew!
Guns of Icarus Online - [Muse] bluewyvern
Continued from <a href="">Part 1</a>, <A HREF="">Part 3</a>

- Adjustments to objectives and goals for numerous achievements
-- Note: if you were in progress on a goal that has been adjusted downward so that you meet the new target, you might see that achievement automatically complete on login. Already completed achievements are not affected by any changes.
- Changes to fire and fire-related equipment:
-- Maximum fire charge count increased to 20 (from 16)
-- 8 charges required to disable guns (guns will glow red when 8 charges are reached)
-- Fires deal base 8 damage per second; each charge deals an additional 2 fire damage per second
-- Fire damage multiplier against mechanical parts reduced to 0.25 (from 0.8)
-- Fire damage multiplier against armor increase to 0.5 (from 0.4)
-- Chemical Spray: extinguish power 2, makes component immune to additional charges for 12 seconds, causes 6 seconds of repair cooldown
-- Fire Extinguisher: Extinguishes all charges, causes 10 seconds of repair cooldown
-- Reminder: Fire-fighting tools bypass repair cooldown to extinguish fires but do not cancel them
-- Banshee Rocket has 12% chance to apply 3 charges on direct hit, 30% change to apply 1 on AoE as well
-- Dragon Tongue has 13% chance to apply 1 charge per particle (13 particles per second)
-- Incendiary Rounds adds a separate 10% chance to apply 1 charge on hit to all weapons.

- Typhon Flak Cannon:
-- Arming time of 1 second; does not apply area damage until ~240m
-- Damage is split evenly between direct and area (so it will deal half damage under arming distance)

- Mercury Field Gun
-- Decreased piercing damage (from 100 to 75)
-- Increased projectile drop (from 12 to 15 m/s^2)

- Hellhound Heavy Twin Carronade
-- Increased spread (from 2.5 degrees to 6)

- Banshee Rocket Carousel
-- Increased direct and area damage (from 15/20 to 20/25)
-- Added chance to cause fires (12% chance of 3 charges on direct hit, 30% chance of 1 charge on area hit)
-- Decreased spread (from 5 degrees to 3)
-- Reduced burst area radius (from 14 to 8)

- Dragon Tongue Light Flamethrower
-- Increased damage per particle (from 3 to 4)
-- Reduced chance to add fire charge per particle (from 25% to 13%)

- Artemis Light Rocket Launcher
-- Decreased area radius from 4 to 3
-- Decreased direct damage from 80 to 60
-- Increased area damage from 70 to 120

- Other skills:
-- Tar Barrel clouds slightly larger (by about 30%)
-- Lochnagar Shot: rate of fire reduction change to -25% (from -15%), spread reduction increased to -100% (from -90%), rotation speed penalty increased to -100% (from -95%)
-- Lesmok Rounds: rotation speed penalty changed to -40% (from -30%)
-- Doubled the number of hits required to rebuild guns and engines

- Squid received small boost to armor, from 200 to 220 (Charged Rounds + Field Gun now requires 2 shots to destroy full Squid armor)

- Other damage type changes:
-- Explosive damage multiplier against armor reduced to 0.3 (from 0.5)
-- Flechette damage multiplier against armor increased to 0.5 (from 0.2)
-- Flechette damage multiplier against hull health decreased to 0.2 (from 0.3)

- Reduced damage dealt by sandstorms (from 7 to 5 shatter damage per second)

Continued in <a href="">Part 1</a>, <A HREF="">Part 3</a>
Guns of Icarus Online - [Muse] bluewyvern
Version 1.1.4 is live today! Here's the full changelog:

(In three parts, it's a long one! <a href="">Part 2</a>, <a href="">Part 3</a>)

- New gameplay trailer released
- New maps:
-- Fight over Firnfeld 3v3 Deathmatch (based on Anglean Raiders)
-- Battle on the Dunes 3v3 Deathmatch
-- Canyon Ambush 3v3 Deathmatch
-- Northern Fjords 3v3 Deathmatch
- New achievements, and level cap raised to 10
- New hats in the store

- First release on Linux! (Awaiting Steam for store integration to go live)
-- Known issues: black patches on some ships at some angles, antialiasing does not yet work
-- this build, while stable, is primarily intended to collect feedback from the community

