Winkeltje is a game about building, decorating and running a small shop in the days of old. You will deal with the day-to-day business as the owner of your very own store.
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Feb 19, 2019

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Early Access Game

Get instant access and start playing; get involved with this game as it develops.

Note: This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further. If you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then you should wait to see if the game progresses further in development. Learn more

What the developers have to say:

Why Early Access?

“Early Access will allow players to give feedback and influence the development as we move towards a full release. We have built a solid foundation of Winkeltje that is fun to play as is but we realise that it needs more love and attention to make it a shop keeping game that is unique and truly stands out. With this in mind we have our development pipeline set up to release updates and fixes on a regular basis while we work on more content and features.”

Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access?

“We aim to have Winkeltje in Early Access for about a year or longer for as long as the resources to develop allow us.”

How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?

“The full version will have more content and features. We intend to add more objectives, furniture, items, decorations, walls, floors, events, and probably more.

We already support community translations but we intend to translate if there is a significant enough demand to the most popular languages in the full release.”

What is the current state of the Early Access version?

“Winkeltje is already fully playable with dozens of furniture, items, structural assets, customers, events, seasons and three supported languages (Dutch, French, and Russian). Players part of the closed-alpha have reported enjoying the game for over 10 hours.”

Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access?

“As the game grows in content, features, and entertainment value we may increase the price of the game.”

How are you planning on involving the Community in your development process?

“We have an active Discord community where people provide feedback and suggestions. We have three branches in which we develop the game (default, testing, unstable) where players can try upcoming features or help with community translations.”
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March 26

Update 3119: Shelves, Paintings, Restock UI, Languages, and Reworked Progression

Hey Shopkeepers!

It’s been a little while since we last gave you an update, so we would like to take a moment to talk you through some of the more impactful changes coming to Winkeltje today with patch 3119. For the full patch notes, please check below.

Unfortunately due to the many changes in this patch your old save files will not continue to work. While we try to avoid breaking save files whenever we can, there were a few core changes that did not allow us to continue the usage of old save files. If you'd like to continue playing on the old version, we explain how to change to that version on the forum over here: Link

Simplified Chinese, Finnish & Hungarian translations supported
With the help from the amazing community on Discord, we have added support for Simplified Chinese, Finnish, and Hungarian community translations. The game now supports 14 languages in total! Please see the Winkeltje store page to see if your language is supported or check out this post to see how you can help support your language. (

New Restocking UI
We have redesigned restocking from the ground up. This means that, unfortunately, we have to say goodbye to the item bubbles and radial menu. These systems, while really cool, did not work as well with controllers as we would like and provided issues when presented with the amount of items we envision for Winkeltje’s future.

Of course, that scalability could have been mostly fixed with other solutions (such as item categories) but the problems for controller users would have persisted. We did not feel this was acceptable or representative of the experience we want to offer you.

The new UI consists of quite a few features, so we’ll go over them one by one.
  • Selecting your display: Much like in the old system (if you played without quick restock), you can select a display by walking up to it and clicking on it. If playing with a controller, the game will highlight the closest display. You can then select it with A/X depending on the controller type. You can now also use the D-pad to switch selection of your displays so you select those hard to reach displays.

  • The Display Name: The first thing you might see is the display’s name, found at the top.
  • Upgrading: Below the name you will find the display’s level and appeal. If you have unlocked a higher upgrade level, you will also see a little star. Click this to see what you need to spend to upgrade the display so it can give more appeal!

  • The Restock Button: If you have pinned items (more on this below), the restock button will probably become your best friend. Clicking it will fill the display with the pinned item type. This means that, if you have the items, you can re-stock a display with a single click!

  • The Display Slots: The display slots, found in the middle of the new UI, shows what items are currently placed in the display. Click an item once to select it (and its counterpart in the Item Grid), double click to remove it, or click the little circle in the top left to pin the item so the display remembers your preference for that slot.
  • The Inventory is found below the Display Slots: Here you can select items to be placed in the highlighted slot on the display. In the top left of the inventory grid you will also see a big X, this lets you remove one or several items from the display if you click or hold it respectively. You can also fill the entire display with one item type by holding the mouse or controller button.

