Client Update - Valve
Jun 1, 2017
A new Steam client has been released and is being automatically downloaded.

UPDATE - June 7: This client build has been re-published with additional bugfixes for reported issues.

  • Updated web control to CEF v58.0.3029.81
  • Improved launch error messaging in case the OS failed to create the game process
  • Fixed installing games from multiple retail discs (June 7)
  • Fixed optional DLC automatically being installed (June 7)
  • Fixed some dedicated gameservers being unable to log in with certain game-specific parameters (June 7)

Steam Input
  • All Controllers types now can assign Guide Chord actions when opted out of further controller support. Similar to the Guide + Trigger for screenshot, additional actions can be bound or reassigned to Guide + Button via the Controller Settings. Additional options include mouse and keyboard support, changing volume or other media keys, turning off the controller (on supported hardware), and so forth
  • Fixed PS4 Controllers showing inappropriate art and text in the button diamond
  • Fixed XBox controllers potentially having a second phantom controller when not opted into Steam Configuration support
  • Fixed a crash when closing a game after previewing a controller config
  • Added Desktop Settings panel for configuring controller settings and editing base configurations
  • Fixed a case where native games requesting the configuration screen wouldn't work
  • Opting in to Steam Configuration Support for 3rd Party Controllers is now set for the user rather than the Steam Install. Users who have opted in to 3rd party Steam Controller Configurator Support will have to opt back in for their specific controllers
  • Fixed long-press activator toggle option not functioning properly
  • Fixed a case where closing the on-screen keyboard in Big Picture would not return to the proper controls
  • Manual registration in Big Picture is no longer required for new controllers. Personalization and changes to registration can still be made via the Controller Settings in Big Picture
  • Games which use the Steam Configurator natively for 3rd Party Controllers can now opt those controllers into support without the user having to manually do so
  • Fix for a case where a cache for offline configurations could be corrupted
  • 3rd Party Controllers no longer have to be disconnected and reconnected when opting into/out of Steam Configuration support. Games can still be individually opted out of support via the game's controller settings panel
  • Fix for In-Home Streaming from Linux PC to Steam Link or another Linux PC with Steam Controller Wireless Receivers connected to both devices
  • Fixed Linux mouse button assignments for Forward and Backwards
  • Fixed On-Screen Keyboard being disabled in windowed non-Steam Games
  • Fixed Non-Steam game configs not being applied if controller is power cycled
  • Fixed unexpected input when importing Gyro configs for devices without Gyro
  • Simplified UI for DPad mode on DS4 Dpad
  • Changed "Add a Steam Controller" button to only appear when a Wireless Receiver is present
  • Added "Recover Steam Controller Firmware" button to walk users through recovering a device via mass storage update
  • Fixed configuration showing incorrect controller type of the configuration being previewed (or presenting an error message in some cases)
  • Fixed a case where previewing a configuration with a mode shift could make inputs editable
  • Fixed non-Steam shortcuts not respecting the per-game opt-out of Configuration setting
  • Fixed configurations not being saved properly in offline mode
  • Fixed controllers not registering in offline mode if the account didn't match its existing registration
  • Removed online-only configuration browser categories when loading or saving configurations when in offline mode
  • Fixed Steam Button in the Big Picture Overlay being delayed when using a 3rd party controller (June 7)

Steam Link and In-Home Streaming
  • Fixed Sony PS3 Controllers acting incorrectly via streaming
  • Enlarged the capture area for windows with menu bars to include the menu bar when streaming (June 7)

  • Desktop view support for SteamVR dashboard
  • Fixed overlay not working for Vulkan applications

  • Enabled Microtransation confirmation dialog from VR applications

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