Dec 22, 2014
Guns of Icarus Online - Keyvias
Christmas items

Workshop Items-
-Ava's Demon, created by Neareida
-Henrick's Maske, created by Constiii
-Clockwork Ouroboros, created by Ushabti
-Duck of the Wind, created by Tanya Phenole
-Jolly Rodger, created by SassyKat
-Sacrilege, created by Mr. Lambert
-Wings of Icarus, created by MacBernick

- Map grid lines now show at fixed 1km intervals
- Ship names now included in destruction log
- Skill descriptions now draw directly from configuration (so they can't get out of sync with the actual effects).
- Restored exclusive fullscreen mode as windowed fullscreen caused performance problems on many setups. If you still want windowed fullscreen, you can use the "-popupwindow" launch option.
- Added a small delay before transitioning to the match end sequence to allow viewing the final kill, capture, etc.
- Added different pitch for engine sounds at different speed levels

- Fixed broken highlighting in voice selector UI
- Chat box can no longer be opened underneath social dropdown
- Debug overlay no longer shows wildly incorrect framerate when first enabled
- Removed questionable parsing of special whitespace characters ("/t" for a tab) in chat
- Dyes can no longer be applied to hairstyles (formerly consumed the item but had no effect)
- Khovansky male hair can’t be dyed anymore
- Label is now shorter on moderator button
- Fixed a bug that caused ship customization to not function after “Unlock Loadout” was pressed
- Options menu: resolution now reverts if you decline to apply the changes
- Fallen Hero Cap description now refers to "Flight of the Icarus" instead of "GoI Classic"
- Character feet don’t clip through the deck during victory poses
- Animation for switching tools no longer delayed in 3rd person
- Fixed a bug that caused the wrong tool usage to be shown right after switching tools in 3rd person
- Fixed some cases where characters could get stuck on ship geometry
- Global chat no longer visible while transitioning from victory screen to lobby
- Spyglass and Range-finder now reset to default zoom level at the start of matches
- The title on the Sky League badge is now showing up
- Fixed "bounty rules" info box issue
- Made gatling gun impact sounds more noticeable
- Engines have the correct sound effect when returning from AFK (used to always play the “idle” effect)
- Fixed a rare bug that could cause multiple copies of a ship to spawn when respawning
- Changed “tophat” to "top hat" in item names for consistency
- Texture quality settings now has no effect on matchmaking UI
- Fixed a bug that caused players to be facing the wrong direction after using the Spyglass or Rangefinder
- Fixed ships spawning on top of each other on Duel at Dawn and Water Hazard
- Achievement checklist: default text added when there's nothing to display
- Lusse's Travels: added Anglean Raiders page
- Fixed player context menu not closing immediately after leaving in-game ESC menu (now closes on all UI transitions)
- Workshop Tool: using mouse wheel in file browser doesn’t change the zoom anymore
- Ship customizer decoration tooltips now show up when player has no decoration items
- Fixed a bug that caused the Artemis’s rocket to remain after being fired
- Reworked the effects of wind on ships for more consistency (no more extreme forces from certain angles on the Mobula, for example)
Guns of Icarus Online - jerry
Server will go down at 10AM GMT (5AM EST) today for release 1.3.9, and will be back in 2 hours.
Guns of Icarus Online - [Muse] Bubbles
Hi everyone,
Workshop support has finally arrived!
You can now start creating hats, goggles, and ship decals.

You can go to the newly created Workshop page:

And go here to find more detailed info about how to create your items:

Have fun!
Nov 13, 2014
Guns of Icarus Online - [Muse] Bubbles
- Ships explode normally once again. The fireworks have been put away until the next special occasion.
- Show player levels across whole team in match lobby (was formerly crew only)

- Fixed displayed novice level range to be 1-7 in a few places
- Fixed a bug that caused default ship decorations to hang around in midair
Guns of Icarus Online - jerry
Charity Tournament Update!

The battles are done and the dust is starting to settle. So far we’ve raised $15,848 for four great causes. If you’ve like to see the battles, check out the teams, and check out their charities: click here!
We’ll keep you up to date on how much we’ve raised for charity!

- Novice levels have been changed to level 1-7.
- Non-novice players will no longer be sent to novice matches, regardless of wait time. This means novice matches will no longer be turned into normal matches.
- When novice players wait in queue for more than 2 minutes, they will have the option to join normal matches. If they do, they may get into any normal match. If they don't, they may need to wait, but will not face non-novice players.
- Matchmaker will now value balanced matches more, as well as some additional balance enforcements. Players will be less likely to be sent to unbalanced matches, unless we deem that they have waited too long.
- System made matches (including custom matches that recruit from queue) will have an upper limit of 3 rematches, which will down by per rematch. If there are no more rematches, the end match vote will be replaced by an alert message, and everyone will return to lobby as crew forms. This will give the queue more people to draw from while still allowing players to rematch against great opponents.
- Player level in chat message will be the max level (of 3 classes), rather than current class level.