  • Quality Levels: As you all know, not all items are crafted equal. Now, you can see how much you own of each quality at the bottom of the new UI. All items are stacked together, and if clicking in the item grid the the system will always try to place the highest quality you own (for that sweet, sweet profit). If, for some reason, you want to get rid of your lower quality items, you can always click on the number. This will place one of the items from that quality instead!

Wall Mounted Furniture
This patch brings 22 new pieces of furniture; ten paintings (decorations) and 12 shelves (displays) for you to place into your shop. Unlike other types of furniture, these can only be placed against (certain) walls, so keep an eye out for the white anchor points when trying to place them!

Unlocking Furniture
We determined that having to pay to unlock furniture without getting anything for it wasn’t fun, so we removed that feature. You will now unlock furniture directly when leveling or completing the relevant objectives.

Increasing Appeal Level
Appeal is now capped in tiers. Every once in a while (about every 5 levels) you will be able to unlock a new Shop upgrade. This will give you access to new walls, allow you to upgrade your displays 1 tier further, and upgrade your maximum appeal by five levels.

Maximum Level Increase
With the new furniture coming in, we have increased the maximum shop levels to 30 to spread out the unlocking a bit more. The appeal cap will be increased in a future patch.

You now have to select the difficulty of your shop when you start a new game. This uses our Scenario system mentioned in week 1, and we'll be seeing how it performs before expanding on it in the future.

  • Support for three new languages! Simplified Chinese, Finnish and Hungarian!
  • New restocking UI. You can now restock your shop more easily by adding default items to slots to restock even the largest cupboard with a single button press, more easily selecting items from stock, and sorting items based on category!
  • Added twelve new shelves and ten paintings for you to unlock and fill your shop with!
  • Complete balance pass: Furniture, decorations, and item unlock time and pricing changed! You can now also reach shop level 30.
  • Added support for Simplified Chinese, Finnish and Hungarian.
  • Updated translations for all 14 languages.
  • New restock UI!
  • Difficulty modes now have a more varied impact on gameplay, from debt size to item pricing and crafting time.
  • Pressing left shift while having a paid furniture piece in hand will clone the furniture while retaining its original state.
  • Your maximum appeal is now limited by shop upgrades. Upgrading one of these levels will unlock a wall level and increase your maximum appeal by 5 levels.
  • Customers will now wait a few days before requesting an item that was just unlocked (unless you obtained the item by crafting or buying it).
  • Rebalanced the costs of all items to be more consistent with each other.
  • Increased level cap to 30
  • Reworked the way clothing is unlocked. Unlock trousers, dresses etc. early on by becoming a tailor and completing the new tailor objectives, or later on by being a general store!
  • Added objective chain for blacksmiths. Unlock smithing things early by forging, or later on if you're a general store!
  • Increased the duration that notifications are shown on screen.
  • Items in Hard mode will now sell for less and are more expensive to buy.
  • Increased starting gold so players can complete the tutorial with the new furniture pricing.
  • New pricing & appeal calculations for furniture.
  • Increased the appeal of counters to match their cost better.
  • Slight adjustment to profit margins on crafted items
  • Changed the pricing calculation for new tiles.
  • Rebalanced various difficulties, added description text for them.
  • Walls are now free
  • Changing floor styles is now free
  • Expanding your shop is now cheaper for the first few tiles, but increases as you buy more tiles.
  • Dpad now lets you cycle through in-range furniture. This was a must-have for selecting shelves placed above furniture
  • Removed difficulty sliders from settings menu, added difficulty selection before starting a new shop.
  • Creative mode now starts with a smaller shop.
  • Upgrade levels are now unlocked when unlocking a new structure kit.
  • Clothing now unlocks through crafting progression (or levelling really high.)
  • Changed the starting requirements of various objectives.
  • When a language string is not found, it defaults to English instead.
  • A new name for the delivery man: Lucas! Based on some lovely fan art : )
  • The unlock UI should now inform better on what shop upgrades/unlocks actually do.
  • Optimised highlighting system
  • Changed the alignment of text in the load screen so some languages fit better
  • A reminder to upgrade your shop will appear when you are at max appeal.
  • The chance for a random event to start was not saved in the save file.
  • Going to or coming from maximum appeal should animate properly and no longer cause an error.
  • Lighting under certain angles showed some artifacts.
  • Furniture would be marked as invalid when buying new furniture and having it hover over the access points when spawned.
  • When using Shift to buy multiple furniture during the tutorial, the game could softlock.
  • When skipping the tutorial, the tutorial objectives will not be drawn and insta-completed.
  • Player would sometimes be overburdened when loading in a shop.
  • Delivery should now correctly reset when exiting the game.
  • Prices on the counter are now correctly influenced by events.
  • Upgrade costs & appeal are now correctly displayed.
  • Tutorial skip flag wasn't being reset correctly when going back to the main menu.
  • Shopkeeper's hairband and eyes were not using the character default shader and sometimes appeared using a debug material.
  • Crafting notification windows kept the game paused after closing it allowing for crafting without suffering any time penalty.
  • Event would not be disabled correctly when it was a scenario-only event.
  • Selling tiles now returns the correct amount of money.
  • Description would be translated twice.
  • Tutorial is now started when you click on the accept button in the confirmation prompt instead of shop level 1.
  • Fixed an error that occured when restocking the last of an item.
  • Planters should no longer show water drops when the crops can be harvested.
  • Fixed a pesky memory leak.
  • Fixed an issue where the game would attempt to use already deleted resources.
  • Various issues with the new restock UI.
  • Various issues with wall mounted furniture.
  • Cloning furniture should no longer mark it as invalid
  • Additional check to see if the "continue" button should be active or not
  • Upgrading furniture appeal should now update the selection label to reflect the level change.
  • Objectives will now start correctly when loading in from a save
  • Additional checks to safeguard against duplicate objectives starting
  • Spawning customers further away so it's out of sight of the player
  • The confirmation text before going to Discord was not being translated.
  • Main menu difficulty description height was not automatically expanding when overflowing.
  • Main menu difficulty description now has a fixed height so there will not be a jump in layout when the number of lines change.
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March 4

