World's Bane is an evil overlord simulator inspired by story generators like RimWorld, Crusader Kings 2 and Dwarf Fortress.
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What the developers have to say:

Why Early Access?

“World's Bane is a highly experimental game with emergent storytelling and gameplay at its core. As a small indie team, we have a lot of ambitious ideas but we need the help of the community to test them out and provide feedback and critique to guide our development in the right direction. While we have a clear road map for the upcoming year, we are also very open to adjusting and pivoting based on what the community really wants.”

Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access?

“Based on our road map, Early Access will last at least 12 more months. We fully expect our road map to change through Early Access so this will certainly be a moving target. We intend the Final Release to be launched no longer than 2 years from Early Access.”

How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?

“Upcoming major features include more races, more extensive character relationships and interactions, a simple base building system and lots of random events. We also want to polish the game art and sound and fully animate combat. There will also be a heavy focus on ensuring that character AI are the best and can plan and react smartly to the player's actions.”

What is the current state of the Early Access version?

“The current game includes a random world generator that produces procedurally-generated maps with multiple factions, races, character classes and areas that interact to produce emergent ever-changing worlds. This is merely the starting point of our vision for the game. We want more extensive events and interactions that would truly produce interesting emergent stories that also allows the player to manipulate and play with the NPCs lives and relationships.”

Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access?

“The game will be slightly more expensive after Early Access.”

How are you planning on involving the Community in your development process?

“We plan to release updates once every two months. We intend to be active on the Steam discussion boards to interact with players and gather feedback and criticisms. This will aid in our iterative design process and help us assess whether there needs to be adjustments in the road map to address player issues. While it is important to us to be true to our own vision, we understand that listening to outside feedback is essential.”
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Planned Release Date: 2019

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April 30

April DevLog

Here's what we've accomplished during the month of April.

Prototype Build v0.2

This is an updated prototype build that we're sending to a potential investor that reached out to us. Here's the link: World's Bane Prototype

Updated Interior Maps

The following have been added to the interior map:
- Added dwelling and inn decor
- Introduced structure templates that we randomly draw from when we need to place a structure on the map
- Introduced town layout templates where we have template for the town center and there are points around it where we can attach other structures like dwellings, inns and warehouses. This is an early version that we intend to improve on by next month
- Removed the wall around towns and allow them to not look too aligned/squarish
- Added elf and wolf spritesheets
- Added sleeping animations
- Added more thought bubbles
- Updated Ore asset
- Added Gloomhollow tileset

Crime System

- For the initial version of our Crime System, we've introduced four crimes: Assault, Theft, Murder and Attempted Murder
- Crimes only matter within a faction, meaning that a character that committed a crime will be branded as a criminal by his faction alone. Other characters from different factions wouldn't care.
- If there is a witness to a crime, it will flee and report it to the authorities (unless he is a soldier or a faction leader, in which case the character will automatically be branded as a criminal). Once a character has been branded as a criminal within his faction, soldiers will eventually apprehend him and imprison him in the warehouse. The faction leader may then render judgment. He may be executed, exiled or pardoned.
- The player may add Kleptomania to a character (using the Corrupt action) which will then make that character likely to steal from others to replenish his Happiness Meter.
- A character may assault, curse or poison their enemies.
- The player may store any criminal event as an Intel and share it to a relevant character. Unless there is a positive relationship between them, it will work as if the character that received the intel witnessed the crime event.

Corrupt Action

- We intended to add Lycanthropy and Vampirism this month but ended up replacing Vampirism with Kleptomania for now
- When the player turns a character into a Lycanthrope, that character has a chance of transforming into a wolf each time he sleeps. He forgets all his relationships and acts as if it is a wild wolf, which will be hostile to all other non-wolf characters. The wolf may also eventually transform back into his true form each time it sleeps.
- There are still some issues with this that will be addressed in the future. For now, characters will not know that the wolf and the character is the same even if they witness the transformation, and we haven't handled yet what happens if his faction ended up imprisoning him as a wolf and then he transforms while imprisoned in the warehouse.
- When the player turns a character into a Kleptomaniac, the character may now attempt to steal items in order to replenish his Happiness meter.