- Added automatic AFK detection: kicks players from a match after 2 minutes with no input
- Added a “Go AFK” button in Options that allows you to temporarily replace yourself with an AI and resume later. (Will still be removed after 5 inactive minutes)
- Added effects to indicate buffed and fireproofed components
- Added hotkeys in Sandbox map (Practice) to toggle AI on/off, damage your ship, and light your ship on fire
-- You may need to manually bind these keys in the Options menu, or reset your bindings to default to get their default bindings (this is a known bug with our keybinding system)
- Tutorial text is much more detailed and context-sensitive, including explanation of various tools
- Gun tooltip UI in ship customization changed to a more graphical design for clarity
- Guns now gradually lose functionality as they are damaged (like engines and the balloon)
-- Time between shots and time to reload increases linearly with damage, up to 150% normal
-- Rotation speed decreases linearly with damage

Map Changes
- New spawn logic to combat “spawn camping.” Please report any issues with screenshots of the map screen and the map you were playing to
- Adjusted spawn points to support new logic
- Reduced “Scrap on the Dunes” point limit to 800

Continued in <a href="">Part 2</a>, <a href="">Part 3</a>
Guns of Icarus Online - [Muse] bluewyvern
Version 1.1.3 is live today! Here's the full changelog:

- New “Raid on the Refinery” Crazy King map
- “Zale’s Handbook,” new in-game player manual
- New accessories and “Steampipe” and “The Warrior” costumes in-store

- New “Crazy King” game mode, point capture with a moving point
- Steam Achievements integrated
- Map Vote - vote for your next match after each battle
- Level Weather: new effects for rain and frost
- Level Weather: wind and moving storms
- Indication of blocked players
- Add Back to Main Menu button in Loading Screen while waiting for connection

Map Changes
- King of the Flayed Hills is now Crazy King
- moving sandstorms added to Scrap on the Dunes

- Heavy Flak Changes:
-- Decreased rate of fire with increase in damage to maintain DPS
-- Reduced muzzle speed with increased shell life to maintain range (1020m)
-- Slight increase to drop

- Fixed some networking issues that could cause client state to not sync properly (causing various strange bugs with reload, fire, and repair state display).
- The “Light Quality” setting in Options now more aggressively controls cloud quality. Try reducing it if you have framerate drops when looking at large cloudbanks.
- Missing rock collider in Canyon Ambush now fixed
- Fixed issue with components on fire not colliding properly
- Fixed resolution settings being improperly applied
- Surrender button no longer in spectator mode
- Fixed extinguisher animation bug in avatar preview
- Corrected Lumberjack ironsights layout
- Fixed an error that caused "set X fires" achievement goals to complete too quickly

- Collector’s Edition costume pack has been expanded to include 6 costumes, one Ladies’ and one Gents’ for each class. Anyone who already has the CE or 4-pack will retroactively have the additional costumes automatically unlocked. If you have the CE and and have already purchased one of these new additions, then we'll give you your choice of another item of equal value. Just email us at and let us know which item you’d like!
- The Facebook Like and Steam recommendation drive is still happening! Like us now or write a recommendation on Steam for a chance to win goodies.
Guns of Icarus Online - [Muse] Bubbles
Hey everybody! We’re doing a drive to reach 10,000 Facebook Likes and 2,000 Steam recommendations. We’d love your support in sharing Guns of Icarus with your friends and letting everyone know what you like about Guns of Icarus on Steam, and we’re not above bribing you!

Every time we hit a 1,000 Like milestone on Facebook we’ll give out a free costume to 10 random players, and every time we hit a 100 recommendation milestone on Steam we’ll give out 10 goggles or hair.

We’re really close to 7,000 Likes and that means we're really close to giving out 10 costumes to our players. Currently we’re at 1,113 Steam recommendations so if we get 87 more we’ll give out 10 goggles and hair.

When we hit our goal of 10,000 likes, one lucky person who has Liked our page since we started this event will receive 8 copies of the game to share with friends so they can be an admiral of their own fleet! If you've already Liked our page, invite your friends to Like Guns of Icarus Online and they might win a copy to share with you!
Jan 11, 2013
Guns of Icarus Online - [Muse] bluewyvern
The sale is over and we’d like to thank everyone for supporting Guns of Icarus. Fun fact there are now 248 players sporting a top hat.