- Some base system changes, which would allow the bounty event to show up again.
- Bug fix that caused captain in queue to be sent to crew slot or to a full lobby.
- Teaching achievement 8 was bugged, players should now be able to to track and earn "play X minutes with level 1-12 players" now.
- Ship theme objects stuck in the air randomly are now gone.
- Wrong language in Andrew Howell (Fyraxis) voice pack has been fixed
- Image for Desert Scrap has been fixed
- Custom match list scroll bar now scales proportionally to number of listed matches.
- Spotting visibility check reverted to less restrictive 1.3.7 behavior (yes it’s still occasionally weird)
Guns of Icarus Online - Keyvias

Hey Everyone!

We've just started our 2 year anniversary sale where 20% of all sales will go to one of 4 charities.

We're now 75% off to help us drive sales and get some good money to some great causes.

Those charities will earn a percentage based on how well their youtube Champions do in the upcoming tournament.

To keep an eye on how the battles and charities are going check out

We'll keep you updated on the latest battles and big earnings!
Guns of Icarus Online - jerry
Our Charity Webpage is live and you can keep up to date on the casters records and winnings for some great causes.

With the introduction of Matchmaking we fundamentally changed how the game is played. We appreciate all the feedback we received and will continue doing our best to improve the system in every way we can. If you’d like to share your thoughts and experiences the best way to contact us is by email at

-Your current level is now linked to your name in chat so you can show off your level in global, clan, and match chat.
-Match levels are no longer shown except for the ship you are currently on. Since player level doesn’t often show a good snapshot of player skill nor balance; to reduce confusion we’ve stopped showing player levels on other ships as the system bases balance on your hidden glicko rating.
-Rematch will now always scramble from matchmade matches. We’ve added back in the ability to swap ships between sides so each team has to agree to refight the same battle.

-Velcro is gone!
-Changes pilot, gunner, and engineer to crew and captain to reflect ship roles better in matchmaker.
-Low quality textures on allied ships on match end screen.
-Invisible wall on Canyon.
-Misplaced wind on low altitude in 3v3 Firnfeld.
-Unable to see allies on respawn map.
-Ghost ship on map
-Ship unable to spawn
-Ships spawning in the same location inside of one another
-Match start timer disappearing
-Win/Lose streak display bug
-Can now click on player names in crew form.
-Arbitrary insta-gib rams removed
-Smoke particles have returned
-Achievements linked to Water Hazard and Fight on Firnfeld now work on 2v2 and 3v3
-text no longer overlaps if too many friends are in the same match
-Gunning AI crew no longer disappearing on Squid
Guns of Icarus Online - Keyvias

To help celebrate our two year anniversary, we teamed up with a team of great YouTube personalities and we’re also using this opportunity to raise money for charities. The charities are Unicef, Doctors without Borders, St. Jude, and Hearts for Healing. Every copy of the game we sell while we’re on sale will have a portion split between the charities based on their team’s wins. The more wins a team has, the more of the sale earnings will be driven to their charity!

To keep up to date on the fierce battles and donation amounts check out
Guns of Icarus Online - jerry

A sneak peek at the new peaks in Water Hazard 2v2!
To see part one of the release notes, go here:

95 Fixes:
- Social list now updates by refresh button
- Film Grain Effect added to Options
- Keybindings for more helm skills
- Voice commands now feature voice actors’ names
- Holding down mouse to rebuild/buff now definitively as fast as rapid clicking
- Fixed the long standing issue with Alt-Tab from fullscreen
- Steam Mac client instability resolved
- Fixed issue of autodeploy not working when in the menu
- Fixed issue of deploy not working when captain leaves
- Fixed issues with AI behavior when extinguishing fire, mounting guns, and onboard mobula
- Fixed issue of blue and white and upside down character in windowed mode
- Fixed issue of missing crew members in victory end match screen
- Fixed issue of player being stuck in the air if removed by script while being on gun
- Fixed issue of minor damages not shown by UI on components with high HP
- Fixed freefall sound effect played when mounting a gun while falling
- Fixed Mercury’s barrel not resetting after being fired
- Fixed UI of clan commendation when commendation is made
- Improved image res of commendation icon
- Improved ambient lighting scheme.
- Fixed issue of ‘Pinging' is shown instead of actual pings on LINUX
- Fixed issue with clan application display
- Fixed issue with clan search display
- Updated twitter and facebook links in registration confirmation emails
- Fixed issues with Wilson’s Notes related achievements
- Fixed button formatting on mouseover
- Fixed issue of putting the game on tray while a match is going gets the sound effects stacked and resulting in a loud noise when returning
- Fixed issue of networking thread stop getting time
- Fixed bug with White Whaler achievement
- Fixed issue of current map not updating after map vote
- Fixed naming inconsistency with Dustrider
- Fixed issue with mobula thrown to ground by dust storm
- Fixed issue of ship customization editor does not save position for decals
- Fixed issue of camera shakes at victory screen if your ship was affected by the "wrong way gust" at the moment of match end
- Fixed LOD issue with balloon pistons
- Fixed issue with no animation for the Hades chamber if firing with button mashing
- Fixed issue with Hades playing reload sound at ship respawn in Duel at Dawn
- Fixed issue with dye and male Khovansky costume
- Fixed Create Event text formatting bug
- Background added to ship name input field for improved legibility
- Fixed bug with character with empty hands in 3rd person view
- Added confirmation to dye application
- Added confirmation for ship renaming
- When player doesn’t belong to a clan, on clan page replaced Create Clan with Find Clan functionality for ease of finding existing clans
- Fixed issue of light not fading in/out on ship theme objects
- Flamethrowers removed from Novice builds [Note: Flamethrowers in novice hinder new players from learning the basics of the game. They appear to be balanced in veteran games based on reports and usage numbers, but they are prevalent in novice matches with novice players having a harder time countering them and us having a harder time to communicating the effectiveness of chem spray as a counter.]
- Fixed password field formatting bug
- Fixed issue of floating helm with the use of tar
- Fixed override invalid settings in Video Settings in Options
- Tutorial help text disabled for when viewing minimap or scoreboard
- Fixed issue of blanket intersecting piston on Squid when using the Valentine’s Day theme
- Fixed octopus figurehead clipping issue
- Fixed display of rope flag rings for Valentine’s Day theme on Junker
- Fixed invisible character while on ladder in 3rd person view
- Fixed flickering display on carronade
- Fixed display issue of coins hovering on gaps of gratings for Valentine’s Day theme
- Fixed issue of flickering in Fjords map
- Fixed faulty UV mapping of bucket on Junker
- Fixed issue of piston clipping with pot on Squid with Traveller theme
- Fixed issue of decoration is 'hanging in the way” of the propeller on Pyramidion with Traveler theme
- Fixed issue of light having no effect on certain theme objects
- Fixed Mechanist cap hair bug
- Fixed texture bug on Spire
- Fixed wheel placement and clipping on Lumberjack
- Fixed texture bug on Pyramidion
- Fixed misplaced steam leak on Mobula with Industrial theme
- Fixed missing hitmarkers if hitting a ship hidden by dust clouds
- Fixed display and flickering issues with water in Fjords map
- Fixed bug with effects remaining after respawn
- Fixed issue of map vote choice not being shown if going to other menus and returning
- Fixed display issue with lighting in ship customization and store
- Fixed issues with video setting save state displays
- Fixed issue of falling through a plank on Junker
- Fixed texture issue on Battle on the Dunes
- Fixed issue of gun handles not having fireproof coating if not in 'idle' position
- Fixed wonky display of “Connection Attempt Failed” when loading into a match
- Added button instructions on profile page
- Fixed issue of display of incorrect achievements when pressing Q in practice or tutorial
- Fixed pipe display error on Junker for the Industrial theme
- Fixed lobby naming consistency issue
- Fixed issue of name color display in chat
- Fixed issue with active ship loadout preset switches when restarting the game client
- Fixed display issue with War Room costume [Details available upon request]
- Fixed issue with voice command notifications overlapping onscreen tutorial text
- Fixed issue with Basic Tutorial ending without target dummy destroyed
- Unified dye UI between character and ship customization
- Fixed gun object display and ship customization issues in Linux
- Fixed display error of Khovansky Special Hair portrait
- Fixed issue with flickering coins on Spire with Valentine’s Day theme
- Fixed hair issue with male Newsboy Cap
- Fixed issue with respawning with different customization options
- Added more tools for better map and ship creation [Internal]
- Fixed issue of ladder pushing character in wrong direction
- Fixed issue of chat text clipping and overlapping with player popup
- Fixed clan commendation display bug

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