Abduct Action

- The player can now use the Instigator's Abduct action on Skeletons to instruct them to abduct characters from Cardell or Denrio
- When the Skeleton drops the character, the player may store this as an intel and share to another relevant character to see how they respond

Rile Up Action

- The player can now use the Instigator's Rile Up action on Wolves to make them visit another location and run amok there
- Riled up wolves will enter berserk mode for a short duration. During this mode, the wolf will be hostile to all targets and will sometimes randomly destroy nearby objects

Location Job Queue

- We've revamped the way characters act for their faction by introducing a Job Queue system that logs new jobs needed by the faction. Available characters will then look at this queue to perform things that they can do.
- The different jobs available are:
- Obtain Supply (performed by Civilians, they will mine ore or chop wood and deposit the excess Supply to the warehouse for use by other members of the faction)
- Remove Cursed, Sick, Injured or Unconscious Status from a faction member (anyone in the faction may perform this as long as they have an action capable of removing the undesired status)
- Restrain (performed by Soldiers, Adventurers and Civilians, this will restrain an unconscious hostile character and bring him to the warehouse as a prisoner)
- Apprehend (performed by Soldiers, this will knock out a criminal, restrain him and then bring him to the warehouse as a prisoner)
- Judgment (performed by the Faction Leader, this will either Execute, Exile or Pardon a prisoner)
- Feed (performed by Civilians and Soldiers, this will feed hungry prisoners)
- Patrol (performed by Soldiers, they will roam around the town and engage any hostile characters they encounter)
- Explore (performed by Adventurers, they will visit a random dungeon and explore that location to obtain new items that he will then deposit to the warehouse)
- More jobs will be added later
- This will also be further improved so that the characters are much more reactive to the events in their immediate surrounding

Updated Pathfinding System

- We revamped our pathfinding so that characters do not walk in four directions only and do not occupy tiles anymore. Characters now also follow and update their pathfinding when targeting another moving character.
- We've also revised how characters engage in hostile encounters. Non-combatants will now flee properly, while combatants may engage any hostile they see in range. This is only a placeholder combat and will be replaced later on.
- Added Patrol, Explore, Stroll, Flee and Berserk movement modes
- We've also changed movement speed of characters depending on their race, status and current action.

Revised UI

- A bunch of improvements have been done to the UI
- We've also added new UI for Corrupt, Share Intel, Rile Up and Abduct actions

Share Intel implementations

- Relevant characters may now react to the following intel:
- Crime Events such as Assault, Poison, Theft and Curse
- When an abduction occurs, and the abducted has been deposited somewhere, the player may store this deposit event and inform relevant characters. Their reaction will also vary depending on whether they are combatant or non-combatant.
- This is a time consuming work as each intel has a variety of different possible reactions depending on the event itself and the recipient's relationship with the actor, the target. More will slowly be added in the coming months.


- Added Main Menu, Loading and Main Game music to the game

May Plans

- finish the gameplay trailer

We have several interesting ideas in mind to introduce next month but not sure yet which ones to prioritize. The list below are just our current ideas that are up for discussion.

- new corrupt actions such as Vampirism, Alcoholic, Violent and Unfaithful
- provoke action
- love, affairs and unfaithfulness
- monster lairs
- necromancy
- memories, rumors and knowledge transfers
- item usage
- new minion actions for objects in the world
- implement procedural world generation in the demo
- first phase of portal management system
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March 30

March DevLog

We've discussed what our plans were for March in our February progress report on our website blog. Now, let's take a look at what we've actually accomplished and what we plan on doing for the upcoming month.

Demo Build v0.1

Done! But instead of delivering it mid-March, it got pushed back to the end of the month. Sorry about that! As mentioned before, we originally planned on transitioning from a weighted-system AI to GOAP after completing the demo build. Around the first week of March, we were already working on a GOAP version and it was working much better than our previous one that we decided to push the transition earlier than previously planned. So this first demo is already on GOAP! I'll probably write another blog post on our website to explain this new AI system in layman's terms.

Switching to GOAP meant having to redo all the existing actions, and introducing new ones as well so that set us back by quite a while. The current demo still has a limited amount of NPC actions as many have not yet been transferred to the new system. Our two developers were also on leave for an entire week for a vacation scheduled way back so there was a small lull in development.

Having said that, the demo is already uploaded on! We've gathered a few early testers to give feedback. The primary focus of the test is to check whether the NPC AI behaves believably. We also want to see how well the game informs the players of what's going on in the world. We're still looking for a few more testers so feel free to reach out if you'd like to provide early feedback!

Interior Maps

Done! Although there are still a lot of placeholder assets that will have to be replaced in the coming months. We also want to improve how well the game generates town and dungeon areas and make the dwellings and inns look better.

