Product Update - Valve
Oct 18, 2012
- Added a Hall of Fame section to the community tab, featuring a different group of high skill players each week.
- Added a Team Browser section to the community tab. This shows teams that have participated in leagues that are available through the client.
- Added a Replays Highlight option when watching games. Watch the best moments from a match with a click of a button.

- Dark Seer Fixed Ion Shell damage interval and it triggering Cold Snap
- Disruptor: Fixed Glimpse interaction with invulnerable units
- Magnus: Fixed enemies being able to cast and attack while in Skewer pull
- Rubick: Fixed Telekinesis Land sub ability proccing magic stick
- Viper: Fixed Nethertoxin damage not being critable
- Visage: Fixed Familias attack timings taking much longer than intended
- Fixed Illusions placing Orb of Venom debuff

- Added a right click option for some items to alert allies that you want to cast them (Arcane Boots, Smoke, Mekansm)
- Fixed being able to sometimes move your hero before hero picking was done
- Enabled pause cooldown in co-op bot games.
- Fixed various hero swap bugs
- Fixed HUD element covering Armor bonus values in 4:3

- Increased Magnus model size
- Fixed Ravage visual timings
- Fixed some buffs not showing the correct cooldown frame ( slight gap at the top for aura provided buffs )
- Tweaking the scale and offset of visage and his units
- Tweaks for some neutral creep sounds, generally reducing volume and increasing range

- Fixed a bug that caused some items to not be equippable for Morphling and other heroes that recently had their item slots shuffled.
- Fixed Doombringer's missing tail.
- Fixed the 'Uldorak's Hide' set not properly displaying as a set of items.
- Reduced the size of the stumpy treants created by Nature's Prophet when using the Call of the Dendrochron.
- Fixed Invoker's head disappearing when head items were equipped. These items may need to be re-equipped.
- Fixed a bug with Multi-Hero Chronosphere not detecting its scoring condition.
- Fixed several item sets having incorrectly tagged rarities, relative to the contents of the set.
- Fixed Sword of Sir Davion being white for some users.
- Fixed overly bright specular on the Runed AiIlettes.

- Fixed bug that would cause bots to not ever want to go to the Secret Shop if they want to buy a TP scroll.
- Fixed bug where bots would always think they could push towers unopposed.- Optimized tango tree search.
- Juggernaut bot now better estimates Omnislash damage (will no longer think it'll bounce to out-of-range creeps).
- Bots will now consider whether their laning opponents are ranged or not to determine their desired lane position.
- When a hero is farming a lane, bot desire to push that lane is now lessened.
- Lowered the desire to help out with an under-control tower defense when in the laning phase.
- Fixed incoming defense evaluation.
- Lowered defend desire when not in late game.
- Adjusted Juggernaut's loadout.
- Made Blade Fury focus on its target better
- Trying something different with determining when and how to lead a target.
- Bots laning with a hard carry should now harass enemies more.

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