Update 2893: Smart Shop Specialization, Improved Crafting UI, Rebalancing and Bug Fixes

Hey Shopkeepers,
A new week begins, and with it comes patch 2891! Check out the details below to see how the game will change once you download the patch.

For this patch we've mainly worked on fixing as many of the bugs that everyone reported (please keep reporting them, so we can fix them as soon as possible!). While your save files should still work with this patch, some of the events (mainly seasonal) may behave strangely until the event is completed and a new one has started.

  • Customers now generate their wishlist based on categories (e.g. "Food" or "Tools") that you've historically sold. This should allow players to specialise into a certain shop if they want to, while also allowing them to play as a generic sell-it-all store.
  • Crafting can now use multiple types of resources. The crafting UI has been modified to allow for this change.
  • Farming Rebalance; vegetable unlock levels change. Sell, trade, delivery price changed. Most vegetables now give 2 instead of one when harvesting.

  • Farming Rebalance; vegetable unlock levels change. Sell, trade, delivery price changed. Most vegetables now give 2 instead of one when harvesting.
  • Increased storage capacity of pallets by 50%.
  • Changed level and appeal progression to work with more consistent formulas.
  • Rebalanced appeal. Earlier levels should be easier now, later levels harder.
  • Rebalanced level progression to be more consistent overall.
  • Carpet Rebalance: Cheaper with appeal to match.
  • Dress and Clogs crafting materials changed.