Teaser Trailer

Done! You can watch it here.

Gameplay Trailer

Not yet done! This was targeted around end of March or mid April, so technically we're still on track. However, I feel like we probably will not be able to do an interesting and well-polished trailer even by mid April so my new target for this is mid May. Finishing the trailer is actually pretty important since our Steam page is already up and having only a teaser and a few screenshots there is probably affecting our Visits-to-Wishlist ratio but I want to get this really done well so I'm willing to take our time prepping for it.

Awareness List

This wasn't on our progress report before but it is something interesting that I think deserves to be mentioned. In World's Bane, we want knowledge sharing to be a key mechanic. One of the things we are experimenting on is how characters keep track of other characters and objects in the world. In most games, NPCs are usually omniscient and are aware of everything else around them. Here, each character has his own Awareness List, which keeps track of the characters and objects they are already aware of, either by directly encountering them or by being informed by the player or another character. In most cases, characters may only interact with those in his Awareness List. The Awareness List also stores the character or object's location on certain situations, which may or may not be accurate.

Once this system has been polished, I feel that this will be a good foundation for implementing some interesting mechanics like baiting, rumors, fake news, etc.

April Plans
  • implement improvements and bug fixes based on early testers feedback
  • update Interior Maps with more assets, animations and layout improvements
  • introduce a Crime System where characters that commit illegal actions can be reported or apprehended by witnesses, and then nobles and faction leaders can judge them
  • implement two new Corrupt options: Lyncathropy and Vampirism
  • add AI behavior that allow NPCs to attack their enemies in various ways (direct assault, curse, poison, etc)
  • add Traits that allow NPCs to cure various negative status effects such as injury, illness, curse, etc
  • revamp our pathfinding system for performance improvements and to allow a more robust means for characters to interact with other characters and objects
  • record various gameplay video clips in preparation for the Gameplay Trailer
  • send out an updated demo to publishers/investors at the end of the month

Whew! A lot of work for one month. Tune in on our next devlog to see whether we got on track with all of these or not. We mentioned before that the Combat System will be added by April but I think we'll have our hands full with these other more pertinent tasks first. The Combat System will have to be revisited a little bit further down the road.
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About This Game

Invade worlds

World's Bane is a simulation strategy game where the player is a demon overlord invading randomly generates fantasy worlds. Inspired by story generators like RimWorld, Crusader Kings 2 and Dwarf Fortress, players will be able to explore, exploit and corrupt worlds populated by fully simulated characters with AIs governed by their traits, needs and relationships.

Influence emergent stories

Each playthrough will generate a random fantasy world for the player to invade. Rather than using military force, the player must instead rely on his minions for subterfuge. Gather information about the world, the people inhabiting it and most especially the events that are taking place. Wielding Intel and using it against the world's defenders is the key to victory.

The King has a paramour? Tell this to his Queen and watch as the scorned woman poison her lover's food. The Hero secretly dabbles in taboo acts? Inform his neighbors and they just might have him expelled from their faction. Then corrupt or recruit him while he is at his lowest point.

In this game, knowledge trumps all. Use your wits to figure out the best way to utilize a piece of information for your agenda. While the goal is to eventually wipe out all factions, the best fun you might have in the game is just from simply playing with these characters' lives.

An overlord needs minions

You influence the world using your minions. You may summon demons from the portal occasionally, but the bulk of your followers will come from corrupting and recruiting characters that populate the land.

Assign 5 Agents of Chaos to do your bidding:

Spy - An agent that gathers information about places and characters.
Seducer - An agent that corrupts heroes and recruits new minions.
Diplomat - An agent that builds relationships with other factions.
Instigator - An agent that sows discord and chaos.
Debilitator - An agent that halts unwanted actions and activities.

Warfare is a last resort

This game is not combat-focused. In fact, you're already in dire trouble if a faction has turned its eye on you and your portal. Assaulting a faction's settlement is the final step of wiping them out once they have been weakened enough from the actions you have done behind the scenes. In rare instances that you have to fight, the game employs a simple automated combat comprising of four characters on each side. The key to winning these skirmishes is by figuring out your opponent's strengths and weaknesses and forming the perfect party to defeat them.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 7 or later
    • Processor: 2GHz or better
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 1280x768 minimum resolution, post-2012 integrated graphics
    • DirectX: Version 10
    • Storage: 2 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX 10 compatible

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