We also patched to squash a bug and fix the Lumberjack. There was a crash at start up bug that some players ran into that has been fixed.

To maintain the Hellhound Heavy Twin Carronade’s effective at destroying balloons at close range, we’ve implemented something called arming time that has been added to the Lumberjack. The Lumberjack will only deal its direct hit damage (shatter) if it hits something before its arming time is reached. Once arming time has been reached, it will deal both is direct hit and AoE (flechette) damages and thus deal massive damage to the balloon.

Now for some math...

Since the Lumberjack has a 1.2s Arming Time and Projectile travel at 250m/s you get a 300m Arming Range. Within that 1.2s, or below 300m, the Lumberjack only deals its direct hit damage making it ineffective against balloons. Outside of the 300m arming range, the Lumberjack will deal its full potential of damage, both direct hit and AoE.

Arming Time will always be 1.2s on Lumberjack so if you use any projectile speed modifying ammunition, make sure you take that into account.
Guns of Icarus Online - [Muse] bluewyvern
Update 1.1.2, the "Christmas Build," Release notes, enjoy! Servers should be back up in a few. Thanks everyone and Happy Holidays!

- Free winter holiday costume items: “Goggles of Good Cheer” and “Jolly Old Salt”
- New gun: Lumberjack Heavy Mortar
- New map: Canyon Ambush
- Fallen Hero Cap (free item for original Guns of Icarus players)
- New costume items in the store (21 in all — 4 costumes, 7 goggles, and 10 hats)

- Earn free costume items by leveling up (Progress / Prizes)
- "Stats" page renamed to "Progress"
- New "Prizes" page
- Player rank displayed in match lobby and title on match scoreboard
- Click and drag to rotate your character in the Store and Role Customization
- Display time until your ship respawns during death cam
- Community Ambassadors and beta players now have a badge showing in stats
- Differentiated Use / Jump key bindings from Leave Gun, Leave Helm keys

- Speed of capturing points increases as more allies are at a capture point. Number of ships at capture point is also displayed.
- Resources earned on Resource Race increases as you capture more points
- Additional capture point added to King of Flayed Hills to a total of 5 captures points
- Tweaked sizes and positioning of captures points in King of Flayed Hills and Anglean Raiders due to tweaks in capture time and resources earned amount.
- Spawn point repositioning in Anglean Raiders and King of Flayed Hills due to capture point changes.
- Slight increase to Shatter damage on Artemis Light Rocket Launcher as well as slightly increased rate of fire.
- “Secret Hole” in Scrap on the Dunes has been plugged for good! If you didn’t know about it before, I’m sorry, but you’ve missed your chance to camp the hole.

- Networking: fixed a bug that could cause “ghost” copies of ships to be left behind after death
- Networking: fixed a bug that could cause the “death cam” transition to be skipped
- Performance: server-side networking and AI optimization to reduce frequency of slow-time incidents in large games on loaded servers
- Rendering: fixed some rare specular highlight artifacts
- Gameplay: Tar Barrel now spawns Smog Clouds further behind your ship as to not damage your own engines. Smog Cloud damage increased to 12 Shatter damage per second from 7.
- Gameplay : Spire ladder fixed, both while trying to grab onto the ladder, and getting stuck in the shaft while falling.
- Display: Time after ship death spent fading to and from black reduced, time spent orbiting in death cam increased
- Display: Dual-barrel muzzle flash appears on the correct barrel
- After customizing in Look, and then change gender, the items now reflect the gender change correctly
- Ship naming now has proper display
- Fixed unending wind effect after match

- Added hanging lanterns to the interior of the Spire, making it easier to navigate
- General ship polish and optimization
- General map polish and optimization
- Costume polish
- UI polish

Known Issues
- Display: Character name tags and models will sometimes persist in mid-air after ship death
- Display: Your character will try to play the Use Equipment animation when you switch to the scope on the helm.
- Display: You will see the third person scope mesh on the helm when you switch from a skill then back to the scope.

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