  • Customer UI (name, happiness, item request) is now an overlay. This should prevent it from hiding behind furniture.
  • Long Carpet has a slightly smaller collider so that it's possible to align them into a longer carpet.
  • When selling a planter with a seed in it, the seed is returned to the player inventory.
  • Customer happiness limit has increased from 10 to 15. Due to this change customers will also have more money available at max happiness.
  • If customers buy something without having waited, they will gain double happiness.
  • Customers now generate their wishlist based on the historical (5 day) of your shop.
  • Removed the mention of 'Inventory' from the shop builder confirmation if furniture got in the way (the furniture gets sold, which confused a lot of players).
  • Reworked crafting radial menu to allow for more than 1 type of resource cost and give insight in chance of a lucky craft.
  • Added new floor type ‘smooth stones’.
  • Passing day 100 should now show the year count. Note that this will not work correctly with old save files that have passed year 1 already.
  • Increased the resolution on the round, square, and radial UI graphics

Bug Fixes
  • Storage count would not be correctly updated when a storage shop object would be removed through the shop builder.
  • Customers should now stop walking outside the shop.
  • Watering animation would not show up correctly while playing.
  • Returning to the Main Menu from a shop should now reset the seasonal appearance.
  • Crafting duration should now use unscaled time. This caused the crafting to get stuck sometimes.
  • Interaction with displays wasn't working when playing with controller and loading into a shop with Quick Restock enabled.
  • Furniture would sometimes incorrectly be marked as invalid.
  • Doors were interfering with the navmesh.
  • Customer happiness should no longer be stuck in its animation.
  • Highlighting invalid furniture should no longer appear as if you can interact with it.
  • Game should now longer freeze at some point when the shop is open.
  • Item slot bubbles on invalid furniture should no longer float all over the place.
  • CountObjective & CountResetObjective (Rotten Apples, Thank Me Trader, Craft Lottery) would not correctly update its UI when loading the game.
  • Fixed multiple issues for seasonal events not triggering correctly.
  • Furniture would sometimes not be marked as invalid when accepting the shop editor.
  • Access Points are now correctly green & red again when placing furniture.

  • Optimized save loading by removing redundant checks.
  • Multiple performance increases when editing the shop.
  • Optimized NavMesh generation
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“Nov 2018 - The current Alpha build of Winkeltje features around two hours of gameplay and really impresses with its intuitive UI and fast paced shop management gameplay.”
Alpha Beta Gamer

About This Game

Winkeltje is a game about building, decorating and running a small shop in the days of old. You will deal with the day-to-day business as the shop owner while you unlock new things that will help you run a lucrative enterprise.

As the shopkeeper of your very own shop you are in charge of buying, selling, and making a profit. Items can be bought from passing traders or delivered at a fee. Items can be placed on displays in order to sell them to customers. When you are ready, you can open your shop to start the day and let customers in. Customers will buy what you have on display if it matches what they are looking for. If you don't provide what a customer wants in time, they will be sad and leave. A day of shopkeeping can be stressful but rewarding!

Bring out your interior designer by freely placing and rotating all furniture or use snapping if inaccuracy drives you nuts. Furniture comes in a variety of categories. There are displays which let you display items to sell in your shop. Decorations will make your shop more appealing and increase the amount of customers that come to your shop. You can increase the item stock capacity by placing storage type furniture. With crafting type furniture you can produce items to sell in your shop.

When you have amassed enough money you can decide to expand your shop. The shop building is tile based where you decide what floor to place and what walls surround each tile. Walls can also be windows, archways, or doors. Expanding will also make your shop more appealing to customers as each piece makes your shop more appealing. Each wall type has a matching entrance to really tie the place together.

Crafting lets you create items that you can sell in your shop. Crafting requires resources but lets you gain experience so that you can create higher quality items than what you can get from traders. Currently you can craft tools and weapons at the forge and clothing at the tailoring station. As the game develops, more crafting options will become available.

In Winkeltje you can buy seeds from traders, plant seeds in planters, water plants, and harvest crops. Crops are items that you can sell in your shop. If crops aren't cared for they can wither and die.

As time goes by you will encounter events and seasons. Events and seasons can affect the supply and demand for certain items. It can be profitable to stock up on certain items so that you can sell them for more profit when the time is right.

System Requirements

    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: Windows 7 (64 bit)
    • Processor: i5 6300U
    • Memory: 6 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Intel HD 520
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 256 MB available space
    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: Windows 10 (64 bit)
    • Processor: i5
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce GTX 770
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 512 MB available space

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