Embark on a perilous journey across a realm forsaken by the gods and devastated by an arcane cataclysm. Accompanied by a hardy crew, you must trade, fight, and explore your way to success as the leader of a traveling company in Vagrus, a post-apocalyptic fantasy RPG-strategy hybrid.
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CF Campaign Update - The New Open Access build - includes Milestone 1&2 - is out to all Backers!

Have you played the previous Open Access build of Vagrus? Or are you considering just now to dip your feet into the deep lore of the Riven Realms for the first time? 
Visit our crowdfunding campaign and you can jump right in with some pretty neat improvements (via Discord).

The Story Behind the Patch

Truth be told, we got trigger happy. We went further and deeper with some of the changes than we originally planned to, thinking that preparing the system for future features and enhancement will make our job easier later on and it would not impact our delivery timelines much. The first part we still stand by but the second... we were, well, a bit naive. We pulled ourselves into complexities we did not consider, game design decisions we thought to make only later on, not to mention testing and retesting every little thing. Especially the Journal part, which has already been an integral part of the game, proved troublesome to revamp. With all the changes, the hardest part was making the save files compatible backwards. We knew we would break the system - on purpose - we just did not expect to break it this much - not on purpose. Well, that and the untimely sickness grabbing our coder lead resulted in quite a bit of delay. We learnt from it though: gotta keep biting smaller chunks so we could keep up the pace of updates we would like to give you folks.

With the first two milestones delivered in this patch, we are going to start working on Scouting next. Mock-ups are ready; we've given it quite some thought, so we are fairly confident to deliver it in the indicated timeline.

Flash news
We have been invited to showcase Vagrus at Dreamhack Summer between June 15-17, so if you are coming too, don't forget to drop by our booth and say hello.

But back to the present. Here's the list of changes. Let's call it:

Patch Notes 0.3.7
Behind the Scenes 🚧
  • Revamped the complete Journal engine to prepare the module for new features
  • Relocated Passengers and Rumors between databases to allow expanding their use in the future
  • Companion combat deployment logic upgraded to have more control over deployment restrictions (aka: so the Narrative designers could make things even harder for you 💀)
New Features / Content
  • Delivering News 📜: from now on you can carry news between settlements, and trade with them at the Mansio
  • Eight combat backgrounds refreshed 🎨
  • New location art for Avernum 👀
User Interface Changes
  • Divided the Journal 📖 tabs into Objectives, Qualities, Rumors, News, and Tasks (which is currently limited to Passengers) [includes a new UI art asset]
  • Combat deployment ⚔️ icons added to indicate who can/can not/must be deployed, is locked to a position and/or wounded
  • New/Improved Tool-tips and Tutorials for the above features
Bug Fixes
  • Companion healing camp event now only displays wounded companions
  • A number of event tweaks


🎉 Our crowdfunding campaign is LIVE ▶️Get instant access to the Alpha build at Fig


Wanna get the game ready for you the earliest with even more content? Please share our pages and posts with your friends through your favorite social media channel(s). Appreciate it!

Fig | Game Jolt  | Itchio  | IndieDB
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Instagram | Patreon | Discord
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Devlog #20 - The Music of Vagrus

The soundtrack of Vagrus is of key importance in conveying the powerful atmosphere of the setting. Be it foreboding or hauntingly beautiful, the score by George Olah captures the essence of the ravaged world of the Riven Realms perfectly. Even more importantly, the majority of fans and influencers have told us that one of the most important parts of the Vagrus experience for them was the music.

Ever since we started working with George, we usually had him pour over the specific environment artwork and game world descriptions for each theme and together we listened to fantasy music that evokes the feeling we were looking for in that environment. With our tabletop RPG background, we were aiming for ambient, atmospheric music that goes well with each region of the game. Yet it was important for the environment tracks to be non-intrusive not to detract from the reading parts.

You can now get a taste of the main theme of the game above and listen to some other themes over at our SoundCloud page.


🎉 Our crowdfunding campaign is LIVE ▶️Get instant access to the Alpha build at Fig


Wanna get the game ready for you the earliest with even more content? Please share our pages and posts with your friends through your favorite social media channel(s). Appreciate it!

Fig | Game Jolt  | Itchio  | IndieDB
Website | Youtube | Twitter | Facebook 
Instagram | Patreon | Discord
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Vagrus campaign LIVE on Fig.co

Get instant access to the Alpha build by backing Vagrus at https://fig.co/vagrus

Our campaign follows Fig's new Open Access model which shakes up the rather stale indie game crowdfunding scene by combining an open-ended campaign structure with offering supporters early involvement in development. Find more details about our Fig.co campaign here.

Demo - Available!

We have created a Demo for Vagrus - The Riven Realms, in effect the first section of the Prologue, which is both an introduction and a tutorial of the game. It has about 1-2 hours of playable content (depending on play style).
As it is only in Alpha development stage it would be too early to share it here on Steam as negative comments/reviews can ruin the rating of the game even before it starts to take shape. Instead, you can find it through our homepage.

If you preferred to wait and play it only when it becomes available here on Steam,please follow and wishlist Vagrus now so that we can keep you posted on the progress of the game, and also about our upcoming crowdfunding campaign.

Tietoja pelistä

Vagrus is a Strategy-Roleplaying Game for PC, where the player takes the role of a vagrus - a sort of a caravan leader, who makes a living on a strange and dangerous dark fantasy world by leading a traveling company on all kinds of ventures.

A vast continent is yours to explore, filled with unique locations, strange factions, lurking dangers, and a lot of characters you can interact with. In order to punish the Empire for their sins a thousand years ago, the Elder Gods manifested themselves in the world, letting loose powers that ended up devastating it. Following this Calamity, the Empire was slow to rebuild and became a dark caricature of its former image. The continent is now a wasteland, riddled with arcane anomalies, twisted monsters, and undead.

A large selection of longer and shorter stories make up the game’s narrative in the form of events and quests. The choices you make in these often affect the companions and the world around you. Pick your background from trader, mercenary, or explorer; work for factions, follow rumors and trading opportunities; acquire wealth, gain fame, and discover hidden knowledge. The world is sandbox, yet it is filled with hand-crafted content.

Engage in turn-based, tactical combat that involves your companions and a large variety of enemies, both humanoid and monstrous. Use a wide range of character skills to succeed, as well as your own leadership-related abilities. Positioning and support skills are of paramount importance when your companions struggle against powerful foes.

Most journeys have to be planned and prepared for carefully, lest they end in disaster. Manage your supplies, morale, and the freshness of your people effectively to survive. Haul cargo and valuables across the wasteland or take it from others. Your crew of workers, fighters, scouts, and slaves have to be managed to optimize their effectiveness. Equip your caravan with upgrades and your companions with magical gear.

The player can recruit a wide variety of companions into the caravan to serve in versatile roles, such as scoutmaster, guard captain, quartermaster, or navigator. Each of them comes with their own combat skills, background stories, and personal quest lines that, when completed, can upgrade them in unforeseen ways. They can progress through experience levels to become more potent crew members as well as in combat.

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    • Käyttöjärjestelmä: Windows XP or later
    • Prosessori: 2Ghz or better
    • Muisti: 1 GB RAM
    • Grafiikka: 1280x768 minimum resolution, DirectX 9.0c compatible graphics card
    • DirectX: Versio 9.0c
    • Tallennus: 1200 MB kiintolevytilaa
    • Äänikortti: DirectX 9.0c compatible

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